Jimmy Bullard gets SMASHED with tackle bags! | You Know The Drill | Bolton Wanderers

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
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    Jimmy and Tubes took a trip up to Bolton to take on Dennis Politic and Sonny Graham in a hilarious episode of You Know The Drill.
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Comments • 153

    LUCKYDUCKY 62 7 days ago

    COYWM, Keith Hills super white army

  • Mundo Productions
    Mundo Productions 12 days ago +1

    Keith Hill and Flitcroft look like they're building a very happy positive team at Wanderers, that Politic looks like some player, hope they can keep him, also hope they stay up and push on.

  • Ryan Milner
    Ryan Milner 26 days ago +1

    Tube's Vlog brought me here, Classic!

  • MJ Music
    MJ Music 27 days ago

    0:30- You’re literally already relegated because of a points deduction.

    • Tom Hall510
      Tom Hall510 27 days ago

      we are staying up say we are staying up

    XTREEM 28 days ago

    Jimmy is Russell Brands' dad it seems.

  • danielDP
    danielDP Month ago +1

    We love a bit of tubes

  • Getting Stuck In
    Getting Stuck In Month ago

    Does anyone else think Jimmy Bullard needs to get his hair cut. Grown men with pony tails and buns really need that a good hard look in the mirror. They aren't big nor clever they just make me want to stick him in the nearest bin.

  • Daniel Connelly
    Daniel Connelly Month ago

    Hi it’s you know the drill, I’m at the famous Bolton wanderers football club with the u13s, oh no first team sorry

    • Tom Hall510
      Tom Hall510 27 days ago

      they are both in there twenties actually

  • Josh Burrowes
    Josh Burrowes Month ago

    Old tune 😍

  • The Meaning
    The Meaning Month ago

    Why dont they let tubes and Bullard run soccer am

  • Flackbox
    Flackbox Month ago +2

    Who TAF didn't like this?! Best EVER

  • Chazza- 0161
    Chazza- 0161 Month ago +2

    Funniest you know the drill I've seen 😂

  • Chocolate Cake
    Chocolate Cake Month ago

    dude at 4:36 is savage

  • Bilal Patel
    Bilal Patel Month ago +1

    4:32 😂😂😂

  • IRoaruk
    IRoaruk Month ago

    Stop fanning about Jimbo lol

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago

    nice mop jimmy

  • The1Floyd
    The1Floyd Month ago +3

    Quite emotional this one actually if you are a big football fan. This awesome club could have been gone, hope they're back up and running soon.

    • XTREEM
      XTREEM 27 days ago

      @Tom Hall510 Asked Thogden and put a shout out for one on the latest Keith Hill interview. It would be nice to see. Marc Ills mentioned it in his match report at The Bolton News mate.

    • Tom Hall510
      Tom Hall510 27 days ago

      @XTREEM no, is there a video

    • XTREEM
      XTREEM 27 days ago

      @Tom Hall510 Aaaaand we're off... Good result at Bristol... Did you see Sharon Brittan bouncing around the touchline? Amazing to see... Love that woman!

    • Tom Hall510
      Tom Hall510 27 days ago +1

      yes lad, we will rise again

    • XTREEM
      XTREEM 28 days ago

      Thank you... 😊 From Bolton

  • Lapo Lattuada
    Lapo Lattuada Month ago +1

    Come to Italy

  • Lapo Lattuada
    Lapo Lattuada Month ago

    Jimmy bullard i love uuuu

  • Luke
    Luke Month ago +3

    Tubes should be there every week

  • Lingard YT
    Lingard YT Month ago +5

    Most unique, funny and beneficial drills ive seen on here

  • Billey Taylor
    Billey Taylor Month ago +1

    That was absolute class 😂😂😂😂👏

  • Aaron Jones Football aberdeen

    Hey jimm

  • Oliver Keaney
    Oliver Keaney Month ago +2

    Jimmy's a good sport, you've got to love em.

    LAKKISS1 Month ago +1

    Pmsl how can you not love Jimmy Banter Bullard! ⚽️️😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

  • wayne choi
    wayne choi Month ago +1

    Hilarious😆 more of this pls

  • Gavin Fraser
    Gavin Fraser Month ago

    No Fenners is brilliant. What we all wanna see.

  • Rabbie Taylor
    Rabbie Taylor Month ago


  • MrHustlerHD
    MrHustlerHD Month ago +1

    The bull dog makes soccer am so funny love it never sack him

  • Sam Mullett
    Sam Mullett Month ago +1

    Jimmy getting pulled away at the end had me in stitches lol 🤣

    • Getting Stuck In
      Getting Stuck In Month ago

      Yes I shed a tear and found myself with a very important moist patch just bellow the boys 👍

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago +3

    First thing we've won all season

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago +2

    Up the mighty whites

  • wierdwesterner
    wierdwesterner Month ago +1

    Tubes squealing like Zed from Police Academy

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts Month ago +1

    What a save BY THE WAY!!

  • Tubes
    Tubes Month ago +4

    What an awesome drill , loved it 🙌🏻🙌🏻⚽️⚽️

  • Gotra Music
    Gotra Music Month ago

    Just shave it off tubes

  • willkunn
    willkunn Month ago +4

    Jimmy “11 degrees” Bullard

  • Danny b DJB
    Danny b DJB Month ago +2

    The team does not match the stadium.
    It's like putting a tramp in a mansion

    • john wick
      john wick 6 days ago

      Or a Leeds fan in a mensa meeting.

    • Tom Hall510
      Tom Hall510 27 days ago

      leeds is a shithole

    • XTREEM
      XTREEM 28 days ago +1

      The irony in what you say... 🤔

  • Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher Month ago +2

    Best one of the season so far

  • Jonathan T
    Jonathan T Month ago +4

    Loved David Flitcroft at Barns. He had amazing optimism and way of motivating both fans and players.

  • Jiamusiwanderer
    Jiamusiwanderer Month ago +2

    The funniest drill i ve ever seen)) 😂😂 COYWM!

  • Lee Matthews
    Lee Matthews Month ago

    I can see why their in trouble now ...🤨

  • DSS -
    DSS - Month ago +1

    Tubes laughing 😂😂

  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper Month ago +3

    Do a u know the drill with Birmingham City

  • Totalavulsion
    Totalavulsion Month ago +1

    Never get tired of the Bulldog and Tubesy

  • jim gavin
    jim gavin Month ago +1

    Brilliant. Good to see the boys enjoying it

  • Hazman12
    Hazman12 Month ago +1


  • moltencicada
    moltencicada Month ago +3

    I Hope football wins & Bolton FC come back to where they belong!

    • Tom Hall510
      Tom Hall510 27 days ago

      were just on a league 1 tour, cya in a bit

  • Philip Thomas
    Philip Thomas Month ago +2

    Replace fenners I want tubes fulltime

  • Tim Biles
    Tim Biles Month ago +2

    Best drill in years

  • S C
    S C Month ago +1

    Really good to see Tubes so healthy.

  • Benjamin Palmer
    Benjamin Palmer Month ago +4

    Great video great to also see Bolton back

  • Christopher Fisher
    Christopher Fisher Month ago +12

    The best drill I've ever seen in my life 😂😂

  • Hajal Ali
    Hajal Ali Month ago

    I reckon Richard Keys would smash it

  • Izwan Hamidon
    Izwan Hamidon Month ago

    Old music so good..

  • Harvey Holden
    Harvey Holden Month ago

    4:39 😬

  • dude hiking in cape town

    Who's the winner!!?? 😄 keep these coming YKTD! 👍👍

  • Kevin Hamilton
    Kevin Hamilton Month ago +1

    More of this, old school, love it!

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    +5 for off target, not a save.

  • Lee Stanny
    Lee Stanny Month ago +1

    Haha Quality 😆