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Comments • 80

  • Candy Xrose
    Candy Xrose 2 hours ago

    8:45 when Sonic plays Fortnite and he got a battle royale

  • Altair Alter
    Altair Alter 2 hours ago

    bruh, that part 7:16

  • ArrosaLeon
    ArrosaLeon 4 hours ago

    Woah he said asobi asobase. Respect

  • nic c
    nic c 5 hours ago

    Is a hotdog a sandwich

    • nic c
      nic c 5 hours ago

      Dose a stra have 2 holes or 1

    • nic c
      nic c 5 hours ago

      Is cereal soup

  • anita dervishi
    anita dervishi 10 hours ago +1

    well... if you have a battery a screen and some computing parts you don't call that a phone...

  • DaDARKPass
    DaDARKPass 10 hours ago

    WTF! You can still eat cereal or anything like cereal without adding milk!

  • The Redundant Mom
    The Redundant Mom 10 hours ago

    I saw the title and got hungry and then I whatched the video and I went and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich lol I needed it

  • Sadie Foster
    Sadie Foster 13 hours ago +1

    I love crunchy roll

  • the mind
    the mind 14 hours ago

    Does a hotdog count as a sandwich?

  • -Yamileth -
    -Yamileth - 16 hours ago


  • GillMeNow 504
    GillMeNow 504 18 hours ago

    Ok I do that

  • Aaron Anand
    Aaron Anand 21 hour ago

    It's not a mixture if the constituents aren't mixed together

  • Heart&Seoul
    Heart&Seoul Day ago

    Your taste buds are on your tongue, in your mouth. So it doesn't matter what state it's in your stomach! You are tasting two pieces of bread with topping. To better explain your friend's meat and rice thing. I would instead use the example of sashimi and rice. You eat it separately and that's what it is. But if you went by your stomach, then it's sushi.

  • Pj Bulaclac
    Pj Bulaclac Day ago

    Hmm.. what about Oreo? 😏😏

  • Xworrize
    Xworrize Day ago

    I’m just thinking about my pizza sandwiches...

  • Kenneth Jiang
    Kenneth Jiang Day ago

    if you smollal a mentos your spit will desoves the very very small bumps on a mentios so you don't pop when you swallow a mentios and coke

  • cylenzia
    cylenzia Day ago

    wait after we finish the crunchyroll free trial, do we have to pay?

  • Andrew Jackfruit

    PEPE intensifies

  • Wolf Dreamer
    Wolf Dreamer Day ago

    Who wrote what a sandwich is. Umm, that would be the Earl of Sandwich, duh. He is credited with inventing them.

  • Stuffy Studios
    Stuffy Studios Day ago

    Just one thing...
    Does it matter?



  • SnapNap
    SnapNap Day ago

    Yo i'm eatin mrice bro

  • blottz
    blottz Day ago

    a single slice folded over is a butty, so shes eating a jam butty and a peanut butter butty

  • SHORTgamer
    SHORTgamer Day ago

    gurl: *eats PB& j differntly*

    *argues weather its considered sandwhich or not*
    domics: THEN WHAT IS SHE EATING?!!

  • Sway Chavez
    Sway Chavez 2 days ago

    It makes it 10 times more funny when u realize that r air GUI good over godamn PBJ

  • GeolyteCR
    GeolyteCR 2 days ago +2

    PB and...

    My naem iz Jeff.

  • Joseph Ramirez
    Joseph Ramirez 2 days ago

    Dr stoned out of his mind

  • Michelle RILEY Oerter

    Pb&j? Nah, pb *then* j

  • Thibbs 2341
    Thibbs 2341 2 days ago

    8:29 They're not bALanced

  • Ender -s- 9254
    Ender -s- 9254 2 days ago

    Wb mixing both peanut butter and jelly then put it on a single slice of bread

  • James_Appreciates
    James_Appreciates 2 days ago +1

    PB & J v.s. PB and J v.s. PB n' J

  • Mr.Stargazer
    Mr.Stargazer 2 days ago

    The solution?
    Mix the peanut butter and jelly together in a bowl then put that on the bread

  • fløwer høpe
    fløwer høpe 2 days ago

    So if you only ate it top-down, but you only finish the first slice, did you still eat a PB&J sandwich?

  • C Garcia
    C Garcia 3 days ago

    This whole video had me cracking up from laughter. Pretty sure I am dead now.

  • Elliot Clarkson
    Elliot Clarkson 3 days ago

    Boys sleepovers:

  • Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

    @ 2:14 the bowl of cereal and glass of milk is exactly how I eat it😂💀

  • Ziggy Insidious
    Ziggy Insidious 3 days ago

    But let’s say you take the pb & j, put it in your hand, and never let go, are you a cyborg?

  • Sweed Chubs
    Sweed Chubs 3 days ago

    While people focus a crime scene, they’re focusing on a way to eat a peanut butter sandwich.

  • clay jack
    clay jack 3 days ago

    You don’t need milk in the bowl to have it be cereal. It’s still cereal when it’s dry. That’s like saying toast isn’t toast until you put butter on it. This isn’t like a sandwich where it needs ingredients in between the bread in order to make it a sandwich.

  • idk idk
    idk idk 3 days ago

    pb and bread

  • lock heart
    lock heart 3 days ago

    Never thought I would be so intrigued by a conversation about sandwiches.

  • Dos Dosru
    Dos Dosru 3 days ago

    By that definition if a sandwich has 3 peices of bread is it a sandwich?

  • Rodger Hammer
    Rodger Hammer 3 days ago +1

    Who else made themselves a PBJ after this?

  • CinShe
    CinShe 3 days ago

    wait... but the definition says "consisting of 2 pieces of bread" but it doesn't say it should be stack or mixed together so technically, yes she ate a sandwhich.

  • Fabeha Ali
    Fabeha Ali 3 days ago

    maan rising of the shield hero was awsome thanks for telling us about this anime

  • Croquette [GD]
    Croquette [GD] 3 days ago

    Now I want some mrice

  • Gabriel A
    Gabriel A 3 days ago

    are they racist?

  • mittempuff -
    mittempuff - 3 days ago

    4:39 I’m wondering if that’s an actual ahegao face (._.)

  • Melrick
    Melrick 3 days ago +2

    am i the only one who think that face is kinda lewd? its wierding me out

  • RandomizerUwU
    RandomizerUwU 4 days ago

    If you have a piece of bread, you put peanut butter on half, and you put jelly/jam on the other half, fold it together, and eat it. Is it a PB&J sandwich?

  • Juleka: Steven Universe Fan

    1:11 That person looks like me when lunch comes around

  • Mister Sir
    Mister Sir 4 days ago +1

    I know i’m late but what do you call a single piece of bread with both peanut butter and jelly? I NEED TO KNOW

  • Mike Wazzup
    Mike Wazzup 4 days ago +1


  • ƵiRro
    ƵiRro 4 days ago +1

    It's not PB&J if you eat the jam first then the peanut butter

    Because it would be J&PB

  • ƵiRro
    ƵiRro 4 days ago +1

    Who is "she"?

  • Orbitalz
    Orbitalz 4 days ago +1

    Hi there, I only need to get to 1000 subs and I'm 1/10 of the way there. Every sub counts..

  • Marcus Inocencio
    Marcus Inocencio 4 days ago +1

    I just put cheese on a piece of bread then fold it.And i call that a..DRUMROLL PLEASE

    a sandwich

  • Supertoast Oli
    Supertoast Oli 5 days ago

    It sounds like pp and j

  • Eu niceee
    Eu niceee 5 days ago +1

    Just letting you guys know, open faced sandwiches are a thing

  • Joanne Curley
    Joanne Curley 5 days ago

    What is your favorite sandwich Dom?

  • 111 111
    111 111 5 days ago

    Moral: It's about the journey, not the destination.

  • Dens! Animations!
    Dens! Animations! 5 days ago

    I don't really like the jelly, so if there's a PB&J in a package together, I scrape off the jelly and just eat the peanut butter

  • Mason Choe
    Mason Choe 5 days ago +1

    Nerds 😒

  • Osman Durrani
    Osman Durrani 5 days ago


  • Moja Monmon
    Moja Monmon 6 days ago


  • milk
    milk 6 days ago

    You don't eat pizza dough, pizza sauce and cheese separately and throw yourself in the oven and say you ate pizza.

  • r e d _
    r e d _ 6 days ago

    You guys need to do a video about cereal. What really goes first!? The cereal or the milk?!

  • D.S.C. YT
    D.S.C. YT 6 days ago

    what if you assembled the pb&j but ate it like a wheel

  • Lynn Arouna
    Lynn Arouna 6 days ago

    Guys think about it. She’s eating a PB&J just like some people eat Oreos. If you take an Oreo apart is it still a sandwich cookie?

  • Habib Azizi
    Habib Azizi 6 days ago

    'yesn't' is a word.
    fight me

  • Steven Purwadi
    Steven Purwadi 7 days ago

    Domics really wanted to flex that joke at the start that he re created discord.

  • emmet james
    emmet james 7 days ago

    Before you put the slices of bread together, it's a PreB and J

  • Ashley D.
    Ashley D. 7 days ago

    lol I'm kinda dumb can somebody tell me what curry is, and what it tastes like? Thanks

  • Joshiyoshi006 _
    Joshiyoshi006 _ 7 days ago +1

    Why does one of them look like kuroo from haikyuu 😂

  • Pierrine C
    Pierrine C 7 days ago

    Squid up?

  • arkongames
    arkongames 7 days ago

    She eats pb and THEN j

  • Vix Playz
    Vix Playz 7 days ago +1


  • Reece MacDonald
    Reece MacDonald 8 days ago

    This actual makes me feel uncomfortable

  • sierra evans
    sierra evans 8 days ago

    If you fold one piece of bread in half, spread one half with jelly and the other with peanut butter is it still a sandwich?

  • Mineral Ravenclaw
    Mineral Ravenclaw 8 days ago +1

    What happens you eat sandwiches for lunch or dinner?