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Disney Buys AngryJoeShow!


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  • xXTheBl4ckC4tXx
    xXTheBl4ckC4tXx Day ago

    I see an april fools even 5 years in the future

  • Alec Ducker
    Alec Ducker 14 days ago

    Phew good thing this was just an April fools prank and not a terrifying reality.

  • RoadToDawn
    RoadToDawn Month ago

    Looks like we’re only getting Kingdom Hearts reviews lol

  • Hans Utter
    Hans Utter Month ago

    Shit...I like magical Joe.

  • Rath-O-McGrath D-Dog & DaddyMac

    So damn funny!! I’m dying

  • Zack Biagi
    Zack Biagi 2 months ago

    Agents of shid will never be cancelled. Well he's right about that.

  • Gamepup
    Gamepup 2 months ago

    I know this is old but can remake this with the "television curse words"? plz

  • Gaming Goof
    Gaming Goof 3 months ago

    That was pretty funny, they certainly are overlords now ironiclly, *cough* BNL

  • Scotty Höek
    Scotty Höek 4 months ago

    This is still awesome 4.5 years later.

  • Robert Morgenweck
    Robert Morgenweck 4 months ago

    I knew joe was insane

  • Sleepy
    Sleepy 4 months ago

    Jon looks miserable

  • Stefan Denchev
    Stefan Denchev 4 months ago

    Hey it's Markimoo

  • Garry Superales
    Garry Superales 5 months ago

    Too bad it was released on that day. Would have been cool if it had not

  • Leonardo da Vinci
    Leonardo da Vinci 5 months ago +1

    Oh hahaha Joe very funny.

  • Mega crokert
    Mega crokert 5 months ago

    I know it is FAKE??!?;?!;!?!;!!!;

  • Stardust Duck
    Stardust Duck 5 months ago

    Even Kingdom hearts ?

  • Jay Ess
    Jay Ess 5 months ago

    1:51 Fuck yeah

  • Henry Toliver
    Henry Toliver 6 months ago +1

    Me from 4 years later. This shit is actually coming true.

  • foomba doomba
    foomba doomba 7 months ago

    Well shit

  • Smelly Fries
    Smelly Fries 7 months ago

    Please kill me!

  • kbforme
    kbforme 7 months ago

    Kinda sux you are shilling for EA now, you know very well it's not about man babies upset there is a woman in a game, it's about normal people not wanting sjw bullshit shoved into their entertainment. Instead of talking shit how about you find us some pictures of all the crippled females who served on the front lines for the allies? Would be fine if they made an alternate reality type of game, just don't tell me it's a plausible scenario in our current reality, it's not, no 1 armed ginger women served with British forces, blacks were also not allowed to serve in white units. Make your inclusive sjw shit, that's fine if that is what you are into, just don't turn around and piss and cry at me because I dislike regressive liberal politics just about as much as i dislike college age millennial fucking retards attempting to rewrite history so it fits neatly into their fucked up "diverse" world view. Why the fuck does a mature rated violent as shit war game need to give little girls a role model to look up to? A role model they can never be in reality because women are not tough badasses, they are physically weaker than men and as such make shit soldiers. In reality the only thing putting a woman on the front lines would do is put the lives of all the other soldiers at risk as she is unable to preform a soldiers duties as well as a man. None of you liberal shit bags care about that, as long as it's inclusive you don't care if American soldiers die. I used to respect you joe, now you can go die on the "get woke go broke" hill with all your shill money for all i care, real gamers are fed up with the politics in games and this will all come to an end very soon, probably right after EA drops the bottom out of the AAA game market with bullshit like battlefield and their micro transactions, which you love now apparently. "We got rid of loot boxes guys don't worry, now we have air drops", seriously go fuck yourself. The only solace I can take from any of this is knowing that history will remember all you people as the assholes who tried to destroy society with forced diversity and the greedy little piggies who shilled out their souls to help.

  • Billboard Braggins
    Billboard Braggins 7 months ago

    "I am maaaagical jooooeeee !"

  • Adnan Asif
    Adnan Asif 7 months ago +1

    This is not funny
    This is horrific !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Animus Lupi N7
    Animus Lupi N7 8 months ago

    Back in 2018. Still great in 2018.

  • Kristian White
    Kristian White 8 months ago

    Bro but Return to Neverland was good tho

  • Darksky1001able
    Darksky1001able 8 months ago

    I prefer watching The Wire.

  • Zachary Mellinger
    Zachary Mellinger 9 months ago +1

    Aw man, april fools, I was hoping to sub to you, until I saw the date. This episode was interesting, for the first one I ever saw.

  • PianoKing64
    PianoKing64 9 months ago

    Huh?! He wears 2 shirts?! No Wonder he's mad! It's hot asf

  • Orotasan
    Orotasan 9 months ago

    almost 2k people thought he was serious

  • Karan Dev
    Karan Dev 9 months ago

    You could have been more convincing, Joe! XD

  • TheSillybigman
    TheSillybigman 10 months ago

    I was about to say you done moused it up

  • the Fox of Flames
    the Fox of Flames 10 months ago

    He said he dusn't like Super Man and took off that shert but had the EXACT ONE under it😂😂😂😂

  • the Fox of Flames
    the Fox of Flames 10 months ago +1


  • Jiren Fan2004
    Jiren Fan2004 10 months ago +1

    Marvel is the best

  • Dangerzone Gaming
    Dangerzone Gaming 10 months ago

    I knew the crack from Afghanistan would come back

  • Wan Shah
    Wan Shah 11 months ago

    Lol!!!! Great video😂😂😂😂

  • Decade convoy
    Decade convoy 11 months ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha joker

  • Jose Taveras
    Jose Taveras 11 months ago

    When i wacthed this for the first time im like this better be a joke.

  • Ragadan Aviatori
    Ragadan Aviatori 11 months ago +1

    I got cancer

  • Tomi
    Tomi 11 months ago

    This was hilarious

  • MindofJay
    MindofJay 11 months ago +1

    If you had to check the date of when this video was released to see that this was satire, you're a fucking moron.

  • lizard guy
    lizard guy 11 months ago

    What is his leatber jacket called ? And where can i buy it

  • Ninja KI
    Ninja KI Year ago

    Joe are u HIGH?

  • Potato Man
    Potato Man Year ago

    magical joe made me shit myself from excitement

  • Rolly Knighty
    Rolly Knighty Year ago

    Oh God, I really lol watching this

  • Bunko Funkadelic
    Bunko Funkadelic Year ago


  • TheNerdy Philosopher119999

    The mouse won’t stop till it owns everything.

  • Sami
    Sami Year ago

    cant wait to see joes club house

  • gonzalo perez
    gonzalo perez Year ago +1

    is 2018 and is more acurate now dysney buy fox

  • Enigmatic Engineer


    WOAAH Year ago

    Bull freak xD

  • Sanjuro4
    Sanjuro4 Year ago +1

    “and if you think I’m some kind of sell out a-
    “air head!” LMAO

  • david7delta
    david7delta Year ago +1

    LoL!!! This explains why AJ backtracked on his original Last Jedi movie review...

  • Sean Chamberlain
    Sean Chamberlain Year ago +1

    PS conspiracy theory do you think this had anything to do with all the copyright bullshit disney are putting you through now ;O)

  • Sean Chamberlain
    Sean Chamberlain Year ago

    LMAO i love you joe

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck Rogers Year ago +2

    Disney will buy Microsoft, and you know what happens next to your OS.

  • Theo Morrow
    Theo Morrow Year ago +2

    Classic Disney (when Walt was in charge): Follow your Heart
    Modern Disney: Follow the $$$$

  • ericsbuds
    ericsbuds Year ago

    oh my god lasdfljajasdf "that's right you *motorscooters*" I just died

  • Marcus Adamcik
    Marcus Adamcik Year ago


  • jamaxz
    jamaxz Year ago +22

    Who else came here after Disney bought Fox? 😀

  • Kaue Leao
    Kaue Leao Year ago +1

    I am in 2017 and this joke still makes sence

    • Angelus
      Angelus 11 months ago

      Moreso than ever. Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox...

  • computergeeq
    computergeeq Year ago +3

    I saw this right after i saw Disney owns Fox. And i thought it was made recently. lol

  • c0mpu73rguy
    c0mpu73rguy Year ago +2

    Hmm, TheXvid just put this back in my suggestions... Does it have anything to do with Disney buying FOX's cinema and TV divisions?

  • akfiu
    akfiu Year ago


  • Puss Boots
    Puss Boots Year ago +5

    magical joe is what i used to call my uncle after he disappeared forever. i would've told my dad but he left before him

  • CatNugget719
    CatNugget719 Year ago

    That's right you... "Motor scooters"

  • Luca Clifford
    Luca Clifford Year ago


    • Luca Clifford
      Luca Clifford Year ago +1

      This day shall forever be known as the day Joe fell from glory.....a moment of science, for a fallen warrior......(moment of silence)...fckin Disney......

  • Phoenix Amaku
    Phoenix Amaku Year ago

    Angry joe being bought by disney, congrats. But I give you 10 mins on next video till he rages

  • New Age Cinematic’s

    Can’t wait to see Joes most Happiest moments!

  • Jonathon Hindle
    Jonathon Hindle Year ago

    I love Agents of SHIELD

  • halkaloin
    halkaloin Year ago

    Finaly Joe..... Dont forget the high heels

  • Craft Cookiez
    Craft Cookiez Year ago +1

    Thanks Joe . I’ll disregard any reviews you do of Disney products.

  • Boomstick tm
    Boomstick tm Year ago +1


  • Red-Rook
    Red-Rook Year ago +1

    They gunna STOP you from cursing, buddy...😔
    Aw shit, you need to tell them naw, you good.

  • Foxtrot November
    Foxtrot November Year ago

    Magical Joe? That's stupid! I prefer the old AngryJoe because I've watch all the videos where you express all of your reaction on all the games you have reviewed. Let's not forget that you wear a lot of costume just to emphasize the games that you constantly reviewed. Don't tell me that you're gonna wear those costumes from disneyland, everytime you posted a new video? And what about the future of your shows as a game reviewer? Will you quit on doing game reviews?

    • Angelus
      Angelus 11 months ago

      This video is 4 years old.

  • Cornelius Johnson

    Wow congrats bro if its real, get paid bro

  • Redapple
    Redapple Year ago +2

    Imagine this is the first video someone saw who doesnt know AgnryJoe lol.

  • Tankanath poudel
    Tankanath poudel Year ago

    Lol joe disney does not suit u lol bro fuck that shit swear all ya want disney dosent care

  • Giannos Nathanael


  • John N
    John N Year ago +2

    Where the fuck are my disney princess reviews?!?!?!

  • Hazmatx220
    Hazmatx220 Year ago

    Is diz shit for real ?! O_o

  • VenomizByte
    VenomizByte Year ago +1

    disney. stop buying everything. if i make BLOOD-BATH studios i will not sell it to disney R rated gorefests for everyone

  • beep boop Beep
    beep boop Beep Year ago

    that mickey mouse hat was hilarious...😂😂

  • Kyle King
    Kyle King Year ago


  • WarGamer 42
    WarGamer 42 Year ago

    This is genuinely hilarious

  • spyrocyndersword 65

    This took a strange turn

  • God’s Rejection

    Disney is evil...

  • James Gilbert
    James Gilbert Year ago

    I think I just saw markiplier

  • Lucabratz
    Lucabratz Year ago

    Without his Supes shirt, he's naked so always have a second

  • Lucabratz
    Lucabratz Year ago

    Without his Supes shirt, he's naked so always have a second

  • Atomic Fart
    Atomic Fart Year ago +1

    Lets talk about Jewish people while in the Disney world

  • Brendan Kepley
    Brendan Kepley Year ago +2

    Thank God this never became a reality for The Angery Joe Show

  • lonely CAT
    lonely CAT Year ago

    disney is dajjal

  • Pyren
    Pyren Year ago

    Joe predicted youtube 2017 somehow :/

  • Mason McGlynn
    Mason McGlynn Year ago

    Wish they did at least you'd have a more steady upload schedule.

  • Razor M
    Razor M Year ago

    they saw that he has potential, so they bought it, angry Joe show... a Disney channel production...

  • Subatomic mule 3
    Subatomic mule 3 Year ago

    anyone seen the gif of joe at the end of the angry joe plays Just Cause 3 vid?

  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan Year ago


  • P
    P Year ago

    Is this man fr??

  • Blood0cean
    Blood0cean Year ago +1

    its ironic that his channel got magically worse after this.