$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • “These are borderline uncomfortably plump.”
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Comments • 4 149

  • BananaJuice
    BananaJuice 2 days ago

    i am eating fish racos righ now migh as well see this worht it episode! :D

  • hlp215
    hlp215 4 days ago

    Steven's expression at 6:46 is priceless

  • JC4
    JC4 4 days ago

    Those mexicans know how to cook fish, i see

  • baby mullaaz
    baby mullaaz 6 days ago

    these 2 people look so miserable. there so monotone & look so empty behind their eyes.

  • Hannah Nguyen
    Hannah Nguyen 6 days ago

    Kieth is coming for you Andrew.
    (Try guys)

  • Nguyen Tran
    Nguyen Tran 9 days ago

    I’m vegetarian:c

  • Richard Drew
    Richard Drew 9 days ago

    Best episode

  • talan651
    talan651 10 days ago

    Bro you put no green sauce in your tacos

  • Brian Lin
    Brian Lin 10 days ago

    Let’s be real, Adams worth it winner was that ice cream fish taco that he made

  • Papa Franku
    Papa Franku 11 days ago

    Fried chicken is overrated

  • teddytac253
    teddytac253 13 days ago

    Did you guys go broke? All your new vids are only worth it items with double digit numbers now

  • Mad Chimp
    Mad Chimp 13 days ago

    If we dishes and ate more fish we could actually stop world hunger cause with so much more fish the prices would be stupidly low, and it's not like were gonna run out.

  • Jack M
    Jack M 13 days ago

    Well I guess gus is making fish tacos instead of fried chicken.

  • Steven Mccullough
    Steven Mccullough 14 days ago

    Though it may require some research to find, there is mad quality and value in ethnic food in the LA area. Sad to say not so much any more here in the Portland OR area. What happened? Thanks for the fun and the info.

  • Gauri Sinha
    Gauri Sinha 14 days ago

    You should sometime take any of your subscribers in these kind missions 😂. The food looks soo amazing 💗

  • dj johnson
    dj johnson 16 days ago +1

    "Is a fish taco shaped like a fish?" if you know where this is from you're one of the true OG's

  • hazard
    hazard 18 days ago

    Better than a Pringle with eggs

  • Rendered Rex
    Rendered Rex 18 days ago

    That poor little crayfish flopping around dying:(

  • Jag Dewit
    Jag Dewit 18 days ago

    Wheres taco bell JK i live in england not in london where there is taco bell

  • Arkadyuti Bandyopadhyay

    "Sketchy things happen at the beach" I see what you did there.

  • Mr. slippy fist
    Mr. slippy fist 20 days ago

    "Best fish taco in ensenada" is a better fish taco place in L.A .It makes Ricky's look like dog crap

  • Ana G.O.
    Ana G.O. 20 days ago

    What about the fish burrito???

  • Sapphire Gabriella
    Sapphire Gabriella 23 days ago +1

    anybody see another guy in the back of the car who doesn't say a word at all 👀

  • Brandon Allen
    Brandon Allen 24 days ago +1

    I recommend Sancho’s tacos if you do this episode again

  • Draukagrissah
    Draukagrissah 26 days ago +3

    "we gotta up our seafood eating game"

    >everywhere not on a coast

    "Am I a joke to you?"

    Seriously, decent fish is more than twice as expensive per lb than fresh ground hamburger where I live because they have to fly it in.

  • Joseph Caulder
    Joseph Caulder 26 days ago

    Cooking a whole snook🤔not commercially legal for harvest.

  • Mark Nguyen
    Mark Nguyen 26 days ago

    I like format of the show and its good they have kept it consistent throughout. Though it may be time to mix things up a bit by adding new things to make the show fresh. Adding another female host like Inka would not be too bad of an idea for instance. just a thought

  • Adeline Charish
    Adeline Charish 27 days ago

    Steven eats a fancy octopus taco
    Also Steven
    Steven : It looks like a cheese stick 😂

  • ツSpongie
    ツSpongie 27 days ago

    I’m watching this but i’m allergic to SEA food :

  • G - PLAK
    G - PLAK 28 days ago

    Next year please came to indonesia

  • Hunter Lyon
    Hunter Lyon 29 days ago +1

    How the hell did that clip board break?

  • bryan d.a
    bryan d.a Month ago

    Is it just me or did 10:21 sound like she said tidy

  • sadman sakib
    sadman sakib Month ago

    Lard? I am good man

  • Tom Kao
    Tom Kao Month ago

    That click board is a mood, falls apart after one hit

  • Sebastian Brea
    Sebastian Brea Month ago

    he said "Sofishticated"🤣

  • Migfred Castillo
    Migfred Castillo Month ago

    I miss living there. Then I remember about the traffic and the entitlement most people have about themselves. You guys are heroes.

  • ThoughtsOfaDame
    ThoughtsOfaDame Month ago

    See the only issue I have is that octopi are way too smart for us to eat them.

  • LordMcDickens
    LordMcDickens Month ago

    do these guys not like anything?

  • Mark Sperry
    Mark Sperry Month ago



    I'm from Yucatan, Pulpo en su tinta is fuking amazing

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight Month ago

    You can tell they didn’t like the fish at the end 😂😂

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson Month ago +1

    I don't know why anyone puts lettuce on a fish taco, it ruins it. Cabbage is where it's at.

  • Gwynaeth Atwood-Pettit

    The correct terminology when describing protein that is tender is not soft but the word tender.

  • angel Valdez
    angel Valdez Month ago

    Yes fried fish is better than fried chicken. FUCKINGFUNFACTFOOL.

  • Trench777
    Trench777 Month ago

    Nope. It is evil to eat octopus.

  • Crota Destiny
    Crota Destiny Month ago

    Bro I’m eating fish tacos while watching fish taco

  • Sethyy
    Sethyy Month ago

    Its funny that andrew said the 2cd place was “ocean fruit” because the french word for seafood is “fruits de mer” which literally translates to fruit of the sea

  • Nithien Badal
    Nithien Badal Month ago

    The hair mate.... try less hard??
    I’m really not hating.

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown Month ago

    Highest priced restaurant uses margarine? Gross.

  • Vitamin QUI
    Vitamin QUI Month ago

    I agree, A piece of fried fish is transcendent. Sorry to this chicken 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Luke Wu
    Luke Wu Month ago

    6:46 that’s what she said

  • Superpog og
    Superpog og Month ago

    I heard the pink tuna taco is the most delicious, however it's expensive af.

  • Joaquin Amaro
    Joaquin Amaro Month ago


  • TheRegalKnight
    TheRegalKnight Month ago

    never could go wrong whitwhith a choco-taco ;)

  • Grade E Quality
    Grade E Quality Month ago

    Thanks for not doing lame gold and truffle food.

  • José María
    José María Month ago

    Well, the last one wasn't just a taco, but a full meal. If you can make 10 tacos out of it, each one would be cheaper than even the first one. That's cheating, guys

  • Nick Briggs
    Nick Briggs Month ago

    I’m gonna agree with the whole fish is the best meat to fry... it’s almost as if God made fish hoping we’d discover this...

  • Hana •
    Hana • Month ago +3

    5:35 i’m not vegan and i never will be but that just hurt my heart

  • Kelsie Arville
    Kelsie Arville Month ago

    Son fried fish is better than fried chicken in my opinion

  • Thuan Pham
    Thuan Pham Month ago

    Beach please. BEACH PLEASE. I am wheezing! 😂😂😂😂😂