Chelsea vs. Arsenal analysis: Chelsea are SCREAMING for a proper centre forward | Premier League

  • After Chelsea vs. Arsenal finished in a frenetic 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge, ESPN FC Adrian Healey, Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Stuart Robson go through the talking points from the match. Nicol reasserts that Frank Lampard needs an experienced striker to support Tammy Abraham, while Moreno highlights Gunners youngster Gabriel Martinelli as a positive aspect to another subpar Arsenal performance.
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Comments • 80

  • Innocent Mugabo
    Innocent Mugabo 2 months ago

    I hate these guys so much

  • Jervis .Witherspoon jr
    Jervis .Witherspoon jr 2 months ago

    Oh I can’t be negative about one team. Let’s look at the other team.. Ok there’s some negativity!.. Worst sports analysts on TV. The only reason you guys have jobs is because not enough people watch football in the US to understand the disgraceful opinions most of you guys on here have.

  • Young Fago
    Young Fago 2 months ago

    Chelsea mistake is sending young players on loan to small teams in devision football ... send them to Turkey/galatasaroi send them to France or Germany I. Teams that are top 8 in those leagues. All these young Chelsea players are overrated . Specially mount Abraham and odi...

  • Abdullahi Abdi
    Abdullahi Abdi 2 months ago

    I don't think this guys are pundits.....they are just here for their cheques

  • Obi Mc-anthony
    Obi Mc-anthony 2 months ago

    This pple jus keep bashing .......tammy created a chance with that penalty

  • Kwame Boadu Kissi
    Kwame Boadu Kissi 2 months ago

    There is only 10 points between Arsenal and the team in 4th, 4 points between them and United in 5th. Neither Chelsea nor United are consistent enough and these two clowns are scoffing at the idea that Arsenal can still make top 4. These clowns are nicking a living on ESPN UK because they don't analyse anything, they aren't capable of doing that.
    Arsenal have been difficult to beat now unlike before although they haven't been winning games. The only team they've lost to under Arteta are Chelsea, so one can see improvement and with the 4th and 5th placed teams continuing to be inconsistent, all it takes is for Arsenal to turn the draws into wins and to go on a little run, and they can make top 4. If these two stop clowning about, maybe they will be able to make such an assessment and better assessments of the teams' chances.
    In fact, these two clowns are the Mustafi and Luiz of punditry!

  • Kwame Boadu Kissi
    Kwame Boadu Kissi 2 months ago

    A bunch of jokers they call pundits.

  • suleiman mohamud
    suleiman mohamud 2 months ago

    Martinile very talen player

  • suleiman mohamud
    suleiman mohamud 2 months ago

    Amazing game.what agame

    DADEFUYE 2 months ago

    the roles of Drogba, Anelka, & Costa is hard to fill.

  • Walid MB
    Walid MB 2 months ago

    Tammy Abraham does it all, just need a better back up

  • Kacherco Kacherco
    Kacherco Kacherco 2 months ago

    Screaming for a centre forward!!! Interesting that they weren’t saying that when Abraham was banging in goals!!

  • SuperDynamite666
    SuperDynamite666 2 months ago

    Mustafi is the worst player ever! And Luiz has bad kick these 2 out of Arsenal and things will improve

  • UmerPK 4
    UmerPK 4 2 months ago

    "Edson Cavani"
    Stevie getting hella old, for all this.

  • Jacob Willoughby
    Jacob Willoughby 2 months ago

    You can tell these frauds were absolutely disgusted when Arsenal made it level, but still find ways to discredit them. Morons

  • Nikos.C97
    Nikos.C97 2 months ago

    Tammy abraham is a young talented player who was plenty of years ahead of him, I think they should stop slagging and let him develop

  • Idris Kay
    Idris Kay 2 months ago

    I regret watching these stupid men one's again. ESPN should get rid of this foolish pundit and employ better people who know how to analyze football in.

  • Echoes of Heaven Choir
    Echoes of Heaven Choir 2 months ago

    Shocking pundits making me want to spit. Never see anything good about Arsenal. Even if Arsenal had won they'll still criticise. That whole panel is miserable

  • 84n70
    84n70 2 months ago

    It is interesting how likes do not correspond with comments. Shame on you ESPN.

  • StevenS079
    StevenS079 2 months ago +1

    I can understand criticism but wow these guys are just so disrespectful to professional players

  • keibmusic
    keibmusic 2 months ago

    LOOOL These guys are questioning whether Arteta has changed the way we play or not. We could ALL see an identity from the moment he took over. Wasted time entertaining these fools 😂 anyway follow me on insta @keibmusic

  • John Tran
    John Tran 2 months ago

    The worst pundits in the game. No actual constructive analysis. Just a bunch of bitter has beens/nobodies.

  • Amar Mohamud
    Amar Mohamud 2 months ago +1

    Wait! Did CHO assist it for azpi. I’m sure that comes under “creating”

  • XpertGamingHD
    XpertGamingHD 2 months ago +1

    Tammy Would’ve scored if David Luiz didn’t break him in half so pls realise that he would scored a goal from bringing the ball around the keeper which they would’ve been all over him for

  • MediaPro
    MediaPro 2 months ago

    Why do these guys feel the need to ridicule clubs, players and their ambitions? You can analyse sports without being nasty to people that aren't there to respond to your bullshit

  • pat
    pat 2 months ago +1

    Y’all don’t gotta bash people stupid rats

  • Kieran
    Kieran 2 months ago

    The Anti Arsenal ''Pundits'' are at it again

  • Rudy
    Rudy 2 months ago

    “I can’t criticize Arsenal for coming back with 10 men, but on the other side... Chelsea...”
    Welcome to the playa hataz ball.
    Hate! Hate! Hate!

  • Jared Munoz
    Jared Munoz 2 months ago

    I would probably say better wingers or midfielders, Willian and Hudson Odoi tried like 20 ground crosses/ cutbacks that went nowhere

  • Zach D
    Zach D 2 months ago

    Forget CF. Need a better keeper.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 2 months ago

    These commentators are always negative and angry. Why not say more positive things about Arsenal. Second of all why don't they talk about if it deserved a red in the first place which I believe was only a yellow it wasn't like he was guarantee to score or most probably, there were still defenders around.

  • Sahil Saleem
    Sahil Saleem 2 months ago

    These wankers are all Chelsea supporters FFS. Get some neutral 'pundits' or at least some that can act neutral.

  • Dejan Scepovic
    Dejan Scepovic 2 months ago

    To people in the comments asking why Arsenal isn’t getting credit. Arsenal is not getting credit because they don’t deserve it. They looked awful and they only scored because of luck and Chelsea’a horrible defense. Chelsea should have easily put this game away but couldn’t. I’m a Chelsea fan btw.

  • Mr Put That On Everything
    Mr Put That On Everything 2 months ago +1

    These guys are clueless

  • Luca Leopoldo
    Luca Leopoldo 2 months ago

    We're screaming for RLC to come back!

  • semir malouda
    semir malouda 2 months ago

    I have been screaming for striker for many times no one agreed but these guys now they are speaking the truth..
    If we want to finsh top 4 we must get striker as soon as possible...

  • Oleesa Isaac
    Oleesa Isaac 2 months ago

    This is disgraceful punditry. Keep insulting arsenal, everytime. No applaud of the fight, the mettle, the energy, defensive organization after the red. Jeezzzzzzzzzz

  • mark akin
    mark akin 2 months ago

    Very salty pundits! No expert angle!! Yuck!!

  • awadzi selase
    awadzi selase 2 months ago

    The competition to Abraham is Michy Bashuayi, so there is no competition. Good one there.

  • craig sandison
    craig sandison 2 months ago

    Nicol is a deluded man

  • craig sandison
    craig sandison 2 months ago

    Abrahams not that bad lol

  • Tokoloho Lesole
    Tokoloho Lesole 2 months ago

    Can't wait for the day Arsenal shuts this lot up

  • Ngoji Reuben
    Ngoji Reuben 2 months ago

    whoever runs this channel should just scroll down, read comments and change the analysts otherwise subscribers and viewers will migrate to more focused channels. Free advise

  • Ngoji Reuben
    Ngoji Reuben 2 months ago

    A bunch of lazy incompetent clueless morons passing time in front of cameras hoping to attract some viewership.

  • Gayasuddin Siddiqui
    Gayasuddin Siddiqui 2 months ago

    absolute clowns !!

  • John Bayliss
    John Bayliss 2 months ago

    Why is Stuart Robinson salty??? Man hates Arsenal with a vengeance.

  • Marius Koko
    Marius Koko 2 months ago

    This pundits? Why are they even paid. They are so stupid . Criticising is ok but when it becomes personal. You have nothing to do here as a so called pundit.

  • Alan Vazquez
    Alan Vazquez 2 months ago

    Big up to Arsenal for putting up a tough fight despite being 1 man down for most of the game. That being said, this has probably been one of the most PATHETIC performances I’ve ever seen from Chelsea football club. No fight no hunger to try to finish off the game when Luiz was sent off. Art of War says you attack your enemy when they are at their weakest! If anything, Arsenal looked like they wanted to win more. No creativity in last quarter of the field for Chelsea, and it has been like that for quite a few games now. Our forwards are inconsistent. Our goals came in from a penalty and a defender. Lampard makes questionable substitutions once again. Not sure what he keeps in Ross Barkley tbh. Batshuayi is a lost cause as well. I can’t wait for Pulisic to return & at some flare again to this team. We need to go out in the Market & get a striker like Cavani to give Abraham some real competition.

  • Alvin Foo
    Alvin Foo 2 months ago

    jeez.. these pundits are so full of shite.. all they had to say about arsenal was negativity.

  • DeadbeatCult
    DeadbeatCult 2 months ago

    Espn pundits are weird, they should be sacked. Even if a nutcase looked at the video taglines over 8 month period they have doubted then praised and now in search for a proper centre forward, make up your mind punshits pun intended

  • D Roman
    D Roman 2 months ago

    I think the panel is a bit dismissive of Arsenal. Arteta is a good offensive mind and Arsenal has talent. Arsenal is showing some toughness and resolve, something that’s been missing for a decade.

  • wolfauu
    wolfauu 2 months ago

    Some of the worst arm chair managers these ones...

  • jeremie muzmibe
    jeremie muzmibe 2 months ago

    Abraham is SHITE ,change my mind.

  • Yonis Ali
    Yonis Ali 2 months ago +1

    These guys are clueless what Chelsea need is a proper goal keeper, a number 10 and a right back

  • zettle 234
    zettle 234 2 months ago

    If Norwich weren't fighting for their lives right now, I'd like to see Pukki on the Chelsea squad. Yes I would like to know just how good Pukki can become. Who knows, maybe Chelsea could get Pukki and Krul? Over the summer, maybe???

  • Yannick Dongo
    Yannick Dongo 2 months ago

    I like watching ESPN commentary because I like to have an idea how "soccer" is perceived in the US. And I've got to say even though the team is mostly British, it's definitely an American take on football. I say this with the greatest of respect, it's not very good analysis from the studio most days. The best analysis come from the correspondents that join remotely. I'm not British, I'm just a Nigerian in Nigeria obsessed about football.

  • Milly Mahinra
    Milly Mahinra 2 months ago

    After January any sort of complacency from Chelsea will no longer be overlooked the window is open and they chose not to upgrade

  • Hemant Shrestha
    Hemant Shrestha 2 months ago

    Thise pundits are clown specially those two. I want to abuse them in their face probably slap them too.

  • Eile
    Eile 2 months ago

    everytime that i watch Arsenal, it's a tie.

  • Paul Mclean
    Paul Mclean 2 months ago +1

    The attack and defence are chelsea's problem our midfield is the only good part of our team

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man 2 months ago +4

    2:13 Savage

  • Dark Nate
    Dark Nate 2 months ago +1

    Young teams won't be consistent let's be honest.. That's the risk you take when you invest in youth

  • Jordon Yearwood
    Jordon Yearwood 2 months ago

    Tammy Abraham looks like the shrimp muppet Pepe the King Prawn from Muppets 🤣🤣

  • Chevin Jacke
    Chevin Jacke 2 months ago

    This is a load of nonsense. Only when its arsenal. If Arsenal lose a game You guys talk about how bad they were. Now on the flipside if they win a game it’s never about how good they were on the day it’s always the other team was just that bad.

  • AskellA SRP
    AskellA SRP 2 months ago

    Nah this is harsh...honestly

  • gooner4life
    gooner4life 2 months ago +2

    Time and time again in seasons past Hazard would do something special to win these games for Chelsea but they don't have anybody on that level anymore.

  • AAA TV
    AAA TV 2 months ago

    Chelsea .. Get """"Gareth Bale"""""""" .. MUST BUY . . . or Cavani ..

  • ovoj
    ovoj 2 months ago

    Weird. Similar positions and situations but When it's United, Ole is the problem. Whenever it's Chelsea, Lampard is not the problem. Its not like there's some sort of media bias..

  • Reynaldo Abadia
    Reynaldo Abadia 2 months ago

    Tired of seeing Batsu getting subbed on. Just sell him and invest in a real goal getter. In the market, you have Cavani, Werner, Jovic and Piatek. All really hungry strikers. Get one of them please

  • warriorprince101010
    warriorprince101010 2 months ago +6

    If Chelsea makes the top 4 then Frank has done a good job. People need to be balanced.


    Who remembers all the "proper" centre forwards chelsea purchased in the past and how that turned out.. The like of Torres, Crespo, morata, shevchenko etc..Abraham has done well for his age and cost the club nothing..allow him to learn and grow..

  • Arjun Sengupta
    Arjun Sengupta 2 months ago

    Craig and Morena talk like they were superb players. Failed in their careers and now crying like babies. And for stevie, he was good when football was rugby in England.

  • E3boss2003
    E3boss2003 2 months ago

    Love that when we went to 10men we showed that siege mentality. Martinelli is class definitely better than Greenwood

  • Wayne Sage
    Wayne Sage 2 months ago +1

    So, Arsenal is getting nothing from Pepe according to ESPN FC. Good thing this panel is always wrong.

    • 84n70
      84n70 2 months ago

      Tey are just triggered because Arsenal is going up.

  • Salty Potatohead
    Salty Potatohead 2 months ago

    Tammy has 13 goals all non penalties. Enough said

    • TalComMo
      TalComMo 2 months ago

      Our 3 wingers have 10 goals between them. Its funny how we apparently need a striker and not new wingers

  • peter edokI
    peter edokI 2 months ago

    You guys are amazing... Can u at least say arsenal did well to come bk... And stop just bashing teams... Give credit where it's due FFS.

  • Doctor Piss mule
    Doctor Piss mule 2 months ago

    So didn't they say Tommy was good enough??

  • Shane Treacy
    Shane Treacy 2 months ago

    Muppet Show analysis but still enjoyable

  • Srijan Sinha
    Srijan Sinha 2 months ago +3

    The moment Chelsea's hierarchy starts demanding titles and success, Lampard is getting sacked and then all the Tammys, Mounts and Hudson Odies are going to be sold or benched. Honestly speaking Reece James is top quality among the young players. But the rest are not.

  • See Ya
    See Ya 2 months ago

    These Americans dont know football.

    • RLubin
      RLubin 2 months ago

      There not even Americans 🤦‍♂️