5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True

  • Published on Jan 19, 2017
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    So like many of you, I have very fond memories of reading the Harry Potter books while I was growing up. That is why I'm bringing you 5 Harry Potter Theories Too Good Not To Be True!
    Leave a comment telling me if you agree with these theories!
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  • Katie Dyer
    Katie Dyer 4 hours ago

    Here’s what I think if it was wizards vs muggles the wizards would pull out there wands and the muggles would just shoot them

  • Larry
    Larry 6 hours ago

    I heard that it was confirmed that Harry wasn't a horcrux but a vessel in which a part of Voldemort was and Voldemort just destroyed it instead of Harry.

  • Kevin Hicks
    Kevin Hicks 8 hours ago

    The fact you keep saying Hollow not Hallow annoys me

  • Denise Janet
    Denise Janet 18 hours ago

    Lol... These are theories, about a made up story... It's all nonsense, as are the stories, given that is all pretend... But that's the nature of stories afterall, so why is everyone taking it all seriously? Enjoy the stories, cease to carry on as if they really happened, and move on with your lives. Seriously!

  • Kaaskop_baaskop intranet

    Loved it dude!

  • love V
    love V 22 hours ago

    Hi, I'm a trashy Potterhead and I regilously read MOD Harry Potter fanfictions...

    What? It's a guilty pleasure

  • Mr.Anonymous
    Mr.Anonymous 2 days ago

    These theories are fucking ridiculously dumb.

  • Amanda PMG
    Amanda PMG 3 days ago

    The first theory is good but the consequence that you assumed from it is flawed. Harry was /already/ killed by Voldemort’s killing curse. The prefect never said that Harry/Voldemort were the ONLY ones able to kill each other, it just said that either must die at the hands of the other. And that has already happened. Harry died at Voldemort’s hand, came back to life, then killed Voldemort. Prophecy is complete, Harry goes on to live a normal life and die a normal death.

  • vadont
    vadont 3 days ago +1

    i kinda guess Dumbledore was gay when i was reading the moment when the book was on him with Grindlewald part i sensed something fishy about it

  • Lamonsoff
    Lamonsoff 4 days ago

    Nah dumbledore isn’t gay

  • emaan mahmood
    emaan mahmood 6 days ago

    its just a fantasy novel take it as fiction not reality

  • Maggie Fernicola
    Maggie Fernicola 7 days ago

    the fourth book onward are longer bc they were so popular Rowling had more freedom from her editors to write longer books like she originally wanted lol this is well documented just google it

  • Pepsi Vs. Coke
    Pepsi Vs. Coke 7 days ago +1

    The video: When Harry kills Voldemort we find out he is immortal.
    When Voldemort kills Harry...
    Me: This is big brain time.

  • Lucy S
    Lucy S 8 days ago

    The 5th book is 800+ pages

  • FinDoesLife
    FinDoesLife 8 days ago

    heheheh I am Lord Voldemort :=)

  • Shrirang Vaidya
    Shrirang Vaidya 8 days ago

    So..John wick would have killed Voldemort in a minute

  • UchuuStranger
    UchuuStranger 9 days ago

    You didn't "disprove" anything, you simply don't understand the way it went down. At the end of the fourth book, Voldemort wanted to be resurrected specifically with Harry's blood for a reason, and that reason is circumventing the sacrificial protection. And it worked, after being resurrected Voldemort is able to touch Harry again. That's why the killing curse does not rebound anymore. However, what Voldemort didn't realize (and what, as some readers suspect, Dumbledore knew all along) is that by accepting the love of Harry's mother in himself he kind of "shared" his immortality with Harry. That's the true deeper meaning of the prophecy - Harry is immortal too while horcruxes still exist (before killing Voldemort, not after like your first theory says). So what you describe as the alternative theory is the intentional ploy, the hallows are a red herring both in- and out of the universe, and the fact that they are a red herring is one of the main "philosophical", if you will, points of the entire HP story. The official explanation is correct, though the details necessary for its deeper understanding often elude even book readers, let alone those who only watched the movies.
    That's my input on 1 and 4 (counting from the start). 2 is not a theory, 3 is more or less correct, 5 is total nonsense.

  • ShenMerrick
    ShenMerrick 9 days ago

    Dumbledore isn't a faggot, she's just pandering and selling her soul to the G-mafia.

  • Alla Reinfeldt
    Alla Reinfeldt 9 days ago

    If you don’t consider me as superfan then know that I read Harry Potter in Latin just because I wanted to read Harry Potter

  • Christian Ponce
    Christian Ponce 9 days ago

    That second theory tho

  • Samantha Jacobsen
    Samantha Jacobsen 9 days ago +1

    I thought the theories that you made were very entertaining :)

  • aggressive gose
    aggressive gose 9 days ago

    The three brothers theory is wack

  • wolverineiscool
    wolverineiscool 9 days ago

    i just cant fucking get on board with muggles destroying wizards with guns lol, i think that beats the point of magic...that was fucking dumb

  • Nice Gentelman Cosine
    Nice Gentelman Cosine 10 days ago +3

    "I cant t think of any other author that pulls this off with such perfection"
    *Cough* Rick Riordan *cough*

  • Osprey's World
    Osprey's World 10 days ago

    I finished all seven books in about a month

  • Kushley Kay
    Kushley Kay 10 days ago +8

    what about the theory that voldemort went to Godric's hollow, not only to kill Harry and James but also to make a horcrux with the sword of Gryffindor (which was with the Potters).
    Voldemort created a horcrux with Slytherin's locket, Helga's cup and Ravenclaw's diadem... the sword is the only missing artifact from the founders he hadn't used yet and knowing how powerful he wanted to perceived, it makes sense that he'd want Gryffindor's sword as well...
    So supposedly he did the horcrux ritual prior arriving at the Potters knowing his soul will split when he kills James (he had no intention of killing Lily because snape asked him to spare her)...
    but the sword disappeared (as it does like when griphook dies holding it) and since he had already performed the horcrux ritual, his soul latched on Harry...
    I think this theory came from the Super Carlin Brothers (check out their channel).. it's one of the few theories I actually believe...
    Dumbledore's explanation didn't make sense to me.. because from his explanation, anyone who kills automatically splits their soul and creates a horcrux??? so does that mean all those death eaters have horcruxes out there?? also when snape killed Dumbledore, did he split his soul? cos he had no horcrux (he died when voldemort killed him, nothing had to be destroyed first before fully killing him)

  • Fransin Katunga
    Fransin Katunga 10 days ago

    Great video!

  • aiden mullett
    aiden mullett 11 days ago

    Either means One or the Other. Not necessarily BOTH. Therefore when Harry killed Voldy; the Either clause of the prophecy was fulfilled and Harry can still die any other way. Sorry.

  • Benashley Connell
    Benashley Connell 11 days ago

    I’d say the wizards won the war and put themselves into hiding which has culled there numbers or maybe mating with Muggles has lessened there number with less wizards being born. They have time turner if they had lost they could keep going back until they won which they havnt

  • A Cabsalt
    A Cabsalt 11 days ago

    i never read these books and i never will,

  • bxbbl3s
    bxbbl3s 11 days ago

    Philoser's stone isn't 223 pages in fact I'm on page 237 where they've found about Nicholas Flames.

  • Jordan Sunter
    Jordan Sunter 12 days ago

    Not coming close to my awesome theory but cool

  • CosaNostra 42
    CosaNostra 42 12 days ago

    I love the wizards and muggles theory totally explains the relations with the minister of magic and the prime minister in the begining of book six

  • TJ
    TJ 12 days ago

    the one about the brother might possibly be true and makes sense because Harry taking form of the one hiding from death LITERALLY receives his invisibility cloak.

  • frydsaman
    frydsaman 12 days ago

    the last one was the only good one

  • kontixxx
    kontixxx 12 days ago

    Well, for me it that dragon thing was just, because of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy
    , because if the dragon escaped it would be a lot of problems in the mugle world. So warning the prime minister was a good choice, because he would know what's happening.

  • The sirvenomik
    The sirvenomik 13 days ago

    dumble dore gay who cares no sure why thats important

  • trend qiang
    trend qiang 13 days ago

    you've read the books? my ass you have

  • Cason Scarce
    Cason Scarce 13 days ago

    but harry DOES die, fulfilling that part of the prophecy for him.

    • WB
      WB 13 days ago +1

      Harry died, I assumed the reason his soul didn't cross over is because he was a Horcrux. 2 souls, 1 body, 1 death, 1 soul taken.

  • Konayo
    Konayo 13 days ago

    Wizards = tribes in north america?
    Why do you US people always have to make everything about the US? That's so stupid - this is a story set in europe and that's it.

  • Mason Schwalm
    Mason Schwalm 14 days ago

    10:04 No, it isn’t. That theory has been around for over 4 years now. Man this video sucks, it’s just the same as all the other theory videos. Was hoping there’d be one I hadn’t heard before.

  • Mason Schwalm
    Mason Schwalm 14 days ago

    3:30 Yeah.... Michael Gambon didn’t help with that either. His portrayal of Dumbledore was..intense, he never read the books, and it shows.... *violently shakes Harry* “DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE??!!!!”

  • Bragglord
    Bragglord 14 days ago

    Gave up after the first two. Which sad, dark corner of reddit did you find these theories on?

  • Bragglord
    Bragglord 14 days ago

    Skip to 0:41.
    You're welcome

  • Reggie Rentie
    Reggie Rentie 14 days ago

    They're all dumb theories. There's thousands of them out there and it seems you grasped onto the ones you liked and built onto them. You even added your own stupid one at the end. Not a good video.

  • SC
    SC 14 days ago

    she was pressured by LGBT population that's why she lied about Dumbledore

  • xxxxSOSEXYxxxx
    xxxxSOSEXYxxxx 15 days ago

    You could say Harry is actually death since some theories think that after killing Voldemort Harry is permanently the boy who lived as in now immortal. Before killing Voldemort Harry acquired all three of the deathly hallows at some point similar to what you said about Dumbledore having acquiring all three. So Harry = possible immortal and has (had?) all three deathly hallows.

  • Mr. Destruction
    Mr. Destruction 15 days ago +1

    what i don't understand :
    How come Dumbledore didn't make horcruxes himself from bad people he was killing

  • Imakemovies Actor
    Imakemovies Actor 15 days ago

    Let me get this straight because oh my Jesus your theory at the end is so idiotic and convoluted I had to listen to it several times to truly grasp your disabled thought process. Okay, so because the Minister of magic informed the Prime minister a dragon was in the country, it is your logical conclusion, that it doesn’t sound like something a “rule” (emphasis on rule) wizards (plural) would make up for themselves. So, if wizards wouldn’t make up a rule like informing a Prime minister a fucking dragon was inbound, that they therefore must of lost a war in the distant past and muggles made up that “rule” to control the wizards. Muggles must of won that made up war with the use of weapons that were invented in the 14th century. And who else did the muggles persecute? Indians. And the perplexing thing is wizards live twice as long as muggles, have bigger families, that logically there must of been a war because there aren’t a lot of wizards. Or native Americans. And reservations are just like wizarding areas with all the magic and methamphetemine use. And who else uses meth and were persecuted? Jews. So logically all the wizards are meth addicted Native American Jews. ✋🏽🎤

  • DaphnéeOphelia
    DaphnéeOphelia 15 days ago

    i consider it to be fact, that Harry was the master of death and could thus choose if he wanted to return. It's pretty obvious from Dumbledore's explanations at King's cross, there is really no other explanation. Also the prophecy foretold that either must die at the hand of the other and so they did. Both died at the hand of the other. Harry died at Voldemort's hand and Voldemort died at Harry's hand (more or less) except that Harry came back.
    I don't think that Harry being immortal makes any kind of sense, because the prophecy to my mind only means that either must be killed by the hand of the other, which became true. It doesn't mean at all, that there is no way to die (again) after this, even though Harry still is the master of death. Yet he could choose the first time around, so why shouldn't he a second time?

  • UNSC Spartan 774
    UNSC Spartan 774 15 days ago

    Towards the end you talked about how the magical community isn't very big, that is explained that in the past true blood magical families was killing off Magicians and Witches because of no love with muggles. We see this in the Crimes of Grindewald movie with our dear muggle friend

  • Benjamin Oosthoek
    Benjamin Oosthoek 16 days ago

    Gandalf gay too, so its a famously loved wizard thing I guess.

  • Sapna Ullal
    Sapna Ullal 16 days ago

    Harry was the way he was at 15 in Order of the Phoenix not because of puberty but because of PTSD.

  • Star Child
    Star Child 16 days ago

    Tom just killed his own soul in Harry with the curse. you can even see Tom passed out afterwards. it ain't that deep.

  • Midnight Mystery
    Midnight Mystery 16 days ago

    I think for the first one, it just means that they can only be killed by each other, so, Harry could still die of old age, but nobody else has the power to kill him seeing as Voldemort is dead

  • Persephone Diggen Others

    Maybe none of us saw it coming (about the theory about Dumbeldore's gay) because we don't have any evidence for this, she had to write it to prove it, if it's not written, that means 2 things:
    1. It's not true that he's gay
    Or 2. Until a decade and a half ago, no one accepted gays
    The first option seems more likely than the second option

    • Persephone Diggen Others
      Persephone Diggen Others 16 days ago

      @Savannah Leslie she didn't write anything to prove that Dumbledore is gay in any of the books, there isn't one tiny proof of that, and what do you mean by "She can fuck off with her trying to profit off something she wasn't willing to write"?

    • Savannah Leslie
      Savannah Leslie 16 days ago

      We do actually know that the general public was less accepting of homosexuality ten years before the announcement. That is completely likely. However, I do find her not writing that he is gay, while also having no other homosexual character, to be bullshit. She made time for nearly a hundred heterosexual pairings to be mentioned, but couldn't mention one homosexyal one? She can fuck off with her trying to profit off something she wasn't willing to write.

  • K1llStealer
    K1llStealer 17 days ago

    One must die to the hand of the other, meaning just that neither can live, while the other one does, but also they have to be the once to kill eachother - this doesn't mean Harry won't die, this means that Harry can finally start living his life...
    The second theory is just... garbage and I don't even know what to say because... wow... the books got longer, because JK Rowling made Harry smarter the older he got and made him analyze stuff... cool... who cares? Characters get more detail... insane theory you got
    Third theory - no... Harry wouldn't be one of the brothers... He would be the conqueror of death... by giving up the deathly hallows in exchange for his life!
    Fourth... Like I said Harry is the conqueror of death so I agree with a theory for once
    Fifth... I guess this could be true
    Sixth: Not a single one of these were your theories and yet you kept saying "So my theory is"

  • Marco Gil
    Marco Gil 17 days ago


  • Matilda Hamberg
    Matilda Hamberg 18 days ago

    How about the plot hole that the Harry-horrocruxes should have died in the chamber of secrets? He was bitten by the basilisk, one of the like three things that kills horrocruxes. Weird huh? I know Fawkes cries on him but the other horrocruxes die INSTANTLY from it. What do you guys say?

  • Quinn Lee-Newbury
    Quinn Lee-Newbury 18 days ago +2

    Not gonna lie dude. 99% of people did see it coming that Dumbledore was gay lol