The Ben Askren Experiment

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
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    Chael Sonnen talks Ben Askren's rapid rise to fame in the UFC.
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  • jim pie
    jim pie 4 days ago

    its cuz Ben's the goat!

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 18 days ago

    I like Ben because:
    1. He is a clean fighter
    2. He says exactly what he thinks (no bs)
    3. He makes me laugh (great at trolling)
    4. He is a good person

  • Realist Bro
    Realist Bro 26 days ago

    Ben is the real deal unlike you Chael remember when wanderlei punked you?

  • Large Knives
    Large Knives 27 days ago

    Ben seems like the furthest thing from a regular guy.

  • Dylan Sellman
    Dylan Sellman 27 days ago

    click baited!!!

  • faizan muhammad
    faizan muhammad 28 days ago

    I've met Ben in person, super nice guy

  • Shift Lizard
    Shift Lizard Month ago +1

    Are you a double leg ninja?

  • dakor82
    dakor82 Month ago

    Not trying to throw shade, but why do you think u lost to Jeremy horn 3x but u dominated Silva for 4 plus rounds, you beat bisbing... Just seems so weird that u lost to a journey man fighter3x.....

  • Jus Flyy
    Jus Flyy Month ago

    He's the new Chael there's your answer lol

  • Toasted Flowers
    Toasted Flowers Month ago

    @chaelsonnen mic is clipping again homie.

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim Month ago

    ESPN+ is so awesome. It rules.

  • Mike Iona
    Mike Iona Month ago

    Please fight in Chicago this summer.

  • Larry Tate
    Larry Tate Month ago

    Usman would destroy Askren, he would not be able to take Usman down.

  • Stephen Cau
    Stephen Cau Month ago

    Askren good-looking, articulate, smart guy who's gone undefeated, add to that his controversial win over Lawler where he almost got finished, and he seems to be a nemesis to Dana White. We all know Dana can't stand the guy and never wanted him in the UFC; the fact that he's there now is like a win against authority. I think that's why people are interested the most

    THEOPENENDED1 Month ago


  • Mongoosemcqueen
    Mongoosemcqueen Month ago +1

    Ben Askren is a chad with mic skills and Dana can't handle it

  • my tube
    my tube Month ago

    Why does "Marty from Nebraska" change the way he talks when he is trying to be a fake thug? Where is your Nigerian accent bro? #Identity crises

  • Les Cardinal
    Les Cardinal Month ago

    I clicked because of Ben Askrens name. Your right Chael.

  • dfpguitar
    dfpguitar Month ago

    the London Q&A was the cringiest thing in the world. As a British person I was deeply ashamed. Where did they gather so many morons together to be in that crowd?
    Why did everyone hate ben so much when he has never been anything but nice? the worst viewers should think of ben is that he is dorky or boring compared to the likes of Conor McGregor etc. But is that enough to warrant how that crowd behaved and the verbally illiterate way they chose to communicate it?

  • immanuel williams
    immanuel williams Month ago

    Please! Get to the bottom of it, and please! Copy him. I'll give you a hand, to the best of my ability.
    People are sick of modern alienated life. Everyone wants to feel connected and appreciated. A media figure who can be generous and empathetic to his fellow humans without seeming like he is patronizing, lame, and full of crap is rare and wonderful. Unfortunately, Ben's chosen profession means he has to continue winning in the cage to maintain credibility and place in the spotlight--hopefully he can do that. But from the perspective of a regular mma fan, his essential message is you don't have to be a bully and a narcissist to be a winner. You can have feelings, show your vulnerabilities, admit you need others to succeed, and other people will continue to support you. Keep up the good work, brother!

  • Euan Swan
    Euan Swan Month ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to give his post-fight speech in sign language

  • Costa G
    Costa G Month ago

    Ben Aesculapiuskren

  • Costa G
    Costa G Month ago

    Ren Askben.

  • Jordan Cooper
    Jordan Cooper Month ago +2

    'Two plus two does not equal four' - undefeated UFC champion Chael P Sonnen

  • Angie
    Angie Month ago

    Chael doesn't have to copy anyone

  • L M
    L M Month ago

    There's no doubt that Ben Askren would run right thru usman

  • L M
    L M Month ago

    woodley literally had 2 draws against Wonderboy beat 44 year old Maia by boring decision beat the overhyped Till and than got destroyed by Usman who possibly isn't even top 5 and some consider him top 5 lol

  • Spider Salticidae
    Spider Salticidae Month ago

    After gsp became champion he became a boring fighter. Ben Askren is boring too.

  • Brad Kynoch
    Brad Kynoch Month ago

    He's getting the job done with no muscle tone at all , where 99% of all fighters are busting out muscles and squeezing into lighter div to get advantages ... Respect
    Jones is like GSP .. Successful but boring as hell

  • Fony Terguson
    Fony Terguson Month ago

    ✌️✌️✌️🤚🏼🧵🤪 💣💥🌹🧸

  • Free Reign Network
    Free Reign Network Month ago

    Slow down on videos Chael. Save your commentaries for worthy issues keep your perspective valuable.

  • Saltus Online
    Saltus Online Month ago

    Chael "the business" Sonnen

  • Preston Adams
    Preston Adams Month ago

    Chael, "We're gonna copy him!", literally made me laugh out loud! Thank you Chael!
    Chael, you are largely already doing what Ben Askren does, you've toned down the trash talking since your fighting days are in the past and it is a good fit! Stay humble and genuine and you're half way to copying Ben Askren.
    Ben being a Christian and the elite unorthodox grappling adds to Ben's appeal exponentially!

  • Aldwin Matawaran
    Aldwin Matawaran Month ago

    That begs the question... Just how handsome is Ben Askren??

  • DT TT
    DT TT Month ago

    I hope marty gets slept by Ben

  • getl0st
    getl0st Month ago

    Is Chael in Love with Ben Askren , I think he could be......

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    Diaz brothers are the epitome of wasted talent.


    As a former high school wrestler and UFC fan since UFC 1, I'm pumped to see a super wrestler dominate again.

  • bryan joiner
    bryan joiner Month ago

    Ben > the diaz sisters

  • drgonzoatmpls
    drgonzoatmpls Month ago

    Sometime soon Ben is gonna get served a three piece with a soda.

  • Bdb 3
    Bdb 3 Month ago

    Ben Askren beats people up like he is their dad... stole that but I haven’t seen a truer assessment of his fighting style. Like a dad who puts you in a headlock until you say uncle lol

  • dhalsim1
    dhalsim1 Month ago

    Ben who?

  • dhalsim1
    dhalsim1 Month ago

    Trophy room Chael

  • Preston Adams
    Preston Adams Month ago

    Ben Askren is a breath of fresh air to serious MMA fans. He also represents folk style wrestling at an elite level, and has brought a lot of wrestling fans to view the UFC and MMA in general.

  • Preston Adams
    Preston Adams Month ago

    I like Ben Askren because he's a fellow Christian and he's genuine and humble and has an elite unorthodox grappling style that works.
    People like it when we see a genuine man. All this trash talking model in MMA is fabricated junk. Whatever happened to respect and humbleness in Martial Arts and MMA? Ben Askren is a breath of fresh air to serious MMA fans.

  • Brian Blevins
    Brian Blevins Month ago

    Ben, needs to be in a boxing ring !

  • Allan Justus
    Allan Justus Month ago

    Chael Sonnen for the next Batman? Fuckin works for me.

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers Month ago +1

    Askren is working because he has a dad bod. Regular 30+ men can relate to him and root for him to win because it gives them cope that they can win fights against muscle bound UFC mutant killers like Robbie Lawler as well.

    SHANE RONDEAU Month ago

    He is the goat, people just haven’t realized it yet

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy Month ago

    Why does this dude always sound like someone's pissed off Dad

  • ColourfulFilms
    ColourfulFilms Month ago

    Ben is popular cause like his fans , he’s a arrogant dumbass internet troll, yet to talk to someone who actually enjoys that big Curley headed bitch

  • Chris Corrigan
    Chris Corrigan Month ago

    I wasn’t bothered about Ben in the ufc before but he’s actually great lol so funny. Really like the guy even though he dresses like a tool haha

  • unherolike
    unherolike Month ago

    Ben Askren has already stated he just wants to fight the best of the best fighters for money. Thats what he said his motivation was.

  • Nate Barmann
    Nate Barmann Month ago

    Can’t explain it but I just really like Ben Askren

  • Frank Underwood
    Frank Underwood Month ago

    Y are you always tryin' to make a big show out of every little thing ?

  • J
    J Month ago

    Uncle chael i got an idea that i would love to share it with you
    Why dont you make a podcast with Josh koscheck i would love to see koshcek after a long time from not hearing anything at all from him all the best

  • thad goodson
    thad goodson Month ago

    Once again ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Mr. Chael P Sonnen!

  • Skip Lee
    Skip Lee Month ago

    " Marketing " the sport .......

  • George Gabriel
    George Gabriel Month ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Ben Askren i click.

  • CJ Root
    CJ Root Month ago

    Don't underestimate the power of Joe Rogan...

  • Uda Udabest
    Uda Udabest Month ago

    Tony Fergeson the type of guy to make a restraining order tap out (Herb Dean as ref)

  • Uda Udabest
    Uda Udabest Month ago

    The "Ben Askren Experience" has already been done. It was called the "Chael Sonnen Era" what inhale to offer you is this...... Ben Askreb is Somnen 2.0 just curlier

    BNASTYLW Month ago

    Ben "all sorts of trouble" Askren

    EDMUND VALERO Month ago

    Chael you got horseshoe up your ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terron Wood
    Terron Wood Month ago

    Money 💰 Mayweather all the way!

  • Fun Kid Boo
    Fun Kid Boo Month ago


  • Anybody Jackson
    Anybody Jackson Month ago

    Askren is the new Floyd Mayweather. People are paying to see him lose. Think about it.

  • loke 1
    loke 1 Month ago

    Now thets a Ass grin

  • william ashbee
    william ashbee Month ago

    I disliked this video, not because it is objectively bad, but because I hate your voice and why waste people's time on negativity. I just get the impression you need your ego stroked with a voice like that.

  • E Thxer
    E Thxer Month ago

    Personally, it's because he's a guy on the outside who kept winning but was easy to criticize and you kinda just wanted to see if he would lose against 'real' competition in the UFC. Now that he's here, he's getting the media that we're watching and it turns out he's someone who can win a crowd. Dude's charming as hell and there's something inspiring about a 'Joe Everyman' beating all of the roid ragers and who's not afraid to say what he thinks, even if it's a negative towards himself.
    I never thought he's win me over, but he has.

  • britt any
    britt any Month ago

    When Ben askren finds out Chael doesn't think hes handsome. Boom. Roasted.

  • evanwarsify
    evanwarsify Month ago

    He openly shit on Dana White on the Joe Rogan podcast, everyone wishes they could that

  • I'll Tell Ya What
    I'll Tell Ya What Month ago

    He's nonchalant, eloquent, has interesting things to say (in contrast to 99% of athletes,) and MOST importantly he is reasonably intelligent, as opposed to most meathead/simplistic fighters.

  • rodney dungan
    rodney dungan Month ago

    I find it odd that were watching a video about Ben askren and the majority of the comments are about Chael Sonnen that should tell you something right there

  • rodney dungan
    rodney dungan Month ago

    Ben is hype he didn't beat robbie. He will be exposed he comes down on Coby for doing the exact same thing he's doing he's following the McGregor model but yet comes down on Kobe for trying to do a similar model where he's the bad guy copying the bad guy by himself Ben is going to be exposed at the higher levels he barely got past Robbie Lawler who is not at the top of his game at this point in time in his career and he wants to attack the top of the food chain he's all hype he fought a bunch of nobodies I'm sick of hearing about him comments please

  • Lawrence Fishberg
    Lawrence Fishberg Month ago

    Bet your Askren it's successful!

  • GloryJet OG
    GloryJet OG Month ago

    Is Ben going to be the Welterweight Champ? 🤔

  • usssanjacinto1
    usssanjacinto1 Month ago

    The answer is that Ben Askren is Chael Sonnen 2.0

  • David Hutchings
    David Hutchings Month ago

    And they day women are dramatic...

  • Drr Dank
    Drr Dank Month ago

    Watch the bully become the most hated fighter ever when he touches the belt. He has a following cuz he's a success story. When he succeeds he will be the enemy. His personality is shite and his mo is kicking people when they're down. Watch.

  • David Hutchings
    David Hutchings Month ago

    He is not to be denied.

  • Matt M
    Matt M Month ago

    Joe Rogan plain and simple. Joe promoted the hell out of Askren.

  • dan mcfandom
    dan mcfandom Month ago

    Fire the camera guy please. He or she failed to show Chael’s UFC and Bellator belt in the shot

  • Juvier Almeida
    Juvier Almeida Month ago

    that dummy just wants a great pay day

  • Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin
    Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin Month ago

    Ben will not win a UFC title! He fell into lucky against Lawyer! He's overrated & over hyped!

  • Juvier Almeida
    Juvier Almeida Month ago

    askren talks shit like he is gsp,he is not theres a difference between a good fighter and a great fighter...

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    Does anyone remember who Chael is fighting next at Bellator? I remember Ariel making an tweet about it but i can't find it.

  • Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin
    Jiu-Jitsu 4 Odin Month ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy that can't name a Skynyrd song!

  • pbr-streetgang
    pbr-streetgang Month ago

    Thanks for the vid sir.

  • Abomb 0383
    Abomb 0383 Month ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head, he’s an “Everyman” and he’s having fun he speaks it how he sees it and he’s backed it up so far.

  • Seyi Agiri
    Seyi Agiri Month ago

    The last sentence he said! 😂😂

  • Unwritten
    Unwritten Month ago

    Hey chael, shut up

  • god
    god Month ago

    chael “my voice gets squeaky when i say point” sonnen

  • god
    god Month ago

    ben askren is a breath of fresh air for the ufc. everytime i see ben, he just gives me that happy relaxing feelin. something about ben . he’s special motherfcker 🤣🤣

  • Som Guy
    Som Guy Month ago

    Most people are social mutants, fighters included.
    Askren isn't, so he stands-out.

  • Pedr Hiltbrand
    Pedr Hiltbrand Month ago

    It’s only because he’s a likable guy and very honest. You don’t feel like he’s full of bullshit when he talks.

  • Zach Thorne
    Zach Thorne Month ago

    I don't think Chael knows what digital means

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Month ago

    How can anyone disagree with someone that has guns like that 💪

  • Darren Gagliardi
    Darren Gagliardi Month ago

    There are a few things at play with Ben. I think Ben's appeal primarily boils down to the fact that he is incredibly authentic. People like authenticity. But it's also the authenticity coupled with his everyman appeal. When Ben acts like he really believes in himself and is not afraid to fight - I genuinely believe him.
    Finally, he seems to be one of the ultra rare guys who genuinely isn't afraid to compete. Connor conveyed that as well - which I found compelling. 99% of even MMA fighters are scared on some level to compete. Ben is very unique in this regard and he can actually back it up.

  • mike fightfan
    mike fightfan Month ago

    Why is Ben only calling out non wrestlers? Lets see Askren fight Colby.