South Park Season 22 Premiere Promo Clip

  • Published on Sep 24, 2018
  • Randy is desperate to help Sharon get her emotions under control and Cartman unexpectedly fails his math test. It's all part of the South Park Season 22 Premiere on Wednesday, September 26 on Comedy Central at 10p ET.
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  • Tgr Tgr
    Tgr Tgr Day ago

    jeez what's up her bum?

  • 2muchwhit1
    2muchwhit1 3 days ago

    People still say the show lost its touch, get out of here

  • Simply the best
    Simply the best 8 days ago

    Spot on

  • Amrit Gurung
    Amrit Gurung 9 days ago

    South Park phone Destroyer pack of

  • D'lish Donut
    D'lish Donut 13 days ago

    Republicans in a nutshell.

  • Hobarth McShane
    Hobarth McShane 13 days ago

    Last cpl seasons...the show has really been up it's own asshole. More "meh" episodes, especially now that they get paid the same millions they were getting for 15+ episodes a few years ago that they are for the 10 they do now. When you only have to do a few eps, but still get millions anyway, do you really need to try anymore...? And on a quality point, I'd like to see them dump Josh Gad as a "consultant." The guy is about as funny as a rectal wart, but not nearly as talented as one.😒

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  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 26 days ago +1

    Okay, that meat looks like poo 💩.

  • Nathan Pratt
    Nathan Pratt 27 days ago

    Accurate American depiction

  • CrystalCactii
    CrystalCactii 28 days ago

    This is great!

  • Whiskycola 1
    Whiskycola 1 29 days ago


  • Bruno da Silva Brandão

    engraçado que uma vez eu tava na sala de aula e uma professora tomou um tiro de um aluno

  • fornite gaming
    fornite gaming Month ago

    dad is acting like the school shoting aint something seris

  • Toby the Twitchy Waffle Boi

    PC BBYS!!!!!!

  • dakota scatewin
    dakota scatewin Month ago

    do one about Cartman being Asexual. and becoming the leader of the asexual club.

  • poppy paul
    poppy paul Month ago +1

    south park is SO afraid of offending muslims, even if they don't think twice about offending everyone else. fucking hypocrites.

  • Tyler Maggart
    Tyler Maggart Month ago +1

    Could you guys redo now you're a man and make it now you're a ma'am and have heman play ma'am and make an episode please?

  • SpadeGhostVampire7777

    Alright I have an idea how you can get pulled off the air. Have an episode of South Park where someone beats the fuck out of SJW's and everyone breaks out of some magic spell and claps/cheers. That would just about do it. I think the Neoliberals take your entertainment as a compliment to their progress getting the wrong idea not knowing you are making fun of them.

  • marineroo6833
    marineroo6833 Month ago

    Just reading some of the comments of how butt-hurt this episode made some people, proves that the creators of South Park are doing their job. South Park has always pushed the limits. It's a cartoon show for entertainment people. If you can't take the jokes in this show, go watch the shitty Seth MacFarlane shows or the Simpsons, those should be more PR for you. lol.

  • alex horror meza
    alex horror meza 2 months ago

    make an episode entitled kenny the rich. ( please)

  • armen stevens
    armen stevens 2 months ago

    Where can i watch south park? any sites?

  • Starlight
    Starlight 2 months ago


  • Jitendra Pandey
    Jitendra Pandey 2 months ago

    Where to watch full video?

  • Doode Guyman
    Doode Guyman 2 months ago

    What episode is this

  • Devon Walker
    Devon Walker 2 months ago

    Randy: who shot up the schoo.. was it You?
    Stan: No
    Randy: Did u get shot?
    Stan: N0
    Randy: oh....... Well whats this about failing a math quiz?

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    Best season since season 11.

  • Lewys Cousins
    Lewys Cousins 2 months ago

    _Was it you?_ *No*
    _Did you get shot?_ *No*
    _Ok doesn't matter_

  • William Mead
    William Mead 2 months ago


  • Olive-Rose Pearson
    Olive-Rose Pearson 2 months ago


  • Tre Gamer Rollie Trolly

    How did Kenny not get shot in the school shooting I know his last death was a few years ago, but this is a scenario where he would die

  • Eumi Eumi
    Eumi Eumi 2 months ago

    i have a feeling that the new season is bad on purpose

  • LemmonzPie
    LemmonzPie 3 months ago

    Randy: Did you get shot?
    Stan -no- Yes

  • anna0804
    anna0804 3 months ago

    this is gold

  • Colea Engle
    Colea Engle 3 months ago


  • Rudi rasid
    Rudi rasid 3 months ago

    Spoiler alert!

    Stan got shot but they didn't show it

  • Yatta
    Yatta 3 months ago

    It’s so brutally honest XD

  • Brently80
    Brently80 3 months ago

    Where were you when they built that ladder to Heavuun, did it make you feel like crying, or did ya think it was kinda gay? Well I for one believe in the ladder to Heavun,,Oooooh Ya ya ya,,,,,,,,,,9/11

  • Christopher Freeman
    Christopher Freeman 3 months ago +1

  • Julien Moss
    Julien Moss 3 months ago

    I'm.. Sorry Sharon I uhh.....

  • jay dabs
    jay dabs 4 months ago

    South Park ! Matt & Trey make fun of Charlie z getting his ass kicked

  • BigLove101
    BigLove101 4 months ago

    Y'all got my stomach kinda fucked up. Bravo!

  • BigLove101
    BigLove101 4 months ago

    Go Eagles! Sorry not sorry I love y'all South Park, but Tegridy Farms @4:17 that's just fucked up. lol

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 4 months ago

    I liked watching crude paper cut outs and not this puppet show. Matt and Trey your strings are showing.

  • Matthew Hunter
    Matthew Hunter 4 months ago

    You guys know the perfect mix of comedy and seriousness. That’s why I love the show so much.

  • Greedy Joe
    Greedy Joe 4 months ago

    Very funny new episodes

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez 4 months ago


  • Diane H
    Diane H 4 months ago +2

    Wow! This was the most biting satire I've seen on South Park. The commentary was so brutally blunt, yet it was laugh out loud funny. Great episode!

  • hageneeszz 070
    hageneeszz 070 4 months ago


  • Yareli Miku
    Yareli Miku 4 months ago

    Te odio

  • 大战飞天菊花怪兽法外狂徒雷锋侠

    that's good, I really don't like S20 and 21

  • Chris Kearney
    Chris Kearney 4 months ago

    Best episode!

  • Spoder Boi
    Spoder Boi 4 months ago

    Math quiz 😂😂😂

  • Honorless83
    Honorless83 4 months ago

    These 3.5-4 things get done we wont have this BS every 30-60 days. Ban all AR Style Weapons and Components again, Better Backround Checks (even the majority of NRA Members want that) No Fly list=No Buy List (also wanted by the NRA but not their POS Leadership) & Ever been checked into a Mental Health Facility then No Gun gor u. These 4 things would save so many lives but "Its My Right" I spit on your "Right"

  • Honorless83
    Honorless83 4 months ago

    Great Episode that shows just how F..ked upthis Country is thata Mass Shooting every 90 Days is the norm. Its not even SCARY Terrorists except twice but Reg White people like me 3 things can fix this

  • Honorless83
    Honorless83 4 months ago

    I thought at 18 right after 9/11 in 1st Yr of College we'd have Terrorists Shooting up Stores and Throwing Grenades into STARBUCKS. Instead it took 14 Yrs for this to be the New Norm wth White Middle Class people like me doing the Most dmg.

  • Shawtoonz
    Shawtoonz 4 months ago

    Why is the catergory of this video 'gaming????'

  • Richter Matthias
    Richter Matthias 4 months ago

    I'm curious to see how far they push it this season, but this episode was mostly a super edgy shit storm that people will write creepypastas about. Yes, stupid fanboy typing the reply I won't read. South Park can suck, so stop getting high on your own farts.

  • Kenny z
    Kenny z 4 months ago +1

    *Logan Paul in a Nutshell*

  • Mr.E.Shoppa
    Mr.E.Shoppa 4 months ago

    The first two episodes of Season 22 deal with dated material like school shootings or pedophile priests. This is REALLY old stuff being used here to base episodes on. Rumor has it that Comedy Central put a "ball-gripper" on one of the two guys, demanding they wimp-out, lame-out and cuck-out the material for S22. The object is that NOTHING shall offend LibTards. That's right. Nothing on South Park can get close to current events, because our current events are WAY TOO spicy for a lame-ass show like the new South Park to work with. Best they use old material about issues nobody cares about anymore, and ignore the spicy stuff for some new show to pick up. Thanks Trey, Thanks Matt. You done wimped out real good! Yeah - we got no humor! They took our jokes!

    • Prince Marth
      Prince Marth 4 months ago

      maybe Matt and Trey are just sick of SP and want it to end?

  • im a Dickhead
    im a Dickhead 4 months ago

    I love this show

  • Jordi Danen
    Jordi Danen 4 months ago

    This season is gonna be really good. Episode 1 and 2 were great!

  • Егор Билоцыца

    Русские есть?

  • Mysteryous Timelord
    Mysteryous Timelord 4 months ago

    Uuhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well that happened o-O

  • Jim Bob Cooter
    Jim Bob Cooter 4 months ago

    This episode was gold

  • Adam Lennard
    Adam Lennard 4 months ago

    Oh my this episode was great. Sums up Americans perfectly guns over human life. And they’re too fucking stupid and arse backward to realise guns kill people. Other countries with gun control have less shootings way less yet these gun nuts can’t accept it.

  • Junior Sousa
    Junior Sousa 4 months ago

    My father acts that way kkkkkkkk

  • dani brooks
    dani brooks 4 months ago

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!! This short clip had me almost laughing on the floor!!!! Good Form South Park, Good Form!!!

  • Pinhead
    Pinhead 4 months ago

    *United States 2018*

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker 4 months ago +1

    I saw the school shooting it was two trenchcoat people with shotguns and a tec 9

  • Evans O
    Evans O 4 months ago

    I started getting back into politics this past summer, but shows like South Park have taught me not to worry too much. I am in no way insinuating that school shootings are a joke, neither is gun violence in general. But this episode was fantastic.

  • DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention

    Jeez haven't seen it yet but what the freak man Stan come on failing a Math Quiz.... think about your future (episodes)

  • Coconut Head
    Coconut Head 4 months ago

    Was another average episode. No story arc just the same gags throughout with lots of yelling.
    *sigh* I still have faith in Trey and Matt but recent seasons just don't compare to seasons 5-10.

  • AlphaBanjaxedBanshee
    AlphaBanjaxedBanshee 4 months ago

    Stan gets shot and becomes a spokesman for cows that can't own guns

  • awkward_ n0r5k1
    awkward_ n0r5k1 4 months ago

    and at that moment Stan knew he fucked up

  • Junior Sifuentes
    Junior Sifuentes 4 months ago

    Did Kenny get shot?

  • KP KP
    KP KP 4 months ago

    I watched the newest episode. I don't who got fired or who left but south park just isnt the same anymore.

  • polite critique
    polite critique 4 months ago

    Crap boring episode again

  • Dagg
    Dagg 4 months ago

    They can try all they want to get cancelled. They're not going fucking anywhere

  • Autumn Roberts
    Autumn Roberts 4 months ago +2

    I loved South Park; I've enjoyed it from elementary school to grad school, and even replaced my VHS copies w discs of all seasons except last 2 or so to have for my kids to enjoy as I and my partner have as children, and now apparently the once killer and honest show is now just another fucking shitty, unsubstantial, deceptive, propaganda tool of the old world globalist establishment; the cool artists who created a wonderful cartoon story that justifiably criticized the negativity of this our old world, who were tripping on acid in dresses on the red carpet and laughing at the moronic, arrogant, histrionic gilded assholes huff each others' flatulence have now apparently joined the ranks with George Clooney, Michael Moore, maaaatttt daaamon, etc., and have left us, and also apparently the Truth, Reason behind. such a fact is so apparent Stevie wonder can see it. i, like all other considerate, normal people (those of us reasonable and prudent people who live for the Truth, Love, and Freedom for all) who like (or more aptly, "liked") SP I'm sure would greatly appreciate stone and Parker to stop using art as a tool to promote nonsensical political propaganda and so tell their corporate producers "FUCK YOU, YOU MORONIC, DECEPTIVE, NEGATIVE, FASCIST SHITHEADS; AT LEAST THE WORK WE'VE SPENT OUR WHOLE LIVES ON DEVELOPING AND PROMOTING WILL NOT END AS A HUGE PILE OF POLITICALLY CORRECT, VIRTUE-SIGNALING NEGATIVE BULLSHIT. AND P.S.: AMERICA. FUCK YEAH."...or something like that. Such an exercise is representative of the fact of the inevitability of conflict in our Life; there will always be negative beings as there will always be us positive beings; however whether we determine to work together as different individuals and so live for the Truth, Freedom, and Love for all (E pluribus Unum.) or fucking defend yourself, you fight with all of your being in defense of such Good as the Truth, Freedom, and Love when the negative beings try to bully you into submission, and so unjustifiably negatively affect you, terrorize you---fight or flight; but everything we do, I believe we must do in Love, our Love of Life. Always.

  • OmegaCooper Gaming
    OmegaCooper Gaming 4 months ago

    I’m guessing it was Trent Boyette in retaliation for the boys arresting him

  • Taco 77
    Taco 77 4 months ago


  • Mia. G
    Mia. G 4 months ago

    When you lose on Kahoot, so you decide to Kashoot

  • xavier foord
    xavier foord 4 months ago

    Thats about right

  • Liga de Carton
    Liga de Carton 4 months ago +1

    oh super good.
    I have some animations too, short cartoons!

  • All In One Channel
    All In One Channel 4 months ago


  • LevelSixThief
    LevelSixThief 4 months ago +1

    Wow we really started this season off with a bang.

  • Kieran Czyzniejewski
    Kieran Czyzniejewski 4 months ago

    This episode seems to push the line between being completely vapid and having sharp social commentary. The complete apathy to school shootings is clever and funny, albeit predictable, but they fail to address some of the more prominent reactions people get out of school shootings, debating gun control and how most anger and frustration people show is not at the shooting but at what other people said. Gun control is never mentioned even though, whether you agree with it or not, it is a huge point of discussion, and discussions often times lead to people lobbing insults back and forth. I dont know if this will be a serialized season but if it's not then this episode fails for not even as much as acknowledging a significant aspect of an issue. I would much rather SouthPark give an opinion I strongly disagree with then give none at all. Also, why only school shootings? If this is explored in later episodes I will adjust my score but as it stands this episode gets a 5/10

  • harmlessratz
    harmlessratz 4 months ago

    this is why i love south parkXD

  • AGentlemanOfHerMajesty
    AGentlemanOfHerMajesty 4 months ago

    Uh oh. Here comes the press and school shooting suvivours claiming they have PTSD

  • Tiahjia MacLean
    Tiahjia MacLean 4 months ago +2

    I failed my math quiz

  • Eric Mcgriff
    Eric Mcgriff 4 months ago

    I always wondered why south park never made a episode about school shootings

  • Rin Evans
    Rin Evans 4 months ago

    Oh boy is this episode gonna get media coverage

  • Thundachicken Animation's

    Basically my fucking dad 😂

  • RDDsnipez
    RDDsnipez 4 months ago

    22 seasons still makes me laugh

  • Staci Bryant
    Staci Bryant 4 months ago +2

    Matt Stone & Trey Parker are pushing for their own cancellation.. This season is gona be some shit. :(
    So sad.

    • Adam Lennard
      Adam Lennard 4 months ago

      Staci Bryant this was great. A shot at the nutters you have in America who value guns over human life.

  • look boi
    look boi 4 months ago

    Did stan got shot?

  • Sam guy
    Sam guy 4 months ago +1

    I like this. Social commentary and shit.

  • Tommy Smith
    Tommy Smith 4 months ago

    Simpsons didn't do it.

  • Darkangel47 47
    Darkangel47 47 4 months ago

    I literally forgot there was a school shooting today, meh back to playing video games.