Exposing Instagram Models DMs!

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
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Comments • 735

  • Radzi3216
    Radzi3216 2 days ago

    I'd be more gassed about Jason Derulo over Krispy Kreme tbh

  • MAK1NHO _
    MAK1NHO _ 4 days ago

    Instagram model ? She is not that pretty I'm not gonna lie , Harry better looking :)

  • Stasia Wulf
    Stasia Wulf 4 days ago

    This proves anyone can be a instagram model.. and look good in pics, but you cant fake video/reality, delete photoshop girl... so embarrassing!! and that spraytan honey, no no no.

  • killa gambo
    killa gambo 5 days ago

    Whyβ€˜s she lookin so orange

  • Tejalkera_Msp love
    Tejalkera_Msp love 8 days ago

    Great video!!!!!!

  • Gabbuz99
    Gabbuz99 8 days ago +1

    she doesn't seem that attractive to me tbh

  • EWG_YT
    EWG_YT 9 days ago +2

    fully just exposed Eubank Jr's private snapchat omfg hahaha

  • Holly G
    Holly G 12 days ago


  • We Asked Reddit
    We Asked Reddit 13 days ago

    AND SHe is a MODEL AAHAHAhahhhhhhahahahahxhaxhahxahaxhxahxaxhaxhaxAHhxa

  • macy peet-woodall
    macy peet-woodall 14 days ago

    Love this 🀟

  • Tia Lewis
    Tia Lewis 15 days ago

    Okay but Harry and ana ... I fucking ship

  • alfie playz98
    alfie playz98 15 days ago

    Fuck you harry you never upload ur just on ur friends videos I unsubscribed

  • Amy D
    Amy D 16 days ago +1

    Urmm that’s not an insta model

  • Jess Potts
    Jess Potts 16 days ago

    A couple i’d actually ship aha

  • Draco Potter
    Draco Potter 16 days ago +1

    She’s absolutely butters lol

  • Hannah
    Hannah 17 days ago +1

    Lol why is she so orange?

  • Carla Keir
    Carla Keir 17 days ago +5

    Is no one going to mention her recent emojis πŸ˜‚

  • Olivia Lindsay
    Olivia Lindsay 17 days ago +9

    She ain’t an Instagram model πŸ˜‚

  • Patrick Duffy
    Patrick Duffy 18 days ago

    Where can I get that under armour top

  • EmilVisuals
    EmilVisuals 18 days ago

    hahah funny thing the "called" model in this video is just a regular girl from Sweden...

  • Brooke Boustead
    Brooke Boustead 18 days ago +4

    Ashley from Raksu was texting herπŸ’•

  • Lois Baillie
    Lois Baillie 19 days ago


  • HanPan
    HanPan 19 days ago +6

    "We like new hope george" Yes we do like George, big NHC fan and he's a legend πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€

  • jack
    jack 19 days ago

    Whose the secret personπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  • Georgia Davies
    Georgia Davies 19 days ago

    love george smith though

  • Slightly Salted
    Slightly Salted 19 days ago +1

    She is butters

  • osk blr
    osk blr 20 days ago

    cal more fashionable

  • Rhydian Hunt
    Rhydian Hunt 20 days ago

    She dated morgz lol

  • TrooperTF
    TrooperTF 22 days ago

    You can see who’s name it was they were covering up

  • Yash Prasad
    Yash Prasad 24 days ago

    he looks like logic

  • Tommy Shaw
    Tommy Shaw 24 days ago +1

    When your own comment isn’t up at the top @calfreezy

  • Sl Ash
    Sl Ash 24 days ago

    She is a fucking mess.

  • chan clan
    chan clan 24 days ago


  • Em
    Em 24 days ago

    Getting this to 1 mil views from CalluxπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Luke Evans
    Luke Evans 25 days ago +3

    9:00 That was Calfreezy

    HAZZA 25 days ago +1

    Whos here from callux???

  • sneer0101
    sneer0101 25 days ago

    Like 99% of Insta 'models'
    Average as fuck

  • FinestGamersz
    FinestGamersz 25 days ago

    Her name sounds like a disease

  • Jack Vaughan
    Jack Vaughan 25 days ago +14

    Wasn't this the Girl that Morgz was linking ?

  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman Hussein 26 days ago +1

    At 1:52

  • Soccer Beast123
    Soccer Beast123 26 days ago +5

    whos here from callux's shoutout

  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis 26 days ago


  • Drax G
    Drax G 26 days ago +1

    Mate how is she a model she’s butters

  • Ryan O'Hara
    Ryan O'Hara 26 days ago

    How one Geordie man started a new series

  • William lillicrapp
    William lillicrapp 26 days ago

    She’s not even good looking like weak jaw line, terrible cheeks and bad nose !! Neck down though πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    • Kookieee is my oppa
      Kookieee is my oppa 4 days ago

      HAHA Bro you can't say shit,i mean do you have 700k followers on instagram..?

  • teaarmo
    teaarmo 26 days ago +3

    Is she really that good looking?

  • GewoonDaanDus
    GewoonDaanDus 27 days ago

    Great job blurring jmx’s head m8

  • Cs -Leo
    Cs -Leo 28 days ago

    9:25 tobiiiii????

  • Ali Sheikh
    Ali Sheikh 28 days ago +2

    She's not even all that

  • Carter Welland
    Carter Welland 28 days ago

    Videos so stretched out it’s sad

  • Halloween Freak
    Halloween Freak 28 days ago +1

    Malfoy at 4:39 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • US3_RuStY
    US3_RuStY 29 days ago

    the guy who they dont talk about. thats jeremy lynch xD?

  • ShoCk
    ShoCk 29 days ago

    Bruh the water is green

  • Its Hxds
    Its Hxds 29 days ago

    9:25 cough tobi

  • Bigboy Simpson
    Bigboy Simpson Month ago

    8:50 it’s fucking jmx

  • Zack RB
    Zack RB Month ago +1

    That secret guy is definitely JMX

  • bob the sexy poopie poop

    KFC is dying

  • abb aaa
    abb aaa Month ago

    i'd clap her cheeks ngl

  • Muntasha N
    Muntasha N Month ago

    9:25 tobi in her dms