• Published on Oct 6, 2021

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  • cedric Bossman

    The alarm clock was the best one. Rocky never disappoints . The family is great

  • Sherwin Ferrer

    Dad's really love Thier daughters 🤣 just like my dad

  • Shelby Rondeau

    “You wet your bed twice!”

  • Vinfo Gaming

    Meanwhile in my house

  • ネズコチャン〜

    To all the people who are saying that he's feminist: learn to take a joke✨

  • Audreyana Pineda

    He treats the daughter like the QUEEEN of the world 🌎

  • Livy with an E (and CC)

    I just love that he so nice to his daughter and thoroughly checks his sons.🤣

  • Aimlyina Aust

    “Welk you have a phone you dummy” 😂

  • doink
    doink  +21

    “Not in front my brothers!”


    He treats his daughter like a queen.Wenever he sees he's like at your service my queen.

  • ♡MOXXY♡

    I love how the girl is perfect

  • Greta Mazza

    I just love how the boys get treated by the dad rudely then when it comes to the ladies...Beatiful like normal go to bed honey

  • Meredith Twinn

    I love how his daughter is just like perfect

  • Soraxx&sobbing

    it’s not a mistake✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨

  • Vieveanne

    Pov: When You're The Only Girl

  • Issa Nesheiwat

    The “Welek!” Literally got me laughing so hard

  • Anime
    Anime  +2

    ✨this is a masterpiece✨

  • vick n
    vick n 2 hours ago

    I love seeing Sammy's 'innocent' reaction❤️.

  • makayla
    makayla  +4

    I have 3 Brothers and I'm the youngest. This is exactly how my Dad was 😂 may he rest in peace 😌

  • Fortnite Videos

    I love how the daughter is always the favorite