The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen - Exclusive First Look

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • Here's a never-before-seen sneak peek at Seamen.
    Watch on Prime Video 13 December.
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  • Andy Morris
    Andy Morris Day ago

    I really did like season 1,2,3 grand tour. but this season 4 seamen episode I found really boring I had to switch off half way through I'd rather watch paint dry yawn.

    TURPX 6 days ago +1

    Are we gonna have to wait months for episode 2?

    HBO NETFLIX 15 days ago

    this was AWESOME

  • Icronic Blxck
    Icronic Blxck 21 day ago

    Watch this on prime laughed my he ad off

  • Jochen Walter
    Jochen Walter 22 days ago +1

    When can i see episode 2?

  • Keith Perron
    Keith Perron 27 days ago +1

    Its great to see them re-invent themselves and do something different. If they had continued to do the same thing they would have gotten bored. People complain that its a car show and all that crap. Even the last few series of when they were on the BBC and while they did focus mostly on cars. The road trip specials they did were always the most popular, entertaining and interesting. It was no secret that when they went to Amazon Prime just by the way they shot the films and the special they had planned on something bigger. I am totally fine with them doing 3 or 4 specials a series. They have evolved in what they were doing and this is a very good thing.

  • Ramesh Ram
    Ramesh Ram 27 days ago +1

    I have been repeat watching this episode once every day for the whole of last week. It's been edited out a lot and I hope they can release an extended version as Jeremy did much of the talking in the current version. The full grand tour opening title sequence is also missing but needed in these special only season. Note I didn't say specials with a s because there was just the one ep. Amazon has been very tight pocketed with this show when this infact churns out massive viewership than any other show.

  • Garry Baldy
    Garry Baldy 27 days ago

    I've watched this special four times already. It's that good. I've watched the Namibia special once. It's that crap. And I love Namibia - my favourite place on Earth. Cars, trucks, boats, dune buggies - sometimes these guys get it right, sometimes they don't.

  • abeismain
    abeismain 28 days ago

    When is the next episode though?

    • abeismain
      abeismain 27 days ago

      Garry Baldy ok thank you

    • Garry Baldy
      Garry Baldy 27 days ago

      That's anyone's guess. Vietnam was filmed in June, then shown in December. Madagascar was filmed in October, so who knows about that? All three have their own solo projects to film, so don't expect these specials to be even once a month. Probably more like every three months.

  • Dani
    Dani 28 days ago

    Why the F is this episode available on Amazone since the 13th of December but its not available in my country (Norway) What is going on here !!??

  • Kit Alberto
    Kit Alberto 29 days ago

    From razzle dazzle to jizzle drizzle 🤣

  • Gewglesux
    Gewglesux 29 days ago

    The actual show was pretty good!!! of all the collisions sounds this is just a teaser! Capt slow did it right as always..

  • Dilshad
    Dilshad 29 days ago

    3rd season is best especially magolian trip ❤

  • KB-13
    KB-13 Month ago

    where the hell is the second episode

  • Jpts13
    Jpts13 Month ago

    Sorry guys but worst one yet

  • jan cina
    jan cina Month ago +1

    Hammond : So this right turn that you annouced with absolute confidence, is based on what?
    Jeremy : Hope

  • Pri vat
    Pri vat Month ago +2

    When is the second Episode online?

  • Валентин Абромчик

    Просто великолепно.... Хоть я и ни слова не понял

  • Linda Offenbach
    Linda Offenbach Month ago

    Well, we watched it. In all honesty... not thrilled at all. No camaraderie here to see at all whatsoever. It was boring. We zapped it away within 6 minutes. Only late in the evening/at night, after seeing our prime movie, we revisited. Conclusion: indeed no camaraderie to see at all, they were not into it, generally a very boring plot, nothing much happens, and ofcourse nations 'needed' to be offended by a strong waft of colonialism while the colonists and American armies in Vietnam and Cambodia have committed utter war crimes. There is nothing to be proud of and any army heroism is an utter outrage. It's like cuddling Hitler ! Sorry...

  • jip jop
    jip jop Month ago

    Dont call it Grand Tour, dis isnt the Grand Tour anymore...... only 2 episodes come on... so why should I pay for Amazon Prime then..... no thanks not with me... bye

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Ok it was a super good episode, i laughed a lot.
    Now its been 1 week, where's my weekly dose of seamen ?
    Im craving for more seamen guys, lets release it today plz !
    I bought 1 year of Amazon prime to watch the show, but if anyone have some seamen leak, just let me know ;)

  • Marcin Palyska
    Marcin Palyska Month ago

    Is this it? No more epsodes ?

  • Travis c
    Travis c Month ago

    Cant wait for episode 2. First one was hilarious!

  • Clicca qui per vincere soldi

    Is this pronounced like semen?

  • Futureidk 1
    Futureidk 1 Month ago

    I wasn’t against boats but the new special was pretty boring. I was actually so excited bc I love everything the trio have ever produced. I’ve watched every GT episode at least 5-10 times but this special was a dud. That wouldn’t be as disheartening if it was part of a regular season but the fact that this wasn’t close to as good as either Season 3 specials makes it extremely disappointing. It feels like we lost the Tent for nothing.

  • mavos1211
    mavos1211 Month ago

    One of the best episodes so far!
    We can look at cars anywhere it’s the magic of these three that everyone loves so I want to see more diversity in things in future they could do anything!

  • Crunch 69
    Crunch 69 Month ago

    What happened to The Grand Tour Season 4? Episode 1 was terrible very boring the producer should be sacked. If this is the new format of The Grand Tour season 4 the show is done stick a fork in it. This show if you can call it that wasted 1 1/2 of my life. Bring back the cars and Jermeys not politically correct humor. Very sad

  • João Cruz
    João Cruz Month ago +1

    James loves brown so much he bought a brown boat

  • Tobias Fellas
    Tobias Fellas Month ago

    Jizzle Drizzle hehe 😏

  • ryanbelcher25rb
    ryanbelcher25rb Month ago +3

    After watching this episode:
    "And on that terrible disappointment...

    for Top Gear"

  • Questa è Benzinah
    Questa è Benzinah Month ago

    It's ever a question of POWWWWEEEEERRRRR

  • Scott Hotchkiss
    Scott Hotchkiss Month ago

    Watched this the other night. Was brilliant

  • Will gowan
    Will gowan Month ago

    At least we won't see Hammond crash and burn this time

  • Raptor Soltan
    Raptor Soltan Month ago

    and on that terrible disappointment for top gear :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • GloomGaiGar
    GloomGaiGar Month ago

    This is the test for those who say "I'd watch these three idiots do anything."

  • darkangelxtian
    darkangelxtian Month ago

    Its like the Nabia desert buggy episode... but instead of sand and buggy, its water and boats.

  • SomeDeDom
    SomeDeDom Month ago +1

    "Seamen is about to come out"

  • Monty M
    Monty M Month ago

    Brilliant - a lot of fun and laughs, and even now and then, it was informative. Loved it.

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith Month ago

    I love three guys together and watch every episode of Grand Tour. However I've just watched this episode. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. Get back on land guys, Please.

  • S G
    S G Month ago

    Too much preaching about global warming

  • Tails Seven
    Tails Seven Month ago +1

    They should have called it: "A Grand Tour Production of Seaman"

  • Aland Negrin
    Aland Negrin Month ago +1

    "It's not stormy or anything" final words.

  • Rishi B.
    Rishi B. Month ago +2

    Just finished watching this. Thank you for doing this. Great episode even though we weren’t dealing with land vehicles. The history lessons were also wonderful. This reminded me of the great Top Gear road trips that we all loved. Well done guys!

  • Tom D
    Tom D Month ago +1

    Good work, guys. Keep it coming!!!

  • Anas Amla
    Anas Amla Month ago +1

    I’ve just finished watching and I must say it’s Probably one of the best Specials I’ve ever seen. Especially when they were racing and they have their sunglasses on soo badass

  • Arsh
    Arsh Month ago +1

    This was an amazing fun watch!

  • Beau Croom
    Beau Croom Month ago

    The end of this episode used the same music as top gear series 11 montage!😄 I miss the olden days

    AMH MRD Month ago +3

    I dont know what the fuss is about, I thought it was a brilliant episode

  • JSM 26
    JSM 26 Month ago +3

    Just watched it and i thought it was awesome.

  • tan hock jun
    tan hock jun Month ago

    They should invite David seamen for this show :D

  • Grega P
    Grega P Month ago +4

    ''We survived. And on that terrible disappointment...for Top Gear, It's time to end. We'll be back.'' 😅😅😅

  • TheBianchicc
    TheBianchicc Month ago

    Love these guys so much. Can’t wait to see the new season. :^)

  • CherryTomatoFace Gaming

    And will the Grand Tour game be updated?

  • Heather Bird
    Heather Bird Month ago +1

    Sorry, got bored. 3 guys just messing about. And before I am commended, I have watched these guys since the year dot and they are brilliant. Hopefully this is just an enjoyment day because I cannot watch a whole series like this. Yes we like the tours but this is just a freebie holiday. Ok, so what is the rest of the series about? Any cars or just holidays?

    • charles harper
      charles harper Month ago +1

      I thought it was crap.
      As usual, Jeremy And the hamster get the best boats, and Captain Slow gets a crappy old boat and is the butt of stupid jokes.
      I loved the old Top Gear, but they just keep recycling old crap driven by Jeremy's ego.

  • Suhas Rao
    Suhas Rao Month ago +1

    “And on that terrible disappointment for Top Gear, its time to end.”
    I thoroughly enjoyed this one. What an epic journey. Brought back the memories of them crossing the english channel.

  • Marc K.
    Marc K. Month ago +1

    Seamen 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jakub Wnukk
    Jakub Wnukk Month ago

    "On that terrible disappointment for Top Gear, it's time to say good bye " xDDD

  • Louie Louie
    Louie Louie Month ago

    It's electric

  • Molloo3
    Molloo3 Month ago

    Why do people feel the need to provide quotes in the comments section? I mean, it was a two minute clip, I haven’t forgotten it yet...

  • haku shaku
    haku shaku Month ago