"What is Happening to Men?" Tucker and Jordan Peterson Debut New "Men in America" Series


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  • JSE
    JSE 6 months ago +1949

    This was an outstanding segment. It's very encouraging to see these ideas on mainstream television. Tucker is one of the only people on television that has any integrity.

    • llshamelessll
      llshamelessll 4 months ago

      American Monster - I am just as intelligent and 4 times as strong as my wife yet she makes exactly twice as much as I do. - Perhaps you need to adopt several new genders or identify as a dolphin. Everybody likes dolphins. This is the scholarly approach. Just ask Amy, she's super smart.

    • llshamelessll
      llshamelessll 4 months ago

      If you want to instantly remove 70% of all crime, just banish the leftists. They work so hard at it you, its a full time job.

    • llshamelessll
      llshamelessll 4 months ago

      Amy - LOLSorry, but I have two master's degrees...snicker -Ever hear of the educated idiot?

    • llshamelessll
      llshamelessll 4 months ago

      Amy you like beta men and soy boys because they are docile and compliant....get a dog.

    • llshamelessll
      llshamelessll 4 months ago

      Amy you think just as youve been told to think. When youre older youll feel like a sucker.

  • Adlan Oubouchou
    Adlan Oubouchou Day ago

    Truth only the truth. Thanks God I'm independent to listen both point of view. Whatever makes sense to me, I embrace it. I'm not part of endocrination. Jordan Peterson is one of the only warrior in the North America.

  • Enzo Lupert
    Enzo Lupert 16 days ago

    I don't understand why society is putting all the weight of the world above our shoulders ... Why they think that men has to look after women and why they expect we to solve the problems that they have ??? I mean, is it an obligation that every man has to be fitness, work long hours, be always available for everything, be baby makers and take care of a family ... why is that ??? Can't we just think and act by ourselves ? Have our own decisions, live our life freely, if we want to get married or not, if we want to have children or not ... why just can't we ???

  • jorgeshss
    jorgeshss 18 days ago

    Men (specially white) are castrated by current culture with so much hate by the left

  • Citizens Arrest
    Citizens Arrest 25 days ago

    When women fail all of us suffer. Works both ways.

  • Citizens Arrest
    Citizens Arrest 25 days ago

    So women finally have rights and men have a meltdown....and they blame male self destruction on women. Ridiculous..I'm a single female who bought and paid for my home with no help from a man, and make a 6 figure income. I am not a gold digger or dependent on anyone (which I would think men would appreciate) but somehow....because I am living a good productive life with money on the bank, somehow I am responsible for the men sitting in jail, failing in school and killing themselves? Uh...no. Men, put your big boy pants on and deal with it. Women have dealt with overwhelming oppression by men thru history, and now we dont need them like we used to. Go find a life for yourselves.

  • Heather Walker
    Heather Walker 29 days ago

    Yeah but what about the patriarchy Tucker??? We have to do something about this. I personally know at least eight of those suicides. All eight of them were men. In fact I lived in a house with five of those suicides. We had 12 people living in one house coming and going, three of us were women. 80% of those people were addicts, all of them men except for myself. 7 out of 12 of those people became homeless eventually... And they definitely weren't the females.

  • diamond lord of steel

    "Scientists don't know?" They know... it's the chemicals in the food, water and VACCINES!!

  • svatinek
    svatinek Month ago

    Jordan sounds genuinely sad.... Sad because he really understands what's happening and why..... The world needs more people like him...

  • eljune arazo
    eljune arazo Month ago

    Horrible Statistics for American men... tsk3.. 😕

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 2 months ago

    There's a simple answer there trying eliminate the man Women have exceeded over men so much for over 30 years But keep pushing the agenda that they're better off without men But the females think they can actually survive That's how dangerous it is but they cannot have future generations without the man they think they can do artificial insemination without a man This is we're this female nonsense Transgender nonsense Even with transgender women Thinking that They can become 100% and replace the man On the biological level it's just not happening I have a happened for over 30 years You don't have a seaman that you need to create a baby You don't have the egg if you are trans man for the baby to grow for birth Or transgender is is complex plastic surgery That's all it is Both men in women or tran man tran women Maybe sometime in the future by exceeding it now it is pretty much eliminating the human race completely both man and woman transgender woman or transgender man that says how fast it is exceeding and we don't even have the technology for substitute People need to start realizing just how serious this is coming in start actually looking out both sides what will happen if we exceed any faster it's mainly extinction of humanity regardless what color you are regardoit white racial background you come from That's what people need to be talking about not the circus

  • mebbob101
    mebbob101 2 months ago

    Everyone that wants an illuminating realization of all social and political changes in the world will listen to Dr. Peterson. I started noticing the beginning of the deplorable trend for women and against men, and particularly at young ages, about 30 years ago. I made predictions then about this and they have all come to fruition.

  • Colonel Hakeev
    Colonel Hakeev 2 months ago

    Matriarchal society eh

  • Dovakin Brown
    Dovakin Brown 2 months ago

    Money has alot to do with it. We are historically making less money for more work. Men's self esteem jas dropped because of feminism. Femenism isn't bad, but we need to counter ot a bit and bring everyone in line to an egalitarian lifestyle. White men have in the past had self esteem by taking care of the family, being a "man" , and culture that favored men. That time has passed because it hurt women in the process. However, now men deserve some love and we would do better if we made more money and had other things to build up our self esteem. Values such as discipline, hard work, and the like have gone down a bit and it needs to come back but not to the degree of a "manly man" because that in itself is a huge problem for society.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 2 months ago

    Top 10 anime crossovers.

  • Siobhan Raccoon
    Siobhan Raccoon 2 months ago

    Poor men! Where would we be without them?!

  • Hossam Elsady
    Hossam Elsady 2 months ago


  • souless08
    souless08 2 months ago

    JP is the is the Trey Gowdy of Psychology ...Just stone cold killers at their craft.

  • Ed Petrovski
    Ed Petrovski 2 months ago

    Now we find that women, particularly in Europe, are asking the question, "where are the men who will protect women against the rapes and assaults"? Huh? For decades men have been told that masculinity is evil, it's toxic, it's the bane of civilization. They have been vilified, denigrated, crushed in divorce court.......and now women want men to protect them with all the traits they have spent decades besmirching? Women complain that men are no longer at their beck and call....that men are, in many instances, avoiding women altogether and they have the audacity to ask why. Equality can be a real bitch, eh ladies?

  • eKko0
    eKko0 2 months ago

    Actually science does know why sperm counts are falling you'll just never hear it in the main stream cause it's due to meat and dairy consumption

  • Nicolas Garcia
    Nicolas Garcia 2 months ago

    It's easy Democrat scientist are doing something to the food to make us weak so we could be controlled

  • EvO_X_ 22
    EvO_X_ 22 2 months ago

    Its bc there's a war on men , let men lead! Like the old days

  • Dharma Garcia-Ortiz
    Dharma Garcia-Ortiz 2 months ago

    Is it me or is that fucking leaf just saying intentionally vague statements with smart words sprinkled on just to make himself sound smart? He comes off as boring and baked af

  • Zakin only 8
    Zakin only 8 2 months ago

    The drop in testosterone levels is obviously a planned agenda. The left and the conglomerates conspire to flood our food and drink with estrogen. So the takeover will be a lot easier. Good luck bitches! The men don't care anymore!

  • Austin S
    Austin S 2 months ago

    “Less marijuana”
    Has guest host who smokes a bunch of pot

  • gasping for air
    gasping for air 2 months ago

    12:50 amen! Let the heart heathen factories shut down!!!

  • Evian Things
    Evian Things 3 months ago

    This segment had some ridiculous points. Young men have always been more undisciplined than women and the incarceration rate has always been very high for men vs women. In fact at 90% it is actually LOWER than it has been in the past. Though I am a fan of Peterson this is one topic where he clearly misses the ball. The reason men are now growing up into large children has NOTHING to do with the so called 'movement against men'. It has to do with the new hook-up culture and free sex environment that has emerged over the last couple of decades with technologies such as the internet. Traditionally Men only grew up for one reason- Sex. They needed to grow up and get a job and become successful to attract women and raise families. So in order to get sexual pleasure they had to step up to the plate. Now they no longer have to. Why? In the last 2 decades the internet created a haven for porn. The previous generation had to go to the trouble of traveling to a store to buy it- probably at the other side of town so that no one you know might see you- and then hide it when you got back to the house. Many men just didn't feel it was worth all that trouble. Well now, it's available on demand at a moment's notice in the privacy of every home and office. This greatly changed men's expectations of relationships to a degree that was not sustainable. Many men that were perfectly happy in their reasonable relationships before having easy access to porn suddenly felt as if they were missing something. Not to mention the internet bringing online dating- Men and women were no longer limited by the options of those they randomly met in their own circles, but now saw themselves having an unlimited array of 'options'. However women weren't as sucked into the mirage of options because women have a biological clock and this keeps them from staying in the child stage forever. It puts them in the mindset of "I've got to start thinking about kids now/ ie: I've got start growing up now"... but men don't feel they have to do that... not only because of biology, but also because another thing that's happened in the last 20 years- VIAGRA. Men no longer have to fear slowing down in their 40's. They feel like they can screw like a 25 year old well into their 40's so why bother to mature mentally over that age any more? so when men are given a ton of options all they think is "If I just sit and wait and surf online for another month I might find someone "better". And they keep doing this for years and years! I literally know men in their 50's who were never married and are still online after 8 years+ looking for "the one" to raise a family with. In this sense the biological clock that women suffer can be a good thing because actually forces them to take responsibility at a younger age. Lastly- The dating apps and internet have created a hook-up culture. Now many men expect sexual favors from their dates without even so much as buying dinner. This culture is so pervasive that many women feel pressured to succumb to it because they often don't even get a chance to get to know a man UNLESS she succumbs to it. The culture now is such that young men expect it and if they don't get it from a woman, they'll just go onto the app and swipe to another one and this can happen over and over again to a woman until she finally gives up and thinks "well, maybe I should just go ahead and sleep with him to see if I actually even like this one. Because if I don't he's not going to even give us a chance anyway." There are so many men who DO get married and get children only to leave his wife a few years later with 2-3 young children while he goes out and "has fun with the boys". So the message is clear to women: If you want kids you have to step up to the plate and get a good career and do well at your job because if you want kids you'll probably have to raise and provide for them all by yourself. The internet and modern medicine has given men everything that they thought they wanted... and now that they have it it's caused depression because they don't feel the drive to achieve anymore. The prize for men is sex and it's too easy for them to view it/obtain it now so they just don't feel like doing ANYTHING anymore and would rather play around with video games or dating games for the majority of their lives. While women are having so much trouble finding a man that acts as a mature adult that they figure they have to be on the ball. It's a never ending cycle. At this point it does seem viable that women will rule the western/economic world in a couple of generations because men just want to extend their infancy. It's only going to get worse because very soon AI will be creating lifelike porn robots and once that happens young men won't even bother to leave their rooms for most of their adulthood.

  • Quinceps
    Quinceps 3 months ago

    Is Peterson tired or what?

    MIFNP 3 months ago +1

    Did you catch that? If your child is in a school and they talk about 'equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, and systemic racism' take them out of that class immediately! They are not being educated they are being INDOCTRINATED. Wow.

  • Logan Aidan
    Logan Aidan 3 months ago

    Uncle Sam replaced man.

  • Rua Mayor
    Rua Mayor 3 months ago

    "That would be just fine" L O L !!! One of the great moments of national tv

  • Kendra Davenport
    Kendra Davenport 3 months ago

    So would it be accurate to suggest that we have, as a society, systematically caused our male population to be more likely to agree with the mental construct of being a woman trapped in a man's body? Through decades of guilt and indoctrination, have we caused men to subconsciously want to be women? Is this the true issue behind gender dysphoria??? 🤔🤔

  • Kristen
    Kristen 3 months ago +5

    I need to find a husband before all the real men are eradicated by liberalism.

    • Jack M
      Jack M 3 months ago

      Kristen not all heroes wear capes

  • Destrudo Alexandros
    Destrudo Alexandros 3 months ago

    No diciplin , only for me myself , Im still wild , Women are weak , easy to controll ,people want to controll ather people insted of them self only . Its a sick world .

  • Nhi Mai
    Nhi Mai 3 months ago

    Gotta love Jordan Peterson.

  • WonderDrugEchinacea
    WonderDrugEchinacea 3 months ago

    I just came across Jordan Peterson tonight and this is the second video I've watched. He's a smart one.

  • GucciPoochie
    GucciPoochie 3 months ago

    Note how a lot of this data was probably gathered from adults and young adults. Those damn mellenials...

  • Amanda J Tycer
    Amanda J Tycer 3 months ago

    Why can't I stop watching Jordan B Petersonl.
    Damn it... I've never wanted to meet someone so bad in my damn life. Jedi wisdom at it's best!

  • Broken Tooth
    Broken Tooth 3 months ago +2

    at this point, men should just separate themselves and start a new society.

    don't worry about the population decline. Before it gets to zero, women would come to their senses once they have screwed up their world enough.

  • Sadie M
    Sadie M 3 months ago

    This stuff is heartbreaking

  • entropylackthereforeof mmm

    These two have the feminist regimes frightened

  • Harry the pufferfish
    Harry the pufferfish 3 months ago

    men are becoming women cause of fagets, think about it, if it werent for fagets we wouldnt have gay rights, fagets always pressure other men to become more like them and their energys rub off of us straight males then we start treating other men the same and then our kids become more gay cause we have brought this mindset in our DNA now which gets passed onto our kids, THINK ABOUT IT WOMEN WANT MEN TO BECOME WOMEN but they dont know that when this happens there will be dominate females and it will then change our physical self to become less dominate than women which basically if this continues for 100 years we will all become bitches

  • Miki Miyazaki
    Miki Miyazaki 3 months ago

    The end was awesome!! Tuckers like haha!

  • TR 316
    TR 316 3 months ago

    Guys do this experiment for one week. Watch as much TV shows and adds as possible, record notes with a pen and paper on all the stereotyping of men and their incompetence portrayed on TV for example: Homer Simpson ( lazy stupid needs his wife's help the whole time and his daughter Lisa who's a genius, son Bart is a brat) example 2 family guy ( husband fat lazy needs his wife's help the whole time and his daughters , son is stupid) example 3 Peppa Pig ( kids show of a family of pigs , again the dad is stupid and is the butt end of all jokes). Do ye see where I am going with this , will I give more example s? This is been drilled into kids , teenagers and adults.

  • austingoomba
    austingoomba 3 months ago

    Yeah I thought I was missing about 60% of my sperm. Damn..

  • kin kin
    kin kin 3 months ago +1

    Looking at all the shit men are going through. This seems more like an attack on men.

  • Perry Dorrestein
    Perry Dorrestein 3 months ago +2

    Identifying as a robot space lobster, I find this offensive.

  • Tony Markic
    Tony Markic 3 months ago

    I love both of these guys, great interview!

    DJT FOREVER 3 months ago

    I wish I was around for the good old days.

  • Trusty Patches
    Trusty Patches 3 months ago

    Wait wait wait...did...did I just agree with fox news?

  • Jose Felix
    Jose Felix 3 months ago

    Schools test for compliance not intelligence, females are more compliant

  • League ASMR
    League ASMR 3 months ago

    I believe pornography and the rise of social media is what has caused nearly EVERYTHING. Porn has ruined my life and countless of other men's lives. Being addicted since I was 12 years old, now 22. This is why everyone is saying to do "Nofap". You begin to feel alive again.

  • MileHighAC
    MileHighAC 3 months ago

    This was very profound.

  • Paul M Edwards
    Paul M Edwards 3 months ago

    My theory is that pseudo-estrogens are complicit in these problems... Sources are many, including soy foods and plastic food containers.

  • BozuシシMoyo
    BozuシシMoyo 3 months ago

    Scientists don't know why sperm count is going down since 70s? Hahaaa I wonder the guys are doing much more these days...

  • Zach Yaple
    Zach Yaple 3 months ago

    Men die earlier than women all across the globe. Its not based on addiction, its based on many factors.

  • Andrewik
    Andrewik 3 months ago

    Jordan Peterson has that posh gravelly thing going. I love it. Very convincing.

  • United Strafes
    United Strafes 3 months ago +1

    According to the feminists I have raped about 193,000 women in my lifetime.

  • Jimbo Datuin
    Jimbo Datuin 3 months ago

    This segment scared the shit out of me.

  • InteryCreeper
    InteryCreeper 3 months ago

    13:18 yes

  • Izzy Shagz
    Izzy Shagz 3 months ago

    all this has been engineered over decades due to the so called POP CULTURE!!!!! with POP CULTURE the media has taken over the minds of the people & has caused this shift in behavior & attitudes in men eventually leading to low Testerone scores increasing failure in male performances!!!! on the other hand, the media has been empowering women in all sorts of ways; magazines, internet, advertisements...... it's becoming a women's world now.

  • cshula1
    cshula1 3 months ago

    Probably from whatever they are putting in the chem trails that we see everyday. Imo

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford 3 months ago +1

    why easy work men had to do hard work what race dont work

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford 3 months ago +1

    men had to work more

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford 3 months ago +1

    aintcrist brainwashing the people that dont understand the weak dont understand .

  • Citation required
    Citation required 3 months ago

    Gender needs to end.

  • John Crazy
    John Crazy 3 months ago

    we (men) are fucked, seriously fucked!!!!!!

  • Mr human
    Mr human 3 months ago

    men are being feminized. Boys in school that are active are treated as 'defective girls' and prescribed with add medicine, or they are punished and that further damages the issue. Competition sports are out, they can't talk about girls because thats 'objectiviation' even though girls do the same amount of 'sex talk' about guys in the same fashion. Just go to your local gym or beach! Every single man is shaving their entire body. Its not enough that we should behave like women but we need to look like them too. Every vestige of masculinity is gone, whether that be the way we walk or talk, the way we live, how we like to fuck, hell, even OUR OWN BODY HAIR is under attack. I am not sure which i detest the most, the people pushing for this mass feminization or the men who shave their bodies and support these liberal clowns in this.

  • Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    Hollywood Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

    Did you see Jordan Petersons energy here? A perfect balance of calm and rage. He despises what is happening. And I hope it's not too late.

  • Aleksi Cemak
    Aleksi Cemak 3 months ago

    We’re ripe for another World War, or at least a Civil War. Maybe that cunt, Hillary, should have won to usher in the inevitable far sooner.

  • Froggy Noddy
    Froggy Noddy 3 months ago

    i won't be surprised if they do a metoo on tucker carlson or JP

  • Dingle Fritz
    Dingle Fritz 3 months ago

    Wow. That was an eye-opener.

  • Sunny Sharma
    Sunny Sharma 3 months ago

    That’s why women were oppressed

  • SnowWalker
    SnowWalker 3 months ago

    Men are displaced hunters. It's as simple as that.

  • guadalupe vieyra
    guadalupe vieyra 3 months ago

    De profundis clamavi

  • Manxie Feathermoon
    Manxie Feathermoon 3 months ago

    Honestly I am truly scared for the future. Instead of righting the wrongs, it seems men are wanting to take away women's rights. MGTOW and feminists are opposite sides of the same coin. That is why I am leaning so heavily to libertarian. Where both genders are seen as equals. Men of MGTOW need to understand that the first 2 waves of feminism were needed. We were sick of being second class citizens. Women of 3rd feminism need to understand that their wave is not needed, as we have equal rights. But if men keep saying feminism, I am going to assume all waves (even the ones that were needed) were bad, you know that 3rd wave feminists will just keep pushing. Though if men do truly believe even the first 2 were bad, then I agree that men are oppressing women. But if they only mean the 3rd wave, they have a point. People need to clarify which wave.

    • Manxie Feathermoon
      Manxie Feathermoon 3 months ago

      Fernando Román They are the same as they are nasty groups of people who blame the other for shit that happened to them. Men suck. Women suck. And they are similar to feminists because there are members of MGTOW that are demanding women lose their rights. Feminists want more rights, men want women to have no rights. Again, two sides of the same coin.

    • Fernando Román
      Fernando Román 3 months ago

      Manxie Feathermoon No, "Both" genders are NOT being seen as equal, society only cares about one, ¿The other? "They can handle themselves".
      I don't recall MGOTW demanding anything TO society ¿And you?

  • Manxie Feathermoon
    Manxie Feathermoon 3 months ago

    Now I see a lot of anti feminism posts. Are those people calling to go to a time when women were second class citizens or are they just against 3rd wave feminism?

  • Manxie Feathermoon
    Manxie Feathermoon 3 months ago

    Men also don;t go to doctors regularly. I have seen men say they don't need to see a doctor for something that a woman would rush to the doctor for. I am trying to set up a fundraiser for prostate cancer research and I am a woman. I am worried about the mental health issues of men because I work in the mental health field and see how badly men are neglected when women are the main focus. The wage gap is a myth. the law system screw over men. I only agree with child support but screw off with alimony. Men are not required to pay for his ex wife. I have seen men getting screwed over all the time when it comes to them getting a pay increase. That results in an increase in her alimony. Lady, you are not entitled to his money. The only time I will agree with alimony is if the man demanded the woman not work during the marriage. But at that point, I would tell the man to piss off. Single mothers are destroying our society but single fathers aren't doing that great of a job either. Need both the father and the mother to raise a child. Schools have abandoned boys. They tried to get my 6 year old nephew diagnosed with ADHD. He is SIX YEARS OLD!!!! He is bored in school. When I work with him at home, I tell him to stand still to work on the homework and he does. Teachers are just too lazy to take a bit of extra time to work with active young boys. And that is the difference: boys are more active than girls.
    Though the grad school thing is not because of gender differences but more differences in the field of study. PhDs for comp sci and ITS (IT services) are not really a thing but PhDs for psych is. Engineers only really need Masters. Those are fields men enjoy while psych is more for women. Though undergrad male acceptation numbers can also be attributed to the men are going into jobs that do not need a bachelors (electrician, wielding, plumbings, mechanic, etc.) while women are going for jobs that do need it (nursing, mental health, accounting, teachers, etc.).
    So what I am saying is: yes men are getting the short end of the stick for the most part but you have to look at other factors, like the ones I listed for the undergrad and postgrad programs. And yes, we women need to push for more balanced equality. Men fought with us during the 2nd wave of Feminism to get us equal pay for equal work. Now, it is our turn to stand up for men and tell the school and legal system to fix its shit already. I am a woman who demands equal treatment for men. I demand that the legal system be overhauled so men don't lose their homes (unless both paid for the house, then it needs to be sold and the money they get be split down the middle) or their stuff (again, unless they bought it together, then it needs to be sold and the money is split down the middle) to ex wives who can support themselves and lose all rights to their children (both the father and mother need to pay child support). I am demanding that women stop abusing men. If you hit a man, you had better ready for him to hit you back. That is equality. Stop demanding he pay for everything when you are capable of paying too. Stop making it all about yourself and what you want. I make it so my bf and I rotate on where we go to eat on our date nights. He picks one Friday and I pick the next. Same goes for the movie we go to see. Though the music is kind of on his end right now (need to talk to him about that). The shows are a bit mine and I am working on that (usually we have the same tastes in shows but I hate car racing and he loves it). We take turns paying for each date night. I put as much effort into celebrating his birthday as he puts in for mine. I demand that schools try to work with young men more so they do not fall behind. I demand that society stops trying to tell men that being a man is wrong. A man can have his legs open, to a point of course do not invade my personal space, because he has junk down there. But also stop telling men that having emotions makes you a wuss. That one goes to the right. I demand that men have the same amount of societal support as women. There is like 1 domestic abuse shelter for men in all of America but there are thousands for men. Men are abused at home too but society makes fun of them. Men's mental health issues need to be a focus too. Same for their overall health.
    Sorry for the long rant. I just get so pissed when men are ignored. Yes, women are considered for men and we demand true equality for men. And yes, I do piss off a lot of 3rd wave feminists. But I do not care.

  • Jim Capatelli
    Jim Capatelli 3 months ago

    It's hilarious to watch BOTH of these creepy guys, who are obviously VERY feminine and deeply closeted, pretend that they're NOT homosexual. Little Tucker is your typical "sissy boy" and Jordan Peterson has a well documented history of lusting for young boys and trying to "groom" them. Why aren't these facts more well publicized?

    • Jack M
      Jack M 3 months ago

      Jim Capatelli Proof?

  • cashewedalmonds
    cashewedalmonds 3 months ago +1

    i like this video it is all true satan is a transgender angel and satan does not like men

  • Rebecca Alvarez
    Rebecca Alvarez 3 months ago

    Vaccines are known to cause add, adhd primarily in boys. This is a major cause of the problem in boys. This is a known fact.

  • mba2ceo
    mba2ceo 3 months ago +1

    estrogen in the water ?

  • Adam m
    Adam m 3 months ago

    Men will always have the trades because your average woman struggles to lift 50lbs and doesn't want to actually work.

  • True warrior
    True warrior 3 months ago

    Videos games are killing our clock time and our psychological time. That's the main one.

  • Robert David Graham
    Robert David Graham 3 months ago

    Required on almost every application, thanks to the Gender Equity Law in Germany: "Women are invited to apply and preferred according to the LGG NRW."
    Translated from the University of Cologne's Job Announcement Template. I retired early.

  • Jay Sprezz
    Jay Sprezz 3 months ago

    Find out who is at the core of fluoridation of our water and you will have your answers.

  • Steven T
    Steven T 3 months ago +1

    Its in the water. Fluoride is destroying society its not needed in our water supply it has ZERO anti-bacterial benefits.

  • David Parent
    David Parent 3 months ago

    11:21-11:31 SAVAGE!!!

  • Joseph N
    Joseph N 3 months ago

    The reason testosterone levels are at an all time low is because the chemicals in our food. The food corporations won’t disclose that, and studies won’t show it because of payoffs.....

  • AK VG
    AK VG 3 months ago

    That emphatic "That will be just fine" towards the end.......wow..

  • Masckerdoom
    Masckerdoom 3 months ago

    THANK YOU Tucker. Thank you so much. The fact we ignore this so much makes me want to cry.

  • Fabiel Struiken
    Fabiel Struiken 4 months ago

    Men feminist are such pussies

  • NutNya GmaFace
    NutNya GmaFace 4 months ago

    Feminist SJW whining giving us all pussies. Lets grab our guns and fire until were deaf. #savethemeat

  • Pastor Gatorcoot
    Pastor Gatorcoot 4 months ago

    Remember when men thought Cucker was feminine.

  • Jaxx Brat
    Jaxx Brat 4 months ago

    My sons work in construction and do well but have not been able to find girls worth getting involved with..

  • Craig McIntosh
    Craig McIntosh 4 months ago

    Same in the uk women will victimise themselves to getting everything. If your male and homeless here your low priority. If your female and homeless the local councils will bend of backwards for you. Men are not a priority in the uk unless there paying for something.

  • Katie Denmark
    Katie Denmark 4 months ago

    Well maybe men should stop LEAVING THEIR DAMN PREGNANT GIRLFRIENDS and there wouldn't be so many fatherless children. shut up tucker.

  • skewCZ
    skewCZ 4 months ago

    And I have to say, I have a modicum of respect for Peterson, but here he doesn't really bother explaining what kind of evidence he has for saying that such and such is a cause of all of these problems, which is kinda disappointing.

  • Rich Berrill
    Rich Berrill 4 months ago

    This was described in Australia by Steve Biddulph back in the 90's. He identified exactly the same issues in men and was one of the pioneers of the men's movement in my country. His focus was on fostering in men a stronger sense of their own masculinity, and a greater understanding of themselves and the roles they fulfill in society, at home and in the workplace. For the most part that movement has petered out, although Steve Biddulf still conducts seminars and workshops addressing men's issues. It's a sad age when open discussions of manhood are taboo, and when boys are emasculated as a means of social control.

  • skewCZ
    skewCZ 4 months ago

    Hey now, why the disdain about a pubic hair grooming study? :thinking: