Metallica: Blitzkrieg (Amsterdam, Netherlands - September 6, 2017)

  • Published on Sep 4, 2018
  • Filmed at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands on September 6, 2017.
    © 2017 Blackened Recordings
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    LYRİC 6 days ago

    Let us have peace, let us have life
    Let us escape the cruel night
    Let us have time, let the sun shine
    Let us beware the deadly sign
    The day is coming
    Armageddon's near
    Inferno coming
    Can we survive the blitzkrieg
    The blitzkrieg
    The blitzkrieg
    Save us from fate, save us from hate
    Save ourselves before it's too late
    Come to our need, hear our plea
    Save ourselves before the earth bleeds
    The day is dawning
    The time is near
    Aliens coming
    Can we survive the blitzkrieg
    The blitzkrieg

  • Master Thg
    Master Thg 2 months ago +2

    Still doesn’t beat the 1941 performance

    ACADIA 4 months ago

    2:29 such an awesome touch to it. the way he is playing with the whammy adds alot more to the solo

  • john kennedy
    john kennedy 5 months ago

    во сне мозг не забивается

    STARK RESIDENCE 5 months ago

    Weird comment alert!
    But when i was 14 i used to listen to this in my discman, in the bath after school in Australia, as i used to get bullied alot, and as tacky as this sounds, it helped me fight back ïn high school!!! I swapped a korn cd for garage inc, and never looked back!!!!!

  • Dieng Plateau
    Dieng Plateau 5 months ago +1

    204d ✈️✈️ thanks

  • eniatsuM evaD
    eniatsuM evaD 6 months ago +2

    I was expecting Het's burp at the end

  • Sponsi
    Sponsi 6 months ago

    One of their best tracks, so underrated!!!

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry 7 months ago +1

    I was hoping James would burp for the hell of it

  • Derek Girouard
    Derek Girouard 8 months ago

    That bass is terrible.

  • Shama Del Hierro
    Shama Del Hierro 8 months ago +1

    James guitar tone the best

  • Dieng Plateau
    Dieng Plateau 8 months ago


  • Володимир Бондаренко

    Это сильно!!!!

  • Death Loqd
    Death Loqd 9 months ago +1

    Faltó el erupto al final jajajjaja xD

  • TheFourHorsemen Official
    TheFourHorsemen Official 10 months ago +1

    Blitzkreig being played in France wow

  • shonz88
    shonz88 Year ago

    They look like they are tired and bored onstage

  • Perkele
    Perkele Year ago +4

    James forgot to burp at the end

  • ujaycajama
    ujaycajama Year ago

    I remember Metallica play this intro before Master of Puppet in San Diego. There was a little bit of solo from Hetfield. So awesome.

  • nicolas bothuan
    nicolas bothuan Year ago

  • Veeti Hautala
    Veeti Hautala Year ago

    I found cure for my deppression

    • Perkele
      Perkele Year ago

      This isnt a meme video

  • DoctorWoohoo
    DoctorWoohoo Year ago +4

    "Lettuce have peace, lettuce have life, lettuce escape this cruel night..."
    So jealous of lettuce right now.

  • profligatesoul
    profligatesoul Year ago

    That’s right nice and slow...Mellowtallica.

  • madmann
    madmann Year ago

    wooooohoooo!!!eeee boy!!!

  • Carlos Alonso
    Carlos Alonso Year ago


  • Arbbym9er
    Arbbym9er Year ago +2

    3:41 That shot would be a great wallpaper/background in 4k

  • SomeoneUnimportant

    *Now play it in Poland....*

  • Gokhan Bahcetepe
    Gokhan Bahcetepe Year ago

    I can't see Jason's images in boxes but he should be there instead of Helicopter Robert! Because History of Garage inc with Jason in our hearts

    • Riots
      Riots 7 months ago

      I seen a few.

  • Konstantin Boyko
    Konstantin Boyko Year ago


  • Metal Maniac
    Metal Maniac Year ago +1

    This gave me chills, Loved Kirk's solo holy shit

  • Charles Varndell
    Charles Varndell Year ago +1

    They sound amazing mannn!!! Can't fucking wait until ppg paints!

  • Lothar Hertwig
    Lothar Hertwig Year ago

    Very good song !!

  • Robson Parker
    Robson Parker Year ago

    I was at this gig and miss it so much :(

  • Lucasevil Evil
    Lucasevil Evil Year ago

    Sempre nunca mostra o solo completo desta musica

  • gblackbird
    gblackbird Year ago

    Kirk did it well, Lars kept it simple.

  • gblackbird
    gblackbird Year ago

    One of the most underrated songs.

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  • Lucas420
    Lucas420 Year ago

    I bet they visited the shops there😂

  • Rafaël Sonneveld

    my mom was at this concert

  • ireth alcarin
    ireth alcarin Year ago

    play hard 👊☺

  • José Augusto dos Santos

    É ÓTIMO"

  • Allien Predador
    Allien Predador Year ago

    Uhuuu q d +!!💣🎆

  • AestheticBiker82
    AestheticBiker82 Year ago +2

    Why don't their albums sound this huge anymore? Tonally, I mean.

  • Val VF
    Val VF Year ago

    2:39 ultill 2:56... What are you doing, Kirk???

  • Audible Quest
    Audible Quest Year ago

    So big. Haven't heard this in a couple

  • ryan jacobo
    ryan jacobo Year ago

    Not bad for a solo without whammy.

    • Chris Rodriguez
      Chris Rodriguez Year ago

      ryan jacobo He used the shit out of the whammy bar what are you talking about?? You mean no wah.

  • H - D Sportster Old School


  • jean ortega
    jean ortega Year ago +2

    pasen y pasen los años sera siempre la mejor banda metal del planeta

  • ColonelCrazy
    ColonelCrazy Year ago

    Filmed on the 6th of september but released on the 3rd? lol

  • Spider 602
    Spider 602 Year ago +3

    Lettuce have peas, lettuce have life!

  • NegativeCreep 44
    NegativeCreep 44 Year ago +1

    Favorite song on their cover album. Along with the mercyful fate medley, breadfan and whiskey in the jar

  • егор кошкин

    металлика приезжай в киев

  • Mick Angelo
    Mick Angelo Year ago +1

    wowwwwwwwwww i was there!!!! had an fantastic evening!!!!!!

  • Nookie Macho
    Nookie Macho Year ago

    Please upload more videos with new James. I always get the Bad to the Bone theme in my head when I see James with his new old badass mustache!!!

  • Joseph Romano
    Joseph Romano Year ago +5

    Awesome song! Kirk nailed it on his solo! James voice is amazing!

  • Andrés Young
    Andrés Young Year ago

    I love heavy metal.

  • Felix Wickström
    Felix Wickström Year ago +38

    The name of this song is pretty ironic considering where it was played

    • Charles Payne
      Charles Payne 2 months ago

      @Oscar Quezada the holocaust

    • Huthmeister
      Huthmeister 5 months ago +1

      Tijn Ansems no it was more of a tactic than a period, blitzkreig, translated from German to English means “lightning war”, which involves use of motorized and armored divisions and aircraft to swiftly overwhelm the enemy to start pushing them back

    • Tijn Ansems
      Tijn Ansems Year ago

      Amsterdam wasnt Blitzkrieged right? I thought the term blitzkrieg only meant the invasion from Germany in France by evading the maginot line. Correct me if i’m wrong. It’s been a while since I had history in school, but the subject greatly interests me!

    • Laz0rs
      Laz0rs Year ago +2

      As a Dutchman I find it weird that you even make this link; words are words, actions are actions. Believe me, no one was bothered. Dark humor is in our genes ;)

    • Felix Wickström
      Felix Wickström Year ago +4

      the Netherlands were invaded by Germany using the tactic called Blitzkrieg

  • loek thomas
    loek thomas Year ago

    Are they visiting the Netherlands again this tour?

  • Adrian Gamos
    Adrian Gamos Year ago

    Lol MetallicA sang blitzkreig in one of the countries who surrendered after a taste of what the real blitzkreig is like. Zero. Fucks. Given. Lmao.

  • Sick Viscera
    Sick Viscera Year ago

    Lars fucked up... in one place.