• Published on Sep 17, 2017
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    This episode features the following College Kids:
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    Do They Know It #78 - DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 80s MUSIC? #6 (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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Comments • 2 894

    REACT  Year ago +266

    Hey FBE Family! New podcast episode where we talk about the behind the scenes of the company and answers your questions! "FBE PODCAST | Upcoming Reacts, Anime Spoilers, Bad Impressions! (Ep #14)"
    Not seeing your favorite 80's music artist? We likely featured them in another episode of the show! Click to watch!
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    • Ramil Matienzo
      Ramil Matienzo Year ago

      Thank you REACT, love your videos and reactions! Can teens/college kids react to 80s movies+OST+artist?

    • Alayna Beach
      Alayna Beach Year ago

      REACT do anyone (teens college kids) know current anime

    • Ana Kedmenec
      Ana Kedmenec Year ago

      Hi, I think it would be very interesting to see teens or college kids react to ABBA! :)

    • Tahoe Rhea Nevada
      Tahoe Rhea Nevada Year ago

      College Kids React to 80's Alternative (The Cure, REM, The Smiths, Jane's Addiction, that first NIN album, The Cult, etc.)

    • Anni Shae
      Anni Shae Year ago

      REACT Do teens know Broadway tunes maybe?

  • rachael wills
    rachael wills Year ago +1

    My favourite 80's song are open arms,crazy for you,don't stop believing ,oh Sherrie ,waiting on a star to fall ,I've had the time of my life ,hungry eyes,how am I supposed to live without you ,alone,break my stride

  • Cheneeamoi
    Cheneeamoi Year ago +1

    Lainey's beautiful!

  • Kanani Grover
    Kanani Grover Year ago +3

    As an 80's kid I loved the music in this episode! Also the guy who referenced the movie Hercules - that was so right!

  • Quazz Lers
    Quazz Lers Year ago +1

    Have them react to Bon Jovi! One of the greatest bands of the 80s

  • Jordan Mendez
    Jordan Mendez Year ago +2

    Only remember Walk like an Egyptian because of Jojo.

  • celeste hernandez
    celeste hernandez Year ago +2

    80’s music is so fun to just sing and dance along to😂

  • Fidel Figueroa
    Fidel Figueroa Year ago +1

    So j Cole used paula Abdul's lyrics

  • morgan martini
    morgan martini Year ago +1

    Toms hot ok bye

  • mari13ssaTheStrange

    I got every song and artist :)

  • Kalen Green
    Kalen Green Year ago +1

    Any other Scottish people get so patriotic when The Proclaimers came on?

  • Gwendolyn Cummings

    i knew all of these and i was born in 2004

  • Freddy Davis
    Freddy Davis Year ago +5

    They literally say "Salt-N-Pepa here" in Push It...

  • Victoria Zambrano
    Victoria Zambrano Year ago +3

    I always react like Tom lol its like dude you get me!

  • NotSmart
    NotSmart Year ago +1

    college kids react to scarlxrd PLEASE

    • owen
      owen Year ago

      Oh Adam I

  • The Shadowed King

    I'll just be waiting for Gloria and Telephone Number.

  • NavMiguel
    NavMiguel Year ago +12

    Eric and Morgan on "It's Raining Men"...beyond awesome! Also Eric recalling not getting the context when he sang this as a kid. lol.

  • Denise Armstrong
    Denise Armstrong Year ago +2

    Have them react to U2

    • GrandCTM 25
      GrandCTM 25 Year ago

      I think if they did with or without you, most of them would get it. I hope so at least

  • Hannah Reep
    Hannah Reep Year ago +5

    When Eric sang raining men though

  • •Misty River•
    •Misty River• Year ago +1

    I was born 2006 and I knew most of these songs...

  • Mark Meloche
    Mark Meloche Year ago

    Dokken"s Into the fire

  • Summer _is _Infinite
    Summer _is _Infinite Year ago +56

    Do a kids react to 2000s music

  • Vasco Kaufmann
    Vasco Kaufmann Year ago +7

    I am exactly like Eric watching these videos

  • Anna Lambert
    Anna Lambert Year ago +4

    Love Morgan & Eric 😂❤️

  • Tsubakiee
    Tsubakiee Year ago +2

    I'll be 49 next month and knew all these songs and by whom :p

  • bleedgarbage
    bleedgarbage Year ago +6

    teens react to Björk

  • Roy Norton
    Roy Norton Year ago +5

    I'm 16 and I knew all these😂😂

  • salvador vasquez
    salvador vasquez Year ago +7


    • Redskingman
      Redskingman Year ago +3

      salvador vasquez I knew that was coming in the comments!

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor Year ago

    Elisa knows how to rhyme *hits subscribe*

  • Tabris Fru Lar
    Tabris Fru Lar Year ago +2

    TOM & ERIC!!!!!!! ;)

  • alejandro barrantes
    alejandro barrantes Year ago +2

    Another from 70s please

  • Hairy Bear Suits
    Hairy Bear Suits Year ago +1

    React to Björk

  • Azazura Azura
    Azazura Azura Year ago +3

    im gonna be (500 miles) was the main them to the hit 80s movie benny and june. staring a young johnny depp. the vhs even included the music video. Love the song :) (awesome move too)

  • Ginger Specs
    Ginger Specs Year ago +10


  • Mannox86
    Mannox86 Year ago +3

    NWA Straight outta Compton. Run DMC It´s Tricky , Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen ,Jump Around House of Pain.

  • andmyster4
    andmyster4 Year ago +8

    Morgan absolutely crushes It's Raining Men. Bravo

    • CharlotteC
      CharlotteC Year ago +3

      and Eric, they both nailed it.

  • Vince Sillen
    Vince Sillen Year ago +6

    React to Bon Jovi! :) ^^

  • arvin jayson
    arvin jayson Year ago +1

    Hi :)

  • Mama We're All Gonna Die

    react to ADAM LAMBERT

  • Karen
    Karen Year ago +5

    react to the killers

  • Melissa K
    Melissa K Year ago +4

    Rick Springfield
    The Weather Girls
    Tom Petty
    Paula Abdul
    Salt 'N' Pepper
    The Bangles
    The Proclaimers
    Yep, I just spoiled it. Whoops!

  • Misty Waters
    Misty Waters Year ago +3

    Got them all! I'm so happy! I was lacking some confidence in between songs, though.
    I love 80s music so much, but not all of it's good. They chose a really good playlist this time!

  • Kayla Milton
    Kayla Milton Year ago +2

    80's song that I love are from Prince!!! Love him and all his songs but they should put more songs with Prince

  • Arielle Francesca
    Arielle Francesca Year ago +2

    I love watching these videos because I’m 11 and I know all these songs........ thx mum 😂😘

  • Ryan Tremblay
    Ryan Tremblay Year ago +4

    React to Depeche Mode

  • Claire A.
    Claire A. Year ago +1

    React to Afrobeats

  • Kelsey Narish
    Kelsey Narish Year ago +4

    Please do another 70s one!!

  • Alexandra Glambert
    Alexandra Glambert Year ago +2

    Paula ❤

  • theoriginalsache
    theoriginalsache Year ago +5

    The Proclaimers inclusion is kinda weird. I mean, yes, the song is from the 80's, but it didn't get popular until the 90's when it was included on the Benny and Joon soundtrack.
    Actually between Benny and Joon and the Tom Petty inclusion, this episode had quite the Johnny Depp presence. (Depp was in the Free Falling video.)

    • Misty Waters
      Misty Waters Year ago

      That's exactly what I was thinking of when I heard that Proclaimer song. I knew it was from the 80s as well, but Benny and Joon made it more memorable for me.
      I love that movie so much!

  • PotatoeofGaming
    PotatoeofGaming Year ago +3

    I paused the video at Barbra Streisand just to go listen to duck sauce

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz Year ago +11


  • Slimey Penguin
    Slimey Penguin Year ago +5


  • Brooke Horvai
    Brooke Horvai Year ago +5

    Morgan is my spirit animal

  • Shilohpreston
    Shilohpreston Year ago +4

    Go back to 70's music reaction.

  • Jimmy Perez
    Jimmy Perez Year ago +7

    Something tell me that those people never watch Jojo Bizarre Adventure

  • sabrina felix
    sabrina felix Year ago +34


    • Tyler Sporlein
      Tyler Sporlein Year ago +3

      Louriza Legend hell yeah. Kids-adults. That would interesting.

  • Bobbie Sings
    Bobbie Sings Year ago +2

    thank you for the request of paula abdul.

  • Omega
    Omega Year ago +1

    TheXvidrs react to its everyday bro?

  • SandCastles
    SandCastles Year ago +14

    Eric singing lmaoooooo

  • Jason Michael Martin

    Ok what's Tom's last name cuz he cute

  • John Arteaga
    John Arteaga Year ago +3

    Teens react to Selena!!

  • Alen_Egre T
    Alen_Egre T Year ago +25

    Teens/college kids react to controversial 80's videos. Putting on the Ritz by Taco, Like a Prayer by Madonna, etc...

  • Nicholas Jury
    Nicholas Jury Year ago +5

    Please do kids or teens react to They Might Be Giants!!!!!!!!

  • hellasow b
    hellasow b Year ago

    I would haver (prob misspelled) I thought haver meant like hover around

  • Tyran Amiros
    Tyran Amiros Year ago +1

    OMG it's Scene!

  • Saren Wolfblood
    Saren Wolfblood Year ago

    Damm I recognized all these haha

  • rabm82
    rabm82 Year ago

    I'm shocked that songs from 1986 & 1988 are very 80's sounding!!!! WOW there are no words

  • Richkitty
    Richkitty Year ago

    im 12 but somehow know all the lyrics but never remember hearing them but i know i did

  • Isabel P.
    Isabel P. Year ago +3


  • Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Schmidt Year ago +8

    Nice JoJo Reference

  • You Are
    You Are Year ago +7

    React to two steps from hell pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee

  • Amu Jane TV
    Amu Jane TV Year ago +8

    Teens and college kids do they know 80s horror film

  • cleopatra maraiz
    cleopatra maraiz Year ago

    please react to tuý âm, lạc trôi and yêu 5
    (famous Vietnammese sóng)

  • Eyby Cañas
    Eyby Cañas Year ago +9

    I think my day was made when I heard my favorite reactor (Eric) mention Glee 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Bound-2-Books
    Bound-2-Books Year ago +13

    College Kids react to The Smiths!

  • A M
    A M Year ago +23

    Do the 60s!

  • stephen dresler
    stephen dresler Year ago +12

    How about a combo episode. '80's hit songs from '80's movies. *Drops the mic*

  • stephen dresler
    stephen dresler Year ago +10

    NONE of them knew Paula Abduhls song which is strange because in the 80's it was probably more famous then any of the other songs.

    • Christian D
      Christian D Year ago +2

      stephen dresler as if, Jessie's Girl, Free Fallin', Walk Like an Egyptian were all much larger hits.

  • I_Love_You
    I_Love_You Year ago +307

    Just need videos of Eric singing

  • Hello There
    Hello There Year ago +1

    LOL chitty chitty LOL LOL

  • Spencer Acadia
    Spencer Acadia Year ago +53

    I enjoy these 80s music REACTS way way more than I probably should. Keep 'em coming.

  • Lauren Matthew
    Lauren Matthew Year ago +3


  • Hannah Constable
    Hannah Constable Year ago +7


  • Courtney Morrone
    Courtney Morrone Year ago +3

    I knew Paula Abdul right away!!

  • Ueli DeSchwärt
    Ueli DeSchwärt Year ago +4

    oh god... Daniel shaved :x

  • Moviefan2k4
    Moviefan2k4 Year ago

    I knew 3 of them on both counts, and 3 more by tune only. I never listened to Salt-N-Pepa growing up, and still don't.

  • Courtney Rose
    Courtney Rose Year ago +6

    Eric is really really great amazing singer by the way.❤🌷

  • HotNicks5
    HotNicks5 Year ago +4

    "Straight Up" is so iconic.... poor Paula😢

    • HotNicks5
      HotNicks5 Year ago

      Moviefan2k4 you are correct! Paula was my idol when I was a little kid so I've followed her all this time. She's amazing! The 1989 VMA's was the moment fell in love with her. I broke my vcr rewinding her performance over and over lol.

    • Moviefan2k4
      Moviefan2k4 Year ago

      I read she suffers from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a chronic-pain disorder associated with a person's nervous system. She was also in a 1993 plane crash that required 15 spinal surgeries.

  • Ruth .563
    Ruth .563 Year ago

    Love this episode

  • Kelsey Fry
    Kelsey Fry Year ago

    I love 80 music I knew half of them from my dad

  • Mikespyt
    Mikespyt Year ago +2

    The 80s seemed like such an amazing time

  • Tots11
    Tots11 Year ago +3

    React to The Killers new album Wonderful Wonderful

  • Daniel Beck
    Daniel Beck Year ago +429

    If someone says "banger" one more time....

  • Ditzen
    Ditzen Year ago +2

    I love that Lainey is still part of the FBE family! Do more Reacts, Lainey.

  • Ryan Digricoli
    Ryan Digricoli Year ago +3

    I think everyone knows who Tom Petty is

  • Nora Rémy
    Nora Rémy Year ago

    i love Brooklin so much

  • Rhymes With Carbon
    Rhymes With Carbon Year ago +22

    "I have this on a vinyl record"
    Sweetheart, you are probably 1 in a million of kids your age that even know what vinyl IS

    • theoriginalsache
      theoriginalsache Year ago +5

      Vinyl has been making a comeback the past 10-15 years

    • Iva Jauk
      Iva Jauk Year ago +4

      its not that rare

    • Shawn Brink
      Shawn Brink Year ago

      Rhymes With Carbon You can buy vinyl at any fye store around the country.

    • kongorikishi
      kongorikishi Year ago +2

      Good job, you know what vinyl is.

  • Rep. of Antarctica
    Rep. of Antarctica Year ago +3

    It would be nice to see a 70's episode again, with either Man in Motion (St. Elmo's Fire) by John Parr, Games People Play (They Just Can't Help It) by the Spinners, or Let's Hear It For The Boy by Deniece Williams.

  • TerkaTess
    TerkaTess Year ago

    Artists and songs both 6/7

  • Cheapskate Coins
    Cheapskate Coins Year ago

    Escape Club - Wild, Wild, West