$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • “These are borderline uncomfortably plump.”
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Comments • 3 900

  • Hookuh Jones
    Hookuh Jones 21 hour ago

    Ill never eat a taco that smells like fish

  • Enmanuelsella
    Enmanuelsella Day ago

    Did Andrew make a Frasier reference with the horse doing math? If he did I now love him more than I did before.

  • Katmans Lab
    Katmans Lab Day ago

    I would love to have a job like these guys

  • Shourov Ahmed
    Shourov Ahmed Day ago

    I thought that was Jesse on his bike at the end lol

  • Nico Thurman
    Nico Thurman Day ago

    it’s funny how you called the scallop “ocean fruit” because in portuguese the way to say seafood translates to “fruit of the sea” haha

  • Mexican Kid
    Mexican Kid Day ago

    Coni's dad is from Nayarit HOLY 💩 MY PARENTS TO IS SO COOL

  • GuruLunacy
    GuruLunacy Day ago

    6:45 :3

  • James Mckinney
    James Mckinney Day ago +1

    I would not pay 28$ to bite the head off of a shrimp. What a bunch of retards.

  • IEnVy Eden
    IEnVy Eden Day ago

    “Goodnight and good luck” isn’t that a dying light reference?

  • Mazriha Islam
    Mazriha Islam Day ago

    "I've been anticipating the whole time I've been waiting for you to make the taco so.." aww Andrew 😍

  • J_ Kaye
    J_ Kaye Day ago

    8:32 how can you NOT love Andrew??

  • J_ Kaye
    J_ Kaye Day ago

    Is it just me or is Andrew more uplifted and happier in these past videos...

  • Emani Sanders
    Emani Sanders Day ago

    I love fried fish over fried chicken!!

  • GachaLuv YT
    GachaLuv YT Day ago +1

    Fried chicken is the best.
    No matter what you say
    I eat way more than 15 pounds a year of fish. I just ate a whole cooked fishthis morning

  • spongebobsjellyfish

    Worth it is the only buzzfeed show that’s worth it.

  • Raijinshi
    Raijinshi 2 days ago +2

    Adam’s ice cream fish taco was genius 😂

  • J Doe
    J Doe 2 days ago

    I like how Seth Rogan jumps in to take a bite without saying a word.

  • Waimate TV
    Waimate TV 2 days ago

    Something fishy about this video

  • Winston Carter
    Winston Carter 2 days ago +1

    Cat food tacos already exist, just go to Jack in the box.

  • Jesús Pérez
    Jesús Pérez 2 days ago

    I'm from Tijuana (next to Ensenada and rosarito) and damn those first fish tacos looked good

  • Trilmonté
    Trilmonté 2 days ago

    Who is the mystery man in the back?

  • centigradz
    centigradz 2 days ago

    All three are worth it. Good portions.

  • Clinton Benjamin
    Clinton Benjamin 2 days ago +1

    Fried chicken is the OG

  • Lisa Marie C.
    Lisa Marie C. 2 days ago

    You haven’t had good fish tacos till you had taco nazo fish tacos !

  • Cornelia Adriana
    Cornelia Adriana 2 days ago

    I have never heard Adam say so much in a Worth It video before. I like his voice......

  • William Rehbock
    William Rehbock 2 days ago

    This is a really good season so far. Your team is killing it!

  • Gibram H
    Gibram H 2 days ago

    Nayarit rules

  • Zero_degree_ Ninja
    Zero_degree_ Ninja 2 days ago

    up our fish consumption that off hand comment is on another level

  • Adam MacLaren
    Adam MacLaren 3 days ago

    3.50 and 6$ is not a vastly different price point

  • guibox3
    guibox3 3 days ago +1

    Nice to see that some still cook with lard. Lard and tallow were the best things to cook with due to the flavor and the fact that they don't oxidize easily. Sadly, during the 'fat is bad for you' craze, all the fast food joints replaced it with crisco and canola oils which are highly inflammatory and oxidize quickly, thus creating cancerous carcinogens. LARD FACT!

  • poetiklee vehrzed
    poetiklee vehrzed 3 days ago +7

    Hahaha Annie's facial expression when Stephen said folk.

  • Pancham Upadhyay
    Pancham Upadhyay 3 days ago +1

    Who is the dude in the back sittin there all lonely

  • Samuel Fogel
    Samuel Fogel 3 days ago

    I feel like can’t compare the cost since the last is so different

  • Breno Crispino
    Breno Crispino 3 days ago +1

    The sound editing is a little off

  • Charles Jeffrey
    Charles Jeffrey 3 days ago

    As a black man I totally agree that fried fish/seafood, is better than fried chicken, so many different fish out there that you could fry it in poop and the fish would still be mind blowing. Fried chicken only taste different with the seasonings used and stuff with fish it’s just better.

  • Amanda Alves
    Amanda Alves 3 days ago

    Worth it gluten free?

  • darknut
    darknut 3 days ago +1

    I get my fish tacos from Long John silvers.

  • Ikura Prime
    Ikura Prime 4 days ago

    10:40 Margarine!!!! 10:50 Margarine!!! It looks so good but margarine? in 2019? Sigh. Should I worry? No?

  • Marsh Grant
    Marsh Grant 4 days ago +2

    I would NEVER eat at a joint that used, that much, margarine.....

  • anxious alien
    anxious alien 4 days ago +2

    I miss the "oh yeah" at the end of these vids

  • Femi Alex Williams
    Femi Alex Williams 4 days ago +2

    Y'all should do worth it City Editions. Like one whole season or at least 3 episodes per season in a City you haven't been to. Start with Austin so I can see y'all...

  • Edwin Rolfsrud
    Edwin Rolfsrud 4 days ago

    Steven is probably thinking at 00:22
    Say sike right now

  • Alexa Mandes
    Alexa Mandes 4 days ago +1

    These guys have such advanced pallets, I could never bite the head off a shrimp and act totally normal about it

  • Juliette Comte
    Juliette Comte 4 days ago

    I love that Andrew broke the board thing 🤣🤣

  • Karen Marin
    Karen Marin 4 days ago +1

    I never thought I would see the day where a gringo would be raving about aguachile.

  • Zaida Tinoco
    Zaida Tinoco 4 days ago +1

    6:46 is that tasty I hear? Lol

  • Bitch Say, What?
    Bitch Say, What? 4 days ago

    I wanna hang out with these guys

  • Fabienne Eugene
    Fabienne Eugene 4 days ago

    I hate that Adam eats leftovers. Please put something aside before you start eating

  • Ben the king
    Ben the king 4 days ago +1

    wait did anybody see the person behind the camra guy adam who aws he??

  • Dante Garcia Vargas
    Dante Garcia Vargas 5 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Carlee Westberg
    Carlee Westberg 5 days ago

    you guys should do dog treats lol

  • 么STERIDOS丂Gamming

    Try some Indian food pls

  • Silk
    Silk 5 days ago

    I haven't had meat in about a decade and never liked anyvmeat with the bone in it (so never ate that type of chicken) BUT growing up if I needed to choose between chicken tenders and fried fish, I chose the fish Everytime. I would ONLY get fish and chips whenever I went to a restaurant.

  • Tanya T
    Tanya T 5 days ago


  • Helam Game Tech
    Helam Game Tech 5 days ago +2

    Best fish tacos in the US!!! (They are all Mexican descendants with Mexican recipes hahaha)

  • Rukman Nishan
    Rukman Nishan 5 days ago

    Nice gay

  • E J
    E J 5 days ago


  • Artem Kondrashov
    Artem Kondrashov 5 days ago +1

    Finally, Steven doesn't have to drive and can have alcohol!

  • nimnim
    nimnim 6 days ago

    chicken is better

  • Blurryface
    Blurryface 6 days ago

    Is it just me that noticed how weird Andrew looked at 11:24

  • Adrian Barocio
    Adrian Barocio 6 days ago

    Finally y’all appreciate Mexico/ Mexicans 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Adrian Barocio
    Adrian Barocio 6 days ago

    Finally y’all appreciate Mexico/ Mexicans 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Ccie4u
    Ccie4u 6 days ago

    "It looks like a cheesestick"

  • Daniel Oyakhire
    Daniel Oyakhire 7 days ago +1

    Annie is so pretty

  • shihalya
    shihalya 7 days ago

    ... you went just to the beach for that pun, right?

  • moVIEws
    moVIEws 7 days ago

    Andrew please tour name..............plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • lordjenn A
    lordjenn A 7 days ago +4

    You know it’s *ReAlLy* good when Andrew does his little smirk smile at the camera👏🏽

  • Huffleclaw.Bookie
    Huffleclaw.Bookie 7 days ago

    I don’t eat seafood but this episode was great!

  • Jeanette Zainine
    Jeanette Zainine 7 days ago +14

    This is literally the best job in the world.

  • Shane Cormier
    Shane Cormier 7 days ago

    How is there a comment that has 9,8k likes with an inconsistent thought and terrible grammar?

  • dudekill4win
    dudekill4win 7 days ago

    God this whole episode killed me

  • Kellie Bean
    Kellie Bean 8 days ago

    that 6 dolla holla had some pow in it's presentation

  • Elensila2718
    Elensila2718 8 days ago

    These look amazing! Steven is so damn adorable, and I still get surprised when Andrew makes jokes or smiles. He used to be such a sourpuss!

  • Erika Villegas
    Erika Villegas 8 days ago

    But the tortillas are not echa a mano

  • Phan Vinh
    Phan Vinh 8 days ago

    10:05 who is that behind adam