"A Practical Introduction to Docs-As-Code" - Alec Clews (LCA 2020)

  • Published on Jan 12, 2020
  • Alec Clews


    This talk presents a short introduction to "Docs As Code" as an approach for developers to create and manage project documentation. The majority of the talk is dedicated to showing a small demonstration project that provides a practical overview of how Docs-As-Code can work.

    At the end of the talk attendees will have some practical suggestions on how they might implement Docs-As-Code on their own projects.

    Tools discussed include:
    * Sphinx
    * GitLab CI/CD Pipeline (and other GitLab features)
    * Docker
    * GNU Make
    * Various text linting tools
    * Pandoc

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    Mon Jan 13 13:30:00 2020 at Room 8

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