Joe Rogan's Mind Is Blown By Biologist Explaining Fungal Intelligence


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  • Maaquchi
    Maaquchi 22 minutes ago

    *looks at spinach*
    sorry Popeye..
    *throws away spinach.. grabs shrooms...*
    holy shit... im getting smarter.. oh wait.. just high as fk...

  • chronoss chiron
    chronoss chiron 2 hours ago

    bits of outs floating to the fungus ...fungus..OH FOOD LETS GO TO IT...this idiot

  • Андрей Дынин

    Hello, slime mold and Japan metro map, Brain cell and galaxy image look the same do to first law of universe.
    "Energy move thru least resistance way possible thru time, everywhere every time."
    That what instinks are make of, how we move true time, why fungus metro map lookthe same.
    This is first law of universe, whant to know what Neil think about it!
    best regards Dynin A.I.
    basis of all staff

  • DeEagle
    DeEagle 6 hours ago +1

    Welcome back from the dead Mrs. Doubtfire

  • Steven  Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    What this guy is saying is true. Epigenetics and neurogenesis..big topics that should be discussed in public schools at an early age. The world would be so much better by now.

  • Grunde Kulseth
    Grunde Kulseth 9 hours ago

    This man looks like how an animator would draw a personification of an actual mushroom.

  • Chris H.
    Chris H. 14 hours ago

    These captions are awful TheXvid.

  • Alex L
    Alex L Day ago

    This is number 1 bullshit

  • Gord Hyndman
    Gord Hyndman Day ago

    I think ancient predecessors of humans had more neurotransmitters going than we do today and that it acted as a catalyst for brain development. As we evolved ,the need for these transmitters waned and they slowly disappeared leaving behind the receptors without the firing mechanism. While it may be possible and likely that some contact with fungi occurred I don't think enough continuous exposure would have happened to cause such a rapid change. Add to that the fact we have both persons who enjoy fungi and those who fear it, and it's more likely ancient man would have felt the latter than the former. My opinion anyway.

  • Alexander Kerkour

    Close your eyes and imagine John Goodman when Paul talks

  • Love Trip-Hop
    Love Trip-Hop Day ago

    Penis hat.

  • John Murray
    John Murray Day ago

    Bill hicks also believed that the primates ingested fungi and therefore accelerating our consciousness. Beautiful!!!

  • Justin W
    Justin W Day ago

    why does joe have to act like such a fucking hippie.

  • tangolobo
    tangolobo Day ago

    wow... so the moral of this joe rogan segment is for us to all take more mushrooms as tool to achieving a greater more courageous and empathetic society. interesting.

  • Shane Clark
    Shane Clark Day ago

    So bill hicks was right all along.

  • Juliusz Gonera
    Juliusz Gonera Day ago

    Nice "just-so" story

  • Guy Gambone
    Guy Gambone Day ago

    dung beetles must be wizards

  • guiguspi
    guiguspi Day ago

    "[...] quantum leap in human consciousness [...]"
    Aaaand disbelief no longer is suspended.

  • Mohammad AbdolRazmi

    joe "mind blown" rogan

  • Joelle Glidden
    Joelle Glidden 2 days ago

    I am interested in and open to the Stoned Ape Hypothesis, but I think it's also possible that the sudden increase in human intelligence and brain complexity can be explained simply by developing the ability walk upright. All of a sudden, the mouth, which for quadrupeds must be available at all times to explore the world, to carry things, and to attack, is freed up completely to explore vocal noises, and to develop ever-subtler vocal noises which allows for complex human language. And then our hands are freed to explore their potential: no longer used for walking, they become ever more subtle and complicated (few animals have a hand as dexterous as a humans'). This allow the hand to start building ever more complex tools. The hand, after the early hominids began to walk upright, became very complex, and it makes sense, because now the hand has nothing to do BUT invent things. So the Stoned Ape Hypothesis will have to take this into consideration.

  • Matroxx M
    Matroxx M 2 days ago

    To all the commenters that say no to fungal intelligence:
    Start here, I know it's Wikipedia, but it is common knowledge.
    Not sure where all the hate for the fact that we don't know much about the World around us came from, but Mr. Stamets is speaking on some groundbreaking topics, we'd do well to listen and apply critical thinking to it!

  • E S
    E S 2 days ago

    But...what if aliens gave the apes the mushrooms?

  • The Foenix
    The Foenix 2 days ago

    The Biologist looks like he uses the shrooms himself.

  • K Addison Turner
    K Addison Turner 2 days ago

    that is an absurd hypothesis. Hardly plausible. That is not how evolution works, lol.

  • bacefook dat
    bacefook dat 2 days ago

    "...unprovable hypothesis..."...hmmmmm...seems familiar somehow.
    Strange days.

  • Rafa Sandoval
    Rafa Sandoval 2 days ago

    lol @ the thumbnail

  • Baxter
    Baxter 2 days ago

    I feel like Joe Rogan's mind is so blown he practically has no brain left

  • Djordje Petrovic
    Djordje Petrovic 2 days ago

    That would be a cool way to design subway or any kind of network. Gross, but still cool.

  • adam green
    adam green 2 days ago

    Mushrooms and extreme sport, what a Mix he he. I've notice it affect my fear response massively with my progression with my mountain biking. Being able to over come fear to a degree has made my activities so much more enjoyable!!!

  • oui ja
    oui ja 2 days ago

    Depending on who takes them. Psilocybin absolutely does have a positive lifetime impact, from experience. Just make sure you are with the right people, or you will experience a nightmare, in reality.

  • Ruben Lira
    Ruben Lira 2 days ago

    Psilocybin is the key to evolution. If the human species ever wants to advance into a Type II civilization or even a Type III.

  • Dr Bob
    Dr Bob 2 days ago

    Just noticed his hat is a mushroom! Haha beautiful

  • LeCaissie
    LeCaissie 2 days ago

    God damn this world is fantastically incredible!

  • Pat Mcdermott
    Pat Mcdermott 2 days ago

    Joe "Mindblown" Rogan seems like a fitting name at this point.

  • J
    J 2 days ago

    It's weird seeing Joe's ears

  • Claudio Cruzat
    Claudio Cruzat 3 days ago

    The human brain evolved by eating shit..that explains all.

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin 3 days ago

    How do we know that these mushrooms would have had the same effect on our ancestor's as they do on us? Like when he talks about empathy and courage?

  • Sonichu Zappem
    Sonichu Zappem 3 days ago

    The smacking is killing me

  • Joshua Carvajal
    Joshua Carvajal 3 days ago

    Knowledge is Everything JoE..🌟
    Brain has no measure 2 growth since it’s a forever sponge..😁👌🏻
    I’m a poop other spokes person..🕊🌌🕊

  • HG Nunez
    HG Nunez 3 days ago

    so are they testing this ape theory on apes or nah

  • HG Nunez
    HG Nunez 3 days ago

    oh like the ant that gets controlled by fungus , everything this guy says is true , it does regenerate all that stuff , for its own use.

  • HG Nunez
    HG Nunez 3 days ago

    how can we get the youth to try "food" that affects thier mind. hmmmmm so joe cant talk about wierd stuff like alex jones but its ok for him to promote mind altering substances to the youth...its not like thier isnt a study called pavlov dogs, or devolution theory nah no way right. joe rogan i didnt smoke bud until i was 30 somethin so now im cool . gtfo , this guy woulda ratted you out back in the day , he woulda thought he was better than everyone that doesnt smoke pot but nowwwww its cool now because he does it , wake up , live suckafree

  • Bitcoin Baller!
    Bitcoin Baller! 3 days ago

    Anybody who wears a hat like that might be smarter than you, but is definitely an ass clown

  • TKnightcrawler
    TKnightcrawler 3 days ago


  • Duk Balla
    Duk Balla 4 days ago

    I like Joe when he was making people eating live roaches worms and a lot of discussing things for money

  • Dan Higginson
    Dan Higginson 4 days ago

    Has anyone found links to the actual literature from the experiment he’s talking about at the start?

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 4 days ago

    Humans better get better at understanding fungi. Most humans are infected via chemtrails and the 5G directly affects the fungi. Cross domain species, too.....very scary, evil stuff from very evil people.

  • Meggers89 Bishop
    Meggers89 Bishop 4 days ago

    I just did a poo.

  • Salim Jbara
    Salim Jbara 4 days ago

    Them lips be a smackin'!

  • Ethan Toth
    Ethan Toth 4 days ago

    I think Jordan Peterson's idea that human cranial development was driven forward by sexually selective females that pick their mates from the tops of hierarchies established by competition amongst males is a much better explanation. We really don't understand much about epigenetics at this point, especially in relation to the development of the human brain, so it's a pretty big leap of faith to give this theory as much credit as it's given here. It could have some truth to it, but then again Paul literally calls the hypothesis "untestable."

  • denijane
    denijane 4 days ago

    Graham Hancock also claims the evolution of the brain as we know it was kick-started by hallucinogenic plants. I tend to agree with them. As anyone who creates stuff for living will tell you, the biggest problem is the beginning. The moment when you have to fight inertia, fight trivialities, to get a moment (or more) of peace and quiet and start thinking in a non-trivial way. Nowadays we just sit and lock the door and turn off the net and start brainstorming, or just wait, but that's because we're fed and warm and safe. If you lived in pre-historic times, that's not the case. You were almost never fed, warm and safe in the same time, you had to overcome a lot of distractions which may have been crucial for your survival. That's not given. But if you take a hallucinogenic, your survival instinct drops, your distractions die out and suddenly your brain discovers it can function in other modes and do new interesting things - like dreaming and analysing data and planning ahead. So who knows, maybe that's how it happened.

  • Sidd Somarriba
    Sidd Somarriba 4 days ago

    "The fact that we lack the language skills to communicate with nature does not impugn the concept that nature is intelligent; it speaks to the inadequacy of our skillset for communication."
    -Paul Stamets

  • Baga Inferno
    Baga Inferno 4 days ago

    what a fucking bull of crap. this is not more efficient lol. find the experiment photo

  • Lachlan O'Neil
    Lachlan O'Neil 4 days ago

    this is equal to saying look how intelligent earth is it created animals through evolution.

  • keF Feh
    keF Feh 4 days ago

    When your 8 day old bread becomes sentient

  • Rockthaar
    Rockthaar 4 days ago

    Thats why in most countries its illegal, governments rather have dumb people than inteligent.

  • derek baker
    derek baker 4 days ago +1

    I am going to be the first to understand and teach dolphin

  • a real 1
    a real 1 4 days ago

    Joe "itblew my mind" i asked for a diet Coke they gave me a regular coke , I liked it" rogan

  • Quantum Unity
    Quantum Unity 4 days ago

    If John Lennon and Robin Williams had a child..

  • Spiffy Turtle
    Spiffy Turtle 4 days ago

    And now you understand why Musk is so afraid of AI. It's everywhere, using everything, including us as input

  • Mic Spaffy Millard
    Mic Spaffy Millard 5 days ago +2

    his hat looks like a penis tip.

  • Dexter Heinonen
    Dexter Heinonen 5 days ago

    Recreational shrooms can also serve a purpose as well as under clinical conditions. It can benefit different people differently in different situations and conditions.

  • Nunya Dibness
    Nunya Dibness 5 days ago

    Must admire a man in a tyrolean.

  • Patrick Omeara
    Patrick Omeara 5 days ago

    How do you spell the mushroom in the Stoned Ape Theory? Slosli Combensis?

  • Thijs Bruineman
    Thijs Bruineman 5 days ago

    so he said that a hypothesis is a proven theory, and yet he calls this idea a hypothesis, but also says it cant be proven. the fuck.

  • Aleksander Rolseth
    Aleksander Rolseth 5 days ago

    Swear i saw this guy on the first Jumanji movie

  • Robert Pemberton
    Robert Pemberton 5 days ago +1

    Shrooms all the way!

  • Caetano Martins
    Caetano Martins 5 days ago

    This guy has style

  • Azure Bonds
    Azure Bonds 5 days ago

    all the stuff he says about psylocybin is very true, ever since i had the biggest trip of my life (7g of mushrooms) it has changed my outlook on everything entirely, mainly making me a much more positive person. it can also be very dangerous especially in higher doses.

  • soffa93
    soffa93 5 days ago

    how does eating shrooms for 2 million years produce a creature that doesn't need shrooms to be smart
    there's no evolutionary reasoning

  • Wolf Gangster
    Wolf Gangster 6 days ago

    I didn't find it thaaaaat mind blowing. The huge ammounts of information that comes in when you do psychedelics is just what happens when you use psychedelics.

  • Hakim Hasan
    Hakim Hasan 6 days ago

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  • zile921
    zile921 6 days ago

    Joe, invite Tomislav Terzin from the University of Alberta for a friendly chat, this guy will blow your fucking mind :)

  • TechFan
    TechFan 6 days ago

    So if this is not evidence of intelligent design, I don't know what is. That said, Intelligent design doesn't require a holy being to be responsible. This also suggests that we live in a simulation, because how could fungus be intelligent, the parts of the cells act independently for their function, and the culmination of efforts for each part of cells result in a combined effort to organize in a way that benefits the total community of cells. This is insane. Also, Paul S. annunciates the word Millions, in much the same way C. Sagan used to say Billions and Billions.

  • Mike Devey
    Mike Devey 6 days ago

    Joe looks like jeff bezos in the thumbnail, i was like "whaaaaaat?? Elon Musk and now Jeff??"...

  • Kai Keeper
    Kai Keeper 6 days ago

    I think a lot of people mistake the word "intelligence" in this context with being "concious", this is not what the guy is saying, intelligence just means it can solve problems here, not meaning it is sentient. Just like in artificial intelligence a lot of people often keep thinking it always means it's a andriod that is self concious but that's not the case, it just means you can train it by feeding it some data, and then it will adapt itself and solve problems in an efficient manner without you needing to hard code the algorithms.
    In this case, it is very similar with AI because the planet has been "training" these fungals with "evolution algorithms", meaning only the offsprings of the fungal that use efficient ways will survive, this is also a very common AI algorithm. And the whole planet acts as a testing/training/input field for this training, of course fungals are gonna have efficient ways to manage themselves. The only difference is in computer AI we use silicon semi-conductors to do the "calculations", but on the planet it uses various materials to do the "calculations" and is done on a planet scale, it's like the planet is acting like a super-duper computer for training this "fungal AI".

  • Kai Keeper
    Kai Keeper 6 days ago

    In a way the plant is kinda like an AI, which the planet has being "training" on the scale of the planet through "evolution algorithms" for a very long time, to find the most efficient way for the Fungal to manage its resources.

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 6 days ago

    That's where the term shit for brains come from

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 6 days ago

    Also... yeah stop partying with mushrooms. If you're into spiritual experiences, healing yourself, or generally using them as a tool I'm not going to try to stop you from diving deep into that well, but just to party and have a good time? That is a terrible idea. It's too easy to have things go a bit south and with perception so dramatically altered anything can happen. Please avoid that and use whatever substances you're into with responsibility, trust me that won't make you a "bitch" or "wussy" or whatever derogatory word peer pressure uses to compromise your judgement.
    I'd like to see more scientific research done (so we can get rid of a lot of the hippy nonsense psuedo-science that gets spouted and back what we do know up with real data) and more acceptance of the fact that humans use substances and it should not be stigmatized or treated like a live hand grenade. It's a knife. Every adult has used a knife (if you haven't and you're an adult, you might consider your life choices up to this point... seriously... how did you eat???) and we've all got a fairly good handle how to safely enjoy the benefits of knives both recreational and functional. (I throw knives for fun and I guess you could count wooden/foam knife combat if you wanted to? I dunno, but you get the idea here.)

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 7 days ago

    I hate being picky but the mouth smack and "uh" break up the conversation in a real way for me. I lose track of what the fuck is going on... but that's just me being critical of this man's public speaking skills. Aside from that minor annoyance interesting watch.

  • Lara O'neal
    Lara O'neal 7 days ago

    The irrelevancy and stupidity in this comment section is what? Indicative of Rogan followers?

  • Lara O'neal
    Lara O'neal 7 days ago

    Jordan Peterson is an example of a great leader because he is courageous and empathetic.

  • Mathews Barbosa
    Mathews Barbosa 7 days ago

    so thats why they say mushrooms are good for the brain...

  • Jay Es
    Jay Es 7 days ago

    we eat cancer all the time processed foods fast foods even foods that be having solution and shit.

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 7 days ago

    Does that guy know he's wearing that hat?

  • Moshe Lichtenstein
    Moshe Lichtenstein 7 days ago

    This guy is as dumb as he looks

  • blindbrick blindbrick

    Soap bubbles can do the same thing. Is soap intelligent? Raindrops find the most efficient way down. is rain intelligent?

  • DeadlyXaero
    DeadlyXaero 7 days ago +2

    One half is this guy copy pasting a study and the other half is Terrance McKennas stoned ape theory word for word

    • Dob Rozner
      Dob Rozner 4 days ago +1

      Yes, that is how ideas and knowledge are proliferated, by discussing and sharing them with others lol.

  • C
    C 7 days ago

    Everyone holds this guy up on a pedastool. But this asshole is more litigious than a nyc jew slumlord. Copyrights all this bullshit but then preaches and makes it sound so snuggly and fluffy. Like some kumbaya fest

  • Raptor Primal
    Raptor Primal 8 days ago

    Venom symbiote

  • iyiyiyiiyi
    iyiyiyiiyi 8 days ago

    those fucking mouth noises

  • FAID
    FAID 8 days ago

    Guys don't go off doing dumb shit. I had friends go on drug adventures now they're dead or flipping burgers in some 3rd world country.

  • Bah Hab
    Bah Hab 8 days ago

    lol jews

  • David Scahill
    David Scahill 8 days ago

    holy shit

  • X-perto
    X-perto 9 days ago

    Nice hat...

  • Devin SigerVlogs
    Devin SigerVlogs 9 days ago

    Leaders must have courage, compassion, and wisdom.

  • realist heuristic
    realist heuristic 9 days ago

    Joe Rogan blown by biologist

  • Shawn Lucas
    Shawn Lucas 9 days ago

    Evidence, please. Paul says "I ask people to suspend their disbelief..." Hello? That's not science. That's called FICTION.

  • Lamiaromain
    Lamiaromain 9 days ago

    I lived a thousand lives one night on shrooms, fuck knows how they were so strong but I was godlike, I built the fucking pyramids for fuck sake.

  • Simon D
    Simon D 9 days ago

    I watched this video half a dozen times and at NO POINT does Joe do that monkey shit in the thumbnail. Click bait = fuck you!