Paul Rudd Gets Real About FRIENDS | The Graham Norton Show | Friday at 11pm | BBC America

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Well no one told him life was gonna go this way!
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Comments • 99

  • Jan Lebrudo
    Jan Lebrudo 3 days ago

    Crap Bag

  • Anthony C.
    Anthony C. 7 days ago +1

    His hairline is advancing, not receding. If he's got plugs, he has the best surgeon in town.

  • Trusha _Tungare
    Trusha _Tungare 9 days ago

    Damn he looks the exact same!!

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 15 days ago +1

    He’s still Mike Hannigan as AntMan

  • Sarfaraz sayed
    Sarfaraz sayed 15 days ago +1

    After so many years Still i prefer phoebe to change her name to
    The best scene i can recall between them..🤣

  • Tim H
    Tim H 16 days ago +15

    He should have tried that joke with Ross. They love spending time together 😂😂

  • Mercutio
    Mercutio 20 days ago +31

    Weirdly enough he became the most famous of the friends cast

    • andyottito1
      andyottito1 5 days ago +1

      Anonymous Leonard I actually really don’t care much for Marvel. I only saw the first Avengers movie back in 2012. But the highest grossing film of all time is the newest Avengers movie and Paul Rudd is in it.

    • Anonymous Leonard
      Anonymous Leonard 5 days ago

      @andyottito1 and how high exactly do you rate childish marvel films?

    • andyottito1
      andyottito1 10 days ago +1

      Lê La Lu What’s the biggest thing she’s been in post-Friends? Paul Rudd is a Marvel super hero. Jennifer Aniston stars alongside Adam Sandler in C- comedies.

    • Josh Ives
      Josh Ives 13 days ago +5

      I'd say in terms of post-Friends major movie roles, Rudd has the edge on Jen. I can mentally picture way more significant roles he's had over that time period.

    • Diego M
      Diego M 15 days ago +4

      It's Jennifer Aniston by far

  • LibiB26
    LibiB26 21 day ago +13

    I loved his character on Friends, him and Phoebe were such a cute couple!

  • bappa jani
    bappa jani 21 day ago

    Son of a bitch didn't aged a year but yeah his height increased

  • Luke Kiely
    Luke Kiely 23 days ago +63

    Paul Rudd is literally one of those actors that doesn’t age.

  • Nikunj Dixit
    Nikunj Dixit 25 days ago +106

    Mike was a pretty important supporting character in the last couple of years. I mean he was Phoebe's husband. He was on for more than a few episodes. I checked on wiki and he was on for 18 episodes which is pretty substantial given he only made his debut in season 9.

    • cyprol
      cyprol 6 hours ago

      I think he was trying to say that he was only supposed to be in a few episodes, and then they asked him to come back and it turned into a few more, etc. which is often how it goes for these kind of roles. I believe Janice was also supposed to only be in season 1.
      Not sure though :)

    • Worst Episode Ever!
      Worst Episode Ever! 18 days ago

      That's more then double triger who only appeared for 6 or 9 eps in 1p seasons

    • Allen M. Quinn
      Allen M. Quinn 19 days ago

      Agree he's definitely downplaying how important his contribution was.

  • Burak Anıl İnce
    Burak Anıl İnce 26 days ago

    he is a king

  • K P
    K P 26 days ago +11

    The way he ruined the moment on Friends set is the same way his Antman character ruined the moment in on moving scene..

  • Cormorant0512
    Cormorant0512 27 days ago +1

    Still gorgeous and humble ... how does this happen

  • J C
    J C 27 days ago

    He ages well. 😊

  • Govind Menon
    Govind Menon 28 days ago +1

    We don't deserve Paul Rudd

    MOHIL KARANGIA 29 days ago

    Crap.... Bag....

  • TrumbullComic
    TrumbullComic 29 days ago +10

    Either Paul Rudd really loves this story or talk show researchers do. He's telling it EVERYWHERE.

  • Sydney Henderson
    Sydney Henderson 29 days ago +8

    How does he look older in the photo

  • Javier Ruiz
    Javier Ruiz 29 days ago +3

    He got cloned hello!!!

  • Yamuna Deva
    Yamuna Deva 29 days ago +33

    When you're a genuinely nice person you don't age❤

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    Lmao that must of ben mad awkward

  • househansa
    househansa Month ago +401

    Paul Rudd : Just happy to be here.

    • Naomi Dixon
      Naomi Dixon 28 days ago +6

      I've never seen a person summed up so perfectly before?!

  • Jen _29
    Jen _29 Month ago +21

    He was a great Mike

  • Amps3000
    Amps3000 Month ago +2

    Mr. CrapBag I love youssss ❤️😂

  • usui usui
    usui usui Month ago

    mr no balls, crap bag, mike❤

  • stvp68
    stvp68 Month ago +3

    Friends made me realize that Paul is much more appealing with rumpled hair

  • Ilhan Tele
    Ilhan Tele Month ago +13

    He looks exactly the same

  • Kouli Kevinn
    Kouli Kevinn Month ago +3

    I hated Mike. Almost as much as I hated Ben. I still do actually ...

    • Ste Roe
      Ste Roe 26 days ago

      trildi she was a cheat, twice 😂 and Julie was boring. Someone else I hated was the black girl Ross and Joey went with

    • trildi
      trildi 26 days ago

      @Ste Roe What was wrong with Julie and Kathy? Julie was an angel and Kathy had great chemistry with Matthew. The writers just had to make them unlikable in the end, somehow :(

    • trildi
      trildi 26 days ago

      @winthorpetrois I liked fun Bobby, Janice, Kathy, Richard and Frank Azaria's character, although the writers really did a number on him :( Ben I didn't like either. Emily's character had every right to do and feel the way she did, I just don't think that the writers gave her a particularly likeable persona :(

    • g
      g 28 days ago

      winthorpetrois Phoebe and Mike were both so Annoying I skip thru those scenes every time

    • Kouli Kevinn
      Kouli Kevinn Month ago

      @Ste Roe anyone coming between Ross and Rachel was running the risk of being hated. I saw the live taping of the ep when Ross first meets Emily and it was another actress playing Emily that day. Still not sure why 🤔

  • Svet lana
    Svet lana Month ago +5

    Never have I ever! Watched friends. Love you Paul.

    • kashiandevs
      kashiandevs 29 days ago +4

      You definitely missed out on one of the better feel-good shows out there! If you're ever feeling low you should definitely consider putting it on! :)

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley Month ago +28

    sienna miller is looking at Paul Rudd like that can be my future Hollywood fling

    • Charlie
      Charlie 28 days ago +2

      I think you’re projecting some stuff

  • Linda Lauretta
    Linda Lauretta Month ago +6

    HATE robert deniro

  • MaddieGT
    MaddieGT Month ago +36

    He’s so underrated oml

  • shookdr m.d.
    shookdr m.d. Month ago +62

    crap bag looking like a still young crap bag!.

  • la pharmacie
    la pharmacie Month ago +599

    How has he managed to age 5 years in 25 years!?

    • mua2
      mua2 7 days ago

      Having money and dying the shit out of your hair helps. He does look great for a 50 yr old though.

    • Marvin Nash
      Marvin Nash 10 days ago


    • Adarsh Ajai
      Adarsh Ajai 18 days ago

      That's how unproblematic people agw

    • Anindya Sarkar
      Anindya Sarkar 21 day ago

      I see this as an absolute win!

    • car. A
      car. A 27 days ago

      Live clean, stay out of the sun 😉

  • Mane: I Choose you!!
    Mane: I Choose you!! Month ago +284

    "We did it huh?" 😂😂 legend

    • SabakuJoseph
      SabakuJoseph 19 days ago +5

      Paul Rudd: Hey Look at us,
      who would have thought?
      Not Me

  • Shan Wickremesinghe
    Shan Wickremesinghe Month ago +287


    • paul sticks
      paul sticks 27 days ago +3

      Shan He is one of the few who doesnt molest children and do drugs and drink all day, thats how

    • David Dove
      David Dove Month ago +1

      It's all that Quantum Realm radiation.

    • Z T
      Z T Month ago +5

      He's secretly a vampire. Him and Keanu Reeves never gets old ❤️

    • outlawstars100
      outlawstars100 Month ago +2

      He doesn't though, he looks like 10-15yrs older

  • 4sara12
    4sara12 Month ago +135

    Holy shit Paul Rudd was in everything

    • 4sara12
      4sara12 16 days ago

      Richard Pabroquez yeah very true and he defo hasn’t aged either

    • Richard Pabroquez
      Richard Pabroquez 16 days ago

      Craig robinson too. The guy appeared in friends, brooklyn99 and the office. Maybe not as famous as him but still, a lowkey part of successful shows.

    • 4sara12
      4sara12 21 day ago +1

      Anindya Sarkar omg yeahh!!! I’m telling you he’s been in everything since the 90s

    • Anindya Sarkar
      Anindya Sarkar 21 day ago

      Even in Parks and Recreation

    • 4sara12
      4sara12 24 days ago

      Wubba Wubba yeahhh lmao omg and he still looks so young

  • TheWebStylist
    TheWebStylist Month ago +3

    It would be great to give credits to the celebs on the episodes and what they’re promoting etc (I just subscribed and had no clue who she was or why the legendary DeNiro w them etc) 👍🏻

  • Prithvi haas
    Prithvi haas Month ago +481

    It's "crap bag" everybody! 😂

    • Ataur Rahman
      Ataur Rahman 26 days ago +4

      No middle name? Just first name crap, last name bag?😂

    • Shawn McLaughlin
      Shawn McLaughlin 29 days ago +4

      Prithvi haas "if you have trouble remembering, just think of a bag of crap"

  • Printesa TrOuble
    Printesa TrOuble Month ago +13

    Funny vampires are the best kind of vampires ❤️

  • Matthewjim
    Matthewjim Month ago +36

    They better bring Paul Rudd back

  • Aryaman
    Aryaman Month ago +33

    Crap Bag.