How the Technology Works - algae to biofuels

  • Published on Jan 17, 2012
  • Algae.Tec is a globally focused advanced renewable oil company.

    Algae.Tec is commercializing an enclosed modular high-yield algae to oil growth system at the Algae Development & Manufacturing Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Algae.Tec is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on the ADR market in the USA.

    The Algae.Tec photo bio-reactors use water, sunlight and nutrients to grow algae that produces high-value sustainable fuels such as biodiesel and jet fuel.

    Facilities are being constructed at Nowra south of Sydney, Australia and the Holcim manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka. Roll-out plans include sites in China, Germany and USA.

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  • h
    h 8 years ago

    Thank you. That makes sense. I live in the tropics. The idea of frost didn't cross my mind. Here controlling algae outdoors is the problem. Container production with climate control will definitely boost the scope and intensity of cultivation. Still, the idea of green things growing in a steel enclosure somehow seems wrong :).

  • Amy Xiao
    Amy Xiao Year ago

    Hi, May I know do you use the dimming led for better growing micro algae? We hope to exchange more information

  • Fase
    Fase 9 years ago +1

    This truly can be self sustaining process, you would power combustion engine which would generate energy you use that energy to generate electricity. Then you use electricity to sustain algae life and then they in turn would produce energy. If simple people were taught the process of turning algae to fuel then they could show world how green technology will save the world.

  • Christopher Benner
    Christopher Benner 8 years ago

    That is an interesting idea, if you could store the containers of algae under the ground or somewhere there was not much light and only run fiber optics cables into would make it much easier for the containers to be stacked and stored in a place that would not be an eyesore.

  • Carl Lelandt
    Carl Lelandt 6 years ago +10

    It may be possible to match algal biofuel production to anaerobic wastewater treatment plants. The anaerobic digesters remove and vent massive amounts of CO2 and methane as waste gases, along with smaller amounts of other nuisance gasses.. Also the wastewater water is extremely abundant, with important trace nutrients. Large wastewater treatment plant facilities usually also have an onsite professional water quality lab, with bio-process lab techs. Also such wastewater plants have operations and mechanical maintenance staff, 24/7, likewise skilled with large biological/mechanical processes, sludge (biomass) handling, etc..

  • chipmunk3k
    chipmunk3k 6 years ago

    question, with the algae in the shipping container where the CO2 and nutriets are added, wont they be consuming O2 and sugars to make energy and CO2? as plants at night respire rather then photosynthesis ?

  • LiPi Adn
    LiPi Adn 2 years ago

    Hmmm. Sounds interesting,never knew algae was so awesome. So the whole thing depends on you having a steady source of carbon dioxide providing that sourcing it will be a piece of cake for many years to come. How much useable fuel is produced per container (I would think it depends on the amount of algae and the carbon dioxide available to them. How do you maintain the optimum health(and gas production rate) of the algae. Is it a better alternative than biogas and biodiesel. Can an electric power plant rely on this fuel and operate efficiently compared to other plants using crude oil based fuels.

  • Rj Paul
    Rj Paul 7 years ago

    I really due like this tech, last year, 20+ years ago. Has anyone seen something called cold fission. I know change comes slow and oil will be valuable if we burn it. The science is done, now we have to develop a power system that works the science and we now need money to do so. To those who own oil dollars I understand it is valuable and to use it may would with out blame. Please think about this new energy and invest in its infrastructures and maybe leaving some underground could be ok

  • thepermman
    thepermman 9 years ago

    it works for Big Oil. I'm all for the goal of a sustainable fuel source. To compete with Big Oil, they have to act like Big Oil to put them out of business. This will be cheaper then oil drilling in the long run.

  • Lo-FI_ HuntsManiaX
    Lo-FI_ HuntsManiaX 2 years ago +1

    Where can I get research papers regarding this?

  • Elan Sun Star Photography

    thanks for sharing great insights algae is incredible including as superfood.

  • ME ME
    ME ME 4 years ago

    Pressing is the cold process way of extracting the oil. You can also separate oil( tar) and gas by high heat and water. Without using chemicals.

  • Bio class


  • Beatriz
    Beatriz 7 years ago +25

    how do you have light inside a closed system like a container? are there lamps inside the bioreactor?

  • a z sugger hill Keshmiri

    We need to start implementing these NOW!!

  • interestingyoutubechannel

    a wise man once said to me that the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the pessimist has more information. 'open pond' has the setback that the algae may be infected, 'closed loop' can be problematic for finding cheap sterile CO2. also "finding an algal strain, with a combination of high lipid content and fast growth rate, that isn't too difficult to harvest; and a cost-effective cultivation system".
    yet 300 times the oil content of other vegetation, & 30 times faster growth.

  • QuiChiYang2
    QuiChiYang2 8 years ago +2

    I think we should be using this algae biodiesel technology in the communities we reside in. Independent or co-existing with other green sources of energy, such as solar and wind. This will then lighten the burden on the grid. Commercial use of these fuels is another way for business to ride the backs of individuals, who otherwise would benefit from it's uses in a community setting. Energy is a personal/shared thing, just like fire, we all gather around a campfire, to eat, drink and be marry.

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster 8 years ago +5

    I have an algae growing system for my fish tanks - that is.

  • Post Cancel
    Post Cancel 3 years ago +1

    We should have kept this a secret, haven’t heard much about algae for a couple of years now.

  • daniel wesley
    daniel wesley 6 years ago +2

    well its an amazing techonology .and i want to do a paper presentation on this . can anyone help me with this ?