Joe Rogan's Mind Is Blown By Biologist Explaining Fungal Intelligence


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  • Aiden G
    Aiden G Day ago

    Man's on shrooms


    Rogaine will believe anything he's told!

  • DukeDolman
    DukeDolman Day ago

    I'm only 5 seconds into the video but I'm going to predict the basic idea is...


  • Ritcherscream724
    Ritcherscream724 2 days ago

    Well no, because *brings the mic closer* Every 10 years the cells in your body actually completely change. I was reading this article about how DMT can actually advance this process into only taking 6 years because your pineal gland- Jaimie could you get that article up? Yeah but it's because your pineal glands can actually make your cells rejuvenate faster ... here we go *looks over at the screen* Look at that ... Yeah, that chimp must be what? 400 pounds? Jesus those things will tear you to shreds

  • Gideon Coetzee
    Gideon Coetzee 2 days ago

    I feel this is how witches freaked out people in the dark ages even further back. Think about a witch make you eat a bowl of soup some trippie shit in there and then boom when you start losing your shit she freaks you out and tells you all crazy stuff. 8 hours later man that witch took me on a vision finding quest.....

  • Pod
    Pod 2 days ago

    Communication is not the same as language. Language specifically deals with concepts. A cat can communicate to you that it's going to attack you if you don't back off, but a cat cannot explain to you what a chair is.

  • Randall
    Randall 2 days ago

    can someone send me a link to an article of these mushrooms? or just the name possibly?

  • Non Zamfir
    Non Zamfir 3 days ago

    hypothesis and theory are synonyms. dumb ass

  • Tristan Dry
    Tristan Dry 3 days ago

    The description of the fungal maze experiment that Stamets gives, I don't think warrants the claim that it's an expression of fungal intelligence. Is it not merely a kind of nutrient gradient? I can imagine a simple feedback mechanism which would work as an explanation.

  • Jonny
    Jonny 4 days ago

    So it was a much rom picker how cam up whit the saying: What dosn't kill you makes you stronger.

  • bert wesler
    bert wesler 4 days ago

    Extinction of "The fear response????" Your nuts!

  • Entfernter Verwandter
    Entfernter Verwandter 4 days ago +1

    Fungal Intelligence made me post this comment.. *ALL* *GLORY* *TO* *THE* *HYPNOSHROOM*

  • Jonathan Kosyjana
    Jonathan Kosyjana 4 days ago

    Eating shrooms will help you understand You can feel it coursing through your body

  • The Spurious
    The Spurious 5 days ago

    Smack. Drugs man. Smack.

  • Glen DeKoker
    Glen DeKoker 5 days ago

    This story is bullshit. If you could eat a mushroom and grow twice your brain power in a meal? Well eat it now and your brain never gets twice as smart.The Precambrian period has complex creature just appeared nothing before so how did they grow? God most likely I would think so.Monkeys have 2 more DNA than men so what we were monkeys and decided to throw 2 DNA away? How about the rest of monkeys they didn't like walking and talking? These scantest who make this shit up are shameful people Darwin's book says the theory doesn't work if we don't find the missing fossils read the book No creature on earth for thousands of years has changed in anyway but maybe they got smarter from learning but no change in appearance.And what about how they hide the fact of finding live blood tissue in ground dino bones on 60 minutes ? They say can't last more than 2,000 years but they fired the woman and hide the info such bullshit.

  • Windwar attack
    Windwar attack 5 days ago

    His hat is an actual cap of a large mushroom if I remember.

  • XavierWasTaken
    XavierWasTaken 5 days ago

    So what mushroom was Paul talking about and where can I get some of them?

  • Victor Arnett
    Victor Arnett 6 days ago

    Joe's mind is blown by a toy top

  • Clan Apocalypse
    Clan Apocalypse 6 days ago


  • Kyle Klimek
    Kyle Klimek 7 days ago

    We are who we are today from shit shrooms

  • voidremoved
    voidremoved 7 days ago

    that hat is more mind blowing

  • Eric Jenkins
    Eric Jenkins 8 days ago

    That shit fucks up so many people

  • P o l a r o i d S u n

    Using mushrooms to party is like using a supercomputer to play tetris

  • Thomas Coffey
    Thomas Coffey 8 days ago

    dude smacks his lips more than a 12 year old girl with a shit attitude.

  • sirspikey
    sirspikey 9 days ago

    If you want to learn how to spot a liar; start at 0:50. The climax is when he say Tokyo and the Japanese subway system...

  • Dank Williams Jr.
    Dank Williams Jr. 9 days ago

    Did Jerry Garcia have a child with Robin Williams?

  • Steven C
    Steven C 9 days ago

    Uh...that's not what the slime mold did in the Japanese study. It didn't come up with a more efficient way to operate the rail system. It mimicked the rail system, which is basically shortest distance between two points.

  • rem
    rem 9 days ago

    lmao that thumbnail combined with the title always get me

  • edelno5 blaa
    edelno5 blaa 9 days ago

    Nature is amazing. All the answers are there. Fungus allows trees to communicate with each other.

  • zzevonplant
    zzevonplant 10 days ago

    Dude, my ex was obsessed with DMT and did it numerous times, thought he was a goddamn shaman and listened to just about everything Terrance Mckenna ever said, got a damn tattoo of the DMT molecule, and for all the immense knowledge you supposedly get from it, he still hadn't the slightest idea how to be a human being and treat other people right. He treated everyone like crap unless he could gain something he didn't already have from them. He was borderline evil. I don't buy that this shit is spiritually enlightening to the point that it changes you, because it evidently doesn't. I've watched people do it and they come out of it saying how they're a completely new person, but then their basic patterns of behavior remain the same.
    I could just be pessimistic about it, but I don't know, haven't tried it myself and probably never will.
    And I'm not discouraging people that think it can help them, I'm just saying, don't put all your hope in one basket that a chemical is going to change everything for you. (Besides, if you have lower expectations, and they're exceeded, I don't see the harm in that, but if you have enormous expectations and you're let down, that sucks.)

  • SoCaliFoo
    SoCaliFoo 10 days ago

    If you do try shrooms, dont do more than 3 or 4 grams, I tried 5 grams and it was way too overwhelming at some times, but it was at the same time the most interesting night of my life...

  • prazol schleiden
    prazol schleiden 11 days ago

    stone ape hypothsis is really awesome topic too.

  • xxx1015jm
    xxx1015jm 12 days ago


  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia 13 days ago

    Am I to understand that they were actually training this mold to attack Tokyo?

  • Saucy SAUCE
    Saucy SAUCE 13 days ago

    So wise that they become fools.

  • An Angry Sack
    An Angry Sack 13 days ago

    yeah ok the truth is d+m=t and that will set your brain free.

  • Joey
    Joey 14 days ago

    This has convinced me to do shrooms

  • Barnesy's Builds
    Barnesy's Builds 14 days ago

    I always wanted to know what Saul Berenson got up to when he wasn't filming homeland..

  • AW Crowe
    AW Crowe 14 days ago

    speculative at best

  • Josh Busby
    Josh Busby 15 days ago

    So the evolution of the human race is basically all because our ancestors did a lot of shrooms¿

  • periurban
    periurban 15 days ago

    Consciousness resides in the microtubules of the neurons. Microtubules are also found in single cells organisms. Intelligence maybe does not require large numbers of neurons.

  • jon williams
    jon williams 15 days ago

    talk about cells having intelligence in one hand and are pro-choice in the other.

  • Steffano Ducati
    Steffano Ducati 15 days ago

    intellectual fantasies ........

  • Joseph Moore
    Joseph Moore 16 days ago

    The difference between a scientist and a stoner "scientist" whos pushing and agenda.

  • 95TurboSol
    95TurboSol 16 days ago

    Is it intelligence or simply finding the path of least resistance through random trial and reinforcement? Kinda like electricity but with nutritional reinforcement.

  • Stephen Docherty
    Stephen Docherty 16 days ago

    only humans have language - language in mold / dolphin or whatever is a metaphor

  • H!DDEN!NTHERA!N/雨の中に隠され

    so life is a trip he

  • Ken Cress
    Ken Cress 16 days ago

    So big pharmacy will be in charge of or squash this breakthrough.

  • lambd01d
    lambd01d 17 days ago

    My mycology lecturer at uni was the Vice President of the British Mycological Society and some of the stuff he said about fungi was fascinating. I had no idea fungi were so sophisticated. Completely blew my mind.

  • Flame Sk8er
    Flame Sk8er 17 days ago

    man... fear is in our instincts and dna, i dont think its healthy as a living creature to fuck with that...

  • GeoVanUnconscious
    GeoVanUnconscious 17 days ago

    2+2 = 5

  • Advisor Advisor
    Advisor Advisor 18 days ago

    This is a bunch of BS. You are promoting drug use. These drugs can kill you off of one tiny piece! So irresponsible!!

  • The Pazzi Conspiracy
    The Pazzi Conspiracy 18 days ago

    Dudes mouth was super moist! Lol I listened with my ear buds in and was mad grossed out

  • Advanced Civilisation47

    so, you go to youre death bed never trying to expand your puuny brain?

  • Ethan Crowley
    Ethan Crowley 19 days ago

    Nothing in Science is ever proven. Evidence supports hypothesis, but it doesn't prove anything! Examples are seen where ideas are later disproven after more data is discovered. This is not mathematics!

  • xXtenseXx
    xXtenseXx 20 days ago

    Yes, each and every specie alive today has to be inteligence to survive.

  • NightLurk
    NightLurk 20 days ago

    A deep learning neural network can do the same thing, and yeah it's technically considered intelligence, hence the term AI. But jumping from that to consciousness is utterly ridiculous.

  • David Haynes
    David Haynes 20 days ago

    What if the fungus has the intelligence of the one because it just knows it is the one???

  • Ian Tudor
    Ian Tudor 20 days ago

    I love Rogan’s reactions

  • PMFsisa
    PMFsisa 21 day ago

    *brings mic to his mouth*
    You know, I read that drugs actually expand your consciousness. Jamie, bring that article up on the screen. Jesus, look at the size of that thing.
    Those 400-pound molds will tear you to shreds.

  • sonofblessed
    sonofblessed 21 day ago

    6:57 - So based on an unprovable hypothesis that might not even be the reason behind the evolution of the hominid brain, we should start exposing people to this substance as if it were the common vitamin? Not so sure about that.

  • itsinmyvein
    itsinmyvein 21 day ago

    Giving these butchered definitions of the scientific model as a way to simplify it isn't helping. The «Stone Ape Theory» isn't a «hypothesis», it's a «model» that proposes «hypothesis». Hypothesis by definition need to be worded in the positive since you can't disprove or prove a negative. Meaning a model often hypothesizes the opposite of what it predicts. A «theory» is a «model» whose's predictions are confirmed by the empiric testing of it's «hypothesis» by people who are attempting to disprove it.

  • sonofblessed
    sonofblessed 21 day ago

    This biologist gave some interesting behavioral signals. Until about 4:40 in the interview, he made very good eye contact. At about that time until around 5:50, while he was explaining the stoned ape hypothesis, he looked down for the majority of the time he was speaking. According to many studies on non-verbal cues, avoiding eye contact while speaking is a strong indicator of "some sort of deception or stress." He then "snapped out of it" and resumed his normal eye contact. It looks like he wanted to believe this hypothesis more than he actually does.

  • KAL00KI
    KAL00KI 21 day ago

    I can't understand a word this guy's saying - learn to speak clearly.

  • Douglas Dobbs
    Douglas Dobbs 21 day ago

    I’ve had dozens of experiences with psilocybin and LSD. Never had the pleasure of trying mescaline or DMT. But these experiences are always profound and change you permanently. It’s not like you act differently. Rather, you SEE differently with the minds eye. Your connection to reality is affected as such that you see through false intellectual design of solitary perspective.
    These medicines are not the path to enlightenment. They are an aid in reaching enlightenment. Enlightenment mostly comes through intense introspection during the naturally conscious state. Sadly many people are unable to transfer knowledge gained in altered consciousness to the world of natural consciousness. That challenge is the key.

  • centpushups
    centpushups 21 day ago

    It is probably like a neural feed back. Nature always find the short distance or lowest energy use possible.

  • fumurph
    fumurph 22 days ago

    What a great interview. He's a really fun guy 🍄

  • Jeff Maylor
    Jeff Maylor 22 days ago +1

    Mushroom heads are about the silliest folks out there.

  • lukas claes
    lukas claes 22 days ago

    league rail dream amazing strong north pile fiscal him wild thousand student.

  • KnowingWhatThe ButtonDoes

    "I just want people to suspend disbelief" WTF?!?! Paul, do you still think you're a scientist, or are you a fiction author now? Without a healthy maintenance of disbelief, the scientific method ceases to function. "People took McKenna way too seriously", der.. people love wetting themselves over gee-wiz nonsense, and %10 would be a generous suggestion of his accuracy in hypothesis.Regardless, I agree that serotonergic hallucinogenics can dramatically influence increases in intellect in INDIVIDUALS. Influencing evolution on the other hand, would require these substances to affect DNA, which has never been proven despite many attempts to do so. Stoned Ape? Nah, it's just you trippin yo.

  • djvoid1
    djvoid1 22 days ago

    He looks like Teemo in human form

  • Steve Banananon
    Steve Banananon 22 days ago


  • The Jetavana Grove
    The Jetavana Grove 22 days ago

    Make Fungus Great Again

  • OK LOL
    OK LOL 23 days ago

    There is no point is studying why things are, and what might happen in the future. Fascinating information yes but the reason we don't understand it is because we were not meant to understand it. Everything aligns into place like a puzzle and we are living organisms with wonder in our hearts that cannot be answered yet. The wonders in this world is far too much to comprehend if our combined intelligences over centuries of advanced human life cannot come to a solid conclusion or even scientifically estimation that would make sense.

  • The Persian Gamer
    The Persian Gamer 23 days ago

    Last of us taught me about fungal language

  • jasonemryss
    jasonemryss 23 days ago

    Joe Rogan is a scumbag.

  • Jim Pickens
    Jim Pickens 23 days ago

    Joe “I’m just joking around” Rogan

  • Logan Crawford
    Logan Crawford 23 days ago

    Home boy even gotta mushroom tip on his head #deadicated

  • jasper wyoming
    jasper wyoming 23 days ago

    that's great that he has all these ideas about the possible benefits of research with mushrooms, not so great that he has the arrogance to believe that he is somehow one of the few capable or smart enough to decide if and when other people have earned the right to either do their own research,( in a time and place of their own choosing), or simply choose to enjoy a plant for purely entertainment purposes. Hey professor, you don't own mushrooms nor do you own peoples free will.

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long 23 days ago

    Couldn't you just pour water into a maze and find the end? surely this is more complex than this.

  • Dawn Keibalz
    Dawn Keibalz 24 days ago

    So the Super Mario Movie was right!

  • elitemathlete
    elitemathlete 24 days ago

    Psilocybin is something we don't understand enough about because of our stupid, reactionary government. Incredibly powerful - the most intense spiritual experience of most users' lives.

  • mazimadu
    mazimadu 24 days ago

    Homo sapiens ate psychedelic mushrooms and grew smart.

  • big john
    big john 25 days ago

    Watch out for the sheep, they love those shrooms.

  • TheAltruismActivist
    TheAltruismActivist 25 days ago

    Mushrooms OR cooked foods (increased caloric/nutrient density) OR both lead to the increase in brain size?

  • Michele Vick
    Michele Vick 25 days ago

    But abortion isn’t ending life. Lol

  • A- Lo
    A- Lo 25 days ago


  • J Orterpay
    J Orterpay 25 days ago

    Word salad

  • Flawed Entity
    Flawed Entity 25 days ago

    Slime mold has a better name than me.

  • Tom Sonik
    Tom Sonik 25 days ago

    I got my PTSD from taking shrooms. How about that?! xP

  • Arkenholm
    Arkenholm 25 days ago

    If silosybin dampens the fear response then why do people have bad trips on mushrooms? I'm speaking from personal experience. Had the single most terrifying experience of my life on a strong magic mushroom trip.

  • Ray Mack
    Ray Mack 25 days ago

    This guy is making some pretty big assumptions to get to his conclusion.

  • Casey Atchison - OIT
    Casey Atchison - OIT 26 days ago

    Oh, it's just using "the genetic algorithm". Being: any process that can be 'mapped' to a particular sequence or, in this case an efficient path, is subject to this algorithmic solution which is based on randomly trying 'solutions' then 'evolving' the next solution set to whatever was already discovered. Each 'generation' (usually) yeilds more efficiency, rinse/repeat.
    See "The Traveling Salesman". (That said, how COOL is it that nature creates such 'intelligence' all the time)

  • Lukasz Klosinski
    Lukasz Klosinski 26 days ago

    Acid is great tool for rewiring brain, true enough but come on...That theory doesn't take into calculation the sudden appearance FOXP2 gene. You took too much, man! XD

  • Elena Pana
    Elena Pana 26 days ago

    Okayyyyy genius with your genius words

  • TheSavageSalmon
    TheSavageSalmon 26 days ago

    Lord Gaben is even a biologist... Who whould have known...

  • dank memes dad
    dank memes dad 26 days ago


  • Erik 000
    Erik 000 26 days ago

    A theory is a hypothesis that is proven with facts? Wouldn't that make it no longer a theory? Moron.

  • BuzzWC
    BuzzWC 27 days ago

    Yo this is lit