Planet Fitness STILL Equals No Gains

  • Published on Aug 3, 2015
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 98

  • Gerald Vounas
    Gerald Vounas 4 months ago

    0:56 crossfit workout

  • Dan M
    Dan M 6 months ago

    Planet fitness is a complete shit hole. I did my whole month. Lost a lot of strength in that shit excuse for a gym.

  • hollowedhope
    hollowedhope 6 months ago

    Better journalism than Yahoo... Anyone else catch the irony of Robert Frank being judged for being a lunk? Apparently you can only judge away from hard work

  • Jackson B. McKee
    Jackson B. McKee 6 months ago

    I fuckin lost it watching this. So true though, we just got one of these shitty establishments...

  • shinbooks
    shinbooks 6 months ago

    Lol. Saying the truth brother.

  • Broman slam
    Broman slam 7 months ago

    1:08 just omg

  • Kaio_K!d
    Kaio_K!d 7 months ago

    Dude just walked pass the open doors ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • alexander armstrong
    alexander armstrong 8 months ago

    Yoo I'm dying

  • Sean michel
    Sean michel 8 months ago

    I think it Is safe to say he doesn't like crossfit or planet fitness very much

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 9 months ago

    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  • nickolas fortunata
    nickolas fortunata 11 months ago

    I low key kinda feel bad for the guy on the machine eating pizza because he probably didnt know anything about losing fat and just saw that planet fitness is a judgment free zone when in reality he should've been going to a real gym so he would see that not everyone that goes to a real gym is a gym bro that bullies the fat guy and he would've been doing real exercises instead of back extensions, so much wasted money

  • PIXART Gaming
    PIXART Gaming 11 months ago

    Watched this on repeat 10x best laugh I had this whole week HAHAHA! !! THANKS! ^_^

  • seekortry
    seekortry Year ago

    I wonder if it would be economical to buy a Planet Fitness membership so that you go there for lunch every weekday, do some curls, and get a slice of pizza. Would that not be cheaper than buying a slice of pizza at lunch from some pizza shop?

  • Rich 123
    Rich 123 Year ago

    this video made my day !!!! lol !!!!! and its true

  • Karlos Martinez
    Karlos Martinez Year ago

    These are actors right???

  • Marcus Green
    Marcus Green Year ago

    Good thing that FUCKING lunk alarm NEVER goes off in my planet fitness...I'll grunt and breathe hard and drop weights all the fuck I want. Judgement free zone, right? Don't judge me for actually wanting some RESULTS
    Edit: My grunts aren't that loud tbh so either way I'm set.

  • Hector Felix
    Hector Felix Year ago

    Planet fitness in yakima wa is actually really nice

  • Luke 1:37
    Luke 1:37 Year ago


  • KT Johnson
    KT Johnson Year ago

    I agree. How can a gym offer it's members fatty foods for free goes beyond me...and I normally work out at PF.

  • tony da pony
    tony da pony Year ago +1

    fucking love it ....and i hate to say i work there but are club we disabled the alarm and ...yeh we are actually full of fitness honeys and juice heads its awesome ocon-Wisconsin come on out and after THEN WE HIT METRO FLEX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shuvan Haldar
    Shuvan Haldar Year ago

    The end killed me

  • Coldbore
    Coldbore Year ago +1

    I call bs, what about all the fat you gain from the free pizza? Which you're not aloud to burn off because it might offend someone

  • sz42781
    sz42781 Year ago

    At 57 seconds, I'm dead

  • sz42781
    sz42781 Year ago


  • King DJB III
    King DJB III Year ago

    Next time I go to tha Gym and Im gonna yell out "GAINSZ"

  • Harshit Sharma
    Harshit Sharma Year ago

    Please name the song that played in the beginning.

  • Tony Baker
    Tony Baker Year ago

    your ol lunk Alarm ass

  • mikeypes
    mikeypes Year ago +1

    I lost it with the lunk alarm

  • Benjamin Guzman
    Benjamin Guzman Year ago +17

    My brother said that planet fitness is the weenie hut jrs of gyms.

  • Raul Arispe
    Raul Arispe Year ago +6

    LMFAO !!! Love it when you shout out GAINNNNNNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Weston Little
    Weston Little Year ago

    strange ive been working out at planet fitness for years and people walk up and ask me how much i bench or how i got so big all the time. i know people that workout there that train hard as fuck...

  • 68CamaroRS/SS
    68CamaroRS/SS 2 years ago

    Maybe they should give out some HGH and a shot gun shell at the end of your 1st year...lets hope your kidneys fail very soon

  • Ben Roxbee Cox
    Ben Roxbee Cox 2 years ago +1

    just bought tickets to fitcon to see you!

  • Andrew Reyes
    Andrew Reyes 2 years ago

    I know it's an old video, but question is what the fuck is a lunk alarm!?

  • Gunning Lewis
    Gunning Lewis 2 years ago

    More like PlannetFatness

  • Geoffrey Bassett
    Geoffrey Bassett 2 years ago


  • O Flex
    O Flex 2 years ago

    good tough with the looking through window clips lol.

  • Alby Grey Jnr.
    Alby Grey Jnr. 2 years ago

    I hear that some ass hat is opening a "Moon Fitness".
    All the weights weigh one sixth.

  • anonymous
    anonymous 2 years ago


  • MissBrri
    MissBrri 2 years ago +6

    "Planet Fitness equals no gains"
    That's not true, you'll gain a belly if you stay there. Who needs a squat rack when you can use a shitty smith machine.

  • jayo84
    jayo84 2 years ago +30

    Its not a gym, its planet fitness. word for word their slogan. Let's remember that

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 2 years ago +7

    the fat guy eating the pizza on the machine๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • haydan sahin
    haydan sahin 2 years ago

    Does anybody know the name of the intro song.

    • haydan sahin
      haydan sahin 2 years ago

      Thank you.

    • genelode
      genelode 2 years ago

      haydan sahin sex drugs and rock n roll- seven crown

  • rocky038
    rocky038 2 years ago +65

    This was funny as mofo couldn't stop laughing

    • Usama Urfi
      Usama Urfi 8 months ago

      AlexKenas Dude that would be DOPE. I lift and box, so this would be perfect for me.

    • AlexKenas
      AlexKenas 2 years ago +6

      +RobertFrank615 I like how you shouted "GAINS!!!!!!" at Planet "Fitness."
      If I opened a gym, I would not have air conditioning and I would have heaters on during the winter. I would have a dimly lit dirt arena in the center for sparring and fighting matches, which would be perfumed by blood and musk incense and I would have large drummers play loud and low-pitched war beats instead of feminist pop music. The participants would have to earn the right to eat a single slice of pizza by lifting a ton with each arm in addition to jogging five miles instead of getting dozens of free pizzas and bagels. I would encourage the chastisement of whinny gluttons who complain about others being more fit than themselves. I call this gym "Planet of the Gains."

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  2 years ago +5

      Thanks rocky! This video was fun to make

  • badpanda84
    badpanda84 2 years ago

    I though gains were banned at planet fitness

  • Mark Mubie
    Mark Mubie 3 years ago

    wow what a butthurt little bitch lol

  • DynamicMotivation Fitness

    Man this had to have been the funniest shit I've seen in a while. lmao!!

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago

      +DynamicMotivation โ€œDMFโ€ Fitness Thanks man!

  • Sol Guerin
    Sol Guerin 3 years ago +60

    I fucking had a heart attack from laughter when it looked like he was going inside but just looked through the window.

    • k calhoun
      k calhoun Year ago +1

      Sol Guerin legend has it those who enter never come out with gains

  • Real American Muscle
    Real American Muscle 3 years ago


  • Outlaw
    Outlaw 3 years ago

    Lifting too hard means having to scream like a banshee?

  • GirlsLiftToo
    GirlsLiftToo 3 years ago

    LOL! I've been there when they were giving out bagels..not gonna lie I took a few with me.

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James 3 years ago +2

    I just lost it at this video, when you looked through the windows I was sipping my coffee and spat it all out laughing!!!brilliant son,

  • kerona999
    kerona999 3 years ago +1

    Crack me up brother! haha

  • Davin DeJong
    Davin DeJong 3 years ago +2

    omg that was fucking awesome

  • The Twitchin Hour
    The Twitchin Hour 3 years ago +2

    Well done putting him there cuz

  • The Twitchin Hour
    The Twitchin Hour 3 years ago +17

    Hahahaha that was my uncle eating that pizza!!

  • neezy
    neezy 3 years ago +5

    I died at those fucking exercises hahaha

  • Jeff Curry
    Jeff Curry 3 years ago +1

    Lmao man.... this is fkn hilarious

  • Camerica Muscle
    Camerica Muscle 3 years ago +1

    No gains what so ever. Smh

  • MrMeanley
    MrMeanley 3 years ago +1

    LOL Gold!!

  • JimitriG
    JimitriG 3 years ago +10

    is that lunk alarm thing for real?

    • NuK3Clan100
      NuK3Clan100 11 months ago

      Not at all of them go at night time most of them donโ€™t care ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • patrick Wall
      patrick Wall 11 months ago

      Even he's too manly for Planet Fitness.

    • delchavez
      delchavez Year ago +1

      What the holy-godamn-shit is a lunk alarm?

    • lvtuckerrvb
      lvtuckerrvb 2 years ago +4

      RobertFrank615 jesus h christ... if private gomer pyle had a gym this would be it...

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago +20

      Yes it is... I was a victim

  • Cassady Campbell
    Cassady Campbell 3 years ago +1


  • steinjutsu
    steinjutsu 3 years ago +1

    holy fuck that was hilarious

  • Meatheads Gymnasium
    Meatheads Gymnasium 3 years ago +1

    Love the vids, keep them coming.. Please do another crossfake vid..

  • claudio barragan
    claudio barragan 3 years ago +2

    But... I want gains,and pizza

  • Clickbait Cabaret
    Clickbait Cabaret 3 years ago +1

    HA!!! Now that was funny!

  • Dameon Macleod
    Dameon Macleod 3 years ago +37

    This chick i know told me i should try planet fitness because they offer hair cuts and tans which my gym doesnt. I just sat there and looked at her as if she was speaking a language i never heard before. FUCK PLANET FITNESS. i would take a slice of that pizza hot wings on a cheat day tho. lmfao #alphawolf

    • Impala6789
      Impala6789 Year ago +1


    • Dameon Macleod
      Dameon Macleod 3 years ago +1

      +Frankie0100010โ€‹ that actually makes sense. Lol

    • Frankie0100010
      Frankie0100010 3 years ago +1

      +ฮฉ Alpha Wolf ฮฉ Dameon Macleod
      Maybe he was practicing rising from a coffin like a vampire?

    • Dameon Macleod
      Dameon Macleod 3 years ago

      well i know one thing. that gym franchise has a solid plan to keep the doors open. get um in shape then get um fat with pizza. full circle. and throw in a free tan on the ween ends. lol

    • RobertFrank615
      RobertFrank615  3 years ago

      I have no freakin idea what he's doing

  • Jorrellfitness
    Jorrellfitness 3 years ago +17

    Lmao!! I've never been there but I hate that place. That purple paint on the walls even throws me off lol.

  • Steven
    Steven 3 years ago +2

    They judged YOU, +RobertFrank615! Nice judgement-free zone.

  • UnchainedSoul3
    UnchainedSoul3 3 years ago +1

    This is so true though Planet fitness needs to die.

  • ladawg81
    ladawg81 3 years ago +27

    Oh my God MBJ's thighs.

    • dalkhal
      dalkhal 11 days ago

      ladawg81 butter face though

  • Garage Workouts
    Garage Workouts 3 years ago +2

    Hell ya that was awesome.It's like a god dam circus in Pf....

  • oOSadHollowOo
    oOSadHollowOo 3 years ago +1

    Lmao that was hilarious!

  • starfishpluto
    starfishpluto 3 years ago