Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | Game 4 | 2019 Playoffs Rd1 | FreeDawkins

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • April 22, 2019 | Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons Full Game Highlights | Game 4 | 2019 Playoffs Rd1 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments • 152

  • Homeless to Greatness

    When my friends asked me if there's any other starting pg worse than Westbrook in the playoff teams this season, i told them yes,and it's Reggie Fucking Jackson.

  • 周爽
    周爽 26 days ago

    Some of the calls are questionable, Giannis got them way too easy.

  • BlueApple
    BlueApple 27 days ago

    7:25 how the fuck can u give a blocking foul on maker? stupid ref

  • J J
    J J 27 days ago +3

    What a sorry ass Pistons team

  • folumb
    folumb 27 days ago

    Me: I don't have cable
    Dawkins: I got u fam

  • iMixMaSteR1
    iMixMaSteR1 27 days ago

    Giannis is the new James Harden. All his points come from bullshit phantom calls by the ref.

  • FuzzFlamez025 Hi
    FuzzFlamez025 Hi 27 days ago

    How is nobody gonna talk about the refs

    • antonio guglielmetti
      antonio guglielmetti 26 days ago

      Because bucks fans are gonna go crazy because their jealous of our team not being a ref win team.

  • bert fromarketin
    bert fromarketin 27 days ago

    @8:29 😨

  • AJ Marfo
    AJ Marfo 27 days ago

    Celtics will be kicking some ass. After watching this game there is no doubt in my mind we will win.

    • AJ Marfo
      AJ Marfo 27 days ago

      PandaGAMES!!! Yes we are not. We are playing the bucks and we will be kicking some ass

    • PandaGAMES!!!
      PandaGAMES!!! 27 days ago +1

      We arent playing detroit

  • Andrew c
    Andrew c 27 days ago +4

    They really are a completely different team when griffin plays.

  • joseph lau
    joseph lau 27 days ago +1

    The fans didn't call out "Maker" more often. His display of defense could've help.

  • D1_Junk
    D1_Junk 27 days ago +1

    Pistons need to trade drummond for literally anything they can get, dump his massive contract. Bring in a big that can space the floor. Get rid of reggie, and reggie actually played well enough the last 2 months of the season and shown he can be a productive player. So trade reggie and his expiring contract and try to land mike conley or another legit PG. Try to sign kemba walker, or a wing player that can actually shoot.

    See what luke kennard can fetch you,he has shown some flashes.

    If your not going to try to put talent around blake, then just trade blake and get 2 first round picks and start your rebuild legitmatley, stop putting band aides on it.

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star 27 days ago +2

    Giannis is a cheat code on 2k

  • Radi Sadek
    Radi Sadek 28 days ago

    Good game, but Reggie Miller has a very annoying voice!

  • Thom Dela Cruz
    Thom Dela Cruz 28 days ago +2


  • some random dude
    some random dude 28 days ago +1

    Detroit is tanking in the playoffs new meta wth😂😂😂😂😂

  • roddyveli !
    roddyveli ! 28 days ago +2


    • antonio guglielmetti
      antonio guglielmetti 26 days ago

      Modern NBA. It's simple. Just throw your shoulder into a defender that isn't planted on the ground like the statue of liberty and you get a call, especially if you are an extra popular player or are on an extra popular team. The Pistons haven't adapted to the flopping era yet

    • Elixnist Gaming
      Elixnist Gaming 28 days ago +1


    • Elixnist Gaming
      Elixnist Gaming 28 days ago +1

      giannis has long arms what do you expect.. he is dominant in the paint. the only way to stop him was to foul him.. but face it.. the bucks will still :)

    • roddyveli !
      roddyveli ! 28 days ago

      Thats ridiculous idc what nobody has to say

  • Elloi Brual
    Elloi Brual 28 days ago +1

    1-2 yrs. I see Bledsoe getting better than Kyrie. I mean it.

  • pay me some alimony or do some time

    Now we need to get rid of Reggie's terrible contract,this is the last year of jr smith abominable contract too.. hope we can sign a great PG or even get blake the help he needs!

  • Lloyd Edwards
    Lloyd Edwards 28 days ago +2

    Sign me up for Bucks and warriors

  • Sean W
    Sean W 28 days ago +2

    Dwayne Casey has done so much for Detroit holy shit they shouldn’t have made the playoffs. But they still need to give griffin and Drummond some help.

  • It's Cheeto
    It's Cheeto 28 days ago +20

    3:30 lmao at illyasova trying his best to get back on d 🤣

  • Rubén A. Ritto Contreras

    Why the fuck is Blake playing?

  • J S
    J S 28 days ago +2

    Takeaways from the series:
    -Luke Kennard is a sleeper for next season
    -Sterling Brown finally showed up as a legit teammate
    -Lopez tries too much BS for the post season
    -Bucks bench runs deeper than anyone outside of Milwaukee expected
    -Bucks won without 2 of their 4 best defenders (Snell and Brogdon)
    -Pistons need to get rid of Reggie, Ish, and Gallowway for some better talent
    -If Detroit wants to make it to the post season again, they need Griffin
    -Bucks gon whoop that Leprechaun ass this weekend! They can't stop Giannis! 🦌

    • Charles Cooks
      Charles Cooks 28 days ago

      +J S their better off just playing out Reggie's contract. he only has one more year

    • AGK927
      AGK927 28 days ago

      +J S I'd like Davis

    • J S
      J S 28 days ago

      +AGK927 maybe Nikola, Horford, or even snag Marc Gasol in FA and trade away Drummond and some pieces somewhere else (Anthony Davis?)

    • AGK927
      AGK927 28 days ago

      +J S a better center. Someone who can make a layup. And make a couple free throws

    • AGK927
      AGK927 28 days ago

      +J S true

  • Souls Night
    Souls Night 28 days ago

    Are yall forgetting that the Celtics already beat the bucks without Kyrie and hayward in the playoffs last yr???

    • PAQ VAL
      PAQ VAL 28 days ago

      They were one of the worst team ever in the NBA when Giannis arrived then Jabari who were supposed to be the franchise player, has been injured and they found in Giannis a "new KAJ " why you mad?

    • PAQ VAL
      PAQ VAL 28 days ago

      Did you forget that Giannis get better each year and they didn't have a good coach? I think that C's will win but let these ppl enjoy. what can it do to you? 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Tyrex
    Tyrex 28 days ago +4

    Congratulations Bucks fans! It's been a long time coming. I can only envy you lifers and locals. I didn't catch on until 2015 when they almost came back against my then favorite team, the Bulls. I'm pulling for you guys to win it all.

  • •ADL•
    •ADL• 28 days ago +5

    Damn they abused griffin at the rim cause he was injured 😂

  • Spiffy Turtle
    Spiffy Turtle 28 days ago +2

    Giannis is super human

  • Abraão de Carvalho Gomes

    For me, the key factor for the bucks is their defense - which is helped with their great average team body size; and how they sum it together with a good transition.
    They really can win the NBA this year!

  • Theo
    Theo 28 days ago +3

    talent gap too big b/n these sides, pistons had a good half but bucks flicked the switch in the third and it was over in 5 min. blake flops but respect for playing on one leg

  • Lebrick
    Lebrick 28 days ago +10

    Detroit is damn beautiful didn’t know that fr

    • Frank BJ 1
      Frank BJ 1 27 days ago

      Detroit is alright yeah there's a lot of rough and nice neighborhoods in the inner City but it's just an average Urban City

    • Lebrick
      Lebrick 27 days ago

      iMixMaSteR1 good point heard the outsides are rough eh? Not downtown

    • iMixMaSteR1
      iMixMaSteR1 27 days ago

      You say that but understand they're only showing you an extremely small part of the city.

  • TheGoat 24
    TheGoat 24 28 days ago +1

    Cant wait for the Greek freek to sweep Kyrie. Giannis is the best player in the east while Kyrie isnt top 10 in the east right now

  • Flickz
    Flickz 28 days ago +2

    This man is crazy I play with him in 2k he just goes off

    • PandaGAMES!!!
      PandaGAMES!!! 27 days ago

      Stop doing that its ruining triple threat

  • MR. smith
    MR. smith 28 days ago

    Damn internet is so crazy its says no view but has 32 comments

  • Muda
    Muda 28 days ago +9

    Pistons:we gonna win at least 1 game
    Refs: Hold my whistle...
    Pistons-12 Free throw attempts
    Bucks-41 free throw attempts

    • hmoobmeeka
      hmoobmeeka 28 days ago

      The bucks drove to the basket more than the pistons and the pistons couldn't stop giannis unless they fouled him

    • PAQ VAL
      PAQ VAL 28 days ago

      They can guard Giannis at least to do it physically and they have more chance to touch his (long) arm than the ball

    MVP WESTBROOK 28 days ago +4

    Giannis is the King of the East

    • PAQ VAL
      PAQ VAL 28 days ago

      +Ultra Foodie We don't know if Kawhi will stay in the East

    • Ultra Foodie
      Ultra Foodie 28 days ago

      i think you forgot about Kawhi

  • Celtics Nation11
    Celtics Nation11 28 days ago +3

    Bucks fans acting like they won a championship lmao y’all gonna get sweeped by us next series. 😂😂😂

    • antonio guglielmetti
      antonio guglielmetti 26 days ago

      Celtics are gonna be a whole different story sweeping a better team than the Pistons in the first round

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24 28 days ago

      If they bench Kyrie i would say it is an easy sweep

      SAIYAN SLAYER 23 28 days ago


      MVP WESTBROOK 28 days ago +8

      Bucks are gonna win 😂😂😂. You guys beat a Pacers team without their franchise player Oladipo

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 28 days ago +5

    Detroit needs another Stretch-4. 😂😂😂
    They could play Small-ball

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page 26 days ago

      +Asmosis Jones That's why you need a 3-point shooting power forward that can also switch to Small-Ball 5. 😂😂
      All that said, I would love to have him playing Center with 20 rebounds for my Lakers.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 26 days ago +1

      duh..Drummond minus 95 in the series they lost by 95 total points...hes the issue....

  • J S
    J S 28 days ago

    I can't wait to see Giannis end Baynes' life a few more times this coming playoff series!! Boston is shitting their pants right now.

  • Taylor Giavasis
    Taylor Giavasis 28 days ago +24

    The Pistons tried their hardest in the first half. I guess they didn't have enough inside their tank

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 26 days ago +1

      brook lopez plus 98 andre drummond minus 95 for the series.....I think my brain hurts..thats a 193 point difference when their on the floor over 4 games almost 49 a night lol...are you kidding me?...if thats not a snapshot of the modern center changing in todays game and the effect a big that can shoot and protect the rim has on the game compared to one who cant or move his feet on d then I dont know what to tell you...thats insanity...brooks a role their similar in size....shows you how much better coach bud is at adapting compared to casey stuck in the 90's...its almost 2020...bud adapted the way his team plays casey didnt..see who won?...119 was low for compare the only worse 2 player plus minus stats I can find worse in a series is between rashard lewis and josh smith in 2010 lewis was a plus 110 and smith was a minus 90 lol 200 point difference over 4 games..thats a 50 point swing per game ..insanity.....and think about why that was back then?...lewis shot the 3 ball well 3 makes a night on over 47% and smith never shot 3's took 1 in the series like drummond did in this one with no threat to make it so why guard them when their not 14 ft and in with the an era where the 3 started mattering a lot..its not that complicated folks...spacing wonder why the magic and bucks these years won so many games..they understood spacing..brooks threat is all it took to make the pistons have to guard him opening the game up for everyone else..genius...

  • Overrated GoldBrick Choke Larriors

    Giannis > Kevin DurBitch

  • Jayson Elle
    Jayson Elle 28 days ago

    OMG 4 - 0

  • Overrated GoldBrick Choke Larriors

    Giannis is gonna DESTROY Kyrie and than
    Kyrie is gonna cry for LeGoat's help

    • Mark Nicko Jayme
      Mark Nicko Jayme 2 days ago

      Ops my bucks won

    • AJ Marfo
      AJ Marfo 27 days ago

      Bucks will be crying no doubt when they play Celtics. We are not the same team as pistons

    • Sean W
      Sean W 28 days ago


    • gerald gabad
      gerald gabad 28 days ago +1

      bucks in 7 vs celtics.

  • Woke's Backup
    Woke's Backup 28 days ago +5

    If blake was healthy and didn't foul out, he would have exposed giannis again. Underrated defense...

    • Hihii Hihihi
      Hihii Hihihi 28 days ago

      If if if if if if if pls cmooon

    • PAQ VAL
      PAQ VAL 28 days ago +1

      Look at during the season even with Griffin and an injured Giannis (knee at the moment) they still lose. To me if Griffin were healthy Giannis would just play harder and faster

    • Glen Brown
      Glen Brown 28 days ago

      A Healthy Blake Pistons still loose Go to sleep Woke.

    • Dr0pkidd
      Dr0pkidd 28 days ago

      Yeah, sure.

    • LeBron Curry Jr
      LeBron Curry Jr 28 days ago +5

      Why you W yourself, just for that L

  • John Boyce
    John Boyce 28 days ago +2


    MVP WESTBROOK 28 days ago +12

    Giannis for MVP

    MVP WESTBROOK 28 days ago +3

    Giannis is gonna go crazy vs the Celtics. I dont know anyone that can stop him on that team

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24 28 days ago

      +Celtics Nation11 Kyrie cant play D lmao dont make me laugh. All he does is ask his teammates to play defense for him

    • LeBron Curry Jr
      LeBron Curry Jr 28 days ago

      +Tyler Guthrie he drop 41 tho not a Bucks fan still Celtics in 6

    • chris.zinelis
      chris.zinelis 28 days ago

      +Tyler Guthrie did he shut him down today too, mate?

    • Tyler Guthrie
      Tyler Guthrie 28 days ago

      I mean Blake shut him down with a bad knee

      MVP WESTBROOK 28 days ago

      +Celtics Nation11 None of them can guard him lmao

    MVP WESTBROOK 28 days ago +4

    Giannis is about to expose to the Celtics. Who is going to guard him?

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24 28 days ago

      +LeBron Curry Jr Kyrie is even worst LMAO. All he does is get injured. I give it to Westbrook, although he is a stat padder his teammates like playing with him, unlike Kyrie. I heard from Max Kellerman that everyone on the Celtics hate him. Why? Because Kyrie thinks he is LeBum, all he does is scold his teammates. Kyrie is the most overrated in clutch, he hit a lucky three in 2016 and all he does is miss now

    • AGK927
      AGK927 28 days ago

      +TheGoat 24 no way man just stop

    • LeBron Curry Jr
      LeBron Curry Jr 28 days ago +2

      +TheGoat 24 WestBrick trash can't even make it out of the first round without KD

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24 28 days ago

      +Celtics Nation11 Westbrick is better than Kyrie LMFAO. Westbrick has an MVP while Kyrie got carried by LeBum and referees. Kyrie is trash and not a top 5 point guard. Westbrick is second

    • LeBron Curry Jr
      LeBron Curry Jr 28 days ago

      +Celtics Nation11 W for real

  • Omelaoth 2004
    Omelaoth 2004 28 days ago +3

    Giannis > Harden. This is coming from a die hard Harden fan. I have been supporting harden since 2015 and he never fails to disappoint me. Even if Harden wins the MVP, he doesnt deserve it. Like last year. Harden is the worst nba mvp ever. I love Harden but idk, he always chokes

    • Tyron Wells
      Tyron Wells 27 days ago

      +Hihii Hihihi hes a true and harden be throwing up bad shots

    • Hihii Hihihi
      Hihii Hihihi 28 days ago

      +Omelaoth 2004 u weirdest fan i have ever seen, claimin u biggest harden fan and right after that u make him look like worst nba player ever like do u have some kind of problems with yourself?:D

    • Omelaoth 2004
      Omelaoth 2004 28 days ago

      +TheGoat 24 Do you want me to make a video on me posting my Harden jersey

    • Omelaoth 2004
      Omelaoth 2004 28 days ago

      +TheGoat 24 I love Harden but recently he has just been disgraceful.

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24 28 days ago

      +Omelaoth 2004 Your definitely not a real Harden fan, your a brick freak fan

  • LeBron Curry Jr
    LeBron Curry Jr 28 days ago +4

    Kyrie about to expose the Bucks

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24 28 days ago

      +J S Pretty easy.
      2. Russell Westbrook
      3. Gaymian LiLLard Curry's grandson
      4. chris pauL
      5. Brick Simmons
      6. Kemba Walker
      7. D'AngeLo RusseLL
      8. D Rose
      9. Eric Bledsoe
      10. Kyrie Irving

    • J S
      J S 28 days ago +1

      +TheGoat 24 Name the 10 in front of him. I got maybe 4 or 5 max... no particular order
      MAYBE Kemba

    • TheGoat 24
      TheGoat 24 28 days ago

      Kyrie is trash LMAO he is barely a top 10 Point Guard

    • LeBron Curry Jr
      LeBron Curry Jr 28 days ago

      +Celtics Nation11 Celtics in 6

    • J S
      J S 28 days ago +1

      Bucks are 2-1 this year against Boston. Don't count them out!

  • AGK927
    AGK927 28 days ago +9

    Man all these bucky boys are getting to confident. Sweeps always happens when it's the 8th seed vs 1st seed calm down, calm down

    • PAQ VAL
      PAQ VAL 28 days ago

      Man Milwaukee is the smallest market in the NBA, to people from big city with great players it's easy to tell that but for ppl from a city with 500 000 inhabitants it's amazing to see that they have like a new KAJ even if I think they need another good All-Star player (Kris and Bledsoe are limited) to pass the bucks but still Celtics in 7 to me but with a great Giannis and a unvisible Kris lika during all the great games

    • Elian Patelias
      Elian Patelias 28 days ago +1

      Let them the bucks never won 1st round sinds 2001. If it was your team you would also be so happy

  • Getyourbreaduppp
    Getyourbreaduppp 28 days ago +10

    NBA officiating is the worse by far... Bucks were still gonna win series but they really wanted it to end today...NBA be desperate for this Celtics/Bucks series to pull in ratings because Lebron aint be there to do it for them.

    • Alexis Papadopoulos
      Alexis Papadopoulos 27 days ago

      Detroit get most of the calls from game 2 to 4. Adam Silver doesn't favorite Giannis, he is GREEK, says he is going to stay in Milwaukeen forever, doesn't follow the wishes of sponsors.

    • Stamatis Paleocrassas
      Stamatis Paleocrassas 28 days ago

      Why would they want to end the series early more games = more tickets and TV viewership = more $$$

    • Woke's Backup
      Woke's Backup 28 days ago

      Stop being a clown. Andre got cooked by Giannis. Zaza barely played meaningful minutes. Blake impact was real. He clamped Giannis before getting hurt again in Game 3. You dont watch games, FANBOY!

    • PAQ VAL
      PAQ VAL 28 days ago

      +Woke's Backup Lol man look at the game 3, ZaZa and Drummond was more trying to injured Giannis again than to stop him. And it don't improve Giannis to have 4 fouls before the end of the first half. Refs are just bad and if you see this only now while they were shit since October you clearly don't watch NBA games or even Highlights

    • J S
      J S 28 days ago +1

      +Getyourbreaduppp definitely. They have been awful all season though. Something needs to be done

  • SqueakyHamsta
    SqueakyHamsta 28 days ago

    The game just ended 😡

    • AGK927
      AGK927 28 days ago

      Yeeeeeeeaaaaaa that's why he posted the highlights wtf do you want him to do?

    PG 13PACERNATION 28 days ago

    Roubd 2 Bucks or Boston?

  • Giorgos thessaloniki
    Giorgos thessaloniki 28 days ago +1

    easyest series of all time

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 26 days ago

      2010 hawks magic....the hawks put up no fight at all in 3 of the games...but ill say this..the bucks won 3 games by 21+..thats never happened before....

    • AGK927
      AGK927 28 days ago