What's your podcast about? (YIAY #428)


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  • Jorden Carlson
    Jorden Carlson 45 minutes ago

    #yiayoutro deleting your channel

  • Dalton Ramsey
    Dalton Ramsey 56 minutes ago

    Have 8 people twerk at the same time

  • xX_Dat_ Boi_Xx
    xX_Dat_ Boi_Xx 57 minutes ago

    Lots of 3D spinning things

  • PandaKittenhybrid
    PandaKittenhybrid Hour ago +1

    #YIAYoutro Have a clip of Erin leaving you at the end of every YIAY. Scripted, or real, it depends.

  • Cruz Ganz
    Cruz Ganz Hour ago +1

    Jack singing all star for a hour

  • Diego D.T
    Diego D.T Hour ago

    At 3:43 he gets a message from some lady called Amy Chung right in the middle of telling us today's sponsor !?!?

  • The Mastermind
    The Mastermind Hour ago

    #YIAYoutro My life didn't please me, so I created my own life

  • Kylo Fan
    Kylo Fan Hour ago

    #yiayoutro A blank screen for about a minute, then it'll say The Emoji Movie is a 2017 American 3Dcomputer-animated science fiction adventurecomedy film directed by Tony Leondis, and written by Leondis, Eric Siegel and Mike White, based on the trend of emojis.[4] It stars the voices of T. J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, Steven Wright, Rob Riggle, Jennifer Coolidge, Christina Aguilera, Sofía Vergara, Sean Hayes and Patrick Stewart. The film centers on Gene, a multi-expressional emoji who lives in a teenager's smartphone, who sets out on a journey to become a normal meh emoji like his parents.[5][6]
    Produced by Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Columbia Pictures, The Emoji Movie premiered on July 23, 2017, at the Regency Village Theatre and was theatrically released in the United States on July 28, 2017. The film grossed $217 million worldwide, making it Tony Leondis' highest grossing film as of 2018, but received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics.[7] At the 38th Golden Raspberry Awards, it won in four categories: Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Screen Combo and Worst Screenplay, making it the first animated film to receive nominations and wins in those categories at the awards.[8][9][10]

  • Bob Xavier
    Bob Xavier Hour ago

    1:23 is the Tiny Meat Gang podcast in a nutshell

  • Duck 11
    Duck 11 Hour ago

    jawabanlah dikolom komentar dibawah bakal gw baca dijawaban kalian :v

  • Cullius Swagner
    Cullius Swagner Hour ago

    I feel like yiay could be a podcast.

  • Aaron Eisel
    Aaron Eisel 2 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro Poop

  • The Natio n
    The Natio n 2 hours ago

    #yiaypod Destroy the Podcasts That Are negative.

  • Calvin Tran
    Calvin Tran 2 hours ago


  • Heliocorpus
    Heliocorpus 3 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro you repeating the idubbbz im gay but in your true fursonality furvius

  • Cristopher Joel Pivaral

    the emoji movie dying #YIAYOUTRO

  • The Best The World Had To Offer Channel

    Check out my mainly gaming channel and tell me what you think.

  • Oliver Plomer Plomer
    Oliver Plomer Plomer 3 hours ago

    Just end the episode with no, no more challenges, goodbye.

  • TheHiddeNinja07
    TheHiddeNinja07 4 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro you dying and Erin dabing on you

  • Haqs
    Haqs 4 hours ago

    #yiayoutro Tomorrow i'll ask you yesterday I asked you...

  • Bralyn Lee
    Bralyn Lee 4 hours ago

    All u do is copy Pewdipie

  • Charlie Doran
    Charlie Doran 4 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro all of your terrible intros combined

  • Charlie Doran
    Charlie Doran 4 hours ago

    Vlogs, fidget spinners TRiCkssHoTTs, food tesst in videos and this is what the channel is aBOUUUUUUTT.

  • MatixPolska
    MatixPolska 4 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro Record yourself dabbing and put Ali-A intro song

  • Nick Ware
    Nick Ware 4 hours ago

    #Yiayoutro no

  • Elebeth Lee
    Elebeth Lee 5 hours ago +1

    #YAIYOutro a political person other than Obama enters the room and sings baby by Justine bieber and simontaiously dances like Natasha kuvadrak your new personal freestyle dance teacher

  • Tyler Edwards
    Tyler Edwards 5 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro All star but every time they say all star despacito 2 is played and every time they say despacito every kidz bop song will start followed by Garfield reading shrek fan fiction

    TIMEOPERA STUDIOS 5 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro my next video,my last video,my all videos,and your mum

  • doghis
    doghis 6 hours ago


  • Blizzard Blaze
    Blizzard Blaze 6 hours ago

    #yiayoutro a minecrafty boi jacking off to jenna marbles then realizing its jenna marbles and fucking killing themselves. Yaay.

  • Tommy Linn
    Tommy Linn 6 hours ago

    Have a green screen with your first yiay playing 100 times and read this comment

  • Verobosu Sukaira
    Verobosu Sukaira 6 hours ago

    #yiayoutro pewdiepie's lwiay theme.

  • Nick NickG0923
    Nick NickG0923 6 hours ago

    #yiayoutro The Despacito Mini Pop Kids version, not Kids Bop, Mini Pop Kids

  • GG!
    GG! 6 hours ago +1

    The most interesting part is ending.

  • Conrad Chester
    Conrad Chester 6 hours ago +1

    #YIAYoutro a replay of you in the Garfield fursuit in x0.25 speed but also in x2 speed
    Physics here

  • Lolicop
    Lolicop 6 hours ago

    #yiayoutro Ali-A's intro with Tom & Jerry Opening

  • PokeFan R1T1C
    PokeFan R1T1C 7 hours ago

    Ali-A intro

  • Stylish aka kory kerns

    #YIAYoutro the yiay theme song and the lwiay theme song playing at the same time

  • Ethan Saltzman
    Ethan Saltzman 7 hours ago

    Show a loop of Garfield doing jumping jacks #YIAYoutro

  • Pro gamer
    Pro gamer 7 hours ago

    #YIAYOutro get your dog and let him poop your videos

  • Andreas0Cool
    Andreas0Cool 8 hours ago +1

    #YIAYoutro say bye while dabbing

  • Jacksfilms Shot glass
    Jacksfilms Shot glass 8 hours ago

    1:18 you look like Elton jhon

  • TheTarkonator
    TheTarkonator 8 hours ago

    "leave your answers in the comments below or YOU FUCKING DIE."

  • Robbie Steel
    Robbie Steel 9 hours ago

    #yiayoutrozzzz hi X,D 🔫 >:( **.**

  • Leanna Nailis
    Leanna Nailis 9 hours ago

    #yiayoutro all of your videos played on repeat endlessly to punish us for our sins

  • BTS Texting Stories
    BTS Texting Stories 9 hours ago

    IHOB means illusion hope on barbarians sorry I'm just trash :'( #yiayihob

  • GaVkAtA TV
    GaVkAtA TV 10 hours ago

    #yiayoutro Like Subscribe and leave a comment dawn below.

  • vrg Vlog,Remix,Gaming
    vrg Vlog,Remix,Gaming 10 hours ago

    Heres a story
    The Great Jasper Of Sorok looked at the unbreakable dagger in his hands and felt triggered.
    He walked over to the window and reflected on his dusty surroundings. He had always loved old Sanama with its sweaty, slimy sticks, stones. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel triggered.
    Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Logon Chen. Logon was an amazing hideous with smart robo-leg and dumb poop.
    The Great Jasper gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a handsome, hot, e-beer drinker with horny robo-leg and ugly poop. His friends saw him as a gentle, giant god. Once, he had even brought a fresh mother back from the brink of death.
    But not even a handsome person who had once brought a fresh mother back from the brink of death, was prepared for what Logon had in store today.
    The fire rain teased like running swagdamon, making The Great Jasper angry.
    As The Great Jasper stepped outside and Logon came closer, he could see the colossal glint in his eye.
    "I am here because I want sorok / logon's kingdom," Logon bellowed, in a sexy tone. He slammed his fist against The Great Jasper's chest, with the force of 6699 boondana. "I frigging hate you, The Great Jasper Of Sorok."
    The Great Jasper looked back, even more angry and still fingering the unbreakable dagger. "Logon, im sorry but theres not enough room for the both of us," he replied.
    They looked at each other with annoyed feelings, like two cruel, curly chinikwa stabbing at a very incredible funeral, which had rap music playing in the background and two invinceable uncles oofing to the beat.
    Suddenly, Logon lunged forward and tried to punch The Great Jasper in the face. Quickly, The Great Jasper grabbed the unbreakable dagger and brought it down on Logon's skull.
    Logon's smart robo-leg trembled and his dumb poop wobbled. He looked pissed-off, his body raw like a giant, grated gauntlet.
    Then he let out an agonising groan and collapsed onto the ground. Moments later Logon Chen was dead.
    The Great Jasper Of Sorok went back inside and made himself a nice drink of e-beer.

  • harel the emarlad empire

    #yiayoutro my intro

  • HersheyPlayz
    HersheyPlayz 10 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro With an ad just with an ad

  • It's a Mr. Noodle Man
    It's a Mr. Noodle Man 11 hours ago

    Interesting humour of badjacksfilmsyiays #yiayihob

  • bryan diel
    bryan diel 11 hours ago

    LWIAY>yiay hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!! jack you need to be original!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohamad Zariq
    Mohamad Zariq 11 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro reverse back the video

  • epicsponge 101
    epicsponge 101 11 hours ago

    #yiayoutro Babies are dead
    Violence has bloomed
    Trump is president
    And he’s killing all the Jews

  • Blue Lightning
    Blue Lightning 11 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro some family friendly royalty free music

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 12 hours ago

    Hey what is your religion

  • Quinn Wahl
    Quinn Wahl 12 hours ago

    He sucks he ripped off PewDiePie you can diss like my post but I don't care PewDiePie is better than this guy just go there and look at his vids that everyone thinks he took from this dude jack then look at when that were uploaded then you will know this dude just take PewDiePie stuff and change it a little I hate this dude and I hope everyone can see only this dude rip-off people who have more sups than him

  • Jo Man
    Jo Man 12 hours ago


  • Ace HAILES
    Ace HAILES 12 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro a ton of memes then at the end say dab on those haters

  • HPsoccer _04
    HPsoccer _04 12 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro “Lol Bye”

  • Tribble Kob
    Tribble Kob 12 hours ago

    #YIAY its probably jacks outro.

  • -1-メア
    -1-メア 13 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro Minecraft vs Roblox

  • Seamus Daley
    Seamus Daley 13 hours ago


  • Max Max
    Max Max 13 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro *insert Minecraft EDM outdo eat rape here*

  • Logan Ding
    Logan Ding 13 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro combine all the yiays into a giant Klondike

  • Dunkleosteus
    Dunkleosteus 13 hours ago

    ok but 0:58 was acc rly funny

  • Seamus Daley
    Seamus Daley 13 hours ago


  • Seamus Daley
    Seamus Daley 13 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro I don’t have twitter

  • Punny&AkilProductions
    Punny&AkilProductions 13 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro You don’t need a new outro, you already have a terrible outro!

  • Sky’zTheLimitStudioz
    Sky’zTheLimitStudioz 14 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro worry about content quality before outro quality

  • Liv Lab
    Liv Lab 14 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye’s outro obviously!!!#Yiayoutro

  • Brian St. John
    Brian St. John 14 hours ago

    But Jack, you already have a horrible outro.

  • Acceptable Films
    Acceptable Films 14 hours ago

    #yiayoutro all of the unfeatured comments including this one

  • Hurricane Tortilla
    Hurricane Tortilla 14 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro how about we don’t have one.

  • pluto
    pluto 14 hours ago

    Copying pewdiepie

  • Redwolf O
    Redwolf O 14 hours ago

    Can we have another roses are red

  • Jason Corcoran
    Jason Corcoran 14 hours ago +1

    #YIAYoutro a 1.5x speeded up version of a Garfield fan fic. Use a new one every day

  • JadeAnd Yunna
    JadeAnd Yunna 15 hours ago +1


    this comment

  • hello hello
    hello hello 15 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro play every single sounds found in the Emoji Movie

  • (33766) Supravee Simaroj

    #YIAYoutro intro but backwards

  • Lego Key
    Lego Key 15 hours ago

    #yiayoutro the crurrent one but with alot of autotune

  • Bluewolf YL
    Bluewolf YL 15 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro the ali a intro with who did this 😂

  • Jackson Greenrod
    Jackson Greenrod 16 hours ago

    #yiayoutro roses are red
    My friend’s head purple
    It’s yiay bye 👌👌👌👌

  • Vandikit
    Vandikit 16 hours ago

    #yiayoutro come out with your true sexual preference! we all know tho

  • Sienna The Gamer
    Sienna The Gamer 16 hours ago


  • Devin Games and vlogs
    Devin Games and vlogs 16 hours ago

    #YiayOutro Beg your "Followers" To buy merch.

    RAID OXX 16 hours ago

    #Yaiyoutro leave your answers in the comments below ill pick my favorite on the next episode of yaiy

  • Only Crazy
    Only Crazy 16 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro a video of you looking at all the comments about not getting on yiay and the non featured answers and laughing

  • The W
    The W 16 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro bye

  • crash Schertz
    crash Schertz 16 hours ago

    #yiayoutro me me big boy meme big boy

  • Alex Plumey
    Alex Plumey 16 hours ago

    #YIAYoutro the LWIAY intro

  • LukeTheToonist
    LukeTheToonist 17 hours ago

    IHob stands for I Hate Overwhelmingly Barnacles I ran out of words #yiayihob

  • Nanimations
    Nanimations 17 hours ago

    A guy comes through a door and then throws cheese at you #YIAY

  • Joel Cruces
    Joel Cruces 17 hours ago

    My first crush was prison mike

  • Eugene PARK
    Eugene PARK 18 hours ago

    #YIAYOutro you dabbing on jhonny jhoony yes pappa video

  • Triaga
    Triaga 18 hours ago

    #yiayoutro uhh I’m waiting until the intro

  • Lil Knucks
    Lil Knucks 18 hours ago