Rudolph's Big Night - SNL

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Pete Davidson) takes out some pent up frustration on his colleagues (Beck Bennett, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Kyle Mooney, Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson).
    #SNL #JasonMomoa #MumfordAndSons #SNL44
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Comments • 1 084

  • Emmy Green
    Emmy Green 21 hour ago

    Loved Pete in this

  • Emmy Green
    Emmy Green 21 hour ago

    Funniest thing ever

  • TearLilyd
    TearLilyd Day ago

    I absolutely loved these costumes. Adorable ears and antlers. Dammmnn pete. I love it.

  • Amber Klein
    Amber Klein 26 days ago

    double barrel shotgun to kill a deer??? clever sketch though

  • popcp123
    popcp123 Month ago

    i just need to express on how cute i think pete davidson is. like 🥰🥰🥰

  • SirEriol
    SirEriol Month ago +2

    This was funny, but my heart longs for it turning darker.
    Yes... Darker...

  • Cognitive Chaos
    Cognitive Chaos Month ago +2


  • Mikie Mouse
    Mikie Mouse Month ago +1

    Woooooooooowwwwww. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Had me DEAD 😂

  • Alžběta Vlková
    Alžběta Vlková Month ago +1

    0:51 did he.... slap his ass?

  • Shombie
    Shombie 2 months ago

    I always like it when bullies get their comeuppance

  • Aaron Vincent
    Aaron Vincent 2 months ago

    Well, well, well....LOL!!!

  • Mr.CowCrawler Last Name
    Mr.CowCrawler Last Name 2 months ago +1

    0:49 the way his face lights up is just adorable

  • Jennifer P
    Jennifer P 2 months ago

    0:48 I'm laughing so hard if you pause it right here Pete looks like he's just so done with all of this

  • Aameenah Rucker
    Aameenah Rucker 2 months ago

    Aiden Mattox

  • Jordan O’toole
    Jordan O’toole 2 months ago

    Was that Jason momoa


    Y he kinda look attractive in this tho

  • pj hall
    pj hall 3 months ago

    Wait what does it mean when people like to do it in front of a mirror? Lol

  • Jangael Rosales
    Jangael Rosales 3 months ago +2

    This is my favorite skit with Pete bahA

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez 4 months ago +1

    "Whatever your bitch ass name is!"

  • Kristen Whitcomb
    Kristen Whitcomb 4 months ago +2

    Pete: “I’m smaller than you!”
    Also Pete: is 6’4

  • Nathan Joerndt
    Nathan Joerndt 4 months ago

    what did he say about cupid's wife !??!?!

  • Justin C.
    Justin C. 4 months ago

    Am I crazy or did Pete say "Donner" twice in this skit? Calling two different characters the same name

  • JOJO Gurl
    JOJO Gurl 4 months ago

    The voice change 😮 had me over here squealin

  • B Mandel
    B Mandel 4 months ago

    The SNL guys look pretty hot as reindeer.

  • New Trends
    New Trends 4 months ago +2

    0:51 Santa smacks Pete's butt

  • callisto623
    callisto623 5 months ago

    funniest sketch ever

  • Taryn Morvillo
    Taryn Morvillo 5 months ago

    Man Pete Davidson hasn't even CRACKED the door of his talent. Remember before Dave Chapelle was The Chapelle Show, and you knew when you saw Chapelle that shit was about to get real? I'm not comparing the two, that's absurd. But Pete Davidson (to me) brings a similar vibe, and it's genuinely exciting AF to watch - Pete's doing this the way only he can, and no one is doing what he just is. It's a level of authenticity, generosity, and an INABILITY to compromise on himself as he's still coming up... Pete's gonna be a legend. At something.

  • Marlon Mudzudzu
    Marlon Mudzudzu 5 months ago +1

    Pete is hot when does absolutely anything :P

  • Qasim Sonson
    Qasim Sonson 5 months ago +2

    2:01 "Yeah, she's one of those" 😂

  • April Simnel
    April Simnel 5 months ago

    "You like maraschino cherries, bro?" HA! Oh, damn!

  • Mint Berry Crunch
    Mint Berry Crunch 5 months ago +1

    Oh she's a straight up moose and you need to know that!

  • Scott Roffman
    Scott Roffman 5 months ago

    Jason Momoa in that santa suit is the most ridiculous and hysterical thing I have seen all week!

  • Kazia Franklin
    Kazia Franklin 6 months ago +1

    TBH just give me a happy Pete Davidson and I'll watch it 1,000,000 times.

  • Kazia Franklin
    Kazia Franklin 6 months ago +2

    Rudolph the red nosed reindeer... GANG!

  • XclusiveChiq
    XclusiveChiq 6 months ago

    Was the “Donner or whatever ur name is” thing a fuck up? Lol cuz kenan is donner

  • Jane Lera
    Jane Lera 6 months ago +1

    He’s like Neegan but a reindeer

  • regina cherise
    regina cherise 6 months ago

    Pete omg 😍

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 6 months ago

    And that's how u close.

  • Charles Lee III
    Charles Lee III 6 months ago

    Fatality. 3:40

  • michael scott
    michael scott 6 months ago


  • Larendes
    Larendes 6 months ago +1

    Pete Davidson look hot as shit in this skit

  • UnicornsAreNice
    UnicornsAreNice 6 months ago

    That Santa Claus ass slap!

  • Angeline Ignacio
    Angeline Ignacio 7 months ago

    the tongue at 1:57 oh my-

  • Psycho_TeddyBear 742
    Psycho_TeddyBear 742 7 months ago

    Says that while he's the tallest one in the room

  • zeitgeist
    zeitgeist 7 months ago

    “Yeaa she’s onena those”

  • Elaine Lloyd _ikyg
    Elaine Lloyd _ikyg 7 months ago

    I didn't like Pete Davidson until this skit.

  • Ash Tapiwa
    Ash Tapiwa 7 months ago

    3:26 oh hell 😂😂😂😂

  • Tyrone Wilkes
    Tyrone Wilkes 7 months ago

    1:54 to 1:55 is hilarious

  • nyah dixon-millender
    nyah dixon-millender 7 months ago +2

    That tounge movement at 1:57 😝 SPLASH!!💦

  • Leslie Alonso
    Leslie Alonso 7 months ago

    Pete is soo 😍

  • Fandom Random
    Fandom Random 7 months ago +2

    One of the best skits of the season. I laughed so hard the first time I saw it. Pete Davidson did amazing in this

  • Richard DeCredico
    Richard DeCredico 7 months ago

    Would be better if it had some funny in it.

  • Lesbian Amazon Sister
    Lesbian Amazon Sister 7 months ago +2

    Holy shit
    Rudolph is SAVAGE!!

  • La Marie
    La Marie 7 months ago

    I'm so sad this isn't available in Norway ):

  • Psycho Rainbow
    Psycho Rainbow 7 months ago +1

    Rudolf the red nose reindeer GANG!!!!!

  • dumb thicc wizard
    dumb thicc wizard 7 months ago

    I want one of those costumes

  • dumb thicc wizard
    dumb thicc wizard 7 months ago +1

    Kenan's hair lol

  • Ally C
    Ally C 7 months ago

    This is literally my FAVORITE SKETCH EVER

  • Beavis Kapowski
    Beavis Kapowski 7 months ago

    Love this guy. Ari can eat a pile

  • Nora Cristal Roa
    Nora Cristal Roa 7 months ago +1

    I keep coming back to this bc the shift in his tone of voice gmfu😭😭

  • killervegito 99
    killervegito 99 7 months ago

    I like 3:11 way more than I should 😮😮😜

  • HeyBoo Shelton
    HeyBoo Shelton 7 months ago

    I love the fact that they made fun of Kyle and Leslie with the Moose thing!

  • Goosmane
    Goosmane 7 months ago


  • michelle sosa
    michelle sosa 7 months ago

    pete sound like morty at 1:03

  • Richard Freeman
    Richard Freeman 7 months ago +1

    I always knew this day would come. Come with me, ho, ho, ho. BLAM! LOL!

    • Robert Castillo
      Robert Castillo 7 months ago +2

      Richard Freeman
      You can even see Pete cover his laugh

    • Robert Castillo
      Robert Castillo 7 months ago +2

      Richard Freeman
      My favorite line. Hands down

  • Richard Freeman
    Richard Freeman 7 months ago

    Rudolph is the Cleveland Browns this season and the other reindeer are the rest of the AFC Central.

  • The Everything Channel
    The Everything Channel 7 months ago

    Does anyone noticed that donner is Rudolph’s dad?

  • Hose mad
    Hose mad 7 months ago

    It really be like that tho

  • johnathan cazares
    johnathan cazares 7 months ago

    Is Jason Momoa Santa?

  • Unique Roundtree
    Unique Roundtree 7 months ago

    He is so fine

  • Sam Kunz
    Sam Kunz 7 months ago +1

    Can't believe they kept a talentless turd like Chris Redd and fired Luke Null......I guess outta the two one had to go and they always fire the white guy....

  • Mirza Mendoza
    Mirza Mendoza 7 months ago +2

    Rudolph the red nose reindeer gang!!😂😂

  • Sena Ntumy
    Sena Ntumy 7 months ago +2

    When Santa pulled out that gun, I died and came back to life. This sketch was too funny! 😂😂😂

  • Belle DeFala
    Belle DeFala 7 months ago


  • hilariousgas
    hilariousgas 7 months ago

    It's okay Santa, I deserve a little hazing ahahaha