Planet Fitness STILL Equals No Gains


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  • Gerald Vounas
    Gerald Vounas 8 days ago

    0:56 crossfit workout

  • Dan M
    Dan M 2 months ago

    Planet fitness is a complete shit hole. I did my whole month. Lost a lot of strength in that shit excuse for a gym.

  • Pope On A Rope
    Pope On A Rope 2 months ago

    By far one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. He refused to walk inside "Planet Bitchness."😂😂😂

  • hollowedhope
    hollowedhope 2 months ago

    Better journalism than Yahoo... Anyone else catch the irony of Robert Frank being judged for being a lunk? Apparently you can only judge away from hard work

  • Jackson B. McKee
    Jackson B. McKee 2 months ago

    I fuckin lost it watching this. So true though, we just got one of these shitty establishments...

  • shinbooks
    shinbooks 2 months ago

    Lol. Saying the truth brother.

  • Broman slam
    Broman slam 3 months ago

    1:08 just omg

  • Kaio_K!d
    Kaio_K!d 3 months ago

    Dude just walked pass the open doors 😂

  • alexander armstrong
    alexander armstrong 4 months ago

    Yoo I'm dying

  • Sean michel
    Sean michel 4 months ago

    I think it Is safe to say he doesn't like crossfit or planet fitness very much

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 5 months ago

    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  • nickolas fortunata
    nickolas fortunata 7 months ago

    I low key kinda feel bad for the guy on the machine eating pizza because he probably didnt know anything about losing fat and just saw that planet fitness is a judgment free zone when in reality he should've been going to a real gym so he would see that not everyone that goes to a real gym is a gym bro that bullies the fat guy and he would've been doing real exercises instead of back extensions, so much wasted money

  • PIXART Gaming
    PIXART Gaming 7 months ago

    Watched this on repeat 10x best laugh I had this whole week HAHAHA! !! THANKS! ^_^

  • seekortry
    seekortry 8 months ago

    I wonder if it would be economical to buy a Planet Fitness membership so that you go there for lunch every weekday, do some curls, and get a slice of pizza. Would that not be cheaper than buying a slice of pizza at lunch from some pizza shop?

  • Rich 123
    Rich 123 8 months ago

    this video made my day !!!! lol !!!!! and its true

  • Karlos Martinez
    Karlos Martinez 9 months ago

    These are actors right???

  • Marcus Green
    Marcus Green 9 months ago

    Good thing that FUCKING lunk alarm NEVER goes off in my planet fitness...I'll grunt and breathe hard and drop weights all the fuck I want. Judgement free zone, right? Don't judge me for actually wanting some RESULTS
    Edit: My grunts aren't that loud tbh so either way I'm set.

  • Hector Felix
    Hector Felix 10 months ago

    Planet fitness in yakima wa is actually really nice

  • Luke 1:37
    Luke 1:37 10 months ago


  • KT Johnson
    KT Johnson 10 months ago

    I agree. How can a gym offer it's members fatty foods for free goes beyond me...and I normally work out at PF.

  • tony da pony
    tony da pony 11 months ago +1

    fucking love it ....and i hate to say i work there but are club we disabled the alarm and ...yeh we are actually full of fitness honeys and juice heads its awesome ocon-Wisconsin come on out and after THEN WE HIT METRO FLEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shuvan Haldar
    Shuvan Haldar Year ago

    The end killed me

  • Coldbore
    Coldbore Year ago +1

    I call bs, what about all the fat you gain from the free pizza? Which you're not aloud to burn off because it might offend someone

  • sz42781
    sz42781 Year ago

    At 57 seconds, I'm dead

  • sz42781
    sz42781 Year ago


  • King DJB III
    King DJB III Year ago

    Next time I go to tha Gym and Im gonna yell out "GAINSZ"

  • Harshit Sharma
    Harshit Sharma Year ago

    Please name the song that played in the beginning.

  • Tony Baker
    Tony Baker Year ago

    your ol lunk Alarm ass

  • mikeypes
    mikeypes Year ago +1

    I lost it with the lunk alarm

  • Benjamin Guzman
    Benjamin Guzman Year ago +11

    My brother said that planet fitness is the weenie hut jrs of gyms.

  • Raul Arispe
    Raul Arispe Year ago +5

    LMFAO !!! Love it when you shout out GAINNNNNNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Weston Little
    Weston Little Year ago

    strange ive been working out at planet fitness for years and people walk up and ask me how much i bench or how i got so big all the time. i know people that workout there that train hard as fuck...

  • 68CamaroRS/SS
    68CamaroRS/SS Year ago

    Maybe they should give out some HGH and a shot gun shell at the end of your 1st year...lets hope your kidneys fail very soon

  • Ben Roxbee Cox
    Ben Roxbee Cox Year ago +1

    just bought tickets to fitcon to see you!

  • Andrew Reyes
    Andrew Reyes Year ago

    I know it's an old video, but question is what the fuck is a lunk alarm!?

  • Gunning Lewis
    Gunning Lewis Year ago

    More like PlannetFatness

  • Geoffrey Bassett
    Geoffrey Bassett Year ago


  • O Flex
    O Flex Year ago

    good tough with the looking through window clips lol.

  • Alby Grey Jnr.
    Alby Grey Jnr. Year ago

    I hear that some ass hat is opening a "Moon Fitness".
    All the weights weigh one sixth.

  • anonymous
    anonymous Year ago


  • MissBrri
    MissBrri Year ago +6

    "Planet Fitness equals no gains"
    That's not true, you'll gain a belly if you stay there. Who needs a squat rack when you can use a shitty smith machine.

  • jayo84
    jayo84 Year ago +27

    Its not a gym, its planet fitness. word for word their slogan. Let's remember that

    • Pope On A Rope
      Pope On A Rope 2 months ago +1

      It's Planet Bitchness. Let's remember that.

  • Kfx Guy
    Kfx Guy 2 years ago +32

    Lmao! I'm a planet fitness member and I asked them if they had heavier weights in the back or something. The guy got pissed. But really....75lb dumbells max and 60lbs curl bars. Really? I'm currently looking for an alternative. I didn't need heavy weights earlier this year because I was recovering from heart surgery but now I've surpassed what they have. Boo planet fitness. And the lunk alarm. Really.

    • Sam Harris
      Sam Harris 2 months ago

      My kindergarten had 10000 pound smartbells.

    • The Dutch Hammer
      The Dutch Hammer 2 months ago

      Nathon Potter my high school had 1000 pound dumbbells

    • Memeo Supremo
      Memeo Supremo 11 months ago +1

      Really? My high school has bigger dumbbells

    • BlueFlu
      BlueFlu Year ago

      The TRUTH they don’t have barbells

    • The TRUTH
      The TRUTH Year ago

      +Kfx Guy Use the 45 lb barbell and load some plates on it for some barbell curls. Don't be a pOO$$y.

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 2 years ago +6

    the fat guy eating the pizza on the machine😂😂😂

  • haydan sahin
    haydan sahin 2 years ago

    Does anybody know the name of the intro song.

    • haydan sahin
      haydan sahin 2 years ago

      Thank you.

    • genelode
      genelode 2 years ago

      haydan sahin sex drugs and rock n roll- seven crown

  • rocky038
    rocky038 2 years ago +65

    This was funny as mofo couldn't stop laughing

    • Usama Urfi
      Usama Urfi 4 months ago

      AlexKenas Dude that would be DOPE. I lift and box, so this would be perfect for me.

    • AlexKenas
      AlexKenas Year ago +6

      +RobertFrank615 I like how you shouted "GAINS!!!!!!" at Planet "Fitness."
      If I opened a gym, I would not have air conditioning and I would have heaters on during the winter. I would have a dimly lit dirt arena in the center for sparring and fighting matches, which would be perfumed by blood and musk incense and I would have large drummers play loud and low-pitched war beats instead of feminist pop music. The participants would have to earn the right to eat a single slice of pizza by lifting a ton with each arm in addition to jogging five miles instead of getting dozens of free pizzas and bagels. I would encourage the chastisement of whinny gluttons who complain about others being more fit than themselves. I call this gym "Planet of the Gains."

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  2 years ago +5

      Thanks rocky! This video was fun to make

  • badpanda84
    badpanda84 2 years ago

    I though gains were banned at planet fitness

  • Mark Mubie
    Mark Mubie 2 years ago

    wow what a butthurt little bitch lol

  • DynamicMotivation Fitness

    Man this had to have been the funniest shit I've seen in a while. lmao!!

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago

      +DynamicMotivation “DMF” Fitness Thanks man!

  • Sol Guerin
    Sol Guerin 3 years ago +54

    I fucking had a heart attack from laughter when it looked like he was going inside but just looked through the window.

    • k calhoun
      k calhoun Year ago +1

      Sol Guerin legend has it those who enter never come out with gains

  • Real American Muscle
    Real American Muscle 3 years ago


  • Outlaw
    Outlaw 3 years ago

    Lifting too hard means having to scream like a banshee?

  • GirlsLiftToo
    GirlsLiftToo 3 years ago

    LOL! I've been there when they were giving out bagels..not gonna lie I took a few with me.

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James 3 years ago +2

    I just lost it at this video, when you looked through the windows I was sipping my coffee and spat it all out laughing!!!brilliant son,

  • kerona999
    kerona999 3 years ago +1

    Crack me up brother! haha

  • Davin DeJong
    Davin DeJong 3 years ago +2

    omg that was fucking awesome

  • The Twitchin Hour
    The Twitchin Hour 3 years ago +2

    Well done putting him there cuz

  • The Twitchin Hour
    The Twitchin Hour 3 years ago +16

    Hahahaha that was my uncle eating that pizza!!

  • neezy
    neezy 3 years ago +5

    I died at those fucking exercises hahaha

  • Jeff Curry
    Jeff Curry 3 years ago +1

    Lmao man.... this is fkn hilarious

  • Camerica Muscle
    Camerica Muscle 3 years ago +1

    No gains what so ever. Smh

  • MrMeanley
    MrMeanley 3 years ago +1

    LOL Gold!!

  • JimitriG
    JimitriG 3 years ago +9

    is that lunk alarm thing for real?

    • NuK3Clan100
      NuK3Clan100 7 months ago

      Not at all of them go at night time most of them don’t care 😂

    • patrick Wall
      patrick Wall 7 months ago

      Even he's too manly for Planet Fitness.

    • delchavez
      delchavez Year ago +1

      What the holy-godamn-shit is a lunk alarm?

    • lvtuckerrvb
      lvtuckerrvb 2 years ago +4

      RobertFrank615 jesus h christ... if private gomer pyle had a gym this would be it...

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago +19

      Yes it is... I was a victim

  • Cassady Campbell
    Cassady Campbell 3 years ago +1


  • steinjutsu
    steinjutsu 3 years ago +1

    holy fuck that was hilarious

  • Meatheads Gymnasium
    Meatheads Gymnasium 3 years ago +1

    Love the vids, keep them coming.. Please do another crossfake vid..

  • claudio barragan
    claudio barragan 3 years ago +2

    But... I want gains,and pizza

  • Mike Dawson
    Mike Dawson 3 years ago +1

    HA!!! Now that was funny!

  • Dameon Macleod
    Dameon Macleod 3 years ago +37

    This chick i know told me i should try planet fitness because they offer hair cuts and tans which my gym doesnt. I just sat there and looked at her as if she was speaking a language i never heard before. FUCK PLANET FITNESS. i would take a slice of that pizza hot wings on a cheat day tho. lmfao #alphawolf

    • Impala6789
      Impala6789 Year ago +1


    • Dameon Macleod
      Dameon Macleod 3 years ago +1

      +Frankie0100010​ that actually makes sense. Lol

    • Frankie0100010
      Frankie0100010 3 years ago +1

      +Ω Alpha Wolf Ω Dameon Macleod
      Maybe he was practicing rising from a coffin like a vampire?

    • Dameon Macleod
      Dameon Macleod 3 years ago

      well i know one thing. that gym franchise has a solid plan to keep the doors open. get um in shape then get um fat with pizza. full circle. and throw in a free tan on the ween ends. lol

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago

      I have no freakin idea what he's doing

  • Jorrellfitness
    Jorrellfitness 3 years ago +15

    Lmao!! I've never been there but I hate that place. That purple paint on the walls even throws me off lol.

  • Steven
    Steven 3 years ago +2

    They judged YOU, +RobertFrank615! Nice judgement-free zone.

  • UnchainedSoul3
    UnchainedSoul3 3 years ago +1

    This is so true though Planet fitness needs to die.

  • ladawg81
    ladawg81 3 years ago +25

    Oh my God MBJ's thighs.

  • Garage Workouts
    Garage Workouts 3 years ago +2

    Hell ya that was awesome.It's like a god dam circus in Pf....

  • oOSadHollowOo
    oOSadHollowOo 3 years ago +1

    Lmao that was hilarious!

  • starfishpluto
    starfishpluto 3 years ago