Sea of Thieves - E3 2018 - Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores Announce


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  • sokolCZ
    sokolCZ 6 days ago

    that forsaken shores and cursed sails. its AWESOME!!!

    • Xbox
      Xbox  6 days ago

      Glad you're having so much fun with it!

  • Nova
    Nova 7 days ago

    All the factions are cheapskates, I find a captain's chest and the gold hoarder only gives me 400 coins.

  • DatsAGamer
    DatsAGamer 7 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the little dinghy boat in the lava scene? Please say they are adding that!!

  • Zer0Sum1
    Zer0Sum1 8 days ago

    i think that the forsaken shores might take place in the red sea

  • SuBreeZe09
    SuBreeZe09 10 days ago

    Will there ever be a chance to get the ebon flintlock again?

  • shadow 34
    shadow 34 12 days ago

    WTF 5 million views? ..

  • Alexander Lyashenko
    Alexander Lyashenko 12 days ago

    Like norms!

  • HrcoGGO
    HrcoGGO 13 days ago

    i want this game and all my friend want this game an we want buy it but we cant, we are from Croatia .. thank you developers

  • Stunder0319
    Stunder0319 17 days ago +1

    i wonder if Forsaken Shores will be at the red sea.makes sense why the ships would break apart if Forsaken Shores rly are volcanoes

  • High Chancellor Tirpitz

    "Fine I'll give you 10 for it..." GameStop

    SAMUS [GAMER]YTT 19 days ago

    New BOSS And new Skullfort

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 21 day ago

    finally, A.I ships and a new map with an active volcano

  • Q A
    Q A 23 days ago

    I have this game and it’s fun! 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Zacharie Strange
    Zacharie Strange 25 days ago

    Hell yeah, more skeletons, I would love it if you could be a skeleton

  • Maximus the Cockatiel
    Maximus the Cockatiel 26 days ago

    Lol I love how it pokes fun at how cheap some of the stuff is in the game even tho it should be worth more :D

  • Hsdhdu Hxhdhs
    Hsdhdu Hxhdhs 27 days ago

    This game really needed more content can’t wait

    • Xbox
      Xbox  27 days ago

      We're glad to hear you're so excited to pick it up again!

  • Hsdhdu Hxhdhs
    Hsdhdu Hxhdhs 27 days ago

    Can’t wait

  • Ofir Leon
    Ofir Leon 28 days ago

    It's the best game I want but I have ps4😡😡😵😨😦😢

  • Ofir Leon
    Ofir Leon 28 days ago

    Why not in ps4😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Chris Middleton
    Chris Middleton 28 days ago

    Lmao 3 coins

  • TheBonjour 78
    TheBonjour 78 Month ago


  • OMEGA 8
    OMEGA 8 Month ago

    did anyone else notice the ship a 1:24

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Month ago

    😂 deadass, every pirate is like that, they just wanna know how much for the treasure 😂

  • Brooke Bean
    Brooke Bean Month ago

    The skelebois rise!

  • Jen Whipple
    Jen Whipple Month ago

    Davy Jones probably

  • Blood Samurai
    Blood Samurai Month ago

    I wanted base build!

  • GamingWithCappe
    GamingWithCappe Month ago

    Is it just me or is that the new ship type at 1:24 to the left?

  • DidISayThat
    DidISayThat Month ago

    Mann O War at 1:27

    • Grayson Rushton
      Grayson Rushton 12 days ago

      *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*

    • DidISayThat
      DidISayThat 29 days ago

      True, but a least this may confirm it

      LMNOP QRS 29 days ago

      DidISayThat Thats a skeleton Ship we wont be able to use till probably one year later.. lol

  • Kthonoth
    Kthonoth Month ago

    So there's something new, exept for going somewhere to find a tresure, fighting skeletons or 2 mythical creatures?

    • Rafael Iasbeck Dalcol
      Rafael Iasbeck Dalcol 12 days ago

      Kthonoth yep. AI ships that can literally surface out of nowhere. Well, at least they will after the event is done. For now they're just on the battles for the regions.

  • Heitor Ramos
    Heitor Ramos Month ago

    Are we going to have Davy Jones now?

  • Gamerdj 21
    Gamerdj 21 Month ago

    This is about to be lit

  • Leyda Miranda
    Leyda Miranda Month ago


  • Rnauh
    Rnauh Month ago


  • Operation Trolling
    Operation Trolling Month ago

    I hope the skeleton ships won't be too op and ruin the game by making it unfair or make too much of skeleton ships at once

      LMNOP QRS 29 days ago

      Operation Trolling I hear some of them rise up the watee beside your galleon. Which could get f up but also is lit

  • nguyen nguyen
    nguyen nguyen Month ago +3

    giant skele would be a great beast

  • AlternateMovies
    AlternateMovies Month ago

    A palantiri!

  • Mr. Bullet
    Mr. Bullet Month ago

    1:34 me when I turn in anything.

  • Toja Tak
    Toja Tak Month ago

    Great game u are saying yes ? Ok its good but wtf is wrong.with this disconects when u have treassures on ur ship , are logging in and.u have nothing, wtf ? Really?

  • Shep Dog
    Shep Dog Month ago


  • WAK
    WAK Month ago


  • NormalGamer5000
    NormalGamer5000 Month ago

    Uh... I think he got lowballed for it

  • MrGamingplan
    MrGamingplan Month ago

    I'm just glad that they're finally adding a 3 man ship, the galleon was alright to pilot 3 man, but one mistake...

  • MightyBOLT
    MightyBOLT Month ago +2

    1:09 Will that be a new boat?
    (bottom right)

    • oh no
      oh no Month ago

      MightyBOLT hope so

  • Le plus grand bâtard hypocrite

    I can't wait for AI controlled ships, that's awesome, but I don't understand the hellish islands though.

    SNOOPDOGGSOLD13R Month ago


  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee Month ago


  • Shadow- Boy
    Shadow- Boy Month ago

    I like this, it's funny XD

  • ZenyatTem
    ZenyatTem Month ago


  • Eight Pawns
    Eight Pawns Month ago

    CAPTAIN! LOOOOK!!!!!!!!

  • A G
    A G Month ago

    Spinal from KI as a BOSS for this game please!

  • Major Lee Awesome
    Major Lee Awesome Month ago

    Only worth 10?

  • Oskar Ostapowicz
    Oskar Ostapowicz Month ago

    Assassin's Creed 4

  • KakaPHD
    KakaPHD Month ago

    *10 GOLD?!*

  • Gear Hound
    Gear Hound Month ago

    Wait only 4 million people play this game?

  • JCox06
    JCox06 Month ago

    So does this mean davy jones?

  • Pholko
    Pholko Month ago

    hell yea

  • Stacy Ford
    Stacy Ford Month ago


  • Markus Chief
    Markus Chief Month ago

    Hard to believe this has more views than Forza Horizon 4 and Halo Infinite...

  • gabelogan60
    gabelogan60 Month ago

    *Release unfinished game and add content later*

    • Rafael Iasbeck Dalcol
      Rafael Iasbeck Dalcol 12 days ago

      gabelogan60 you mean empty game. And I prefer content later rather than content never.

  • Vega Lucas
    Vega Lucas Month ago

    ... Not worth it ... cash grab ... dont buy it ...

    • Doom Slayer
      Doom Slayer Month ago

      Vega Lucas
      All DLC is free dude.

  • Wonderful Bear
    Wonderful Bear Month ago

    If only this had been included in the base game like it should have been

  • Elliot H
    Elliot H Month ago

    I'm just annoyed how they refuse to give exact dates for these updates, just "July" thats in a couple weeks guys! c'mon! When!?

    • Brandon Kuhl
      Brandon Kuhl 19 days ago

      they are a small developer team. They just don't know when their updates are ready. I'd rather take a lesser exact date, than getting an delayed date.

  • Ronny
    Ronny Month ago

    Its gonna die in less than a year im calling it

  • George Zalants
    George Zalants Month ago

    Just like gamestop giving you barely anything for an expensive game

  • Nishi Tara
    Nishi Tara Month ago +1

    Nice Content Sir. Go Ahead Sir... #Tech4Aoc

  • cuckaroony
    cuckaroony Month ago

    Gotta admit this game had a rocky start but these updates are looking fab

  • Sheryl Keene
    Sheryl Keene Month ago

    The start of this vid begins on plunder outpost I think

  • deluxe galaxy 667
    deluxe galaxy 667 Month ago

    yeeeeeessssss the did my idea of skiloton crews

  • SeaBass
    SeaBass Month ago

    I'm so excited for skeleton crews. It's gonna go Curse of the Black Pearl up in here.

  • Noah Argamaso
    Noah Argamaso Month ago

    YES! Finally, there will be more risk to sailing with skeleton ships!

  • Matt U
    Matt U Month ago

    No. Add new enemy types skeletons is just lazy. Bigger monsters, more weapon types, and more character progression like new combat moves. I like that they are trying, but they have a long way to go.

    • Matt U
      Matt U 19 days ago

      Boruto Uzumaki. Not like that. Just more gear and different moves. Like more than 5 bullets for a gun. Other rewards besides cosmetics

    • Boruto Uzumaki
      Boruto Uzumaki 20 days ago

      Don’t try to turn this into an rpg game

  • Mike Rohde
    Mike Rohde Month ago

    I have to say, it looks pretty good (and I don´t even own the game...YET). I have waited for a long time, to see where Sea of Thieves is going. I really want to see this game succed. I do in fact mind to buy this game sooner or later.
    If you read microsoft, I do have some things that maybe could make the game better
    (Plz, keep in mind that i have not played the game yet, but I do in matter of fact seen a lot of gameplay on yt)
    1. Quest, quest and quest. Ye ye, I`m a mmorpg player. Quests, with great rewards or good story, will make people play a lot more. And yeah, I do play Wow, and I do thing that microsoft could get some ideas from the questing in wow. Levels could also be nice. Unlock more quest, and islands. I do not say that it should only be grinding and going from A-B, but make it feel like you do have an impact in the game.
    2. More ships. Well, it kinda talks for it´s self. AS far as I know, we only have 2 ships in the game, and it could be nice to see some diffrence ships.
    3. Activites and faction rep.

    • AshIsToxic
      AshIsToxic Month ago

      if you watched the trailer, there is actually a new ship, 2 Masts

  • James Irwin-McConnell

    How does 4 million players get 91 million hours? That's at least 21 million hours a user. Just sayin

    • Dabalo, Just a Lemon With Lemon needs
      Dabalo, Just a Lemon With Lemon needs Month ago

      James Irwin-McConnell You're math is wrong my guy. 21 million hours a user for 4 million users would be like 80 trillion or billion hours.

  • ThePlatinumBloxer
    ThePlatinumBloxer 2 months ago

    Especially cursed sails

  • ThePlatinumBloxer
    ThePlatinumBloxer 2 months ago

    So much yes

  • ThePlatinumBloxer
    ThePlatinumBloxer 2 months ago


  • Im Hassan
    Im Hassan 2 months ago

    Only if it wasnt 60$

    • Anon 4ever
      Anon 4ever Month ago

      you'll need to keep paying every month to play it

    • Im Hassan
      Im Hassan Month ago

      So if i get an xbox game pass, would i need to pay the price every month to keep sea od thieves, or can i just get rid of the game pass once i get sea of thieves

    • Anon 4ever
      Anon 4ever Month ago

      it came with my x for free 👍

    • Im Hassan
      Im Hassan Month ago


    • Anon 4ever
      Anon 4ever Month ago

      i got it free

  • G Truesdale
    G Truesdale 2 months ago

    The crowd was almost dead silent after this was shown at E3 2018. Seems like nobody really cares about it anymore...

    • Grayson Rushton
      Grayson Rushton 12 days ago

      I remember that some people cheered so I don't know what you are talking about

  • Marlon André
    Marlon André 2 months ago


  • Clayton Kerr
    Clayton Kerr 2 months ago

    Creepy Skelly Collector Lady: "Fine, I'll give you 10 for it."
    Me: "So true." 😂
    Can't wait!

  • Shippydiscover Dip
    Shippydiscover Dip 2 months ago +1

    Now add an leviathan from da movie atlantis

  • United Federation of KFC

    1:23 New ship class behind the skeleton ship.

  • david johns
    david johns 2 months ago

    Best game ever I love this game recommend 5 stars

  • T Willy 2007
    T Willy 2007 2 months ago

    That will Chang the game

  • willshealy
    willshealy 2 months ago

    The damage has been done

  • Unashamed Gamer
    Unashamed Gamer 2 months ago

    Skeleton ships with aimbot cannons YEAH

    • Grayson Rushton
      Grayson Rushton 12 days ago

      From someone who has played the update: Cannons are not aimbot. They only hit half of the time

  • jo5h1m1t5u 5903
    jo5h1m1t5u 5903 2 months ago

    Is that Kate blanchett

  • Dragon Wheelz
    Dragon Wheelz 2 months ago

    This is legit just Lord of the Rings on water.

  • Lucas Ferreira
    Lucas Ferreira 2 months ago +2

    This video reminded me of Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp, I loved this game! 🤔😌

  • Yaman Hamouda
    Yaman Hamouda 2 months ago

    1 day and I get this game. REEEEREEE!!!!

  • Orphan of Kos
    Orphan of Kos 2 months ago

    Too late

  • Micah Wilkinson
    Micah Wilkinson 2 months ago

    Can y'all conjure up different enemies? What about a pirate named thatch "blackbeard"?

  • Comrade
    Comrade 2 months ago

    These ghost ships are going to snipe you from a nautical mile away based on skeletons’ accuracy

  • Frame By Frame Films
    Frame By Frame Films 2 months ago +4

    I hope this is a setup to some sort of storyline or something, that would be awesome. Imagine, you steal a chest or something as a part of the storyline (but you think you're doing another random voyage), and it creates a curse so skeleton ships and such hunt for you, and the sea becomes much more dangerous (With more mythical creatures and stuff appearing).

  • vinh nguyen gia
    vinh nguyen gia 2 months ago

    1:29 Roll Credit...!!

  • WankersCramp69
    WankersCramp69 2 months ago

    More ships types please! 1st rates, 2nd rates, 3rd rates and etc, rocketships and boss ships.

    • Brandon Kuhl
      Brandon Kuhl 19 days ago

      rocketships? You know this is no futuristic game?

  • B L
    B L 2 months ago


  • Elias Ancar
    Elias Ancar 2 months ago

    Can not wait

  • Michael Games
    Michael Games 2 months ago

    Skeleton pirate ships, you may get my money yet Microsoft..

  • Nick
    Nick 2 months ago

    The only thing forsaken is my wallet, by not letting me buy this dumpster fire again on another platform #sellingchunksatatime #microsoftwillbeaservicetogamesoon #truestory