Kelly Clarkson Defends Encouraging Taylor Swift to Rerecord Her Masters

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Kelly Clarkson explains her tweet to Taylor Swift after Scooter Braun bought her master recordings and how Dwayne Johnson saved her new talk show.
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    Kelly Clarkson Defends Encouraging Taylor Swift to Rerecord Her Masters
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 489

  • Katie
    Katie 2 hours ago

    Jimmy Fallon is so visibly uncomfortable by the mention of a period. Sheesh.

  • steve nightmares
    steve nightmares 5 days ago

    Princess Alison please re-record your masters I will buy all of them even though I don’t need them just to support our beautiful hearted princess

  • 7 Rings
    7 Rings 8 days ago

    Kelly u did NOT write over half of ur stuf U liar!!! Especially not on ur singles, ur old label wouldnt let that happen. They poured too much money on a Kelly Clarkson album. They wanted to make sure they made that $$$ back.

  • Zin Madi
    Zin Madi 10 days ago

    She’s fabulous!

  • Lindy Gamolo
    Lindy Gamolo 10 days ago

    I love, Kelly. 😢😍😚😘

  • Glyn xungs
    Glyn xungs 11 days ago +1

    Kelly clarkson is such a squishy and bubbly human being ❤️

  • Andy
    Andy 13 days ago

    I love Kelly so much. She’s just so naturally kind and funny.

  • CaseyLamah
    CaseyLamah 14 days ago

    Jojo did it... Prince did it...

  • Sandra V
    Sandra V 15 days ago

    Lmfaooooo the pillows 😂

  • Katerine Quinde
    Katerine Quinde 15 days ago

    Yes lets talk about periods.

  • Ella
    Ella 15 days ago +49

    I love how honest she is about not giving a shit to own her masters but if another artist wants to she’s 100% behind them

  • Darrin Nolen
    Darrin Nolen 16 days ago

    I absolutely love her. Lol she’s hilarious

  • Michal Hrdý
    Michal Hrdý 17 days ago +1

    ahhhhhh when jimmy realized what she meant by 'time of month' lmfao, priceless

  • sittimehranyasmine abdnaddin

    Why was the beat battle with kelly clarkson was taken down 😢

  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle 18 days ago

    Wow she really packed on the weight!

  • Priscilla Beline
    Priscilla Beline 19 days ago

    Wow, Jimmy is barely looking in Kelly's eyes when it is his time to speak. How uncomfortable it is to watch this scene. 😟😟😟

  • Dee babes
    Dee babes 20 days ago

    She’s incredible ❤️

  • Cosmonauteable
    Cosmonauteable 20 days ago

    what. the fuck. happened

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 20 days ago +95

    In 2019 men are still weirded out by menstrual cycles ? 🙄

  • Pat Bowman
    Pat Bowman 21 day ago

    Kelly's show is SIGNIFICANTLY better than yours, Kimmel.

  • João Rodrigues
    João Rodrigues 21 day ago +1

    her period Jimmy...... her period. It's a normal thing that happens to women. People really need to stop the tabboo that is menstruation

  • O Simmons
    O Simmons 21 day ago

    I adore #KellyClarkson !

  • Gisselle
    Gisselle 21 day ago

    The most humble queen ever!!

  • myrese
    myrese 22 days ago +4

    I LOVE HER! SHE’S GREAT. Restored a whole percent of my faith in humanity.

  • yeshalloween
    yeshalloween 22 days ago +6

    I really like her. She’s a sweetheart. That’s a hideous dress

  • aa311
    aa311 22 days ago +1

    Wow dwayne johnson is the man. So kind of him.

  • Rheems1
    Rheems1 22 days ago

    I love Kelly Clarkson and she has always been at the very top of my "free pass" list but whoever did her hair made a poor choice, this looks absolutely horrible. Great interview though, she is always so cool and funny

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen 22 days ago

    Fire your stylist please Kelly

  • LovinTheP3nB
    LovinTheP3nB 22 days ago

    I adore Kelly. She is just the best human.

  • karebear848
    karebear848 22 days ago

    I love her but her clothes, she dresses way too old

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 23 days ago

    Guess Kelly doesn't write her own music otherwise she'd probably not be so nonchalant about her master's as a Songwriter owing ur master ESSENTIAL! I'll be damn if someone ever owns my my Creations that I created for me & has power on whether I can or cannot sing or get paid for my music FOH! I could never be nonchalant about such a thing tbh

  • rachel m. her
    rachel m. her 23 days ago +3

    Get pillow for us fun size peoples!!! ❤️

  • Howie Robbery
    Howie Robbery 24 days ago

    getting rich means eating like a pig for some 🙄

  • Elim Leonix
    Elim Leonix 25 days ago

    Oohh why do i like/love to kelly soooo much 😍😘😍😭😢🤩😘😍🤗

  • paradaisu97
    paradaisu97 26 days ago +5

    how is this man still on the air he is so unlikable gtfyrtftghjk

  • Noortje Noor
    Noortje Noor 26 days ago +2

    Love how humble she is ♡

  • Wellness Aoas
    Wellness Aoas 26 days ago

    its a bib or its a bag

  • Wellness Aoas
    Wellness Aoas 26 days ago +1

    what is that hanging on her neck, hmm it a bib

  • Arla Lucien
    Arla Lucien 26 days ago +9

    Jimmy: I wanna show you a clip
    The roots: 🎶 mmm uh huh it’s on and on... 🎵
    Um rude much

  • CasterTroye
    CasterTroye 27 days ago +11

    "Aren't you supposed to let people talk on the show"
    - dakota 😂

  • whfan007
    whfan007 28 days ago +33

    Wow nobody from the backstage actually came out and gave her a pillow for her back? It would have been so easy and such a nice professional gesture instead of having her sitting like this the whole time...

  • untold truths
    untold truths Month ago +1

    I love Kelly so much. Legends supporting legends

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley Month ago +1

    I ❤️this woman so much! Her humility and honesty and beauty ahhhhh!! Kelly keep on grooving girl. We love you!!! x

  • 7 Rings
    7 Rings Month ago

    Shes a national treasure.. a fat one, but still a treasure. She can always lose weight, but people cant suddenly have singing talent, just ask taylor. She lost her fat after reputation era, but she still sounds like crap 💩

  • Ariana69
    Ariana69 Month ago

    Looks ridiculous

  • r0bz1985
    r0bz1985 Month ago


  • Alis Prospero
    Alis Prospero Month ago +8

    Women have periods Jimmy get over it 😂

  • André V. Souza
    André V. Souza Month ago +2

    Jojo did it and it was everything

  • Lauren R
    Lauren R Month ago +1

    Kelly, you're a doll!❤

  • Stephanie O
    Stephanie O Month ago +1

    Oh man I love her!

  • Andrew Byrne
    Andrew Byrne Month ago +173

    Jimmy being uncomfortable talking about periods like come on

    • r0bz1985
      r0bz1985 8 days ago

      Do u wanna eat Kelly's cooter on her period or is she too fat

  • RandomSandra
    RandomSandra Month ago

    Why!? I wanted to see the clip!! Why would you cut off the vid after that line? I’m obviously too dumb to pre record your show!

  • Randy Bradley
    Randy Bradley Month ago +23

    It's crazy to think that Kelly is soon to be 38 years old. Where'd the time go?

    • 7 Rings
      7 Rings Month ago

      Made us feels old. I wasnt even that young when she won idol 😂 glad her big talented ass have longevity

    • Katherine
      Katherine Month ago


  • Cher Jay Lee
    Cher Jay Lee Month ago +2

    I love Kelly so much! She’s the friend in my mind!

  • Jessica Hubbard
    Jessica Hubbard Month ago +4

    How could anyone not love Kelly Clarkson? She is the QUEEN.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown Month ago

    It seems like she needs a new team to match her new level of success. Stylist, Hair, Makeup. She just looks regular to me and maybe that works for her. I know you can argue she has her own style however I'm just stating my opinion. She doesn't pop visually like other celebrities do. And if she is going for the regular girl, she shouldn't be pulled in so tight that it looks uncomfortable. Just let it all hang out. Regular girls have curves.

  • Teresa Haokip
    Teresa Haokip Month ago

    Kelly Clarkson really needs to Change her stylist...evertime I see her she's never dressed good...including this hideous doesn't flatter her at all

  • Ron
    Ron Month ago +6

    Legends supporting each other♥️

  • Kelly’s World
    Kelly’s World Month ago +3

    Why did they delete the beat battle off the channel!

  • Mikey Valley
    Mikey Valley Month ago +1

    Where did the Beat Battle video go?