5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
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    So like many of you, I have very fond memories of reading the Harry Potter books while I was growing up. That is why I'm bringing you 5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True!
    Leave a comment telling me if you agree with these theories!
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  • Olivia Fang
    Olivia Fang 2 hours ago

    If number 5 was true, then could people steal the Elder Wand from him?

  • Kiersten Rylee
    Kiersten Rylee 4 hours ago

    That first theory about Harry not being able to die because only Voldemort can kill him is such a stretch. Prophecies don’t even need to be fulfilled. They aren’t certain.

  • Jamie Colbert
    Jamie Colbert 7 hours ago

    Isn’t the order of the Phoenix 800 pages

  • Alexandra Corrales
    Alexandra Corrales 14 hours ago +1

    No I think that Dumbledore represents death no that he is death because how you side most wizards only live to like 200 something years no in which Harry probably was not even alive at the time that the deathly hollows where crated the same for snape and Voldemort and like I sied Dumbledore,snape ,voldemort, and Harry all just repressent the deathly hollows in the series

  • supergirl780
    supergirl780 Day ago

    I guess the American versions of the books are a lot longer.

  • Kamilla Hillgaard

    I loved this video. Thank you for it

  • joshua D
    joshua D Day ago

    Harry didn’t die because he was holding the one thing that couldn’t kill him, the resurrection stone. He used that power on himself to allow the horcrux within him to die

  • Fajer Alqahtani
    Fajer Alqahtani Day ago

    Why does the guy sound like james charles

  • Isabella Kuharevicz
    Isabella Kuharevicz 2 days ago +1

    i just have a theory about harry, neville, and voldemort

    as you may know, there was a desition for voldemort between harry and neville. as voldemort knew the boys parents were good wizards so he knew there sons would one day defeat him so my theory is that voldemort was going to kill both of the boys but just stated with harry. something happened and his spell backfired and killed his body. but yet he still lives but dies again
    again my theory is voldemort was gonna kill BOTH of the boys not just harry but started with harry

    after my mom told me neville and harry were voldemorts victims but he chooses harry (thats kinda what my mom said) i came up with this theory

    (btw sorry ima bad speller)

    leave a like if u believe ths theory and reply to me why!

  • Ooh!! Footage
    Ooh!! Footage 2 days ago

    Everything is in the book.. Nothing out of ordinary

  • Ooh!! Footage
    Ooh!! Footage 2 days ago

    Ministry of magic theory is just bullshit..

  • Guest YT
    Guest YT 2 days ago +1

    harry actually will die, as he is already killed by voldemort but then comes back! That means that both harry and voldemort killed each other, so the prophecy is fulfilled, and therefore harry can die!

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff 2 days ago

    JK Rowling has become increasingly insane after injecting her novels with doses of social justice causing more harm than good in the process.

    • MarcusBritish
      MarcusBritish Day ago

      @Daniel J Maximoff So basically put, and more to the point, you're projecting your own subjective homophobic ideals onto all Harry Potter readers and consider it a fact? How reassuring is is that we have you as our self-appointed spokesman. I always wanted an alt-right nobody to tell me how I should read things.

    • Daniel J Maximoff
      Daniel J Maximoff Day ago

      MarcusBritish It’s core readers who have no interest in finding out which character is gay nor care about how wizards made do when no in door plumbing was around.

  • David Vargas
    David Vargas 3 days ago

    “dumbledore is gay”

  • Matthew Mcnamara
    Matthew Mcnamara 3 days ago

    While I disagree with alot of these theories. My biggest issue is with the muggle vs wizard war. I came up with my own theory as to why wizards are low in number and in hiding.
    So we know that there have been various wars between the wizards and the other magical races. The largest of these wars occurred between wizards and goblins, as goblins viewed themselves as equal or superior to wizards and didnt see why they should live under the rule of an inferior species. This is understandable considering how we see other races that have been beaten in battle have been treated upon losing. Look at the elves for instance.
    The goblins are unable to beat the wizards for two reasons. Their numbers. And their inability to efficiently channel their magic that is due to wizards withholding wands from them.
    To combat this goblins developed armour and weapons that is immune to the effects of magic. Not just partially immune. But entirely. Killing curses would just bounce of a set of high end goblin armour. The armour may even absorb the spell and find a way to apply it to the wearers advantage. While we only hear of armour and see a single sword. Its reasonable to believe that the goblins made other weapons aswel. (Spears, bows, arrows, maces etc) all of which can cut through the strongest of wizarding shield spells. So that takes away the magical disadvantage. But what about numbers? Even with standard spells being neutralised the wizards can still conjure hundreds or thousands of arrows and send them flying from an insane distance away and hope they hit the standard weak points of armour. Gaps in moving parts, eye/mouth holes etc. Since this war will garner the attention of the muggle world anyways why not involve them?
    In comes the actual theory. In the most recent war however many hundreds of years ago. The goblins incorporated muggles into their armies. Thousands and thousands of them all kitted out in goblin made armour and wielding goblin made weapons. Making them impervious to direct magic attack and capable of conducting large scale warfare against the wizards. The wizards obviously won. But the margin was so thin that the wizards realised that they would not be so fortunate should the goblins and muggles try again. So they wiped all traces of their existence from the muggle world. Went into hiding and decided to increase their numbers. This is why the wizards around the world are all entirely on the same page. Because the true first world war was fought with wizards on one side and humans, goblins and the other oppressed magical races on the other. And the wizards nearly lost.

  • Emerald Lifestyle
    Emerald Lifestyle 4 days ago

    If you listen to J.K Rowling, harry didn’t die because, Voldemort had Harry’s blood inside of him so, Lily’s love for Harry was inside of Voldemort. That’s why Harry didn’t die.

  • Lydia Benton
    Lydia Benton 5 days ago +2

    So, if you die for a person that you love very much they're protected??
    Then why didn't James sacrifice help Lily and Harry? I mean, he died protecting them too....

    • Mapo Capo
      Mapo Capo 3 days ago +1

      I think it's because james was killed instantly, voldemort gave lily the choice to move a live. HP is all about choices. harry chose to die without fighting therfore he protected everyone. Lily chose to die. Nobody gave james the swine a choice. At least, i think that's the reason. Altough i find HP series has a lot of plot holes honestly

  • JM Ursa
    JM Ursa 5 days ago

    A possible reason for a "general complacency" might be because of the distracted focus "nessisarily" on the fight against Voldemort, which broke out into war. Leaving the enlightenment or progress on personal freedoms and laxation of wizarding law a secondary importance?

  • Becca Abraham
    Becca Abraham 6 days ago

    How could a Muggle defeat a wizard? Godric, Helga, Rowena, and Salazar could have Avada kedavrad the shit out of all of them alone

  • Rakshanda Amit
    Rakshanda Amit 6 days ago

    I think the most reasonable theory would be that Harry survived because Dumbledore sacrificed himself and gave him the protection. (reference- movieflame)

  • Chinonumbanine
    Chinonumbanine 6 days ago

    Dumbledore is not gay i dont care what that damn old bitch says !!

  • ricofresh22
    ricofresh22 6 days ago +3

    Always saw Dumbledore as gay 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Дмитрий
    Дмитрий 7 days ago

    Loved them

  • MorwineGaming
    MorwineGaming 7 days ago

    I am still sad about Snape

  • The Branco Fam
    The Branco Fam 8 days ago

    You got the book numbers wrong I just read the goblet of fire and it was in the 700s

  • Deborah Hochberger
    Deborah Hochberger 8 days ago

    the fifth book is 870 pages

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 9 days ago +6

    Richard Harris is the perfect Dumbledore

    When I read the books I hear Richard Harris's voice as Dumbledore

  • Atea1793
    Atea1793 9 days ago +3

    The only theory that wasn't totally crazy was the one about the increasing length of the books as Harry grows older and wiser.

  • Weston Bourgeois
    Weston Bourgeois 9 days ago

    Dumbledore was never gay. He became gay once Rowling realized it wasn’t that diverse of a story. Same thing with hermione being black. Lack of diversity isn’t a bad thing to develop a story.

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 11 days ago +1

    Haven’t watch the movies haven’t read the books.

  • Tom
    Tom 13 days ago

    they are truly too good not to be true

  • Firstnameno Lastnameyes

    Man. I admit I was pissed and let down by Dumbledore after he was selfish and acquired the cloak. And then to see that he went even further by being a trusted person to harry and keeping all the stuff to himself basically.

  • emily burt
    emily burt 13 days ago

    All of the copies of the books I have read have 309 pages for Sorcerer's Stone, 341 for the next book, and so on. It's weird seeing this video and realizing other copies have less pages. If someone were to ask me "is there a Harry Potter book with less that 300 pages" I would say "no" but I guess it depends on the copy🤷‍♀️

  • Aaron Cooper
    Aaron Cooper 14 days ago

    Actually the full name of the president is P.O.T.U.S-president of the United States, the minister for magic does have a working knowledge of the Muggle system, wizards only embraced secrecy in the early 18th century, and 16th century guns are cool, but have poor aim and are no match for Avada Kadavra. The 5th one is weak

  • Allison Mimeles
    Allison Mimeles 16 days ago

    Ok, so I think harry is half immortal. I think no one can kill him, BUT he can die from old age.

  • Garrett Horsch
    Garrett Horsch 16 days ago

    Who cares about sexuality!! People are dying and people are thinking about who is banging who!

  • chilltime Manatee
    chilltime Manatee 16 days ago

    Damn it I hate this channel the clickbait got me again.

  • Jan May
    Jan May 17 days ago

    Dumbledore did not hold ALL three Deathly Hallows at one time. He had the Wand and Invisibility Cloak but gave Harry the cloak in the first movie. He had the Ring with the resurrection stone and the wand but not the cloak so he did not hold all three. That would make him the Master of Death if he had.

  • Blue Potato that Couldnt

    Remember ak works by ripping the soul of the user out of its body and sending to the afterlife. Basically with a normal wand its a 50/50 Harry would die. With the elder wand, which remember is linked to Harry, its a 100% of the horcrux that voldemort accident ally put in harry getting torn out while harry lives. In the book it states that the "afterlife" Harry sees is in his head. (Note:this doesn't mean that one in the HP universe doesn't exist, just that the one Harry sees is in his head. Doesn't mean its not real as Dumbledore is quick to point out.)

  • KitKat:p Snickers-bar
    KitKat:p Snickers-bar 18 days ago

    The one where you were talking about how he did not die, well it’s a lot more simple, he did not die because the owner of the elder wand can’t be killed by the elder wand and that’s also how he won at the end of the 7 (part 2) move

  • Cristian Martinez
    Cristian Martinez 19 days ago

    I mean technically I think he’d be immortal but not immortal meaning he’d be dying from age and diseases but not other wizards

  • Magnolia York
    Magnolia York 19 days ago

    I think that Dumbledore was just to wise to be straight.

  • Ssenunni J
    Ssenunni J 20 days ago

    Comments on the wizard population. There r also "magic folk" born to non magic families this would likely increase the populace unless the opposite were true as well. If the children of 2 magical parents werent always magicaly inclined that could decrease the population. Also it seems strange that birth rate is high and max age is too. Science has shown a correlation between high birth rate and short life spans AND between low birth rates and long life spans. Observing the low populace and the high birth rate is does sound like they r in the midst of recovering from a near extinction level event.

  • Jana Amr
    Jana Amr 21 day ago


  • Jana Amr
    Jana Amr 21 day ago

    U should be in my school debate club! with the words u use u would be great at it

  • BFFails
    BFFails 21 day ago


  • jie du
    jie du 22 days ago

    Omg wtf I read that on a Lily Evans fanfic but I didn't believe it omg omg omg wtf

  • cykacica RBLX
    cykacica RBLX 22 days ago

    gonna change to english if sorcerer's stone and chamber of secrets is 220 to 250 pages its 332 and 368 maybe in hungary yeah

  • Frendxhy
    Frendxhy 22 days ago

    The first clip of J.K Rowling cracked me up 😂😂

    • WUBZEY
      WUBZEY 8 days ago

      the birth of a meme

  • Erin Maria
    Erin Maria 23 days ago

    the last theory was super interesting, can you do more on it??? cause there was a war mentioned in the book

  • Charlie Higginson
    Charlie Higginson 23 days ago +1

    why cant Americans pronounce things properly!? like wtf!? u said "ani-may-jai" WTF! its "any-mag-us" DUH

  • xFusion v2
    xFusion v2 23 days ago

    What happened with the title at about 6:40

  • Andromeda Herondale
    Andromeda Herondale 24 days ago

    Dude the death thery makes so much sense

  • Xpload The Meme God
    Xpload The Meme God 24 days ago

    He got the pages of all the books wrong, Voldemort and the Death Eaters probably killed alot of wizards so the population decreased,and the reason harry didn't die was because Voldemort accidentally made harry horucrox.

  • Slurrie
    Slurrie 24 days ago

    Bro my sorcers stone book. Contains 309

  • Romero Clitso
    Romero Clitso 24 days ago

    Chooses his theory as the top theory. Haha I didn’t know you could ride yourself so hard. Dislike when he brought up Native Americans.

  • Thomas Black
    Thomas Black 25 days ago +1

    That last theory is a nice one and I can def get behind it. Makes a lot of sense now that I'm thinking about it

  • Toasty Boy
    Toasty Boy 25 days ago +1

    Im native american i live in a rez im a wizard i guess

  • Stealth Mobile Gaming
    Stealth Mobile Gaming 26 days ago

    Hmmm, a gun vs a piece of wood that can throw a flaming building at you? I don't think muggles could beat wizards...

  • Bananaboy 21
    Bananaboy 21 26 days ago

    I disagree with your last theory it is pretty bogus not going to lie

  • Yousof Zaid
    Yousof Zaid 27 days ago

    Anyone else notice there's another philosophers stone in the flash s3

  • Jana Van de Velde
    Jana Van de Velde 27 days ago +2

    You should read the fanfiction 'the methods of rationality'! In this fanfiction Harry is a science prodigy and so he questions everything that's magical. It's really good!

  • ThaiTheNinja
    ThaiTheNinja 28 days ago

    Some of these theories i was totally lost

    SREENIVAS KAMATH 28 days ago

    Another reason why I think Dumbledore is literally/metaphorically perceived as Death is because Dumbledore shows key characteristic traits of all the three Peverell brothers at different points in his life
    #1 At his very young age Dumbledore deeply lusted for power and planned on acheiving wizarding dominance which became his primary inspiration of hunting the Hallows. This mirrors the first Peverell brother's desire to become the most powerful wizard
    #2 The death of his sister Ariana had a great effect on him. He deeply loved her as his sister and her loss invoked a deep sense of regret as he himself believed to be the one who killed her. In the final books it is stated that he longed to see her again and in FB2 it is indicated that he wasn't ready to accept her death. This shows the second brother 's desire to bring his lover back which subsequently led to his demise
    #3 At the end of Half Blood Prince in the astronomy tower Dumbledore accepts his fate gives in to the Death Eaters and openly allows Snape to disarm him before he killed him. This coincides with the third brother who greeted death like an old friend and and who allowed death to take him.
    So all the three brothers and their corresponding Hallows are united under him as he came into possession of them at different time periods

  • Cherryblossoms
    Cherryblossoms 29 days ago

    Please read the books. It would explian why your theories cannot work.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Month ago

    No.. Harry didn’t have to actually die to have the type of protection put on the other students that his Mom gave him. It was that he went there fully intending to die and make that sacrifice. I thought this was a major plot point.. it’s why Dumbledore could not tell him (or Snape)* the truth about what would happen. He had to go out there believing he would die.

  • Manahil Ajaz
    Manahil Ajaz Month ago +2

    My response to your theories
    1- Well you see, It says either MUST die at the hand of the other which means they can be only killed by each other however it is proven that a prophecy can prove another prophecy wrong.
    I haven't seen the cursed child yet but from what I know, Delphini Voldemort, Scorpious Malfoy and Albus severus potter kinda killed Harry by going back in time because of another prophecy which said that
    when the unnoticed kid kills his father
    The unnoticed kid is Albus who's father is Harry
    This proves that Harry can be killed by someone else as long as it is in a prophecy

  • Anna Black
    Anna Black Month ago

    Gold 👌🏻

  • WanderLyss
    WanderLyss Month ago

    Harry Potter and the ‘philosophers’ stone?

  • Alfa WOLF
    Alfa WOLF Month ago

    I think Harry didn't die as he was being kill by the elder wond of which he was the master off this wouldn't be possible with a normal wond but it was the elder wand

  • Lou M
    Lou M Month ago

    Dearest Neighbor,
    The end times spoke about in the Scriptures means that those who
    Are living now who see the world events, the
    ones mentioned at:
    Matthew 24: 3-13,...……... All At Once.
    Your steady gaze into the sky will not undo a thing.
    What does help is to know the Being responsible for bringing about the end.
    He is called Jehovah. A mighty and fair ruler has timed the events
    so perfect that it will be recognized that He has done it all.
    John 3: 16 also tells us that there are two groups involved.
    " For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son,
    that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
    YOUR Neighbor

  • Taylor Fouchia
    Taylor Fouchia Month ago

    The 5th one cant be true cause Harry DOES die by Voldemort in the last book and comes back to life! So tecniqually both died from the others hand so Harry can now live a normal life and eventually die himself.

  • ShapooopieFour Studios

    It also makes sense that he would be immortal because he has the Invisibility Cloak and therefore can hide from death

  • Kelsey Carlile
    Kelsey Carlile Month ago

    This video bugged me and was really done poorly information wise. The story is not told from Harry’s point of view. It revolves around him yes. However, he isn’t actually narrating the story. If he were he would be talking in third person about himself and that would just be weird. He’s also not immortal. He broke the elder wand. Doing that he rid himself of one of the three items that would make one “master of death” according to the deathly hallows.

  • lemasch01
    lemasch01 Month ago +1

    I think, there was a war between the wizards which decreased their population... 🤔

  • Ahlyana Seaman
    Ahlyana Seaman Month ago

    I agree that Harry actually died that theory makes a lot of sense as for the rest I'm not entirely sure I think maybe the wizard and muggle thing except I highly doubt that you can just imagine the malfoys reaction

  • tbsdrummer87
    tbsdrummer87 Month ago

    This guy talks like a local car salesman on the radio during a commercial

  • fortnitekid 1369
    fortnitekid 1369 Month ago

    1 was about 300
    2 was 1 chapter longer
    3 was almost 400
    4 was slightlg over 700
    5 was almost 900
    6 im not sure
    7 im not exactly sure

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Month ago

    But didn’t Voldemort kill Harry? Wouldn’t that break the prophecy?

    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith Month ago

      @Ahlyana Seaman That is my actual legal name but no, I am not the singer

    • Ahlyana Seaman
      Ahlyana Seaman Month ago

      We will see in 60 years if he's still alive or not also are you really Sam Smith

    • Sam Smith
      Sam Smith Month ago

      Exactly, therefore he is now mortal

    • Ahlyana Seaman
      Ahlyana Seaman Month ago

      Actually that is specifically what fulfills the prophecy because they both died at the hands of the other

  • captain pog
    captain pog Month ago

    the war is stupid the rest are great

  • Patrick Brumm
    Patrick Brumm Month ago

    hAllows not hOllows

  • Ash P
    Ash P Month ago

    This is very thought provoking... especially the last bit.
    I am confused though, if there are so few wizards, why would there be a faction of wizards (purebloods) that want to keep muggle influence away from their blood lines? Wouldnt they be trying to have as many kids as possible to grow the wizarding population, even with muggles?

  • Rosie Sucks at life

    When you said that the first book has 223 pages well thats wrong it’s actually 332 (not counting the extra pages)

  • neil dunham
    neil dunham Month ago

    I watched the movies and read the books, I also watched so many theory videos about this series, but I never knew that about Dumbledore

  • Alayna Wilson
    Alayna Wilson Month ago

    Harry didn’t die because if he die then his Brain would not be able to think and Harry ask if this was all he his head and Dumbledore replied yes

    • Alayna Wilson
      Alayna Wilson Month ago

      Why he didn’t die is because he had all 3 deathly hallow and he accepted deaths and was not trying to run from it like the 3 brothers did

  • XxLukeEngland2xX RBLX

    1:43 So since Voldemort died no one else can? I’m confused, can someone explain?

  • Rae
    Rae Month ago

    About first theory.
    I don't think that Harry is immortal because he did die. Voldemort did kill him. Harry just came back to life. So even if the theory that the prophecy is actually about immortality is true, neither Harry or Voldemort achieved it because both of them died. This could explain why Dumbledore insisted that it had to be voldemort killing Harry instead of someone else just doing it and finishing off the hocrux, so that not even Harry became immortal.

  • bluelettuce 15
    bluelettuce 15 Month ago

    dumbledore gay hhaahha

  • Seth Leland
    Seth Leland Month ago

    I couldn't give a shit

  • Megan Naude
    Megan Naude Month ago

    My books are longer

  • Shaelyn Rae
    Shaelyn Rae Month ago


  • Neko Birds
    Neko Birds Month ago

    No the youngest brother greeted death as an old friend and Harry did too

  • Pastel Potterhead
    Pastel Potterhead Month ago

    AnimaJi Oof

  • Doreen Marie
    Doreen Marie Month ago +1

    i think the first theory is actually very interesting. but one thing i would like to add is that harry did get killed by voldemort but survived/ came back after deciding to do so which means that maybe after dying once at voldemort's hand he can now die normally?

  • Mafia1997
    Mafia1997 Month ago +2

    But Harry did die by the hand of Voldemort.

  • MBW Nightcore
    MBW Nightcore Month ago +8


  • Katelynn F
    Katelynn F Month ago

    I don't think it ever says that the number of wizards is dwindling... It says the "pureblood" bloodlines are no longer "pure", that lots of wizards died during Voldemort's first uprising. Also most wizarding families are not large like the Weasleys (hence why Draco makes fun of the Weasleys having too many kids), but there are also muggle borns who frequently add to the population. Magical ability is not transmitted always by blood (take squibs and muggle borns for example) so the wizards who exist are not the only ones who can sustain the population. Since it says no one really knows where magical ability comes from, I always thought of it more like a nature thing... That there's some sort of natural quantity of magic that gets doled out to each generation, in wizarding families or no.
    Also, I don't think guns are any match for a wand. You throw up a shield charm, and you're fine. And if you get hit, you wingardium-leviosa the bullet out and then heal the wound with magic. I find it hard to believe a wizard could be killed by a gun unless he was surprised and hit lethally, or deprived of his wand.

  • Occult Priestess
    Occult Priestess Month ago +1

    I am CHEROKEE- I knew this in my soul- but YOU ARE A FREAKIN GENIUS- YOU ARE NOT A MUGGLE!! THANK YOU. I am stealing this. Please write a book about this- I will buy it. #TakeMyMoney

  • Samishna Roy
    Samishna Roy Month ago +2

    About Harry not dying. The real reason he didn't die was because of Lilly's protection and not because he's the master of death. Yes, Lilly's protection should've gone because Harry no longer called Privet Drive his home but in Goblet of Fire,Wormtail took Harry's blood in order to provide a body to the dark lord (Voldemort). Lilly's protection existed back then in Harry's blood and that blood now flowed in Voldemort's body and as long as Voldemort was alive, Harry could not die.

  • Lucky Charms
    Lucky Charms Month ago +1

    I always thought that Harry came back to life because of the resurrection Stone and I just never thought anything if it