Colbert vs Corrales HIGHLIGHTS: January 18, 2020 | PBC on FOX

  • On January 18, 2020, unbeaten Chris Colbert battled Jezreel Corrales in a super featherweight bout for the interm WBA World Title, live from at The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Colbert defeated Corrales by unanimous decision after 12 rounds of boxing. His record improves to 14-0 (5 KOs).
    This fight was broadcast live on FOX as part of the Premier Boxing Champions series.
    (Thumbnail image by Stephanie Trapp)
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  • Glump Boi
    Glump Boi 11 days ago

    he is going to become the next Floyd Mayweather.

  • Alex Sunderland
    Alex Sunderland 21 day ago +1

    This guy is crazy

  • Ya. Ma Sells avon
    Ya. Ma Sells avon Month ago

    Like a hood fight ngl

  • Printice Olliver
    Printice Olliver Month ago

    Proud of this man.Showing more power and less finesse. 🥊🥊🥊

  • Mark Byrne
    Mark Byrne Month ago

    Colbert has no respect for his trainer he has a big mouth hopefully someone will shut it one day.

  • Yohana Rivera
    Yohana Rivera 2 months ago

    saludos desde CHILE

  • Gerardo Parra
    Gerardo Parra 2 months ago

    corrales una verguenza nunca arriesgo nunca se fajo ....colbert gano fácil...

  • Christian Primeaux
    Christian Primeaux 2 months ago

    Next for Colbert should be Miguel Flores. Would be a nice test for him.

  • Mary Bustamante
    Mary Bustamante 2 months ago

    Next fight Colbert vs top 20 superfeatjerweight,vs top 10 no chance ko or school for Colbert,i like Colbert vs Gamboa,Colbert vs anata cruz,vs Frampton,va farmer

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia 2 months ago

    Looked like a street brawl lol

  • We all live in an evil system.

    Good win

  • rubski 1978
    rubski 1978 2 months ago +1

    Colbert is a hype job I'm from Brooklyn and I dont care he from Brooklyn he still a hype job vs the top at 130 he loses.

    • rubski 1978
      rubski 1978 2 months ago

      @Trey Gosby leo another bum with no power Pbc bums let him fight farmer

    • Trey Gosby
      Trey Gosby 2 months ago

      @rubski 1978 watch wen he KO Leo Santa Cruz

    • rubski 1978
      rubski 1978 2 months ago

      @Trey Gosby wtf that has to do with anything... colbert going to come see me in east new York lmao

    • Trey Gosby
      Trey Gosby 2 months ago

      Comin from the person who got no profile pic... FOH

  • Raj Beekie
    Raj Beekie 2 months ago +1

    That was one boring fight. Colbert fought as if he was afraid of Corrales.

  • JL
    JL 2 months ago

    Has anyone else seen the documentary he comes out in on Netflix counter punch it’s pretty cool to see how far his come since then

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  • Lito Chavez
    Lito Chavez 2 months ago +3

    He has some serious star potential. Being Black and Mexican he will have two of the strongest boxing fan bases to push this kid to stardom. #ElGalloNegro

    • bubbathenaslover
      bubbathenaslover Month ago

      @BY ANY MEANS HD His Trainer is his dad you dumb fuck

      BY ANY MEANS HD Month ago

      @Lito Chavez Yeah, he looks so Mexican. Of course he would say that in honor to his trainer.

    • Lito Chavez
      Lito Chavez Month ago

      BY ANY MEANS HD he’s stated it himself.

      BY ANY MEANS HD Month ago

      He is not Mexican! His trainer is!!

  • Hack man
    Hack man 2 months ago

    He was just too much for that dude seriously.. 💯

  • rube nioo
    rube nioo 2 months ago

    Now they need to feed him rene Alvarado

  • Alejandro Rivero Jr.
    Alejandro Rivero Jr. 2 months ago +1

    Colbert better stay away from Farmer or Davis.

    • hyp 417
      hyp 417 Month ago

      Alejandro Rivero Jr. he beats Farmer EASILY. Tank would remove his head though.

  • Kobe The Great
    Kobe The Great 2 months ago

    Y dude wit the purple hair so wild

  • Jay Just
    Jay Just 2 months ago

    They so wild

  • Lee John
    Lee John 2 months ago +5

    I saw him fight live at the Barclays a few times he’s definitely the next one up. We need a star from New York .

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Y porque usa un sombrero de mariachi

  • Mario Arellano
    Mario Arellano 2 months ago +3

    I swear this boxer was in a documentary as a kid. I don't remember the name tho. Anybody out there knows what I'm talking about?

    • Michael Dawson
      Michael Dawson 2 months ago +1

      Counterpunch and also a brief appearance in Cradle of Champions on Showtime

    • Chitown Flips
      Chitown Flips 2 months ago +2

      counterpunch its on netflix

  • Ayks
    Ayks 2 months ago +30

    This guy dyed his hair purple to match his gloves and shorts LOL

    • Please Sub to my boring Channel 1979
      Please Sub to my boring Channel 1979 Month ago +1

      He handled his shit In that ring is all I can say, I respect this young champ!

    • Tyree' Ramsey
      Tyree' Ramsey Month ago

      @KuttyJoe shilss does the same lol.

    • KuttyJoe
      KuttyJoe 2 months ago +5

      They say that he dyes his hair in support of something for his fights so the different colors are supposed to be representing something. I don't know what this was supposed to be supporting.

  • Isaac Davila
    Isaac Davila 2 months ago +2


  • T & F archive
    T & F archive 2 months ago +2

    This was more about what Corrales DIDN'T do as opposed to what Colbert did. Corrales did nothing for the first half of the fight. When he let his hands go he was effective, but he's far from the guy who beat Uchiyama years ago. Jury is still out on Colbert. We'll see how he goes.

  • Leo theChibowow
    Leo theChibowow 2 months ago +1

    Twas a great match up. Jezreel was, is and can still be a top contender.

  • brockjms1
    brockjms1 2 months ago +29

    These highlights make it seem like Colbert did really well, when in fact Corrales had him pretty frustrated during the early and mid rounds of the bout. This was no walk over for Colbert.

    • Spiritually Biased
      Spiritually Biased 2 months ago

      Jezreel wasn't trying to engage

    • Battle Truth's Hairline
      Battle Truth's Hairline 2 months ago

      He did do well considering how BS the ref was, and he had to deal with a lot of shit the whole fight. Would've been preferable tho if he would've slept Corales

    • Jhamani Marcel
      Jhamani Marcel 2 months ago +12

      brockjms1 that’s true bro but how Chris Colbert fighting someone like Jereez corrales before tank tank should’ve fought him when he was the champ and I think right now that corrales in better than Gamboa bro he like 21 or 22 and just beat corrales that’s good no matter what cus corrales still in his prime

    • Real american Fan
      Real american Fan 2 months ago

      I'm sure,

  • rubin carter
    rubin carter 2 months ago +1

    How to say this fight is good no precision show slowmotion the punches are horrible

  • Elijah Kelly
    Elijah Kelly 2 months ago +2

    Fight was really good by Colbert. However he needs to work on protecting his face

  • imanol
    imanol 2 months ago +1

    Dirty boxer

  • sanele Thabethe
    sanele Thabethe 2 months ago +1

    This guy Colbert I tell ya is very special ✊

  • Arsomoru Maitoyame
    Arsomoru Maitoyame 2 months ago

    D:< BEGIN!

  • Arsomoru Maitoyame
    Arsomoru Maitoyame 2 months ago

    excellent work >:)

  • Michael Soto
    Michael Soto 2 months ago +1

    Awesome 👍👍👍

  • James A
    James A 2 months ago +4

    Future Mexican American star. 🇲🇽 🇺🇸

    • Max Maxwell
      Max Maxwell Month ago

      bubbathenaslover why do some blacks say that his trainer is just the father which he grew up with , , but he is not his Biological father ?

    • bubbathenaslover
      bubbathenaslover Month ago +1

      @Max Maxwell yeah his Father/Trainer is Mexican. He's stated in interviews that his dad is Mexican and he actually represents his heritage a lot during fights by wearing sombreros and Mexican colors etc..

    • Max Maxwell
      Max Maxwell Month ago

      bubbathenaslover is he really

    • bubbathenaslover
      bubbathenaslover Month ago

      He's Half Black Half Mexican

    • Max Maxwell
      Max Maxwell 2 months ago +1

      James A Thats Jesse Rodriguez.

  • Maikel Alcolea
    Maikel Alcolea 2 months ago +1

    Jummmm otro bocón más ..Broner y gerbonta team ...el grupo de los . auto estima extrema alta

  • Derek Ochaki
    Derek Ochaki 2 months ago +3

    Colbert is good but he needs to improve his defense. A better opponent would daze him if he got through once or twice.

  • SoulPhoenixMC
    SoulPhoenixMC 2 months ago +23

    Colbert and Vergil Ortiz should be getting more coverage their one the best prospects

  • Rashon Daniels
    Rashon Daniels 2 months ago +12

    That's my cousin 💯 was there when he first started boxing he wanted me to join with him told him naw I love the streets more I look back at it now and say damn

    • Rashon Daniels
      Rashon Daniels 2 months ago +2

      He was 13 I was only in my 20s

    • PropheticSoldier ThusSaysTheLord
      PropheticSoldier ThusSaysTheLord 2 months ago +1

      @Midwest Mello real talk! He must be reincarnated from a previous Life! He's thinking about 15BC. When him & Colbert were Roman soldiers!😂🤣😅

    • Midwest Mello
      Midwest Mello 2 months ago +6

      😂😂😂😂 bruh hell naw how old are you

  • H N
    H N 2 months ago

    Fuckin Love this Kid!!

  • Armando Colon
    Armando Colon 2 months ago +10

    Good win by Chris he's for real Jezreel was no joke. Had it 116-111 for Colbert.

    But I will say this PBC compubox stats are goofy. Dudes had Colbert landing 35 punches in the 4th round and the 5th starts and its 37 punches then he'll end a round at 44 and it'll go to 46 the next round. Jezreel did not land more then 55 punches and Colbert did not land more then 85 punches this fight. Very low activity the stats we're complete bullshit. At times in the fight both Jezreel and Colbert would do nothing and Colbert would be landing on compubox stats when he was doing absolutely nothing. These guys had Thurman outlanding Manny when we all know Manny was landing more punches, had Browne outlanding Pascal by a land side when Pascal was just beating Browne up. They had Porter outlanding Ugas when Ugas was clearly landing more. Like WTF is going with their compubox stat system? Bullshit ass numbers. Showtime and Dazn and HBO at time compubox systems numbers we're fine. Here on PBC there just all over the place and just full of shit with exaggerated numbers.

    • XMB45
      XMB45 2 months ago +1

      I'm pretty sure CompuBox is not controlled by pbc, they're their own company. But yeah they need to take the stats away on the fox shows.

    • Angelo 10•6
      Angelo 10•6 2 months ago

      PBC needs to take out the punch count so it doesn't distract viewers

  • raxmanbox
    raxmanbox 2 months ago +3

    Colbert is obviously a talented boxer. Brought along the right way, and if he has the right mindset, he may even become a great fighter - BUT - right now he's what???? An Interim Champ? WTF!!! I know interim anything is a BS way of getting a sanctioning fee for what used to be called Number One Contender; but he's not even that!! He's a prospect!!! Think of the guys at 130pounds right now. Berchelt is the WBC champ and probably the #1 at the weight. , Santa Cruz & Frampton are both proven elite fighters new to the weight class but Santa Cruz already has the WBA title. Tevin Farmer IBF Champ and Jamel Herring WBO champ, are American fighters - both would destroy him

  • Brass Tacks Boxing
    Brass Tacks Boxing 2 months ago +26

    Been following Colbert since the documentary he did over 2 years ago. Damn, he has gotten a ton better. What a beast...

    • Dev6Rehab
      Dev6Rehab 27 days ago

      me too

    • Jamie Higgins
      Jamie Higgins Month ago +1

      Kenny Counterpunch

    • The Kid
      The Kid 2 months ago +1

      Kenny google it

    • Kenny
      Kenny 2 months ago

      What's the documentary called?

    • The Kid
      The Kid 2 months ago +1

      Brock Nichols yea his strength and power developed a lot since then

  • Manuel Rojas Aquino
    Manuel Rojas Aquino 2 months ago +5


    • bubbathenaslover
      bubbathenaslover Month ago

      @TappatopShotta Colbert is part Hispanic, He's Black and Mexican. Shut your ass up and stop pulling that race card bullshit dumbass.

    • LowKeyPoppi
      LowKeyPoppi 2 months ago

      RicRokkka Colbert & corralles are the same race, corralled is just labeled as a Hispanic because he’s from Central America

    • Chris Lukusa
      Chris Lukusa 2 months ago

      Manuel Rojas Aquino nobody care asshole

    • TappatopShotta
      TappatopShotta 2 months ago +7

      @RicRokkka I don't remember asking you anything. So why are you replying?

    • RicRokkka
      RicRokkka 2 months ago +3

      TappatopShotta stop pulling the race card like a ho. I was expecting more from a prospect fighting for a vacant

    P BAYLOCK 2 months ago +1

    Prime time will easily beat leo santa cruz. And he shows you that ypu dont need ko power to be entertaining in boxing

    ADEWALE IBRAHIM 2 months ago +8

    Wow... The winner is very though. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎈 🎉

  • Giovanni Stephon
    Giovanni Stephon 2 months ago +2


  • Jean-Luc Devon
    Jean-Luc Devon 2 months ago +35

    His Slowly getting better gotta work on his defense also with that type of speed he should let his jab go more often it can setup so many shoots for him.

    • Ja Merciful
      Ja Merciful 15 days ago +1

      RicRokkka That’s funny considering he dropped him in the clinch

    • RicRokkka
      RicRokkka 2 months ago +5

      Jean-Luc Devon he needs to learn how to change speed on his punches and be more rugged in the clinch

  • LR266
    LR266 2 months ago +34

    Colbert is a beast. One of the top prospects in boxing right now.

    • Alex Garcia
      Alex Garcia 2 months ago

      He's gonna come up short. He has power, but not enough

    • Anakin Cloutwalker
      Anakin Cloutwalker 2 months ago +2

      Once you win a belt thay prospect title goes away !

    • WS 95
      WS 95 2 months ago

      Mr Pump Yeah I would just like to see them fight

    • WS 95
      WS 95 2 months ago +2

      rubin carter Hes a beast. Hes gotten way better!

    • rubin carter
      rubin carter 2 months ago +1

      A beast?you need glasses

  • Vern Wingfield
    Vern Wingfield 2 months ago +1

    Jason you let us down!!!
    Allah is still the GREATEST