Top 10 Strangest Unsolved Mysteries

  • Published on Apr 12, 2015
  • Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries - These mysterious manuscripts and puzzling massacres have puzzled cryptologists and scientists for years. See 10 of the most mysterious unsolved mysteries!
    Voynich Manuscript
    Kryptos Monument
    Beale Ciphers
    Phaistos Disk
    Shugborough Inscription
    WOW! Signal
    Taos Hum
    Aluminum Wedge of Aiud
    Zodiac Killer
    SS Ourang Medan Disaster

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  • Tony Rowan
    Tony Rowan 2 months ago

    Mr. Chambers, don't get on the ship! The book ... we translated the rest of the book ... it's a...a cook book!

  • tomas gaspar
    tomas gaspar 7 months ago

    Why isnt missing flight mh370 on this list? Thumbs down

  • Migmoty
    Migmoty 7 months ago

    6:04 Racist dispatcher

  • Gary Largent
    Gary Largent 10 months ago

    Why did i take mushrooms by myself and start watching these videos late at night?

  • big C 73
    big C 73 10 months ago

    If the police knew that the serial killer was called Zodiac why did they not check the phone book, birth registrations etc and if anybody was called Zodiac bring them straight in for questioning, I think they missed a trick there.

  • Chris Li
    Chris Li Year ago

    I bet the book was just from a passing U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Object.)

  • NamE _
    NamE _ Year ago

    What about the Roanoke mistery and croatoan?

  • G Leon
    G Leon Year ago

    I think that the Orang Medan may have picked up a certain type of bacteria during its travels that slowly infected the crew.

  • Jack F
    Jack F Year ago

    are u telling jokes or tryn to entertain adolescents? not sure if im feeling and terror or omniniousness

  • Malikai The Hokage

    Zuko-Where is my mother

  • Artificial Aneurysm

    I'll show you my balls for nipple pics!

  • Nathaniel Thomas
    Nathaniel Thomas Year ago

    so student spill lwtwi that agent right boss heel room.

  • dave oneil
    dave oneil Year ago

    that book is the most strange 1. theres enough humans here now to launch a worldwide investigation into our past and the real history of this planet. we should explore deep sea and deep space. we can afford a few deaths in the search for answers......but most people just focus on how they are going to survive while the mega rich enjoy life

  • Xmb Gaming
    Xmb Gaming Year ago

    as an indonesian, hearing you saying orang medan make me vomit

  • Fr0zenNightmare
    Fr0zenNightmare Year ago

    No wonder they can't decode the stuff from the "Zodiac Killer". The Killer himself can't spell properly.

  • Q69573
    Q69573 Year ago +1

    Voynich Manuscript has been solved in 2016

  • quantumbleep
    quantumbleep Year ago

    you need to get out more

  • Pafkata Rap
    Pafkata Rap Year ago

    3- hammer

  • Adam Hampson
    Adam Hampson Year ago

    The WOW signal is no longer a mystery. It was a comet! It was noted that the frequency was transmitted at 1,420 MHz, though, which happens to be the same frequency as hydrogen.
    Read more at:

  • Deamn
    Deamn 2 years ago

    How I just landed here, i'm from Germany. Schöne Grüße 👍🏼

  • jimmy rock
    jimmy rock 2 years ago

    top ten lie.

  • Sam Caglar
    Sam Caglar 2 years ago

    aliens might have dropped that alimunium

  • Batprime117
    Batprime117 2 years ago +1

    This is gonna keep me up all night cuz I won't stop thinking about these mysteries

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 2 years ago

    Georgia Guidestones.
    The Codex Gigas.
    Antikythera Mechanism.
    DIA Conspiracy Theory.
    Angkor Wat.

  • Victoria Mendoza
    Victoria Mendoza 2 years ago

    I would "like" to be a CIA agent when im older...just maybe

  • Frances Brezner
    Frances Brezner 2 years ago

    The WOW signal has now been solved. It was caused by a passing comet.

  • Billy Rubin
    Billy Rubin 2 years ago

    The Pahaistos disc HAS been decyphered. See civilisation One by Christoher Knight and Alan Butler. Alan Butler decyphered it. See Appendix 5 Page 236

  • King Penguin
    King Penguin 2 years ago

    No 8 the "BILL CIPHER" geddit?

  • Marcus Anton
    Marcus Anton 2 years ago

    The ship you've mentioned here has never been proven to exist. Furthermore, this legend has been around in various forms for centuries.

  • Naruto, cloak mode
    Naruto, cloak mode 2 years ago

    63 million dollar one

  • Chad White
    Chad White 2 years ago


  • Nova prime
    Nova prime 2 years ago

    What if the people who boarded the ourang medan blew it up to cover up the tracks

  • Joshua Escobar
    Joshua Escobar 2 years ago

    That last one they obviously saw God or something above and was amazed in this consericy that's what I think and then the alien or God or whatever blew them up that's my explains took for the last one I have other just that one I can explain I had for the others but i don't remember the numbers

  • bax bu
    bax bu 2 years ago

    fuck them at all in turn ....fuck the every single of the world it's unsolved or even solved... they are just joke just a big fucking joke a human mind is powerful and can do everything and all of this is made for reason and become famous for reason at theyer time it's the truth ... and now most of them are just joke but some people like to paly more with world cock and make something like wow signal yeah that's funny baby but I don't care anymore about this bull shit

  • A Taco
    A Taco 2 years ago


  • FoJoe996
    FoJoe996 2 years ago

    #2 is Ted Cruz

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton 2 years ago

    the ourang medan was not registered anywhere

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton 2 years ago

    maybe more gold

  • Emin değertekin
    Emin değertekin 2 years ago


  • BlackFox
    BlackFox 2 years ago

    look for a black suspect fucking racist bitch.

  • C.S. Lewis
    C.S. Lewis 2 years ago


  • Kim Sørensen
    Kim Sørensen 2 years ago

    number 7 also mayans

  • Kim Sørensen
    Kim Sørensen 2 years ago

    number 10 is mayans words

  • Tengku Ashraf
    Tengku Ashraf 2 years ago

    i think you maybe forget about MH370

  • MMA Warfare
    MMA Warfare 2 years ago +2

    Some people believe the voynich manuscript is written in a secret cathars language and that the writer was murdered.

    • 한성빈
      한성빈 2 years ago

      @MMA Warfare Thats it. Im completly hooked.

    • MMA Warfare
      MMA Warfare 2 years ago

    • 한성빈
      한성빈 2 years ago

      MMA Warfare Got anymore information or links?

  • a. banks.
    a. banks. 2 years ago

    Some people try to offer stories/topics about some type of lame supposed mysteries... but you actually have them/a perfect 10...
    Very good list... enjoyed/a lot!....

  • elijah burgett
    elijah burgett 2 years ago +1

    biggest trollers in history xD

  • Aero_Punk 5
    Aero_Punk 5 2 years ago

    the voynich manuscript is like the book of the dead from evil dead

  • stwads
    stwads 2 years ago

    They could have had a better narrator!

  • SpectrumMind
    SpectrumMind 2 years ago +1

    I imagine the writer of the Voynich manuscript as just some random bored person writing a fantasy novel or something like that....

  • valhallaforever1
    valhallaforever1 2 years ago

    West Virginia didn't exist in 1820.

  • evevevevev evevevevev
    evevevevev evevevevev 2 years ago +4

    That disk is written by the earliest forms of fandoms and styles. You can see a guy with a Mohawk, clearly drawn by the early punks.

  • badboy 19
    badboy 19 2 years ago

    Leave these unsolved mysteries to CPY!! and just wait about two or three weeks. understand what I'm saying?

  • Set Fire To The Communists Communists

    Beale Cipher? BILL CIPHER!!!

  • Silesian Rightwing
    Silesian Rightwing 2 years ago

    Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer

  • Jamm6
    Jamm6 2 years ago

    "Gequis II" alien name?

  • Ronald Watts
    Ronald Watts 2 years ago

    I have solved the Mystery, after studying the artifact known as the "Aluminum Wedge of Aiud" I have concluded it must be a type device known as a "Shoe Horn" specifically built for space boots that ancient aliens apparently must have worn. And the mammoth bone are easy to explain. The aliens must of had what we would call a camping trip here on earth. They landed put a couple of mammoth on a spit. Used the "Aluminum Wedge of Aiud" to take off their boots and perhaps downed a few space brew. But when they left they didn't clean up their camp site. If the offenders will come forward, as a default earth ranger, I will have to write you a ticket. So bring some of the element gold with you to pay for it.

    • PinkieDash the Brony
      PinkieDash the Brony 2 years ago

      Why would I, I mean they, come forward after saying you would write them a ticket?

  • Sean John
    Sean John 2 years ago +9

    so the cop sees a shady dude leaving a crime scene and doesn't think to detain him or at least ask him a few questions? Really?

    • Versify
      Versify 2 years ago +7

      All for a "black suspect"

  • Ryan Jack
    Ryan Jack 2 years ago

    Your voice is irritating.

  • David Mende
    David Mende 2 years ago

    for #2 did you mean Ted Cruz?

  • x Zenithh
    x Zenithh 2 years ago

    Your voice gave me malaria

  • Leah daVinci
    Leah daVinci 2 years ago

    It takes about 18 months for something to petrify, you geniuses. It IS landing gear.

  • Ishrath Fatima
    Ishrath Fatima 2 years ago

    all depending our minds at we believed and at is true our not we can trust any one how say blaa blaa

  • FatPot G
    FatPot G 2 years ago +3

    Narrator voice sounds annoying as fuck.

  • Vicki Cupper
    Vicki Cupper 2 years ago

    I swear I read that the Arang Madan was fake.

  • Contingence
    Contingence 2 years ago +2

    The "s" in Taos isn't silent. It's like "house".

  • DrugThe HoneyBuns
    DrugThe HoneyBuns 2 years ago

    The ship at the end was probably raided by an organized militant force and covered was during the 1940s during the cold war, just the vagueness of information given surrounding their causes of death is quite suspicious but hey we'll never know, im just conspiracing

  • Mad Lad Tad
    Mad Lad Tad 2 years ago +1

    2:29 ..when you are on drugs and look at the sky

  • haileyeetdotorg
    haileyeetdotorg 3 years ago

    The zodiac killer is dumb thinking he's going to paradise BOI YOU GOING TO HELL.

  • notyou sama
    notyou sama 3 years ago

    The 4 th mystery was already solved.!/1097b/en/show/strange-world/episode-2
    (documentary on the sounds)

  • Wok Boi
    Wok Boi 3 years ago


  • TheRealLifeSaiyan
    TheRealLifeSaiyan 3 years ago

    Number 11 why I only have one subscriber

  • James Blevins
    James Blevins 3 years ago

    They pretty much know who the Zodiac Killer was. A couple years ago his daughter came forward and admitted to writing the letters for him when she was a child. The hand writing analysis was a match so that one has been solved.

  • andy murray
    andy murray 3 years ago

    very good job

  • Susan Zipf
    Susan Zipf 3 years ago

    I don't believe that Jesus is a fairy tale. That's the great thing about life. You can believe what you want. I've seen plenty of evidence for my beliefs. More than enough.

  • Susan Zipf
    Susan Zipf 3 years ago

    I don't believe that Jesus is a fairy tale. That's the great thing about life. You can believe what you want. I've seen plenty of evidence for my beliefs. More than enough.

  • CropTriangles
    CropTriangles 3 years ago

    Number 2, Zodiac Killer, has apparently been decoded. Prime suspect was a Dr and looks like probably him.

  • CropTriangles
    CropTriangles 3 years ago

    Number 5, the wow signal may be solved in 2017. Its suspected to be Comet 266P (next here 25 January 2017) or P/2008 Y2 (next here 7 January 2018).

  • erika karisawa
    erika karisawa 3 years ago

    he sounds like a nerdy freshman excited for high school.

  • America Washington
    America Washington 3 years ago +1

    Typical. Chase after the black guy and let the Zodiac Killer get away

  • Afghan Dan
    Afghan Dan 3 years ago

    ............(ಠ_ಠ) more facts please
    ............/| |\
    8===D...( ( |
    ..............| |

  • Aidan Jameson
    Aidan Jameson 3 years ago

    I cringed when you pronounced Voynich manuscript wrong.

  • T Anon
    T Anon 3 years ago

    nobody gives a fuck about the Zodiac killer.....who cares just another psychopath....they are a dime a dozen

  • Ste Bradbury Design
    Ste Bradbury Design 3 years ago +21

    I bet that disk was just a kids frisbee or something haha

  • dilwich123
    dilwich123 3 years ago

    I think they have a very good idea who the Zodiac was but they cant say as he never got his day in court.

  • Tage Nasty
    Tage Nasty 3 years ago

    "Ehman went down in history as the first human to receive a communication from alien life." Seriously? No one with half a brain claims the signal originated from alien life. I realize this is entertainment, but don't go making shit up; it makes you look like an ass.
    "In a 1997 paper, "The Big Ear Wow! Signal: What We Know and Don't Know About It After 20 Years", Ehman resists "drawing vast conclusions from half-vast data"-acknowledging the possibility that the source may have been military or otherwise a product of Earth-bound humans."

    • Tage Nasty
      Tage Nasty 3 years ago

      The wedge is simply a tooth from a modern day excavator bucket, the kind used by workers digging foundations for construction projects.

  • Stuart
    Stuart 3 years ago

    I don't mean to be insulting, and I hope the narrator doesn't take offence, but has anyone noticed how much the narrator sounds like Casey Kasem's Shaggy from the original Scooby Doo?

  • Will White
    Will White 3 years ago +1

    at #9.... Cant they just ask the guy who created it what it means???? Unless he didnt create the text....and just sculpted it.

  • Broly Okumura
    Broly Okumura 3 years ago

    3:21..... the face on the left looks like Donald Trump. O_o

  • SicklerBuck
    SicklerBuck 3 years ago +1

    Bermuda Triangle? MH370 Malaysian Airlines? Elisa Lam?

  • timetraveler90
    timetraveler90 3 years ago +14

    Number 1 is probably a serious gas leak or carbon monoxide leak that was later ignited to cause the fire and explosion on the ship. The person sending the distress signal couldn't tell right away why people were dying and then he started to feel it and sent his last message saying he was dying. No mystery there because you can't smell CO2, it has no odor nor can you see it physically.

      Da SaVaGe SAVAGE ENTERTAINMENT 2 years ago

      timetraveler90 there's too much space outside for it to kill you it would have to be amount so large that when the silver star found it two hours late they would to have died the whole area would be a toxic zone and that ship would not be able to carry co2 of that amount

      Da SaVaGe SAVAGE ENTERTAINMENT 2 years ago

      timetraveler90 that would not kill the people found outside the ship once co2 makes contact with the air outside it's now harmless

    • FifaBrahh
      FifaBrahh 2 years ago +1


    • amazigh berber
      amazigh berber 3 years ago

      You're probably right

  • Chad Fu
    Chad Fu 3 years ago


  • macmilitant123
    macmilitant123 3 years ago

    The ship one is fucked

  • Raul eu
    Raul eu 3 years ago

    The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud is a stripper plate for the front wheel of the model Messerschmitt ME 262, a piece of landing gear wheel folding responsible in flight.

  • muslimpower123
    muslimpower123 3 years ago

    The last one was really spooky

  • muslimpower123
    muslimpower123 3 years ago

    Nr. 10: maybe it was just a troll :)

  • B. Eder
    B. Eder 3 years ago

    If you decode it you might find

  • Robert Brydon
    Robert Brydon 3 years ago

    The answer to that last one is probably linked to whatever cargo they were transporting at the time. Possibly a leaking chemical or other reactive element that caused the fire and subsequent explosion could've easily produced vapors that could've also killed the crew. Obviously no autopsies were done on any of the crew, due to the haste in which the rescue party had to leave, so we'll never know for sure

  • 〈insert profile name here〉

    Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

  • Clayon Gunzelle
    Clayon Gunzelle 3 years ago

    based on my understanding by the time we got the wow signal whatsoever who sent it might have died eons ago