► Vicious Beauties - The Secret World Of The Jellyfish (Full Documentary, HD)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2013
  • The family of the jellyfish or medusae are not only the most venomous ocean inhabitants but also some of the deepest divers. Medusae have been found as deep as 8.300 meters. Their existence is paramount to the oceans. Many of the large migrations of fish and mammals would not be possible without the existence of jellies. They are a crucial part of the food chain, many fish feed on jellies and in turn mammals or larger migratory predators feed on fish.The scientist Gerhard Jarms of the Zoological Institute of the University of Hamburg takes us on a journey into the exotic world of jellyfish. He is one of the most renowned medusae scientists in the world. Our expedition begins in the northern Atlantic where we will find the mysterious periphylla. We will continue on to the Azores in the Atlantic. There we will search for the XY jellies that seek shelter in caves in rough seas.
    In the Pacific we will swim with the jellies in the famous Jellyfish Lake and last but not
    least we will explore some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs of western Papua. And at the very end danger lurks around every corner as we set out to search off Australia's coast for the fatal sea wasp- one of the most poisonous ocean inhabitants. In the Pacific we will swim with the jellies in the famous Jellyfish Lake and last but not
    least we will explore some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs of western Papua. And at the very end danger lurks around every corner as we set out to search off Australia's coast for the fatal sea wasp- one of the most poisonous ocean inhabitants.
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  • Marianne Way
    Marianne Way 7 years ago +255

    This is an amazing documentary!
    More information : this video was probably made before the discovery, but we now know why the crowned medusa (peryphilla peryphilla) is red. In the deep sea, no red light is normally supposed to be present because of the darkness, so many deep sea animals' eyes are not able to see red light. Therefore, animals that might feed on the jellyfish probably won't see it and peryphilla peryphilla will pass unseen.
    Many other animals in the deep sea are red or use red light either to hide or hunt. For more information about the deep sea, watch the second episode of the BBC's "The Blue Planet".

    • Victor McClellan
      Victor McClellan 9 months ago +1

      Did ya know some Jellyfish are biological immortal? Can´t believe they didn't mention that in the vid but some could technically have been alive for 66 million years if they could have somehow avoided getting eaten for that long.

    • Harry
      Harry 2 years ago +1

      Thanks for the fact!

    • Irene Abbock
      Irene Abbock 3 years ago +1

      Marianne Way Yes couldn’t agree with you more, have watched it and learned so much ! Fascinating documentary indeed

    • Mistfall
      Mistfall 4 years ago +1

      Marianne Way also being red means if the animal is eaten the preditor that eats said Medusa will not give itself away to larger creaters

  • Tracee J
    Tracee J 5 years ago +36

    I was the unfortunate victim of a man o' war "jellyfish" and i can tell you that it was the most excruciating pain I've ever felt in my life. I was 10, visiting Florida for the second time and came across a full blown adult headed to shore. i picked it up with my hands not being told what it was. I learned my lesson!

  • Abby R
    Abby R 6 years ago +27

    THIS is what a documentary is supposed to be like. Extremely well done!

  • SomniumStrife
    SomniumStrife 8 years ago +213

    They may sting like heck but you have to admit, they are beautiful creatures.

  • 3SYDO
    3SYDO 2 years ago +12

    What a great documentary. Looked it up for my daughter who is studying jellyfish for her school speech. She is now prepared, confident & in awe of these beautiful creatures. Thank you for sharing 🤙🏽 NZ

    • Jojo
      Jojo Year ago

      @cruisepaige kids don’t learn any more with the internet and even worse when mums do the research plonk them in front of this and say “take notes” smh

    • cruisepaige
      cruisepaige 2 years ago +1

      3SYDO because you did her “research” for her. Smfh

  • MyOptics!
    MyOptics! 7 years ago +70

    Jellyfish are fascinating, but some are downright scary too!

    • Victor McClellan
      Victor McClellan 9 months ago +1

      Names like Medusa and Man o´war doesn't help

    • Ginrai
      Ginrai Year ago +1

      @Adrianna W. f

    • Adrianna W.
      Adrianna W. Year ago +3

      Before quarantine hit, the California Academy of Sciences was going to open a jellyfish exhibit. I was so excited because it was on my birthday and I was going to go with my friends. Sadly, quarantine ruined it but I'm hopeful I will get to see it one day.

    • Free Documentary
      Free Documentary  7 years ago +9

      They absolutely are!

  • Diraphity
    Diraphity 8 years ago +104

    That salt-water lake that was isolated from the lagoon is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

  • CerebralOrigami
    CerebralOrigami Year ago +19

    When I was 10, I got stung in the face and chest by a blue Portuguese Man O War. It was extremely painful. The doctor put meat tenderizer on the areas so the stings would fallout. Fortunately the pain lasted only a few hours.

    • CerebralOrigami
      CerebralOrigami 7 months ago

      @Dra g No. It just hurt like crazy.

    • Dra g
      Dra g 7 months ago

      Did you got scars?

  • Engrafted Word Ministries Arizona

    I have a phobia of ocean creatures, though I've never swam in the ocean, I've visited it many times from the beach. Creatures like these and sharks are what keep me out of the water....they're amazing to look at on a video.

    • Jojo
      Jojo Year ago +1

      @world weekly newz haha like the way ya think it’s so true we can’t breathe under water so we aren’t meant to be there

    • Jojo
      Jojo Year ago +1

      I’m scared that il look up and see a hundred foot wall of tsunami 🌊 coming at me I’m petrified of it

    • world weekly newz
      world weekly newz Year ago +4

      No you being smart keeping you out of the water. I'm not going to go into their house because they don't be coming into mine. I am just respectful that way.😆

  • SadFace
    SadFace 8 years ago +87

    41:30 Creating heat without losing energy? Holy shit that sounds efficient. It's like a heat battery that never dies out.
    Photosynthetic jellyfish? Wth.
    If life were a videogame, there would be so much overpowered shit in it.

  • Gabsare Sarg
    Gabsare Sarg 5 years ago +4

    wow there is such an enormous variety of creatures in the sea!

  • Rideca74
    Rideca74 11 months ago +2

    I'm surprised there was no mention of the Stygiomedusa Gigatia
    Only 100 have been photographed since 1920 due to the depth where they live. These jellyfish are enormous.

  • Eileen Thomas
    Eileen Thomas Year ago +4

    Thank you for this beautiful video, I love the ocean's living creatures it jest takes me to another frame of mind and away from life's terrible realities I'm trying to watch them all.

    • Free Documentary
      Free Documentary  Year ago

      Did you check out the PLAYLISTS TAB? You’ll find all the different series compiled into practical playlists.

  • teeshee
    teeshee 7 years ago +56

    Jelly fish are my favorite kind of animal. They always give you the options of puppies, birds, kittens, wolves, foxes, or some other thing, but never these amazing creatures...

    • Melonie Jen
      Melonie Jen 2 years ago +1

      Lmao who's giving the options? What do you mean?

    • apdroid geek
      apdroid geek 3 years ago

      i have a anemone pet they are closely related to jellies...

    • Moon Paints
      Moon Paints 3 years ago +3

      tyshi00 you can have jelly fish pets...

  • vidaripollen
    vidaripollen 3 years ago +1

    How strange,amazing and fantastic is this world of ours!

  • Info Channel
    Info Channel 8 years ago +367

    now this is a documentary ... I came to learn more about jelly fish not all these so called documentaries they make these days with a lot of glitz and graphics and personal stuff... and focusing on people who've been stung...lol

    • danlc95
      danlc95 8 months ago

      Has that classic old school PBS vibe to it. Very well done.

    • Jojo
      Jojo Year ago

      Us brits do good documentaries- I normally watch murder docs so this is a calming change

    • Sharminee Gofur Rima
      Sharminee Gofur Rima 2 years ago

      Long live the jellies

    • Alun Churcher
      Alun Churcher 2 years ago

      the music is unwanted and unneeded though and spoils it a wee bit for myself, but today's docs are rubbish and obtain a lot loader unnecessary music

    • Room 101
      Room 101 2 years ago +4

      @apdroid geek Why would you think that? There are documentaries out there about things you've never even dreamed of. Do you really think mere humans have really figured everything out, already? LOL, that's not true at all. You just have to be curious enough to seek out knowledge. You might try reading, sometimes, too.

  • Red_Doggo
    Red_Doggo 3 years ago +1

    This always makes me wonder what a life form that we don't share a common ancestor with would look like.

  • Chat
    Chat 7 years ago +92

    I liked the documentary, but it kinda weirded me out with how Jarms was basically the only one who got to talk about the Jellies.
    "We're going to Townsville to find out more about the Box Jellyfish. Here's Jarms again instead of any of the scientists that work there."
    "Now we're at Cairns, where this scientist would like to show us the Box Jellyfish's arsenal. We're not going to let him talk however, probably because he isn't Jarms."

    • Rockino
      Rockino 11 months ago

      @TripleHate You are telling me that 12:05 is stock footage? Come on mate

    • Jojo
      Jojo Year ago

      @Willow Lackett yup so basically the bloke above is wrong and chatting rubbish he knows nothing about

    • Willow Lackett
      Willow Lackett Year ago +5

      @TripleHate actually, this documentary, and many others on this channel, are made by a German documentary production company. They've beem making documentaries for at least 2 decades.

    • TripleHate
      TripleHate Year ago +1

      Not really surprising, the majority of the documentaries on this channel are just compilations of stock footage with this guy narrating over everything.

    • Ash Bash
      Ash Bash Year ago +3

      I figured they cut a lot out. And heres me wanting to know every single bit of information they have on every type of jellyfish lol. I'd sit for 3 hours watching that 😂

  • Mark McKnight
    Mark McKnight Year ago +1

    What an interesting video. That last little buddy, pacing around in the cage makes me feel so sad 😞. When I see the cute thing yawn with it’s mouth wide-open, I start to cry thinking about how bored it was put into a cage all by itself. How very sad indeed.

  • Matthew Monzillo
    Matthew Monzillo 3 years ago +8

    Very informative , my baby boy loves these shows

  • ruffa nuff
    ruffa nuff 5 years ago +1

    One of the most fascinating docs ive watched in a while great quality ty!

  • evagirlgirl
    evagirlgirl 7 years ago +1

    awesome documentary , great footage, great speaker, good text, great music

  • Althyryn
    Althyryn 3 years ago +5

    I LOVE Jellyfish. So glad I finally found a good documentary!

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen 4 years ago +32


  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 8 years ago +22

    I believe they are red because the color red is harder to see by predators. Some predators have "nightvision" wich they use to catch prey deep under the sea:)

    • Cee Cee
      Cee Cee 2 years ago +2

      @Kri MD Same goes for you, the use of proper spacing is also essential in creating correct sentence structure.

    • Kri MD
      Kri MD 2 years ago +1

      restlesswave The use of proper punctuation is always a good thing ! If you’re going to call someone out , work on your sentence structure and use of punctuation!

    • restlesswave
      restlesswave 4 years ago +1

      Psychosis WHICH you are smart but at the same time need to learn to spell

    • bone mastergaming
      bone mastergaming 5 years ago

      did u study marine biology class???

    • Benjamin A. Herder
      Benjamin A. Herder 7 years ago

      Do portugees man o war's have the same reproductive system?

  • Lilith Eden
    Lilith Eden 2 years ago

    A beautiful documentary about beautiful creatures. Thanks so much

  • cat bean
    cat bean 5 years ago +4

    this documentary is beautiful as it is informative and it is really beautiful

  • not in my world
    not in my world 3 years ago +2

    Actually, I've taken marine biology last semester, and the Portuguese Man-O-war is actually a colony of hydroids,

  • Sun Storm
    Sun Storm 8 years ago +12

    Great doc, but how come there's never any coverage of the rare peanut-butter fish? :^/

    • Jojo
      Jojo Year ago

      Haha because it’s British made and we don’t put them together over here 😆

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown Month ago

    By far the most interesting, factual, video. On each occasion when I digest this information, my brain feels smarter. 🌅 🌎 🌙

  • Peter Newson
    Peter Newson Year ago +11

    The 90's synths are really something in this one

  • Suzukisenpai
    Suzukisenpai 3 years ago

    Excellent documentary, especially if watching it in 60 FPS!

  • BigBitch
    BigBitch 6 years ago +26

    God I want one of those friendly ass wolf eels.

    • Knight Star
      Knight Star Year ago +1

      @wuttt buttt is thicc shutup

    • Knight Star
      Knight Star Year ago +1

      @Golden Dragon shutup

    • Golden Dragon
      Golden Dragon Year ago +1

      @Knight Star Why can't you add the space in ''Shut up"?

    • Knight Star
      Knight Star Year ago

      @Golden Dragon Shutup

    • Golden Dragon
      Golden Dragon Year ago +6

      @Knight Star Why would you tell someone from four years ago to shut up?

  • Darwin-Evolution
    Darwin-Evolution 5 years ago

    Gerhard Jarms is actually releasing a book shortly, and I'm excited to grab myself a copy: he's been working with André Morandini on the World Atlas of Jellyfish, and it comes out in April this year.

  • Elijah Stewart
    Elijah Stewart Year ago

    strange to see how much we've learned from old documentaries, in the beginning they say they dont know why that jelly is red but now we know its because you cant really see the color red in the ocean

  • Amber j Berger
    Amber j Berger Year ago

    Educated reporting, great job. More!

  • Matt Alhazred
    Matt Alhazred 8 years ago +28

    They're red because the spectrum isn't visible to predators at that depth. The lights are an alarm, an attempt to not frighten off the predator, but to attract a bigger predator to eat that one. like a burglar alarm. It's evident how old this doc is, we know so much more now.

  • Cookie's House Cannabis Co

    I'm more amazed by the lack of 20oz plastic bottles everywhere.

    • Lindsay Elaine
      Lindsay Elaine 4 months ago

      Facts. 😆

    • Butter Kan
      Butter Kan 6 months ago

      @Jojo did anyone ask for the metric system to be brought up

    • Jojo
      Jojo 7 months ago

      20oz? Gotta be American - everywhere else in the world we are into litres but nope americans be like nope we gonna stick with this lol I have no idea what the equivalent is for the uk maybe a 500ml or a two litre - they are the most common over here anyways googled and yes it’s like the small bottles of coke you get - we also say the names like coke Fanta sprite etc not just “soda”

    • Imhotep Hook
      Imhotep Hook 10 months ago +9

      The only species that deserves extinction are 20oz plastic bottles.

  • hm4steve
    hm4steve 7 years ago

    Very well done, thanks for the upload.

  • Евгений Стародубцев

    Thank you. It was very interesting to learn about jellyfish.

  • FallenAmaterasu
    FallenAmaterasu Year ago

    there is one big problem I had with this documentary. "the Portuguese man of war" is not a jelly fish so I do not understand why it was so often named and described in this video. Both Jelly fish and the man of war are part of the same phylum but that would include 11.000 species and this was clearly mend to be a documentary about jelly fish

  • Theodora Christina
    Theodora Christina 9 months ago

    Aetherial sea creatures 😍

  • Ballistic Bee
    Ballistic Bee Year ago

    Just one complaint that have happened over and over in this documentary even though it’s not true.
    A Jellyfish’s sting is VENOMOUS not poisonous.
    Poison refers to toxins that would harm or kill an animal if it were to ingest a poisonous animal or plant. Poison only happens when something is ingested.
    Venom on the other hand is a defense mechanism of animals. Venom refers to something that makes skin or blood contact then injects venomous toxins into an animals to harm or kill it. This can be anything from bites to stings.
    Spiders are venomous whereas mushrooms are poisonous.
    So a jellyfish is venomous because it touches its prey/ predators with its tentacles and injects venom into the animal using microscopic needles basically.
    Sorry this really bothered me and it’s upsetting that a documentary that is used to inform people if using an incorrect term. The only way it would be correct is if it showed an animal dying after eating a jellyfish, not getting stung by one.

  • Jess Z
    Jess Z 6 years ago +5

    moon jellies are my favorite kind of jellyfish they are very beautiful

  • Animal Artist68 Art World

    I've touched 2 jellyfish in my life! I've touched a moon jellyfish and a upside down jellyfish! I learned about each and every one of them!

    • apdroid geek
      apdroid geek Year ago

      Moon jellies are fun to play with, but they are expensive ashell when you try to buy one as pet lol... upside down jellies are gorgeous but they pack a sting

    • Davy Smith
      Davy Smith 2 years ago

      Congrats! :D Now go forth, and find more of them to play with! :D

  • Chanel58 Style
    Chanel58 Style 11 months ago +1

    Yes, these jellyfish may be beautiful, some. But after staying in Myrtle Beach for 5 days claiming I would not go in the ocean because of fear of jellyfish. I had watched all these other people including my sons swimming safely. The day before we left I finally went in. In less than 10 minutes I was stung by one. It felt like my leg was on fire. I saw my doctor when we got back and because I still had red lines, I found out I’m allergic to them.

    • Marcie
      Marcie 5 months ago

      Worst luck ever

  • Chantel Wensley
    Chantel Wensley 4 months ago

    Actually the word jellyfish evokes feelings of sensitivity, curiosity and fascination

  • Elaine Thompson
    Elaine Thompson 8 months ago +1

    They can be sort of soothing, calming sometimes

  • Dr PK
    Dr PK 3 years ago +10

    In Farsi we call them the Brides of the sea.
    I think it suits them well.

  • Chocolate Thunder Cherry

    So fascinating and great video of all of them

  • Gandalf The White
    Gandalf The White 11 months ago

    Anyone else start sweating when you see a swarm underwater? Like imagine if you fell in, OH MY GOOOOD!

  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 2 years ago +62

    Deep sea creatures:
    Submarine Light:
    Deep sea creature: *blinded*

    • Venomasmark14
      Venomasmark14 Year ago +1

      Finally able to flashbang underwater animals

  • Itsme 23
    Itsme 23 Year ago +1

    I’ve learned so much. Just amazing

  • Reagen Lionel
    Reagen Lionel 2 years ago

    I wish it went into more detail of how jellyfish eat and digest what they eat.

  • Is That a Spider?
    Is That a Spider? 8 months ago

    Narrator: This little girl is in great danger.
    Camera man: 😃**zooms in while she starts howling in pain**

  • Danny Heywood
    Danny Heywood 2 years ago +21

    ''We brought this one from 300m deep to the surface...oh it's exploded inside and died.''
    ''These Fish and Shrimp will do anything to avoid light so we are going to shine a torch on them!''
    Stop annoying other things haha

    • Gandalf The White
      Gandalf The White 11 months ago

      Yeah I hate it when scientists bring me up from the depths and I explode turning my insides into my outsides. So annoying man.

  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Michael Fitzgerald 3 years ago +2

    Amazing... Yes just amazing.. Thank you all for this presentation.. Just loving the impact.. Speaking of impact i would love to meet the people who gave a thumbs down. Google would not let me say more... But watch this marvel and like wow.. Pretty cool you may say.. Woow... Have a great day to everyone.😀😀🐟🐟🐟

  • Deep Recce
    Deep Recce 2 years ago

    I was bitten like 5 times during Triathlon race..feels like a sting from a thousand needles, luckily i suffered nothing more than just a couple hour of pain while completing the race..nasty!!

  • Sizwe Ndlanzi
    Sizwe Ndlanzi 2 years ago +2

    Like a graceful floating brain with tentacles, very cool!

  • Welcomedcompany 101
    Welcomedcompany 101 2 years ago +2

    Jelly fish: no hearts, no brains.
    But glow in the dark. Wow 😮

    • Katarzyna Wrzesińska
      Katarzyna Wrzesińska Year ago +1

      @Welcomedcompany 101 Yup. I like octopus too!

    • Welcomedcompany 101
      Welcomedcompany 101 Year ago +1

      @Katarzyna Wrzesińska I love octopus 🐙 because they are alien also ^.^ and they are smart.

    • Katarzyna Wrzesińska
      Katarzyna Wrzesińska Year ago +1

      @Welcomedcompany 101 And this is the reason why jellyfishes are my favourite animals. They're like aliens. But the Stygiomedusa Gigantea is my favourite.

    • Welcomedcompany 101
      Welcomedcompany 101 Year ago +1

      @Katarzyna Wrzesińska yea trips me out

    • Katarzyna Wrzesińska
      Katarzyna Wrzesińska Year ago +1

      No blood, no bones, no arms or legs... but it's still alive!

  • flow in
    flow in 3 years ago +1

    crazy. Often the beach down here in Hokitika, NZ, is covered with millions of Portuguese Man'o'wars (Tasman sea)

  • lisa bugzie
    lisa bugzie 7 years ago

    Love jellyfish! Sooooooo beautiful

  • April Gardner
    April Gardner 2 years ago +2

    I have a fake jellyfish lamp from the aquarium that looks real. So relaxing to watch before bed 💕

  • Tharushi wickramaSinghe
    Tharushi wickramaSinghe 8 years ago +7

    Wow! its very amazing!

  • ArcticFlower
    ArcticFlower Year ago +1

    This is what I want to know: are they sentient?

  • Hellen Mizaki Zurikal

    36:10 the best part so far 😂

  • Khataroo
    Khataroo 8 years ago

    Fascinating! I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary.

  • kitten48484
    kitten48484 8 years ago +54

    I need to find the place with the No sting Jellyfish!
    I always wanted to scoop some up and hold them!

    • Flory Ann Gadiz
      Flory Ann Gadiz Year ago

      My mother said they catch buckets of jellyfish and blanch it to eat the jelly head part.

    • Ballistic Bee
      Ballistic Bee Year ago

      Just find moon jellies. They’re one of the most common jellyfish species I believe and they cannot harm humans. I live on the west coast of America and I think those and egg-yolk jellyfish are the only ones I’ve seen in Washington state.

    • Phyllis Devries
      Phyllis Devries Year ago

      In Alaska we have those clear jellyfish. My daughter would put them back in the water when they would die off in the fall.

    • Room 101
      Room 101 2 years ago +7

      I'll tell you what holding them is like. It's like holding a big glob of snot.
      If you ever do get to hold them, don't be a jerk and throw them at other people, like those awful boys were. Jellies have a right to be treated with kindness, too.

    • Mary Piper
      Mary Piper 2 years ago +1

      the UK

  • David Schollhammer

    Hi my name is David
    I was in Thailand December 2019 till July I swam in the sea pretty much every day I remember feeling a stinging sensation at one point so I got out of the water to check if had any signs of welts or Mark's there were none I spoke to a local guy working on the jet ski bikes he told me there was no box or dangerous jellyfish I now know this is not correct I didn't notice any signs indicating a danger of jellyfish talking to locals at a later date I was told dont swim when it rained or after dark I think I was lucky if I return to samui I will purchase a wet suit.have a good day.

    VIDFIO 8 years ago +49

    I love seeing these creatures but not touching them, there are some really huge ones in the Black Sea where I go diving.

    • Lane Waldron
      Lane Waldron 3 years ago +2

      I got to touch some Moon Jellyfish at an aquarium. Their stings are considered not painful (honestly just feels like a bit of nettle). They are so soft and squishy! I have gotten stung in the ocean before at Myrtle Beach. It wasn't bad at all, they were tiny jellyfish tho, kinda cute. and It only really hurt when I was out of the water. I did get some red marks from them, but they went away by the next day.

    • zaywyd
      zaywyd 3 years ago

      thats incredible

    • Legacies TR
      Legacies TR 3 years ago

      VIDFIO where do you live? I live in Kırklareli in Turkey and I go diving in the black sea as well. There are some narly ones here

    • Myamdane
      Myamdane 3 years ago +2

      VIDFIO I live in Australia, which, of course, has the box and irukandji so I'm kinda screwed :/

    • Placeholder Doe
      Placeholder Doe 3 years ago +1

      Whenever I visit the Black Sea I pick them up. If they're moon jellies they're fine. I haven't seen other ones other than those.. Don't want to lol.

  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 2 years ago +3

    That wolf eel was adorable

  • Nathaniel Anderson

    If the jelly fish can't see, how did it develop bioluminesence?

  • deathglitterr
    deathglitterr 6 years ago +3

    Jellyfishes always fascinated me.

  • Gordon Kuusisto
    Gordon Kuusisto 8 months ago

    I gave a hard time understanding how someone can think that all this nature can come from slime. And more accurately nothing.

  • Raul Morales
    Raul Morales 7 years ago +2

    Where can i watch more videos like this?

    • jayaybe1
      jayaybe1 4 years ago +5

      Try youtube, I've heard they have videos there...

    FURRY GOHAN ZTV 4 years ago +2

    Watching SpongeBob from time to time I thought I knew everything about jellyfish I guess I was wrong they don't even make jelly😂

  • Wabo Motiki
    Wabo Motiki Year ago

    thanx for the doc

  • Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull Year ago

    Literally every jellyfishing joke from spongebob ran through my head.
    From the chant to

  • Princess Paintbrush
    Princess Paintbrush Year ago +2

    Why are they throwing my jellyfish friends like that?!😭

  • Jason Merrill
    Jason Merrill 2 years ago

    Marine jello pudding...yum yum🙄

  • RoaringChicken42
    RoaringChicken42 7 years ago +20

    Note to self: wear a wetsuit if Box Jellies may be near.

  • martyna Andrzejewska
    martyna Andrzejewska 5 years ago

    Did anyone read the book " The thing about jellfish" it is soooo good and when I read it my favourite creatures are jellfish

  • Tony Conrad
    Tony Conrad 3 years ago

    I got stung by one in Hong Kong. I have learned my lesson now. The sea can be toxic. Don't believe they evolved though.

    • America Lost
      America Lost 2 years ago

      Evolution apparently doesn't believe in you as well.

  • Trassl3 Celick
    Trassl3 Celick 2 years ago

    14:29 look at all those little baby jelly fish

  • Eric Kamov
    Eric Kamov 11 months ago

    *Jellyfish (as a collective): ''Intelligent design!'' . . . .* 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣

  • Karl Meyer
    Karl Meyer 2 years ago +1

    Wish I was a Jellyfish.

  • Danarius M.
    Danarius M. 3 years ago +1

    This kinda makes me fear deep ocean waters.

    • America Lost
      America Lost 2 years ago

      The sharks hadn't managed to do that already? : )

  • Sheena S
    Sheena S Year ago

    Great documentary

  • Joshua Rivers
    Joshua Rivers 2 years ago

    Not all binomial names are "Latin", but merely Latinized to sound more Latin. So, calling a creature's binomial nomenclature designation Latin isn't necessarily correct.

  • blindlemon9
    blindlemon9 2 years ago

    “Disgusting”? Most jellies are beautiful and fascinating. Also, Portuguese Men of War are not jellies. They are actually a symbiotic combination of two different animals. Finally, most experts refer to these creatures as “jellies”, not “medusae”, an archaic term.

  • Ghostatic
    Ghostatic 10 months ago

    Gotta love the colorful narration. The English always pick the right words

  • Mischa Maelstrom
    Mischa Maelstrom 2 years ago +1

    Tiny Medusas are adorable.

  • Mertali Akkuş
    Mertali Akkuş 7 years ago

    Good documents!

  • Stocking Cake
    Stocking Cake 2 years ago +2

    Some of those clips had ctenophores in them and although they're called comb jellies they're not jellyfish. Honest mistake though, I just want to be a smartass.

  • MelancholyCrypto
    MelancholyCrypto 3 years ago +6

    26:20 "The neon advertisers of the ocean" Made me laugh

  • Maverick
    Maverick Year ago

    After watching this documentary i feel like my skin sensor are cranked up to 110% 😬, i feel anything that touch me

  • Erin Bell
    Erin Bell Year ago +1

    This video made my day!!

  • David Buschhorn
    David Buschhorn 3 years ago

    Growing up on the Severn River (US, not UK), I hated jellyfish. We called them "sea nettles" as well. They'd come in around August and we still had to swim... Swim team competitions were held regardless of jellyfish concentrations and sometimes there was one about every two meters. You'd swim through them until your eyes swelled shut :-(

  • Brian Buttacavoli
    Brian Buttacavoli 2 years ago

    as a jellyfish myself, i am glad we do not have to deal with yellow teeth.

  • ZOO Scott
    ZOO Scott 2 years ago

    If they're not dangerous why am I frightened for them ☠ :