Generations React To TIK TOK Challenge: Chinese Generations Memes

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • Tik Tok Chinese Four Generations Challenge Compilation Reacted to by Four American Generations. Original links below.
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    The four generations challenge reacted to by generations, original links below.
    Content Featured:
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    Reactors Featured:
    Tida, age 9
    Sydney, age 11
    Rae, age 18
    Troy, age 18
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    AMERICAN Generations React To CHINESE Generations TikTok Meme Compilation
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  • FBE
    FBE  Month ago +134

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  • Mo’nique Kamara
    Mo’nique Kamara 20 days ago +2

    The boy said dang she’s old I choked 😂😂

  • Cherry Ng
    Cherry Ng 20 days ago +1

    Tik Tok is a chinese app.

  • Niki91-HR
    Niki91-HR 21 day ago

    I wonder how old the oldest of them are..... I wish I knew my great granparents.

  • Jenny Li
    Jenny Li 21 day ago +4

    Til tok is the Chinese app

  • hazeeq razak
    hazeeq razak 21 day ago +2

    Mother:what?? What! Whats with all the yelling?!

  • Alex T
    Alex T 24 days ago +18

    i can’t wait until Sydney is on teens react she’s gonna be great

  • Mikayla Petty
    Mikayla Petty 25 days ago +11

    I swear watching Sydney grow up has been such a journey I just can't with how old she's getting now. Def one of my favorite kid reactors!!

  • Kendra Cuno Lavilla
    Kendra Cuno Lavilla 25 days ago +5

    YESSS! PERU,sis! 4:05 *Finally, I see a video of Peru in the FBE channel!*

  • Super Soup
    Super Soup 26 days ago +1

    Kids react to Eddsworld just search it up

  • JoJo Bean
    JoJo Bean 26 days ago +15

    Don't cryyyy 2:26

  • Mika Kookies
    Mika Kookies 26 days ago +1


  • Help me hit a mill With no video

    Troy is so relatable and he doesn’t give af about what he says 😂

  • Yasmine-Bambi Kabongo
    Yasmine-Bambi Kabongo 27 days ago +4

    Can you react to Ateez - Say my name ?? It's REALLY good !

  • q q
    q q 28 days ago +75

    Sydney is a lady of culture I have to say. She's wise for her age.

  • Tricera ops God
    Tricera ops God 28 days ago +4

    4:12 idk why it was so funny 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mitzi Cho
    Mitzi Cho 29 days ago +9

    I can't do this because my grandma's already gone amd I don't have a kid yet. 😅

  • Eldi Katanolli
    Eldi Katanolli 29 days ago +4

    Japanese people are very good from Kosovo lollllll!

  • Norizu Otoko
    Norizu Otoko 29 days ago +12

    i expected for some 5 generation

    DREAM PERFECT-REGIME 29 days ago +5


    • CarterJay
      CarterJay 27 days ago


  • Jimyr Ayson
    Jimyr Ayson 29 days ago +6

    Troy Didn't Noticed The Philippines😂😂

  • Wandering Flash
    Wandering Flash 29 days ago +5

    TikTok Meme? just say challenge

  • Camila Teixeira
    Camila Teixeira 29 days ago +5

    So warm 💚

  • Rose Bell
    Rose Bell Month ago +17

    He said he misses his grandma. I do too. But it's not because she's in another state, she's not alive anymore 😪

    • Rose Bell
      Rose Bell 28 days ago +1

      +LeafeonKittyKat your right 🙂 thank you.🤗🤗

    • LeafeonKittyKat
      LeafeonKittyKat 28 days ago +1

      Rose Bell she is always in your heart. ❤️

  • Helene Hedegaard
    Helene Hedegaard Month ago +3

    Eyyyyy Denmark

  • Panda
    Panda Month ago +12

    Never realised how big Troy is lol

  • Marc Ballislife
    Marc Ballislife Month ago +12

    Sydney for President

  • Michail Filatov
    Michail Filatov Month ago +6

    Damn she looks old 😂😂😂

  • Jerrica L Pierce
    Jerrica L Pierce Month ago +12

    This is the wholesome content we need more of in 2019

  • Gamer_Shrimp 88
    Gamer_Shrimp 88 Month ago +8

    I am the 8th generation of my fam😀 and we have 2 gens after us...and counting

    • JocosusDK
      JocosusDK Month ago +3

      Alive generations or since you became human ? :D

  • shaion martin
    shaion martin Month ago +9

    I actually have five

    • Muhammad Syafiq
      Muhammad Syafiq Month ago +1

      +bet lily i think your brother got six. You only got five. As the great nephew is not direct bloodline of yours (not your daughter or the daughter of your son). I might be wrong though. Pretty sure the memes had to be done by direct bloodline.

    • bet lily
      bet lily Month ago +1

      I got six.... my brother's son just had his first daughterXDDD

  • Kynlea Saylor
    Kynlea Saylor Month ago +6

    Both of my grandpa's past away and my great grandmother past to and now my grandmother is kind of sick

    • Dest Mae
      Dest Mae Month ago +1

      Kynlea Saylor I'm sorry I hope she gets better stay strong!! 💪❤

  • Ladybugluv
    Ladybugluv Month ago +3

    I only have me my mom and my grandma

  • Lesley
    Lesley Month ago +19

    I just let out the ugliest meanest laugh at "Batman couldn't do it with his dad cause.... Ahem. Too soon" XD

  • Jer Classified
    Jer Classified Month ago +5

    This was genuinely enjoyable

  • Theechaya W. Mulmuang
    Theechaya W. Mulmuang Month ago +8

    my great great grandmother from my dad is around 92 years old

  • Shadab Shaikh
    Shadab Shaikh Month ago +33

    Imagine someone watching this video after their grandparents and or parents passed away recently.

  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas Martinez Month ago +11

    This making cry Harder ..I lost my dad last year ... i miss him so much

    • Dest Mae
      Dest Mae Month ago

      Nicholas Martinez I'm sorry! Stay strong and smile!! Sending tons of love! ❤

    • 박미나
      박미나 Month ago +1

      It’s ok he’s in a better place

    • Demi LovatoFan
      Demi LovatoFan Month ago


    • Demi LovatoFan
      Demi LovatoFan Month ago

      Nicholas Martinez I’m do sorry for your lost💕

  • David Bergfors
    David Bergfors Month ago +3


  • nibraslm
    nibraslm Month ago +3

    Oh yeah yeah

    • James BrionesTV
      James BrionesTV Month ago

      nibraslm why do i kept seeing you in the comments?

  • Karana L
    Karana L Month ago +18

    The height differences have me shook

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool Month ago +8

    Top 5 unfunniest things that people thought was funny

  • SiMayAnnAko 17
    SiMayAnnAko 17 Month ago +6

    Awww I no longer have my grandmas and I only have one grandpa left. This trend is sooo cute.

  • Mullner
    Mullner Month ago +3

    React to League Of Legends Cinematic: Awaken

  • josef james
    josef james Month ago

    React to rage against the machine

  • Violet Francis
    Violet Francis Month ago +8

    My great grandmother passed away recently so this makes me sad :(

  • Val
    Val Month ago +10

    The only challenge on TikTok I like

  • Val
    Val Month ago

    The Chinese ladies are yelling out mom in Chinese

    LUKA PLAVČAK Month ago +3

    Kids react to Tool

  • Loyal Knight
    Loyal Knight Month ago +9

    Oof we have 5 gen in my house (my nephew,my brother,my dad,my grandpa,my great grandpa,still alive and well)

  • paper people
    paper people Month ago +2

    4:13 did she just call the lady a dog?

  • First Name Surname
    First Name Surname Month ago +2

    Wait tiktok is Chinese's too isn't it?

    • Yuhong Wang
      Yuhong Wang Month ago

      Yes. It is made by chinese company and published overseas

    • josef james
      josef james Month ago

      First Name Surname idk but I live in China and it is everywhere

  • 박미나
    박미나 Month ago +6

    I have my great-great gramma with me!
    위대한 할머니!

  • LyLy_Dorito_Cipher
    LyLy_Dorito_Cipher Month ago +4

    I still have my great-great-grandmother, Abuelita Máxima

  • chubs face
    chubs face Month ago +2

    Have the elders react to the Cure

  • Daniela Manole
    Daniela Manole Month ago +1

    Batman? Maybe better with Robin...

  • Namjoon is aneducatedsexybraingenius

    My mom's parent's live in a house in our neighborhood, so my and brother and I get to see them a lot. We go to a ton of like Indian parties in our neighborhood because most of the people in our neighborhood are Indian, and whenever my grandma, my mom, and I sit together my grandma always says cute crap like,"Oh goodness! 3 generations!!" *More wholesome please*

  • hazeeq razak
    hazeeq razak Month ago +13

    Mom:what! What? Whats with all that yelling?!

  • Judith MacGlashan
    Judith MacGlashan Month ago +5

    Absolutely LOVED this. I am only part of a 3 gen, but my cousin is part of a 4 gen, it makes me a little sad that my grandparents aren’t still around tho 😭

  • Gigglegal320
    Gigglegal320 Month ago +10

    Omg Troy's "too soon" about Batman not having a dad made me laugh so hard omg lol!!!

  • Ramon De Vos
    Ramon De Vos Month ago +8

    10:22 "They were calling mom and dad in different languages but we understood what they were saying without necessarily understanding what they were saying" Dude, it was something like Ma/Pa in every language, how can you not understand that 😂

  • Jennifer Xyooj
    Jennifer Xyooj Month ago +5

    how tall is troy? 😂

  • Nick K
    Nick K Month ago +3

    OMG Sydney got tall!

  • Turbo9987
    Turbo9987 Month ago +7

    Stop growing up so fast, Sydney!

  • Zaxx 1989
    Zaxx 1989 Month ago +4

    this video is better than FARTNITE

  • Stonemansteve II
    Stonemansteve II Month ago +3

    This should be one of those try not to cry challenges!!!

  • Master Tator
    Master Tator Month ago +5

    I know it’s four generations, and it’s wholesome to see them. Makes me feel grateful to say I’m a part of five generations (I’m an uncle and my great-grandparents are still alive and kicking).

    • Master Tator
      Master Tator Month ago +2

      Numayam nope. Everyone was in their young 20s. Close but no cigar

    • Numayam
      Numayam Month ago

      Teenage pregnancy huh?

  • C.DatAZNguyoverthere
    C.DatAZNguyoverthere Month ago +12

    Alright. Best trend of 2019.

  • Kūpaʻa Kaleo
    Kūpaʻa Kaleo Month ago +2

    I'd like to try this with my niece, my sister, my mom, and my grandma but my mom doesn't like being on camera (especially if it goes public)

  • Just Fly
    Just Fly Month ago +3

    Now you’re making me miss my great grandparents x) Still have my great grandma though but I know it’s not for long...

  • JanniEgebo
    JanniEgebo Month ago +3

    I'm 26 and I could do this as the youngest member xD

  • Steve Marinangeli
    Steve Marinangeli Month ago +1

    React to the band Westlife !

  • Steve Marinangeli
    Steve Marinangeli Month ago +1

    React to Westlife - Hello My Love

  • peachyseok
    peachyseok Month ago +6

    React to astro all night please!!♡

  • Isabella Blaaberg
    Isabella Blaaberg Month ago +12

    I’m from Denmark and I’m 14, and have 4 generations so I could do this.
    When my cousin was born he had 5 generations, our great great grandma was 103 years old ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alex VI
    Alex VI Month ago +4


  • LP Ylanan
    LP Ylanan Month ago +10

    "You have to protect her. She is fragile. Hahaha"

  • Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
    Fariha Mohamed Hilmy Month ago +4

    Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
    My great-grandparents passed away when I was a kid. My great-grandmother on my dad’s side passed away when I was 13 so she was the last great-grandparent to live that long 😭

  • CT Smace
    CT Smace Month ago +8

    My great grandma is still alive

  • Jesus Enrique Gonzalez

    oh this was great to see

  • Shaila Moodie
    Shaila Moodie Month ago +2 can we please get people to react to this??

  • Eshwara Shawn
    Eshwara Shawn Month ago +1

    Seriously what to do with Chinese

  • Alexis Bergman
    Alexis Bergman Month ago +2

    I’m 13, I could do this 😆

  • rylanuwu
    rylanuwu Month ago +19

    "I'm not a total chinese failiure"

  • Ludivine
    Ludivine Month ago +1

    I don't even have a ma to strat with

  • Thien Duong
    Thien Duong Month ago +1

    damn that white boy needs to chill da fk out

  • Rox loves kpop
    Rox loves kpop Month ago +11

    holybshit troy is so tall

  • OriginalSpectorius
    OriginalSpectorius Month ago

    I never met one of my grandpas :c

  • Just a girl With no dream

    I’ve got 4 generation but I’m separated from the first 2

  • XxPixel WarriorxX
    XxPixel WarriorxX Month ago +4

    1:53 I’m not Chinese but I understand to lol 你好!!!!!!!

    • Rey T
      Rey T Month ago


    • Fluffyふわふわ
      Fluffyふわふわ Month ago

      额。。。好吧~_~ 算你过好了。

    • Weeaboo Animu
      Weeaboo Animu Month ago

      XxPixel WarriorxX 你好吗?你美国马?

  • Oh yeah yeah police
    Oh yeah yeah police Month ago +3

    A year ago before it was a trend my niece mom grandma and my sister did it

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee Month ago +7

    I’m adopted

    • mayzday20
      mayzday20 Month ago

      Brandon Lee cool what’s it like

  • VampireMadonna
    VampireMadonna Month ago +13

    This is lovely. A trend/challenge actually worth following for a change.

  • jojo 1999
    jojo 1999 Month ago +19

    "Thanks for watching guys.....MOM!!!"

  • Jennifer Henriquez
    Jennifer Henriquez Month ago +9

    5 generations here! 😝

  • Britney Retess
    Britney Retess Month ago +12

    My twin sis and I are 27. If one of us had a baby we would have 5 generations alive :)

  • RG media
    RG media Month ago +1

    im going to strike the vid

  • RG media
    RG media Month ago +1

    your offending me jsut because they are chines it means you need them in the vid

  • Justin S
    Justin S Month ago

    Awe my heart

  • arolove
    arolove Month ago +10

    Did you know Cha Eunwoo was the CF model for Tik Tok in Korea?! Speaking of Eunwoo, he's part of Astro, and they just so happen to release a new music that the react fam should totally see!!!!

    • deadfriday
      deadfriday Month ago

      arolove smooth I love it😂