"What is Happening to Men?" Tucker and Jordan Peterson Debut New "Men in America" Series


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  • Hans
    Hans 16 days ago +1516

    This was an outstanding segment. It's very encouraging to see these ideas on mainstream television. Tucker is one of the only people on television that has any integrity.

    • Artyom Arty
      Artyom Arty 21 hour ago

      tucker needs to stop making that face. looks fake as fuck. he does it on purpose

    • Mark H
      Mark H Day ago

      If the country were full of Amy Thompsons, the country would survive a day at the most. Only MEN make things happen; build society, invent, defend, provide rigidity and structure. I never read of any matriarchal culture ever... because it is impossible.
      This country needs fewer Amy Thompsons. Progressive Liberal policies are destroying our culture. Pretending that women can do what men can, pretending that non-whites are equal to white men. Why do we need feminism and affirmative action to give non-white, non-male life forms artificial equality if we are all equal?
      Pretending people are equal has deadly consequences. Look at the pedestrian bridge in Florida for example. Female engineers + non-white contractor = instant death. How many examples of the 100000s of bridges designed and built by white men failed, ever? Except through decades of natural deterioration, NONE! The Tacoma Narrows bridge was engineered by a rat jew, btw.
      The only thing you were wrong about "what conservatives believe" is that we think women can make a sandwich, and bear children.
      White people ARE innately superior to all other races.... Because we are the Children of God, literally and actually. Made in His Likeness, given dominion over the world. But for a short time, the children of Satan are given to have dominion, and that time is now. If jews didn't control everything now, you would be raising about 10 kids, making your husband meals and doing his laundry, happily.

    • Patrick J
      Patrick J Day ago


    • Mark H
      Mark H Day ago

      Global Man - Shut your mouth, it is the JEWS and you are covering for them. JEWS are racially, genetically the offspring of Satan. Everything they do is to undermine the Caucasian Children of God, His ELECT. Jews are impostors, according to God's Word. They killed Jesus. They undermine every Law that Christ's followers are to obey. They call evil good, and call good evil. For example, abortion, feminism, racemixing, "civil rights", gun control, free speech, usury... Jews are uniformly on the wrong side of each (biblically according to the LAW), and worse, they insinuate that their stance is the moral stance. Does every jew push all of these? No. But their silence is deafening on criticism of their racial kin.
      This video points out the suffering that men go through because of the anti-Christ jews being in charge of government, media, banking, education, etc. And that is not a stereotypical canard. Jews, being at most 4% of the population of the U.S., are 1000s of percent overrepresented in these very influential fields. I could give example after example, but with the internet, it is pretty easy to figure out how to find out.
      You wrote that most jews are good, it's only a handful that are doing evil. Well, I call bullshit on that. Give me an example of one single jew who is "good", of good moral character. Jesus was pretty specific in saying that their being the children of Satan, that they could only do the works of their father, Satan, in John Chapter 8, which they call anti-semitic, whatever that means. Apparently anti-semitic means having strong Christian morality, as does Nazi.
      I despise people like you, if you are not a jew yourself, you help masquerade them, allowing their evil agenda to continue. I hope you are judged accordingly by Christ.

    • Edward Nelson
      Edward Nelson 5 days ago

      +Hans. Seems like we might want identify one other person who embodies "Integrity." Jordan Peterson. Cheers.

  • Jam Master J
    Jam Master J 8 hours ago

    Tucker has such a punchable face

  • Artyom Arty
    Artyom Arty 21 hour ago

    men being losers is a good thing. It means less competition for me

  • NoComment NoName
    NoComment NoName 21 hour ago

    All true, but Tuck please consider getting a second coat!

  • Lala Poupalani
    Lala Poupalani Day ago

    When people wake up and realize that all of the ridiculous bullshit of this world, feminism being on top of that list, is just a construct.. social engineering by those that have been and continue to truly be in power..not the puppets in government..then maybe there will be change. Schools don’t teach critical thinking. They simply brainwash children into believing authority, without question. Schools were created as indoctrination camps, to pump out mindless slaves to an evil system that teaches people to negate their humanity and their higher adult mind..creating a population of babies in diapers, fighting over who is the biggest victim. Mr Peterson is bang fucking on!!!

  • Slava S
    Slava S Day ago

    Can I get this segment to 8k likes? Doesn’t matter, very good and supported by facts.

  • Doctor Benway
    Doctor Benway Day ago

    It's difficult to untangle the data. Men have always had higher suicide rates and of course the rates go up with age. It's ridiculous to concentrate on teen suicide,which is what the Media was doing, when it's very tiny.
    It's also hard to determine rates of drug addiction.Perhaps men just have the sorts of jobs where they are likely to be injured and need to take morphine or something.
    Drugs were legal during most of US history but doctors still wrote prescriptions for pharmacies since they were compounded a lot and didn't come ready made like today. We know from analyzing old records that it was females who made up 75% of addicts in the past so I doubt that it changed.

  • RudyRay AAW
    RudyRay AAW Day ago

    I'm 47, I had every textbook symptom of low T, went to the Dr and had it checked and it was in what he considered to be the "normal" range which is not age specific and would not treat. I looked up the age specific T levels and found I was just less than half where I should be for my age. My T level was good if I was 70+. So I sourced Test myself (it's not hard to find) and now I have very healthy T levels for my age, not looking for high BP, liver failure, or stroke. I feel like a man again. Good weight, great focus, strong, great sex drive & performance. I think the GMO foods and the atmospheric spraying is partially to blame.
    If you are a man and have Low T issues, seek help. The supplements only help minimally, T injections are the answer. If your Dr wont do it, do it yourself. It is much cheaper and you have control over your levels, not the Dr. (who barely treats the condition). The info is online, go look for it.

  • motherlove
    motherlove Day ago

    nce WOMEN OWN the GOLD.... then WE'LL MAKE THE RULES ! go huddle together and cry ..... stupid men.

  • Manny Echaluce
    Manny Echaluce Day ago

    Basically Women are becoming Men and vice Versa,,,,, so what is the problem again ? :D he he he

  • Michael Angiolillo

    Chopper Reid has great advice for us men: thexvid.com/video/unkIVvjZc9Y/video.html

  • Aaron Burton
    Aaron Burton Day ago

    I actually like some of Petersons work, though the fact that he'd stoop so low as to appear on this Trump propaganda network full of liars and bullshitters is sad. You can do much, much better Mr Peterson.

  • Josh Hood
    Josh Hood 2 days ago

    men arent aloud to be men anymore an thats the fuckin issue... this is why i do my own thing fuck mainstream media fuck pills and fuck the government hahahah

  • S a m s o n 305
    S a m s o n 305 2 days ago

    If masculinity is bad, why is it that more and more women are becoming or acting masculine way?

  • D Jay T
    D Jay T 2 days ago

    The shooters statement is kind of dumb...shootings aren't increasing, they're decreasing. Thanks to the WWW we just have access to much more info than our local papers.

  • xing xu
    xing xu 2 days ago

    Similar things are happening in China, maybe man are doomed

  • Spiral of Sound
    Spiral of Sound 2 days ago

    Need pussy help me!!

  • Spiral of Sound
    Spiral of Sound 2 days ago

    Sometimes i get depressed or angry for some stupid thing. Then i notice and think its weird. Maybe its some wave broadcast that makes us have negative feelings

  • Soulvigilante
    Soulvigilante 2 days ago

    So in other words, addicts are just beta cucks.

  • mem T
    mem T 2 days ago

    This sounds like you're putting women down for succeeding or blaming them for men's problems.

  • shakil2
    shakil2 2 days ago

    Thanks Tucker it is time to men need to be men

  • Jon the
    Jon the 2 days ago

    I like him,Jordan Peterson a lot! Hes smart.

  • N S
    N S 2 days ago

    The Legendary!!!! Keep fighting the good fight!!! MGTOW for LIFE!!!!

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres 2 days ago

    It looks like the soviet union got the job done (destroying an enemy without firing a single bullet, instead, boosting extremist ideas in the minds of the enemy's young generation), even after its end.

  • James Miller
    James Miller 3 days ago

    Tucker's on it !! (As usual.)
    The solution to the problem will be found in "the fingering" of the ones fundamentally responsible for underwriting and financing The Error, getting physical hold of them and then ELIMINATING SAME prejudicially. (THIS these types do understand; all else not.)
    Until done, their programs for societal disintegration will proceed-forth unabated. (Best believe it.)
    Also, most females are poor in higher mathematics and the hard sciences. (Yes, we note duly that there exist some exceptions. It is too bad that exceptions whatever the case, do not make for good general rule-making, such otherwise being wrongly condemned as "prejudice".)
    A HUGE EXCEPTION from the past - Emmy Noether. She was a theorist of mathematics and physics who devised her most useful "Noether's Theorem," which seeks to and does in fact define symmetries as existing in all of nature and, how these may be counted-upon and used, when and where observed.
    She was active before the turn of 1900 in Germany, but was not allowed to instruct nor preside because of the structure of education back then and there, which was all-male dominated and very, very rigid.
    Hers was a case of MERIT WRIT LARGE, that was unfairly by circumstance kept down. Most sad.
    She is considered by Science to have been a true genius. She LIVED for mathematics and it's contemplation. There is much about this remarkable woman to be found on the Internet. (Also, let's not forget Madame Curie.)

  • Briana Starks
    Briana Starks 3 days ago

    :(((( come on America let's change this country for the better!!!

  • chestypants78
    chestypants78 3 days ago

    Is Peterson ill? He doesn't look too good.

  • Todd K
    Todd K 3 days ago

    Man up your sons. Stop teaching g them to be girls. Take their boyhood and turn them into masculine men. What is wrong with you parents out there along this to happen. Don't put your sons on medication. That is you causing your son to suffer fo you laziness. So man up your boys. The world needs more real men. No fairies.

  • Entropy wins
    Entropy wins 3 days ago

    X-file right there.

  • Entropy wins
    Entropy wins 3 days ago

    Is it only me or the equation above his shoulder is wrong??? it should be 2x^2 +4x + 2

    ASK JDOG 3 days ago

    Much needed series here. Jordan Peterson of course speaks the blunt truth with sage advice.

  • TheCalifbozo
    TheCalifbozo 3 days ago


  • Mac Is Back
    Mac Is Back 3 days ago

    Suicides heigh for white men because they can't take the bull shit anymore from women that can't take it.

  • Wolfgang Von Blitz
    Wolfgang Von Blitz 3 days ago

    Why inquire, bend over and lie with the fertilizer in the garden of Progressive Reality.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 3 days ago

    This is what should be shown in schools

  • Frank M
    Frank M 3 days ago

    Systematic misandry is real.

  • James Poppleton
    James Poppleton 3 days ago

    Dr Peterson, Mr Tucker, perhaps it is first Christianity that has been emasculated. Main stream culture is normally out of sink with reality.

  • Rick Broniec
    Rick Broniec 3 days ago

    The better question is "What's Happening WITH Men?" NOT "What's Happening TO Men?"!! When we raise our boys to be tough, invulnerable and competitive, is it any surprise that boys are isolated from girls and other boys, and have such a hard time negotiating the world? We must all- men and women- take responsibility for what happens with men, in my judgment. #EvolvingMasculinity

  • mike bell
    mike bell 4 days ago

    Stop with the so called bottled purified water, gel sticks, and other such products " Made for Men" and you will see a increase in all these things This includes Vitamins and other such "Health Products" we are being slowly fazed into the female role and have been since mid-75. I had several reactions to deodorants and other so called "Men Products"had to stop them all together, (I did find a sub so no I don.t run around smelling bad). Tucker if you take note you will also find that a great % of women now eat " natural foods" men eat on the average more processed foods. I have been saying this since the late 70.s and early 80.s but was told "I" don't know what I am talking about. Guess "I" was right.

  • Ariel Firby
    Ariel Firby 4 days ago

    I have two boys. My husband and I are doing our best to raise them to be respectful and manly men. No soy boys (in the words of Paul John Watson). My oldest is doing very well in school despite the classroom is more geared for girls. Sometimes I feel like little boys are forgotten.

  • Dakine
    Dakine 4 days ago

    Tucker should go on joe Rogan with this topic

  • Jonathan Charles
    Jonathan Charles 4 days ago

    Most men are tired of fighting to prove themselves just to be cut down by the disease that is 3rd wave feminism

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 4 days ago

    Could a sense of lower self-value/self-esteem lead to a lowering of testosterone? That's something worth a scientific study. All the points raised are interesting and worth further investigation, but I don't think either Tucker or Peterson hit the nail on the head, and I do not have another conclusion, but it seems like some crucial point is missing.

  • Paradox
    Paradox 4 days ago

    Holy shit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such red pilling on national television.

  • R. Blakehole
    R. Blakehole 4 days ago

    And, to summarize what they said, that is why I spent 11 years of my life teaching Homeschooling classes in my community. Public/Government schooling is....child abuse!!!!!!!

  • Ciarán Coughlan.
    Ciarán Coughlan. 4 days ago

    The leftist Zionist movement is not only an attack on masculinity. It is also a complete dissection of natural femininity. The ultimate goal is to destroy traditional values and the natural family - the way nature intended things to be is now looked upon as oppression by the weaker links who wouldn’t have survived decades ago, they would have been murdered and any resources they had would have been encumbered.
    It is a complete denial and direct betrayal of our intrinsic biological instincts which have resided in us since the dawn of Mankind. Survival of the fittest.
    Women are women. Men are men.
    Weaker incapable people simply cannot deal or digest the facts of life - so rather than accept their place in humanity - they seek to alter that which truly can never be altered. Human nature, Human evolution.

  • Gregory Mandara
    Gregory Mandara 4 days ago

    Dad got replaced with "Uncle Sam" in the 80's and 90's. What we have here is the result. The destruction of masculinity is a government agenda. Who better to carry it out than the women who were supported by those government checks?

  • Kendra Buttersworth
    Kendra Buttersworth 4 days ago

    Why can’t they keep up?

  • John Pellegrino
    John Pellegrino 4 days ago

    How do we fix it?? Ummm we can't fix it, because there's a reason why it is the way it is, OPEN YOUR EYES SHEAPLE

  • James Curtis
    James Curtis 4 days ago

    Public is still beating men, it's all over, looking at Hollywood lots of out of the closet tipes.

  • White Optimism
    White Optimism 4 days ago

    "You might run out of schools pretty quickly here in this country."
    "That would be just fine. The sooner the better."
    lol sometimes I forget how solid the Alt Lite are on most topics. Good work lads.

  • glory Song
    glory Song 4 days ago

    "Devine masculine" by Teal Swan on youtube. that's why boys are declining. (from being "castrated" by mothers who were afraid of their own fathers.) Boys are built to be submissive now, they aren't tyrants anymore they are weak and suppressed. As a woman, I have to encourage my love and husband to express himself freely, otherwise he won't speak up about controversy , or speak up at all. he goes into this "freeze" state and doesn't know what to do..... it's an epidemic.
    please men, take care of yourselves emotionally and physically.

  • Fag 1000
    Fag 1000 4 days ago

    Yep the wage gap is real

  • marcel courchesne
    marcel courchesne 4 days ago

    it's the final or close to end game check mate. the rulers have to eliminate the only treat left to them which is the male drive, competitiveness and confidence of the strongest sex, when this is accomplished who will look out for their fellow citizens and say enough is enough when all the men just retreat in fear of imprisonment or are just plain cowards or weaklings without any moral values to live by. men of the world we need to find our glorious selves back. start working out be strong physically like men are supposed to be don't let anyone disrespect you and stick to what you know is right not what the government say is right. you are a person with feeling and dreams of happiness. happiness is easier to find than most think, let's all stop stomping each other in the ground and band together against our common foe. let's make sure we all get the most out of life that we can. and yes change is possible I know it is. let's make sure that womankind and mankind has a place in the future.

  • Garrick Hoffman
    Garrick Hoffman 4 days ago


  • Michael Velasco
    Michael Velasco 4 days ago

    Masculinity isn't under attacked. And will never be. Being married to these women now-in-day's is the closest it will get. But women want a man to be there protector. I don't give a shit what lies these independent women say.

  • Ethan Edits Everything
    Ethan Edits Everything 4 days ago +4

    This is scary to think about for white men in america. Their assumed to have everything and all this privilege. And when you point out bad or worrying statistics about them, your a bigot. We worry about worrying statistics for women or black men...as we should, but can't even talk about anything negatively affecting white men. Scary future guys...

    • Mythic Dawn
      Mythic Dawn 3 days ago +1

      Ethan Edits Everything
      Quite scary, no wonder more and more “White” men and even amicable non-“white” men are now either:
      -Flocking towards viable alternatives like the so called “Alt-Right”, technocracy and homesteading
      - Going off the grid
      - Becoming MGTOW
      - Migrating to arguably better and more welcoming lands like Eastern Europe and the Far East
      Mainland American society is still spiraling downwards and not even a Trump administration can “fix” it. Prepare accordingly and enjoy the decline ✌️.

  • Christopher Jon Martin

    Excellent interview, Dr. Peterson is articulate and states things so clearly... appreciate this muchly...

  • vtwintora
    vtwintora 4 days ago

    Best Guy on the case, listen to him ! please,for the sake of humanity.We are suffering the same here in Canada ,its fucken nuts and starting to be ridiculously ,to top it all off are nut job Prime Minister is right on Board with them ! lol Fucken old Hippies last Chance at the OK Coral it looks like,brainwashing all their little mutts they got,the one with no Dads mostly,contaminating the young mostly with their lunacy.

  • Mike Wolf
    Mike Wolf 4 days ago +1

    Whoa! This hits home so hard! This is so true, im hurting on a daily basis, something is totally off for some reason

  • Superdarkwater
    Superdarkwater 4 days ago

    I equate this all to left / liberalism. Feminism and the porn industry.

  • G11713
    G11713 4 days ago

    It should be noted that the vast majority of public and private power throughout this and every other society on earth is vested in the hands of men. Consequently, Peterson is saying that men are bad leaders? On a lighter note, listening to Carlson's litany of male woes reminds me of the oppression face by blacks in the US historically. Of course it requires empathy to see that. :)

  • dash Lamb
    dash Lamb 4 days ago

    It took over 7 min. to get through Tuckerism before Peterson came on. I cannot believe I wasted that much of my time listening to that Strumpet.

  • dash Lamb
    dash Lamb 4 days ago

    He forgot to mention that women have babies and have to raise them. Men just need to face the fact that a Woman needs a Man like a Fish needs a Bicycle. Get over it.

  • dash Lamb
    dash Lamb 4 days ago

    Men have Trump and the NRA to save them. They will be ok, Tucker Schmucker.

  • dash Lamb
    dash Lamb 4 days ago

    Tucker Schmucker Fucker Sucker. This is total bullshit. Nothing new about men and death. Happens everyday, in every way, for every reason. Always has, always will. Quit whining and prepare to meet your Maker. And quit blaming it on women. Give Darwin and Darwin Awards their just due.

  • Rekradmon
    Rekradmon 5 days ago

    They forget to talk about pornography, for instance...

  • Azzam Hassan
    Azzam Hassan 5 days ago

    The professor was spot on and brilliant as usual. 🙏🍺

  • Bernadette Kendell
    Bernadette Kendell 5 days ago

    estrogen in almost everything we eat=wimpy metro sexual men & crazy butch woman.....

  • Jared Stanley
    Jared Stanley 5 days ago

    I'm not sure but I think under today's speech codes, all of this qualifies as hate speech...

  • silvia hölscher
    silvia hölscher 5 days ago

    Its everywhere, we have to stop this.Plus here in Europe young africa and asian men already replace the european men.

  • Azwar Yusoff
    Azwar Yusoff 5 days ago

    This is exactly why I don't make sexual advances on women

  • day tripper
    day tripper 5 days ago

    Capitalism is the cause, always has been.

  • helthuismartin
    helthuismartin 5 days ago

    Why less testerone????.Heres an advice.Take a look inside our foods and drinks.

  • John Ashton
    John Ashton 5 days ago

    JP needs to cut back on the antidepressants. Turning into a Prozac Zombie.

  • Tim Dumoulin
    Tim Dumoulin 5 days ago

    It's simple...the scumbag elites want to eliminate the population!...it's best done by putting women in charge...that's a recipe for disaster. They planned this years ago.

  • calibos harell
    calibos harell 5 days ago

    nuthin but love

  • john mercer
    john mercer 5 days ago

    I’ll vote Jordan Peterson for PRESIDENT

  • MrJoeyBoombotz
    MrJoeyBoombotz 5 days ago

    Demoralization led by the feminized (corrupted) men and women of the Democrat Party and their policies is the engine behind all of it.

  • Morrie Hil
    Morrie Hil 5 days ago

    I am wondering if the low testosterone and sperm count might be due to the increased proliferation of 5G cell phone towers going up everywhere. the increased radiation cannot be good for us.

  • Cathy Mauro
    Cathy Mauro 5 days ago

    Marriage ? You mean Internet dating and swiping on to a new woman daily or.... porn and video games were not good subs. Scientists know why men are losing testosterone....plastic. pollution. YOUR RESEARCHERS ARE INEFFECTIVE. Diet....Manganese increases violence this overdose of a simple mineral is in fast food. Then the political crappie adds to it....

  • Al Idol
    Al Idol 5 days ago

    Soy Boys

  • rosmer00
    rosmer00 5 days ago

    Every country is going through the same shit.. what a fucking coincidence ...

  • Fr6Eak6zSho6w seen
    Fr6Eak6zSho6w seen 5 days ago

    It seems Mr. Patterson is a little nervous when he speaks. Or is that just how he talks?

  • Brenda Quattlebaum
    Brenda Quattlebaum 5 days ago

    Feminism is not the only problem, guys. There are just as many women who believe their value is in their appearance and sexual allure. Chemicals in/on our foods and practically every product we bring into our homes. It's in the air and water. It is the breakdown of our morals and ethics, the breakdown of the family. Too many boys grow up without a good male role model. Too many girls think that getting pregnant will cause a boy to stick around. Too many boys grow up playing video games rather than being outdoors playing. Too many people in sports, the entertainment industry and in government are bad examples. Too many parents coddle their children or to the other extreme, abuse and/or neglect their children. Too many parents use the kids as weapons against their ex-spouse. There are many things that are affecting our children, both boys and girls.

  • brokenglass849
    brokenglass849 5 days ago +2

    Because of the seriousness of this topic, I wish Tucker would cover it every Wednesday throughout the year, and for an indefinite period of time.

  • The Revolutionary Eseibio The Automatic

    Buuld that wall ...that will fix it!

  • Adam Beynon
    Adam Beynon 5 days ago

    Testosterone advice. Cut out all the sugar, start squatting and deadlifting, increase saturated fat and cholesterol, get natural sunlight and natural REM sleep.

  • Nat Alie
    Nat Alie 5 days ago

    Describes me perfectly...i don't sleep and can barely move...its horrible

  • Carol Borsello
    Carol Borsello 5 days ago

    Look into plastic (which mimics estrogen activity in bodies) & its extreme use in bottled water/drinks, wrapping foods, etc.; hormones in foods (esp. milk which was the drink of choice for years to build strong bodies); study stressor patterns & then the effects of the drugs promoted to overcome stress; then investigate societal/cultural mores, etc.
    This "trend toward demasculinization" is an engineered effort & behind the scenes emphasis in society b/c if the men are disempowered, they will not fight for, or bring their considerable power to balance the rights being stripped/eroded every day. For years the emphasis has been on masculinizing women & feminizing men in numerous ways from fashion onward.
    I applaud TC for bringing this to audience attention - I find this series extremely interesting & timely. As a senior citizen, I look around to find many men my age are no longer healthy or ready to engage with intelligence, verve, vigor & consideration. And this doesn't even take into consideration the PTSD & injuries accumulated by males through military service (with its accompanying brainwashing effects on some) & the physical injuries sustained through sports which become really difficult with age (bad knees, bashed hips, etc.) Mobility is very important to living a strong life & just not as available to men brought up to "be a man", take the injury & smile through the pain who now live with limitations. I totally agree that men are needed to balance & fulfill the world!
    Thank you for this timely exposition!
    [This next sentence is not to the point of the information (which is excellent), but I found it interesting that Peterson has a phallic symbol photo behind him, while Carlson has a breast-looking building.]

  • Best Website
    Best Website 5 days ago

    Chem trails.

  • Proper Politics
    Proper Politics 5 days ago +1

    My hate for feminists for initiating this war against men has no measure because its so grand. I despise all feminists and I fucking pray one is reading to come and argue with me.

  • Joana Pardal
    Joana Pardal 5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure food has an impact on that too. Too bad no one is focused on studying the decrease of men's sperm quality.

  • Jstall7543
    Jstall7543 5 days ago

    It's the Soy in everything! Soylent Green that is!

  • Zeno
    Zeno 5 days ago

    Thats what you call "War on Men". You want to know why Testosterone levels go down? Just check all the chemical poison eat through the cheap and industrial foods. And check all the estrogen there is in a lot of foods. But of course no one knows why this is happening. Its just coincidence, there isn't a plan behind it. Talk about self destruction of society in most western countries.

  • jen 4yahweh
    jen 4yahweh 5 days ago

    ATRIZINE... Plain and simple ...SOY.... men are drinking and eating soy in massive amounts and it's lowering their testosterone they're called soy boys... the ATRIZINE in drinking water is lowering men's. Sperm count Alex Jones Is Right the same thing ATRIZINE that's making the frogs change their sex agricultural runoff into the water. is affecting the men's sperm count in the sink water that they are drinking the ATRIZINEs that's affecting frogs and making them change their sex is only a third of the. ATRIZINEin the water coming out of our sink

  • alswords
    alswords 5 days ago

    Truth as opposed to the TV media. Keep going Jordan!

  • ingroundpool
    ingroundpool 5 days ago

    this is a great segment, i would say most of these points are true. I work as a public area attendant at a large hotel/waterpark resort, i'm all over the building and pretty much see every department in the place, and really besides the kitchen at this place at least, women without a doubt are getting better jobs up the hierarchy (Supervisors, Managers, etc.) and what i've noticed with the male quota with jobs up the hierarchy is it's mainly being filled with the odd expception here and there, by male baby boomers and early Gen X'ers who aren't retiring. i've see this at almost every place i've worked, not just one. This is in Canada too.

  • Djenty Gentry
    Djenty Gentry 5 days ago

    I've developed cuni-flatu-phobia
    Hot air coming out of the lips of radical femenists.

  • Becky Ringkamp
    Becky Ringkamp 5 days ago

    We absolutely need each other.