Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • James Corden heads to Liverpool for a special day with Paul McCartney spent exploring the city of Paul's youth, visiting his childhood home where he wrote music with John Lennon, performing songs in a local pub and of course driving around singing a few of Paul's biggest hits. Pre-order Paul McCartney's new album Egypt Station and download his two new songs "Come On To Me" and "I Don't Know" here: - Watch The Late Late Show with James Corden's episodes from London only on Sky One at 10pm.
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  • The Late Late Show with James Corden

    brb crying forever

  • Sam Saycon
    Sam Saycon 17 hours ago

    I thank my parents for raising me with these songs.. I grew up listening to iconic classic bands who even if it's old is still better than most pop songs now a days

  • Maeve G
    Maeve G 18 hours ago

    I could watch this over and over and over again

  • Maeve G
    Maeve G 18 hours ago +2

    This man is a actual god I swear. Nobody on this earth can say that they don’t know a Beatles song, and honestly that just shows the legacy they have carried, even in death.
    I’m a 12 year old girl, and even I know this. It’s almost as if it’s just a fact now. It’s been over 50 years, and still nothing can top the Beatles.
    They will truly live on forever.

  • A E S T H E T I C
    A E S T H E T I C 18 hours ago +1


  • Sport Computer Services

    Lucky bastards being in that pub! To the girl that had tears in the crowd at the end of the session, we know how you feel and we weren't even there! Hugs :)

  • Natasha Dolgushkin
    Natasha Dolgushkin 19 hours ago +1

    The best part is Sir Paul's graciousness to everyone!

  • Kira Nei
    Kira Nei 20 hours ago +1

    This gets me so incredibly emotional every time I watch it :( ❤️

  • Cydney Senior
    Cydney Senior 21 hour ago +1

    Why am I crying?

  • J U L I A!1!1
    J U L I A!1!1 23 hours ago +1

    Paul is a legend, no discussions.

  • Rob Doran
    Rob Doran 23 hours ago

    Wrecked by Corden...

  • Lilly M Nikita
    Lilly M Nikita 23 hours ago +2

    Let it be... wow beautiful story. I had a similar dream with my Dear Mom who passed away a few years ago. I feel her love 24/7...let it be💝🙏🏻

  • Cheryl Monroe
    Cheryl Monroe Day ago

    Freddie Mercury is better

  • Beatrice’s World

    If I need a good cleansing cry(and laugh) I can just watch this. Love, love, love!!! This is music history in the making

  • Cherylann Dixon
    Cherylann Dixon Day ago

    ah best thing eva James and Paul!!!! Exceptional

  • shreya raj
    shreya raj Day ago +2

    Please do one with roger taylor

  • Estay Tastekeev
    Estay Tastekeev Day ago

    That’s just amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT, very big thanks to Poul (for his music) and James (for this amazing experience)

  • Toronto Fc Madness!!

    Beatification I love this video makes feel so happy and “everything is gonna be ok, just let it be” like Paul’s mother said I love that just lovely 😄

  • Cindy Tiningdow
    Cindy Tiningdow Day ago

    Na na na na na na hey jude

  • Mary de la Cruz
    Mary de la Cruz Day ago

    Watching it again coz I just realise my late grandpa used to sing me obladi oblado when I was a kid. Lol.

  • sj G
    sj G Day ago


  • Ian Lester
    Ian Lester Day ago

    Paul we love you from north borneo...and for james you are great...for making the legend back..

  • Francisco Chavez

    A lot of those older ladies in the pub were 21 again

  • Savannah Renforth

    my eyes are leaking someone help

  • romeo duabe
    romeo duabe Day ago

    3:16 that's how Roger Taylor's Song made.

  • Dont Know Really

    The best karaoke by far xx

  • Shiny Eevee
    Shiny Eevee Day ago

    I'm not crying...ok maybe 1 drop... I mean 100

  • Tony Mullen
    Tony Mullen Day ago

    What’s the 13:18 song

  • Jelsy Fajardo
    Jelsy Fajardo Day ago

    im crying

  • Mike Williams Video Presentation Coach

    This is wonderful 🙏

  • YouAreNot Prepared

    This is the best one so far!! 😭😭😭😭

  • Robertob. Fry Cardoza

    he tried to do his best but this was clearly the happiest james has ever been in his life!!

  • Katherine Weissenberger

    I just realized that they have the same first name 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • zoned247
    zoned247 Day ago

    18:07 Guy in blue on the left, is the quintessential scouse bloke in the video - I love Liverpool, and mean that as a compliment

  • straight outta my dad's balls

    come back to this comment when paul McCartney is gone

  • Russell C
    Russell C Day ago

    Sir Paul one hell of a legend who helped changed the face of music

  • Silvita La Sita Vargas Badilla

    estár ahi.. ya no nesecito nada mas en la vida..🎶.estoy por pagada ❤✌es ún lújo.. tenerlo en vívo...💋

  • r.s.b 1997
    r.s.b 1997 Day ago

    17:00 I fucking love that old granny!😂💜

  • Luca Brasi
    Luca Brasi Day ago

    James hit the jackpot when he get that job.

  • tripop
    tripop 2 days ago

    Perché non le traducono in italiano... Mannaggia!

  • Synergy Petroleum Group Staff

    Paul McCartney died in 1969. Ringo Starr admitted it. Based on that, who is that, who is impersonating him?

  • Natalie Angelo
    Natalie Angelo 2 days ago

    Paul McCartney is the cutest ever

  • pierrot
    pierrot 2 days ago

    it's been five months, i have to watch this at least twice a week
    and you have no idea how happy this video still makes me

  • DongChan Kim
    DongChan Kim 2 days ago +1

    In Liverpool, when Paul shows up, everything changes!!!

  • Waldemar Radosz
    Waldemar Radosz 2 days ago


  • Mary de la Cruz
    Mary de la Cruz 2 days ago

    I regret not watching this right away when i saw this on my timeline. Now i'm crying while watching 😭

  • Jason Liu
    Jason Liu 2 days ago

    damn im so envy

    ROSSELLA PALMIERI 2 days ago

    He's not only a special star but a great patrimony of humanity

  • ann martinez
    ann martinez 2 days ago

    Let it be just let it be let it be let it be just let it be………🎵🎵🎵🎵😌❤️🆖🎶🎶🎶

  • Nandelle Cameron
    Nandelle Cameron 2 days ago

    One of the best ones... Definitely

  • Robbin Ruben
    Robbin Ruben 2 days ago

    That is one very youthful 76 year old
    The pub part was staged though because not a single person took out their phone until outsiders came in

  • Наталья Саврасова

    Восторг и слезы!!!

  • wentz jin
    wentz jin 2 days ago

    Happy to see this❤️

  • MrShashiRulz
    MrShashiRulz 2 days ago +3

    It’s impossible to watch this without crying

  • Ay Paloma
    Ay Paloma 2 days ago

    hermoso! gracias

  • Xinyi WU
    Xinyi WU 2 days ago +1

    Sometimes I wonder if he would get lonely as they were all gone. I hope not.

  • Katelynn Lee
    Katelynn Lee 2 days ago +1


  • anggi lena
    anggi lena 2 days ago

    i always crying when im watching this. like there's a magic in here. omg

  • Chantal Jacques
    Chantal Jacques 2 days ago

    so awesome!

  • Oli Mason
    Oli Mason 2 days ago

    Arctic Monkeys

  • Beatles Crack
    Beatles Crack 2 days ago +4

    Sad thing that John Lennon will never be there

  • anni romi
    anni romi 2 days ago +1

    Please never die ❤❤❤❤

  • TastyBacon
    TastyBacon 2 days ago

    failed no nut november, brings a tear to my eye and my

  • Sofia
    Sofia 2 days ago

    he is just perfect
    i am crying

  • Joan Ma
    Joan Ma 3 days ago

    This video makes me wonder what would the one be like with Freddie Mercury if he were still alive. I'm going to cry sooo hard on that one as well.

    Ian STANTON 3 days ago

    Had a tear in my eye from start to finish,I’m so glad I lived through the sixties as a teen it was unbelievable.

  • Ge Sca
    Ge Sca 3 days ago

    Their music unites all generations! Just wonderful ❤

  • Ge Sca
    Ge Sca 3 days ago

  • Trino Croeze
    Trino Croeze 3 days ago

    Thank you, loved and enjoyed every part of it.

  • Aurora Jones
    Aurora Jones 3 days ago

    Paul McCartney is sooo inspiring

  • maricel gonzales
    maricel gonzales 3 days ago

    This is amazing I cried while watching Paul you are one and only beautifully made by God.. words are not enough omg your beautiful

  • Marissa De Louise
    Marissa De Louise 3 days ago

    Every thanksgiving I go to my grandparents house and right when I got there my grandpa pulled me aside and told me he was excited to show me something. He turned this on and I’ve never felt more close to my grandpa or Paul McCartney in my entire life, such wonderful souls.

  • Eileen Kasan
    Eileen Kasan 3 days ago

    carpool with Roger Taylor pleaseee!!!

  • JD Quibael
    JD Quibael 3 days ago

    I wanna see this guy

  • JD Quibael
    JD Quibael 3 days ago

    James should censor his license plate

  • Anthony Estacio
    Anthony Estacio 3 days ago

    This video's like a gallon of happiness so pure it'll ALWAYS make you cry. Wth. I love the Beatles so much.

  • JD Quibael
    JD Quibael 3 days ago

    I do not know if Beatles or Queen is james corden's favorite

  • SRG Corrupt
    SRG Corrupt 3 days ago

    James Corden sucks at singing and ruins the songs.

  • Rebecca Z.
    Rebecca Z. 3 days ago

    I love watching this one. I cry every time, but this is the absolute best carpool karaoke you will ever do.

  • sarah bateman
    sarah bateman 3 days ago

    your lieng sshit

  • hahnー
    hahnー 3 days ago

    영국에 일단 살고 있어야 저런 환상적인 경험을 할수라도........ 폴 건강하세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Saber0003
    Saber0003 3 days ago

    Its funny how much more into the new stuff he is. Goes to show even legends get burned out on their own stuff.

  • Aimie Rose
    Aimie Rose 3 days ago

    I feel that girl crying on 22:29

  • Lester Stickings
    Lester Stickings 3 days ago

    Absolutely fantastic! What a guy Paul is, very genuine! Cheers you up and makes your day that wee bit better!

  • Roy Fake purdy
    Roy Fake purdy 3 days ago

    I want led zeppelin carpool karaoke

  • Lula
    Lula 3 days ago


  • Avernus D O
    Avernus D O 3 days ago

    This is the best carpool ever

  • Owenmccefc
    Owenmccefc 3 days ago

    Is no one gonna mention how they switched seats during drive my car :(

  • tropical fudgzz
    tropical fudgzz 3 days ago

    A young Paul Mcartney gives me strong drake Parker vibes from drake n josh

  • Blendeture
    Blendeture 3 days ago

    What is this Hillary Clinton video doing in my suggestions??

  • who is she
    who is she 3 days ago

    13:16 stop that wavin' you're inciting them

  • MrSparks20002
    MrSparks20002 3 days ago

    Hey Billy you not changed ONE bit......

  • Cecilie Isabella Strand

    This is just the best ever, I love watching it over and over. Thanks Paul for being such a wonderful guy and for giving us the best music to enjoy. Love you

  • Clement Augustine
    Clement Augustine 3 days ago

    I think he needs more security guards than the Queen of England!

  • SSD Moher
    SSD Moher 3 days ago


  • Young Dogg253
    Young Dogg253 3 days ago

    Damn. I know this old. But this got a youngin hella emotional. Grew up listening to them n shi

  • Pulkit Wadhwa
    Pulkit Wadhwa 4 days ago +2

    Please live forever. People need you here.

  • Candance Miller
    Candance Miller 4 days ago

    Should have done the carpool in a Volkswagen Beatle