• Published on Apr 8, 2018

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  • Big Bois
    Big Bois 3 days ago +1

    You should do a video about Ignoring Koda or cooper

  • Wolfie and Weasel
    Wolfie and Weasel 4 days ago


  • Archisman Das
    Archisman Das 6 days ago

    Big and beautiful as alwayyyyyys😍😍

  • Rayalin Dark
    Rayalin Dark 10 days ago

    Cuddle Coda Sunday

  • Morgan Wanke
    Morgan Wanke 11 days ago +1

    Omg on the kennel up trick I laughed and my heart melted at the same time 😂😂😂😂😍😍🥰😍

  • Mik Plays
    Mik Plays 12 days ago +1

    Cooper didn’t react ( I haven’t watch koda’s turn yet) beacuse he smelled you and then he was like nah I smell he’s faking

  • Alice C
    Alice C 12 days ago

    They’re not stupid, they know what you’re up to 😂

  • zjow18
    zjow18 14 days ago

    i know there adress :)

  • Isabella B
    Isabella B 15 days ago

    Andys coming ... all the toys fall

  • FreeChild 7
    FreeChild 7 23 days ago

    Awww so many hearts!!! I think mine just exploded!

  • Potato-Frost
    Potato-Frost Month ago +1

    Who loves this I really do I think you do as well

  • Gr8 Old1
    Gr8 Old1 Month ago

    Damn dat booty

  • Drina Dee
    Drina Dee Month ago

    I think you should put a whole bunch of balloons in the living room and then block Cooper from getting them with something

  • wobbly nostrils
    wobbly nostrils Month ago

    I understand the kennel for Koda to make him feel secure but why do you lock it? Shouldn't you give him a choice?

  • Micheal Sameh
    Micheal Sameh Month ago

    why chels and trev not marry

  • TangyAnson -ROBLOX & More!

    They are smarter than you think

  • TangyAnson -ROBLOX & More!

    Dogs know if you faint or not

    SBR KID Month ago +2

    For the first prank you should do it in a doorway

  • The weird 1s
    The weird 1s Month ago

    Koda is so cute that he acted that there was a kennel

  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald Month ago

    You could say that, when you pretend fainted, Cooper literally crapped himself. LOL

  • Precious Nnaji
    Precious Nnaji Month ago

    Koda Is so funny #kibble

  • Ben Long
    Ben Long Month ago

    if u knock its called knock door run

  • mackenzie shimogawa

    You guys should faint inside

  • Berenice Rebel
    Berenice Rebel Month ago

    Why does he have to go in the kennel when they leave?

  • 50,000 Subscribers with No video

    Koda reminds me of Kawhi Leonard. Because he is so quiet

  • Mumin
    Mumin Month ago

    Koda is the cutest Dog i have ever seen. 💕

  • Corey Hassan
    Corey Hassan 2 months ago

    Christ that lady is fast

  • Amy M. or G.
    Amy M. or G. 2 months ago

    is koda a great pyrenees??

  • Marley Barnes
    Marley Barnes 2 months ago

    Who noticed that piture

  • diamond family
    diamond family 2 months ago


  • Danil Manison
    Danil Manison 2 months ago

    Guys. Was just watching this... And I know it's a late response. But dogs have a far better sense of smell and sight. They know when you are sick 😷 or not feeling well. I think the reaction was the way it was because they both knew that you two were ok and not actually fainted.

  • Juan Valle
    Juan Valle 2 months ago +1

    Make a prank by drowning in the pool

  • Heather Owens
    Heather Owens 2 months ago

    I think that you should have a koda Monday

  • Holly Wolfe
    Holly Wolfe 2 months ago

    Why does Koda have to go in the kennel but not Cooper

    • Holly Wolfe
      Holly Wolfe 2 months ago

      Oh ok

    • Redwing 412
      Redwing 412 2 months ago

      Holly Wolfe well some dogs dont like activities and prefer to chill

  • Hattie Yeet
    Hattie Yeet 2 months ago

    Koda Woda Wednesday

  • Omar Khaled
    Omar Khaled 2 months ago

    How do you live with two dogs and one cat?

  • Kathleen WIckizer
    Kathleen WIckizer 2 months ago


  • braia vlogs
    braia vlogs 2 months ago

    chels runs so fast

  • Modelhorse Lover_10
    Modelhorse Lover_10 2 months ago +1

    So cute how they wear the same color 😂 I ship it

  • Cora Clayluck
    Cora Clayluck 2 months ago

    I did this with my chihuahua puppy and he went crazy he was licking me and biting me and barking (not on camera) but ya he might have been playing but idk I feel like he care

  • Naya Alhelwe
    Naya Alhelwe 2 months ago

    Make an other video and try to make some sound when u faint. I think that will go better

  • Brianna Marie
    Brianna Marie 2 months ago

    it makes me sad when they pranked koda with the kennel

  • Alexis Zogg
    Alexis Zogg 2 months ago

    Cooper seriously gave a crap! XD

  • Brianna Harley
    Brianna Harley 2 months ago

    Koda is such a coach potato 😁

  • brandon playz
    brandon playz 2 months ago

    Koda like is this a joke to you 3:16

  • Kerri Holley
    Kerri Holley 2 months ago +2

    BRO why is there a pic of a damn butt on the wall xD

  • TT Barbecue OP
    TT Barbecue OP 2 months ago

    Starts peeing

  • monica varillas
    monica varillas 2 months ago

    Dogs can Sense if you fainted or dead

  • Maddie Sewell
    Maddie Sewell 2 months ago

    Act like someone is breaking into y’all house

  • Kaiden Ball
    Kaiden Ball 2 months ago +3

    I suggest lazy koda Monday

  • Bidisha Biswas
    Bidisha Biswas 2 months ago

    I guess, they understood that u were trying to fool them 😁

  • zach beast
    zach beast 2 months ago


  • Jaii Nation
    Jaii Nation 2 months ago

    Kute koda Monday !!

  • Jaii Nation
    Jaii Nation 2 months ago

    Me and koda are just alike ! 😂

  • Dinogirlneybor
    Dinogirlneybor 3 months ago

    I know why it didnt work its because dogs can smell if your alive or not

  • McKenna Elcock
    McKenna Elcock 3 months ago +1

    Just watched when chel and trev leave and Cooper juzt runs around CRYING. I think he does have seperation anxiety

  • вσrutσ uzαmαkí
    вσrutσ uzαmαkí 3 months ago

    Well, Dogs can sense if humans have cancer, so maybe they can sense if they are ok.

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 3 months ago +1

    Or Mabey the dogs just knew that you guys didn’t really faint

  • Shannon Coburn
    Shannon Coburn 3 months ago

    It's because he saw the cameras he knew something was going on