The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.
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  • Natália Gabriela
    Natália Gabriela 27 minutes ago

    Tô procurando os BR pra fazer alusão ao Jacquin no pé de fava

  • Gage Mason
    Gage Mason 3 hours ago

    Is there a full version of the last place on TheXvid and if so can someone link it to me?

  • Zach The Aussie
    Zach The Aussie 4 hours ago

    That’s not an Australian meat pie I he said cat food

  • Septimus Signus
    Septimus Signus 4 hours ago

    Waiter- is there anything else I can get for you?
    Gordan- a wheel for that bicycle out there, that way I can get the fuck out of here

  • Devon O'neil
    Devon O'neil 5 hours ago +2

    "WHerE's thE fROnT dOor In yOuR MiNd?"
    - gordon ramsay

    LEGOOGEL 5 hours ago

    That ain’t a fkn Australian meat pie 👎👎👎

  • Silly Duffers
    Silly Duffers 6 hours ago

    the aussie meat pie isn't ment to look like the pastry has green bits growing out of it.

  • Ashthaq Suheil
    Ashthaq Suheil 6 hours ago

    Hah..... did you pay the exterminator?
    Gordon: get your money back

  • Channel D
    Channel D 6 hours ago

    Continous bad mothing evr restrnt is nt entertanng sometimes tell the scrptwter to write kind dialuges for rmsay

  • Channel D
    Channel D 7 hours ago

    Hey hey who wrote the scrpt o kipng dead food in frdge overloaded is a a littlre overrated.mcomeon i m catchng it.mthe lie of tv shws...shw a litle lese

  • sghshs sjshshshshshshshshshsh

    I’m sorry but i do not unserstand what is tipping? How much should be given in tip? I have never been to a restaurant where waiters ask for tips so sorry for my ignorance

  • Pineapples
    Pineapples 11 hours ago

    Y'all know the last episode?

  • Breanna Howe
    Breanna Howe 12 hours ago

    The first one is fucking disgusting

  • McLovin
    McLovin 12 hours ago

    9:04 well now we know Ramsey knows his geography

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 13 hours ago +2

    “A wheel for that bike out there, that way I can get the **** outta here” 😂😂😂😂

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 14 hours ago


  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson 16 hours ago

    Why would gordan try make himself look stupid like he planted a mouse? That mouse was already there

  • Sav Leigh
    Sav Leigh 16 hours ago +2

    "He's not gonna like it"

  • Jack Hazardous
    Jack Hazardous 17 hours ago +1

    I would feel horrified if I invited someone over and gave them food poisoning.

  • AtomicGiraffe
    AtomicGiraffe 17 hours ago

    fuck off fly

  • Sofie Rietveld
    Sofie Rietveld 18 hours ago

    'God bless America'... Fuck off fly.'

  • Aaron Brockington
    Aaron Brockington 18 hours ago

    @7:07...bruuuuh...$39!!!! for that? naaaaah son...

  • equality xd yes
    equality xd yes 20 hours ago

    "are you kidding me right now"?
    "no I'm kidding I fuck you not kidding you I fuck you"

    PALANG NAR 21 hour ago

    I am getting sick watching as video goes on , they should shut down these kind of fu...g restaurants.

    PALANG NAR 21 hour ago

    Many restaurants are like this one, see back in the kitchen is where people don't see, dirty and unorganized, old frozen food, people eat anything out there, they eat mostly garbage( look at this super dirty place),why they don't inspect these places, i guess they cant, too many restaurant out there ! that's why i eat home made food , cook it right, and clean .

  • Lauren Edmundson
    Lauren Edmundson 22 hours ago

    What was with that man and woman at the end holy shit?????

  • Kermits brother
    Kermits brother 23 hours ago

    The pigeon i died😂

  • Suga Kookies
    Suga Kookies Day ago +1

    Get this guy some gloves he really be putting his hand in everything

  • Shiirow
    Shiirow Day ago

    Little does he know but the pigeon is also on the menu.

  • 1k subs with no video?

    Owners: Gordon we need help
    Owners: We wouldn't even need your help

  • Leezard Wheeze-ard

    Ratatouille is dead

  • Kellastone '
    Kellastone ' Day ago

    Wtf how about last clip

  • Dika Z
    Dika Z Day ago

    this show is staged or what ?

  • Lemonykiwi Fruit

    That last one was if Karen got in the kitchen

  • Amazo 23
    Amazo 23 Day ago

    I really hop Ramsay knows that Aussie meat pies are way fukin better than that

  • Holly James
    Holly James Day ago +1

    As an Australian, I'm deeply disturbed by that meat pie.

  • Nick Ramirez
    Nick Ramirez Day ago

    Oh fuck no that last guy would’ve gotten punched in the face if that was me

  • Zevus
    Zevus Day ago

    _Fucking pigeons_

  • Bruno Bucciarrati

    “God bless America. Fuck off fly.”

    -Gordon 2019

  • Sim Mckenzie
    Sim Mckenzie Day ago +2

    14:35 damn that owner looks like he just got in a divorce 💀 look how dark his eyes are like damn

  • Madox Gaudet
    Madox Gaudet Day ago

    “yea the mouse you planted” what a dumbass

  • Blr807 XD
    Blr807 XD Day ago

    Ramsey has the same additive as my us history teacher which is awesome but sucks at the same time lol

  • hail john
    hail john Day ago +1

    Bruh he really said "do you have it on camera" like there isnt a whole ass film crew there

  • Aspen Carter
    Aspen Carter Day ago

    I swear, nothing in all this pissed me off more than Gordon getting called a liar and accused of planting that dead mouse by not one, but multiple workers. I was so desperately hoping they’d get their moronic bullshit selves proven wrong. Even Amy the pathetic bitch and Sammie the violent psycho got beat somehow.

  • jordyn grove
    jordyn grove Day ago

    14:33 he DID NOT flinch

  • jordyn grove
    jordyn grove Day ago

    that was the smallest shot bro

  • Tanya Falcon
    Tanya Falcon Day ago

    its a fucking pigeon

  • Larissa Dass
    Larissa Dass Day ago +2

    I wonder if Gordon ever gets sick with all the things he touches

  • _blank._.page__
    _blank._.page__ Day ago

    (just wondering) how tf can u fail a burger? i mean. like just season the meat, toast the buns, like cook the patty and remove the extra oil with a kitchen towel. place the cheese and let it melt into the patty, and place fresh lettuce and some kind of sauce of some kind. ITS NOT THAT HARD to make a damn burger

  • Chick with 6,969,240 subscribers

    Gordon: It was at the front door
    General manager: Where
    Gordon: Where’s the front door in your head

  • arachnaut
    arachnaut Day ago

    “Fuck off fly”

  • jaymz
    jaymz Day ago +1

    “we make amazing food”

  • Aruba Aysha
    Aruba Aysha Day ago

    With the australian pie I think that chef purposely made it soggy so the owner can look bad. I could be wrong who knows

  • Aruba Aysha
    Aruba Aysha Day ago +1

    Lesson for all: grow or buy your own food and cook it yourself.

  • Metaphorical Muffin

    I feel like before you decide to run a restaurant you should watch all episodes of kitchen nightmares

  • PankackM _
    PankackM _ Day ago

    Imagine someone giving you money for your hard work just to have some ugly ass old man and his mental wife take it from you

    Also imagine being accused of planting a dead mouse like shit man Gordan has better things to do with his life than plant a fucking mouse

  • Chuuni Chewer
    Chuuni Chewer Day ago +3

    Blacks so used to being the victim they act like fools blaming everyone but themselves.

  • DieOriginal
    DieOriginal Day ago

    5:27 what is THIS???

  • BINTN 1980
    BINTN 1980 2 days ago

    That was not an Australian meat pie 😂

  • *Stephanie Rivera*
    *Stephanie Rivera* 2 days ago +1

    My question is:
    I know there are times Gordon Ramsay likes the food, BUT are there times he likes or approves a restaurant???!😂😅 Cause I'm scared for my life now.