• Published on Jun 19, 2018
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 20 year old blacksmith from Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I upload a vlog from my day at the workshop almost every single day. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
    What do I make? LOTS of Damascus steel, knives, swords, axes and more and of course, I always love hearing your suggestions for future projects in the comments below!

    So if you want to see lots of forging fun, blacksmithing badassery, cinematic hammering and more in my Daily Vlog (#Daily_Steele) - please subscribe here by hitting that red button!

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  • Joe Fontenot
    Joe Fontenot 2 days ago

    What pen is he using?

  • The Sexual
    The Sexual 2 days ago

    ok what im literally your doppelganger. same glasses, same color hair, front tooth gap, i just have freckles.

    SAEGE 3 days ago

    How posh is this geezer

  • Donald Meadows
    Donald Meadows 6 days ago

    Oh man , show me how to do a high carbon Chinese chef cleaver

  • Gzus
    Gzus 7 days ago

    I hope you come back to this style of edit. I love these vids.

  • chuck winters
    chuck winters 10 days ago

    where do we buy the knives?

  • Alissan Gardner
    Alissan Gardner 10 days ago

    The Jazza of metal working. My god.

    DILLYDILLYLight 10 days ago

    Walker Farms sent me over.

  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes 12 days ago

    Squirrel master lol to much shuger pop's I imagine

  • Cam dog
    Cam dog 13 days ago

    Where do you get 15&20, i cant find it anywhere

    • giggityguy
      giggityguy 10 days ago

      Try searching for 15N20. He says it fast but that's what it actually is

  • محمد حسن
    محمد حسن 13 days ago


  • funny stuff
    funny stuff 14 days ago

    hello Alec. great videos, its not a video i intended to comment, anyhow have an idea for you. how thin bullet proof Damascus steel plates could you make, and send it to Demolition Ranch for a test ??
    just idea if it would work..?

  • Alasdair Thomson
    Alasdair Thomson 16 days ago

    I like your videos Alec, but just dial down the persona a bit, eh?

  • m666alkhalel
    m666alkhalel 18 days ago

    What pen is that in 1:09?

  • jdkid011 Jd
    jdkid011 Jd 19 days ago

    What kind of metal was used

  • Timothy J. Kucharski
    Timothy J. Kucharski 19 days ago +2

    "This Old Tony, eat your heart out" LOL IM DYING

  • Yogi Ramadin
    Yogi Ramadin 19 days ago

    wow so much work... way to stick with it

  • TheAvirus
    TheAvirus 20 days ago

    98% of the people who watch this type of videos dont weld

  • mega dino rex 737
    mega dino rex 737 20 days ago


  • Jab Hutt
    Jab Hutt 22 days ago

    Feels like he's on meth or something, looks same too:D

  • Carl Bernard
    Carl Bernard 23 days ago

    I'm not sure which I like more in these vids. Blacksmithing or Alec, either way i'm thoroughly entertained.

  • Jessé Ferreira
    Jessé Ferreira 24 days ago

    what a fuking amazing video, insta sub

  • Shady Lamp
    Shady Lamp 26 days ago

    This video needs more jump cuts and more shouting.

  • Armin Vollmer
    Armin Vollmer 27 days ago


  • Jared Reinke
    Jared Reinke 27 days ago

    I keep thinking of how much it sucks to fart while wearing that respirator 🤣

  • Paulo Henrique Wandratsch

    Please TheXvid stop recommend me this, has been 4 months

  • Andrew Boos
    Andrew Boos 28 days ago

    If Doctor Who was a blacksmith.

  • gottfer
    gottfer 29 days ago

    I think you should make up your mind between inches and the metric system

  • It's_The_Milkman
    It's_The_Milkman Month ago

    All these people saying they couldn't stand the noise of your speech don't need to watch your content any way. The weak shitheels would never survive a shop or metalworking environment if that's the case.

  • Roberto Juarez
    Roberto Juarez Month ago

    4:00 oml amazing content

  • Benjamin Sidney
    Benjamin Sidney Month ago

    Hi Alec! Do you teach? How did you learn this craft?

  • zack worrell
    zack worrell Month ago

    You should rename the title - Watch me make a replica of Moreko's Maumasi's knife or maybe give a bigger shout out to people's work you replicate and cash in on through your videos. Just sayin what needs to be said. I know you asked his permission on this project. He told me so himself, but seriously....more props to the artist is in order.

  • NoreMee
    NoreMee Month ago

    Hey Alec Steele,

    I'm actually a chef and was wondering if you could make me a knife. Not for free of course, but I would love to have a custom chef knife

  • Hank Clingingsmith
    Hank Clingingsmith Month ago


  • Toby Bardon
    Toby Bardon Month ago

    You have so much enthusiasm it's giving me cancer.

  • TheSebiestor
    TheSebiestor Month ago

    millennials eh

  • imRynzler
    imRynzler Month ago

    Awesome video

  • Jessa Garland
    Jessa Garland Month ago

    I've never seen one of this guy's videos before, but I just now subbed for his incredible energy.

  • Ryan Quin
    Ryan Quin Month ago +1

    That accent is really painful as an Englishman. Where were you brought up? Definitely a fake accent

  • Random AF
    Random AF Month ago

    you oddly remind me of George from Stuart Little

  • thato modise
    thato modise Month ago

    I'm from south africa, I'm pretty sure that's a texas flag.

  • ragnose1
    ragnose1 Month ago

    please dont call pattern welding "damascus"

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head Month ago

    Alec what kind of hood do you use? I’m new at welding, I’m 16 years, old and I want to know what kind equipment you use.

  • Luke Herrington
    Luke Herrington Month ago +2

    He’s like a straight, handyman, english Tyler Oakley

  • Felix Degenaar
    Felix Degenaar Month ago

    What is wrong with you?

  • Helado X
    Helado X Month ago

    Interesting video we made it a drinking game...every time he says damascus...

  • Matthew Lasher
    Matthew Lasher Month ago

    I love the this old Tony reference

  • virgil kane
    virgil kane Month ago +1

    I prefer homogenous steel blades . Damascus ' no Bueno ' !

  • Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke Month ago

    Is that a 160th soar flag?

  • iyan. jakarta
    iyan. jakarta Month ago

    good vidio to much talk

    ToyFREAKS Month ago

    Second time through watching this series! Turning into one of my favorites

  • Rehoboth Farm
    Rehoboth Farm Month ago

    Not a full tang? I like a full tang.

  • Dejan
    Dejan Month ago

    You're probably a good smith, but your videos are unbearable to watch when you shout so much. I get that you are a very confident man, and that so many other popular youtubers talk that way, but for some viewers... it's too obnoxious. Calm down, you're not creating a cure for cancer, you are just making a knife.

  • Ali Khalid
    Ali Khalid Month ago

    I get James Bond vibes from him

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln Month ago

    5:48 what is this, i didnt come here for math lessons

  • mahmoud al-sbeih
    mahmoud al-sbeih Month ago

    here i am TheXvid, i clicked the video ffs

  • Just Douce
    Just Douce Month ago

    You should try to get on Forged in Fire

  • Daniel Moreland
    Daniel Moreland Month ago

    I wish I could just sub/like more because I absolutely love your videos

  • Simon Young
    Simon Young Month ago

    You sure your daddy isn’t Hephaestus?

  • MilesUmbrae
    MilesUmbrae Month ago

    Imagine doing all that hammering on a piece like this with a smiths hammer...

  • AtomiicGaming
    AtomiicGaming Month ago

    its hilarious how his accent comes and goes

  • 6 6
    6 6 Month ago

    Don't get the crapmascus thing. All that work to get an inferior blade. Trends are for the stupid.

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions Month ago

    It's "draw" not "drawr".

  • Igor
    Igor Month ago

    Really? Nobody is interested if it would keel??!?

  • Hayden Huston
    Hayden Huston Month ago

    Cody you need to matty Canyon

  • Richard Evans-Lacey

    If Milo Yiannopoulos made knives...

  • Jumbochook
    Jumbochook Month ago +1

    tbh the damascus knife looks dirty not cool. Gotta get the pattern absolutely perfect.

  • Kevin Beltran
    Kevin Beltran Month ago

    wait wut... how'd he break that by hitting it

  • Sl1pp1
    Sl1pp1 Month ago

    The editing in/and the b-rolls are great, but way to fast in the monologues for my taste :/
    Still interesting content

  • Nicholas Coveney
    Nicholas Coveney Month ago

    His voice is kinda annoying

  • Gigel Frone
    Gigel Frone Month ago +1

    Nice Shout out To @ThisOldTony!!!

  • Rob Hospidor
    Rob Hospidor Month ago

    Omg dude shut up. Had to click away will never be back.

  • Frenne85
    Frenne85 Month ago

    3 mins into the video and my ears got cancer. I like watching metalworking videos but you try to hard with the way you talk and how you film/edit. Make it more natural and i promise you will get more views anf subbers. Sorry its a thumbs down from me.

  • suaveTech
    suaveTech Month ago

    his accent seems fake. sounds like the immigrant who calls themselves american but really moved to america to get the voice of a fat american

  • Joe Sparrow
    Joe Sparrow Month ago

    I’m only watching this to get it off my recommendations

  • Jacob Roy
    Jacob Roy Month ago

    I’mma need you to lower that Union Jack a couple inches... lol

  • isias anhao
    isias anhao Month ago

    IG: young_fip

  • bob bobby
    bob bobby Month ago

    everyones talking about his voice this his voice that, this is nothing but a guy passionate about what he does, if you dont like the video, just click off, no need to leave nasty comments like that, so unnecessary

  • Little Devil
    Little Devil Month ago

    whats an inch? I only use centimeters and meters etc

  • Callun Tennant
    Callun Tennant Month ago

    Employ me as an apprentice.. This is my calling!!!

  • Julie Cutting
    Julie Cutting Month ago

    Love the content, absolutely love your style! Keep it up. Haters gonna hate. Hey guys, if you don't like him/his accent/his energy, go somewhere else!

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    you should better be learn from a german smith!..

  • KdogPlays
    KdogPlays Month ago

    I love this guy but he has like a snobby Englishman

  • ProtectorKing300
    ProtectorKing300 Month ago

    Why does he look like the kid from "Meet the Robinsons"

  • John Folk
    John Folk Month ago

    How did I get here? I don't know and probably neither do you

  • Christopher Nkashama

    all that noise and no final piece?

  • edward_7155
    edward_7155 Month ago

    @5:16 never do that that again

  • Ken Heart
    Ken Heart Month ago

    You mentioned Owen Wood in your vid, he makes some of the best damascus in the world, I have one of his unique daggers for sale, if anybody wants please message me.

  • Krmelj
    Krmelj Month ago

    Inches and millimeters. Stick with metric, jeesh!

  • chris pytko
    chris pytko Month ago

    Real men don’t use electric hammers

  • umageddon
    umageddon Month ago

    Over the top editing. lol Really not necessary i M O

  • William Palmer
    William Palmer Month ago

    0:42 oof

  • Neil Z.
    Neil Z. Month ago

    I'm confused; You have an american flag and uk flag and what appears to be texas flag. Are you an american that was raised in the uk that lives in texas? Cool knife.

  • E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    That passion for pounding shows! I'd love to work and get paid to do a hobby/job. Jobby!

  • Yan Tse
    Yan Tse Month ago

    This keeps showing up in my recommended...... I gotta sleep, I'll deal with you the next time you show up on my recommended.

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill Month ago

    Pretty sure This Old Tony videos are unedited bud

  • Chris Marzarella
    Chris Marzarella Month ago

    I dont know what I liked better, the way it was shot or the science of building the knife.

  • Stalin
    Stalin Month ago

    You are the youngest dad I've ever met.

  • Trevor Finnern
    Trevor Finnern Month ago

    Anyone know what rod he was using in the smaw

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy Month ago

    I'm sure you get this a lot, but your accent and speech pattern are really cool! O.o (Ok, now that I'm reading comments, I'm seeing that you get a lot of hate for this :( Just keep being you, dude! Anyone who tries to give you hate for that isn't worth the time of day)

    • Cassidy
      Cassidy Month ago

      5:15 See that's what I'm talking about! XD I never hear people talking like that in my area and it's super interesting