ASMR | Interviewing You

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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Comments • 6 358

  • Serafima Ka
    Serafima Ka Hour ago

    "How comfy is your bed?"

    Bold of you to assume I have a bed.

  • Shaggy Rodgers
    Shaggy Rodgers 2 hours ago

    Gibi: What is the most boring sport to watch?
    Me: Fortnite tournaments

  • a random person
    a random person 2 hours ago

    My answers
    1. Yes
    2. Not telling
    3. Not saying
    4. Good
    5. Cereal
    6. A sandwich
    7. Pasta
    8. No
    9. I don’t know
    10. Be unemployed
    11. None
    12. All of them
    13. Dog
    14. Yes
    15. 15
    16. Lavender
    17. No
    18. Burgers
    19. Last weak
    20. No
    21. Love them
    22. No
    23. 8/10
    24. 4
    25. No
    26. No
    27. I can’t remember
    28. YES
    29. Clown
    30. Yes
    31. Stove
    32. Ketchup
    33. None
    34. No
    35. 3 hours
    36.go back inside
    37. Yes
    38. 9 years
    39. 2 seconds
    40. No
    41. Facebook
    42. Astronaut
    43. Influencer
    44. No
    45. No way
    46. Pumped up kicks
    47. Idk
    48. Libra
    49. Idk
    50. Bossy fun popular
    51. Cause they are
    52. No idea
    53. Store clerk
    54. Yea
    55. Twilight
    56. Flight
    57. TheXvid
    58. Billie eyelash
    59. No
    60. Alladin
    61. Pirates
    62. 2.5 km
    63. 2nd apartment
    64. Italy
    65. Yes
    66. Nothing
    67. No
    68. No
    69. Sex
    70. Kindness
    71. Running away
    72. Younger
    73. Older
    74. No
    75. Im the bad guy... duh
    76. Are you okay
    77. Not saying
    78. Kylie Jenner
    79. No
    80. Nothing
    81. No
    82. No
    83. Cause I’m FAT bois
    84. I don’t have friends
    85. I still can’t read
    86. Leader
    87. Idk
    88. Tik tok
    89. No
    90. Beds
    91. Saturday
    92. Yea
    93. Video
    94. Food
    95. Night showers all the way
    96. Some $40 sandals
    97. Idk
    98. No
    99. 24 hours
    100. Yes
    101. Sunsets
    102. Being in bed all day
    103. Yes

    Hope you like my answers

  • Kenna Alcorn
    Kenna Alcorn 4 hours ago

    gibi: what did u have 4 breakfast?
    me: air
    gibi: lunch
    me: air
    gibi: dinner
    Me: CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Pineapple family
    The Pineapple family 5 hours ago

    “ this is anonymous”
    “ what’s your name”

  • Bryson Nerysoo
    Bryson Nerysoo 6 hours ago

    It's so weird when she said it's raining outside. For me there's a rain storm going on outside

  • Jason Cortez
    Jason Cortez 7 hours ago

    Gibi...what is this interview for? Lol..Sheesh.Not that anyone would care..Mesmerized..

  • Lucas2k 17
    Lucas2k 17 8 hours ago +1

    8:30 probably round 50 if I get the ray gun

  • CalliePawFilms
    CalliePawFilms 9 hours ago

    Gibi: What’s the worst social media?
    Gibi: ᶠᵃᶜᵉᵇᵒᵒᵏ

  • Hyper Nerd
    Hyper Nerd 12 hours ago

    Is it bad for a kid to loveeee asmr

  • Hyper Nerd
    Hyper Nerd 12 hours ago

    I am a kid I'm 8 ???

  • Envda
    Envda 15 hours ago

    Her: how far can you run without walking
    Me: bitch I ain’t got no fucking legs

  • Jo Reddick
    Jo Reddick 15 hours ago

    This is fucking stupid.

  • Julie Greene
    Julie Greene 15 hours ago

    Your asmr videos and softasmr’s are the only asmr videos I get through all the way 😅

  • enxvictoria
    enxvictoria 15 hours ago

    This made me realize how little I know myself, also how quick decisions are very unatural to me and make me choose nothing instead.

  • JustMoritz Jc
    JustMoritz Jc 16 hours ago +1

    I thought you roasted yourself when you said when was the last time u saw the sun😅

  • JustMoritz Jc
    JustMoritz Jc 16 hours ago +1


  • JamieChalmers
    JamieChalmers 16 hours ago

    Gibi:What brand do you think would sponsor your life?
    Me:Does McDonalds count

  • JamieChalmers
    JamieChalmers 16 hours ago

    Gibi:What is the best way to solve a problem
    Me:………………don’t just don’t

  • Gael De Alba
    Gael De Alba 17 hours ago

    I fell a sleep 🐵

  • Max Morgan
    Max Morgan 20 hours ago

    What company are we applying for?!?!

  • Sonja møller
    Sonja møller 20 hours ago

    "are hamburgers better on a grill or stove". girl im vegetarian
    "do u have a friend named Ryan". im from Scandinavia. aint no one named Ryan here. and also no Disney world

  • ssina fino
    ssina fino 23 hours ago

    Thank you for those questions 😄👍🏻

  • emmagrace
    emmagrace Day ago

    Gibi: Is swimming fun?
    Me: Yes-
    Gibi: Or relaxing?
    Me: oh. Still fun.

  • [RFL] LJ
    [RFL] LJ Day ago

    I subbed at 1.1 mill now she is at 2.1 mill 😅

  • Backyard Hedgehog

    Gibi: Would you own a dog or a cat?
    Me: A squirrel. OBVIOUSLY!!!!

  • Legacy Diving OU

    Gibi: what’s your perfect day?
    Me: kryskusrsustistsdmurunshr.

  • Legacy Diving OU

    13:53 Gibi: pirateSSSSSSSS*
    Me: gets her eardrums broken by sound.

  • Legacy Diving OU

    Gibi: what app do you open first on your phone?
    Me: Roblox. ;)
    Gibi: ok..? I have a feeling you are vary special.......
    Gibi thinks: this girl is obviously and idiot.
    Me thinks: wow I’m so happy that I’m special!

  • Legacy Diving OU

    Gibi: what’s your name?
    Me: Avery Jade Albright- what the frick do you want with me?

  • Legacy Diving OU

    When I was younger I had deelaid reactions.

    I was such a meem-I’m still a meem.

  • matthew arnold
    matthew arnold Day ago

    “Are hamburgers better on a grill or...”
    I’m gonna have to stop you right there.

  • matthew arnold
    matthew arnold Day ago

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
    I’m 34 and homeless.

  • FunnyVideos
    FunnyVideos Day ago +2

    Gibi: What’s your favorite quote?
    Me: I will find you, and i will kill you.

  • cool boii
    cool boii Day ago

    Die hat den schwarzen gürtel in Yarak lutschen nahui

  • annie x bangtan
    annie x bangtan Day ago +4

    Gibi: What’s the best thing to do outside?
    Me: Going back inside
    Gibi: *nods* Definitely

  • TheGigabyteGamer

    I saw this on my Xbox recommended for god knows what reason so being intrigued I watched a minute or so and then ventured onto my phone just so as I could comment saying how this made me want to kill myself

  • TheThirdOfficer
    TheThirdOfficer Day ago

    *sitting and answering questions silently*
    Gibi: What song gets pumped you up
    Me: *screaming and whip hair* ICH BIN... AUSLÄNDER!

  • Fuse_Totodile JP
    Fuse_Totodile JP Day ago +3

    Gibi: do you like video games or board games
    Me: is this a serieus question?!

  • Carson numba 1
    Carson numba 1 Day ago

    1 Nolan
    2 13
    3 ok
    4 cereal
    5 nothing
    6 pizza
    7 yes no
    8 a mechanic
    9 video games
    10 taking out trash
    11 dishes
    12 cat
    13 yes i do a little
    14 1 canddle
    15 fresh car
    16 no
    17 taco bell
    18 yesterday
    19 yes
    20 yes
    22 dam comfy
    23 1 pillow
    24 no friend named
    25 no
    26 no clue
    27 yes
    28 no clue
    29 merica
    30 grill
    31 ketchup
    32 fun
    33 no
    34 30 min
    35 jet ski
    36 nah
    37 until i die
    38 10 days
    39 yes
    40 tik tok
    41 holding the bolts for my dad when he did somthing
    Im to tired to finish this good night

  • Safire Studios
    Safire Studios Day ago

    Gibi: What do you want to be when you grow up
    Me: Alive

    Gibi: when was the last time you were in the sun
    Me: what's a sun?

  • Josh Watson
    Josh Watson Day ago

    Could you please do another interview video then at the end can you please read out all of the questions and see if we got the same as you ( and also i subscribed to you channel thats all thank you)

    OMWTFYB 2 days ago

    The best yo

  • Psycho Fangirl_04
    Psycho Fangirl_04 2 days ago

    Me: *watching*
    Me: *falls partially asleep*
    Ad: **ShAzAm!!!!**

  • Ethan Gods knights
    Ethan Gods knights 2 days ago +1

    Question 1:yes
    Question 2:Ethan
    Question 3:can’t say
    Question 4:life is depressing so good
    Question 5:idk food
    Question 6:food
    Question 7:food
    Question 8:of course not
    Question 9:Artists
    Question 10:draw
    Question 11:warming up my bed
    Question 12:any chore
    Question 12:dog
    Question 13:yes
    Question 14:0
    Question 15:chocolate
    Question 16:yes
    Question 17:Whataburger
    Question 18:a few hours ago
    Question 19:no
    Question 29:yes
    Question 21:no
    Question 22:pretty comfy
    Question 23:four
    Question 24:not that I remember

    Question 25:yes
    Question 26:don’t remember
    Question 27:yes
    Question 29:Godzilla
    Question 30:yes but They scary sometimes
    Question 31:never ate hamburger so Idk
    Question 32:never tried them
    Question 33:both
    Question 34:depends on the species
    Question 35:not to long
    Question 36:swim
    Question 37:never tried so maybe
    Question 38:2 seconds max or less
    Question 38:2 or 3 years
    Question 39:nah
    Question 40:any toxic app or site that makes people feel bad to the point of suicide thoughts
    Question 41:president
    Question 42:artist
    Question 43:nope
    Question 44:nope can’t tell and if they did they’re getting shut down
    Question 45:Real
    Question 46:NF
    Question 47:Taurus
    Question 48:I don’t know so I’ll say courages?
    Question 49:useless pathetic trash
    Question 50:I don’t know
    Question 51:Son name would be Aaron and daughter name is Elizabeth
    Question 52:calling someone for help
    Question 53:nope
    Question 54:none
    Question 55:short
    Question 56:TheXvid to see Gibi asmr videos
    Question 57:NF
    Question 58:some times
    Question 59:nope
    Question 60:ninjas all the way
    Question 61:about 10 minutes
    Question 62:car
    Question 63:Texas
    Question 64:nope
    Question 65:nothing I just eat the buns
    Question 66:NO
    Question 67:nope but will soon
    Question 68:I’m not into sports
    Question 69:not be a little bitch
    Question 70:Ask what’s wrong?
    Question 71:younger brother
    Question 72:older sister
    Question 73: nope
    Question 74: nope
    Question 75:Do YoU HaVe A GiRlFrIeNd?!
    Question 76:Et
    Question 77:sure
    Question 78:my friend Ed(Edgar)
    Question 79:used to
    Question 80:being alive
    Question 81:yes sometimes
    Question 82:my bed is a couch
    Question 83:MY BOY EDGAR
    Question 84:what no?
    Question 85:I am a leader
    Question 86:ya like jazz?!?!?!
    Question 87:any food that I don’t know of
    Question 88:nope
    Question 89:air heads
    Question 90:Friday
    Question 91:Yes
    Question 92:video games
    Question 93:food ready for you
    Question 94:any shower is a good shower
    Question 95:dunno
    Question 96:peace and love
    Question 97:no
    Question 98:depends what I was doing before going to bed
    Question 99:Yes I like coffee in the morning
    Question 100:sunsets because another day of my life has ended
    Question 101:because super rich

    Question 102:no because I couldn’t sleep for the entire night

  • crisp cardboard
    crisp cardboard 2 days ago +5

    Gibi:how many pillows do you have.
    Slick Boi: why don't you find out for your self.

  • Joey Souza
    Joey Souza 2 days ago

    “What’s your zodiac sign?” I do not give a flying fuck about zodiac signs... “I could tell, oh yeah”

  • Name: ?
    Name: ? 2 days ago

    Gibi: what’s your nickname?
    Me: my friends and family call me punkass
    Gibi: Can I call you that?

  • Ragnar Arron
    Ragnar Arron 2 days ago

    WTF!!?? Je mehr Abos um so mieser deine Videos! Das hat mit ASMR nichts mehr zu tun! Viel zu laute Geräusche kein Flüstern!

  • omegatyrix
    omegatyrix 2 days ago +9

    "Why do air mattresses deflate every time you use them?"
    Because I'm fat, next question.

  • Chrome mustang
    Chrome mustang 2 days ago

    Gibi:what do you want to be when you grow up
    Me:your weeb boyfriend
    Gibi: ya of course

  • Alucard Angel
    Alucard Angel 2 days ago

    Gibi what's your zodiac sign
    Me geminus because I'm an angel sometimes but can be the devil himself if you try me
    Gibi perfect
    Me 🙂🙃

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 2 days ago

    Answering all questions
    1 yes
    2 Anonymous User
    3 16
    4 ok
    5 nothing
    6 nothing
    7 pizza
    8 yes
    9 idk
    10 I don’t have one
    11 laundry
    12 mowing the yard
    13 dog
    14 yes
    15 11
    16 lavender
    17 yes
    18 Burger King
    19 today
    20 yes
    21 yes
    22 no
    23 7
    24 3 or 4
    25 no
    26 yes
    27 I don’t remember
    28 yes
    29 2008 symbiote Spider-Man
    30 yes
    31 grill
    32 ketchup
    33 relaxing
    34 no
    35 4 hours
    36 go for a walk
    37 yes
    38 not long
    39 several weeks
    40 yes
    41 MySpace
    42 astronaut
    43 CEO
    44 no
    45 no
    46 Better Now - Post Malone
    47 Libra
    48 idk
    49 kind, loyal, logical
    50 their eyes
    51 John and Avery
    52 asking a store clerk for help
    53 no
    54 weekend at Bernie’s
    55 short flight
    56 Instagram
    57 Steve Carrel
    58 no
    59 the original Aladdin
    60 pirates
    61 idk
    62 car
    63 France
    64 yes
    65 I don’t eat hot dogs
    66 yes
    67 occasionally
    68 bowling
    69 i wish I was funnier
    70 looking back at your mistakes
    71 older brother
    72 older sister
    73 no
    74 so no one told you life was gonna be this way
    75 how tall are you
    76 don’t have one
    77 Robert Downey Jr
    78 no
    79 I don’t have a bucket list
    80 no
    81 no
    82 the seals don’t work
    83 My oldest friend
    84 yes
    85 depends on the situation
    86 Not all those who wonder are lost
    87 hot dogs
    88 yes
    89 Wilson
    90 Thursday
    91 board games
    92 clean house
    93 night showers
    94 my under armor
    95 peace
    96 no
    97 at least 7 hours
    98 yes
    99 sunsets
    100 hanging out with my friends
    101 yes

  • evan yount
    evan yount 2 days ago

    can you make a part 2 to this i literally love this video

  • Loki Studios
    Loki Studios 2 days ago

    hey can you make a written list of the questions asked in the video? It’s a good interview and I want to use it to work on some of my characters

  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie 2 days ago

    I'm just gonna answer these questions ...'cause I can.

    1. Maybe
    2. Jackie
    3. 19
    4. Pretty good, a bit tired ('cause
    it's late)
    5. Pancakes
    6. I like both (if Lunch & Dinner
    were a different question)
    7. There were ups and downs
    8. Police officer
    9. Dunno
    10. Washing dishes I guess
    11. Clean the vacuum cleaner
    12. Cat
    13. Not really
    14. Around 20 maybe
    15. Puppys
    16. Kinda
    17. Pizza (it still is)
    18. Yesterday
    19. No, but I'd like to.
    20. No
    21. Nope
    22. Not at all, I get neck ache
    all the time.
    23. I have three pillows, but always
    sleep with the tiny one
    24. No, but a sister
    25. No
    26. Jenny (had a crush on her^^)
    27. Logically
    28. Hogwarts Student
    29. Yeah, but hate the smell
    30. Grill
    31. Ketchup
    32. Can be both
    33. As long as it doesn't pull me
    down - No.
    34. Maybe less than half an hour
    (when I'm alone)
    35. Wandering around?
    36. It can be
    37. I hope 'till they find a cure
    and long after that
    38. Long
    39. No
    40. Every
    41. Police officer
    42. Rich
    43. No
    44. I don't care
    45. The german version of the
    first One Piece opening
    46. Cancer
    47. Mediator
    48. Annoying
    49. 'Cause they're fluffy
    50. Son: Sirius
    Daughter: Shani
    51. Calling someone
    52. If there were oxygen domes
    53. Maybe Harry Potter and the
    Chamber of Secrets
    54. Long car ride
    55. TheXvid
    56. Robert Downey Jr.
    57. Yes
    58. Yes
    59. Pirates
    60. 5 meters
    61. Second apartment
    62. Britain
    63. Depends how you descripe
    64. Ketchup and mustard sauce
    (sauce, not mustard)
    65. Yes
    66. When I find the time
    67. Every
    68. Dunno, maybe reticence?
    69. Admiting to have one
    70. Younger
    71. Younger
    72. I hope not
    73. No
    74. "Would speak louder?"
    75. Nick (I'm a girl tho)
    76. Some rich douchebag
    77. No
    78. Eat a bread filled with red bean
    79. All the time
    80. More than sleeping in my bad
    81. Weight? (Not airtight)
    82. All of 'em
    83. Yes
    84. Neither
    85. "You're my favourite Pizza
    86. Game of Thrones
    87. I don't know?
    88. "Idiocy"
    89. Saturday
    90. Yeah
    91. Both (more videogames)
    91. Food
    92. Morning showers
    93. I have a pair of boots I love
    94. Good people
    95. Probably not
    96. Six hours
    97. No
    98. Both. - But if you'd mean it in a
    philosophical sense: Sun rise
    99. I dunno, I'll know
    100. I try

  • Kate Besner
    Kate Besner 2 days ago +4

    “Don’t worry it’s totally anonymous”
    Literally the second question:
    “wHaTs yOuR nAmE?”

  • why
    why 2 days ago

    This is one of my favourites, I watch it often

  • Ohad and Nir Alon
    Ohad and Nir Alon 2 days ago

    Halloween? I'm Jewish baby 😉

  • Corey Denis
    Corey Denis 2 days ago +1

    Her: are you ok
    Me: I don’t feel so good mr stark

  • Thirza Volp
    Thirza Volp 2 days ago

    i love these kinda videos but there are almost non on youtube and it makes me sad

  • Ryan Lauwers
    Ryan Lauwers 2 days ago +1

    Gibi : do you have a friend named Ryan
    Me: 😢

  • christian saccotelli

    Did anyone else just come up with the gOofiest answers possible?

  • Hfndjdbjejdhjduhdhks
    Hfndjdbjejdhjduhdhks 3 days ago +1

    Gibi: Please Come in and sit
    *sits on toilet

  • Emilia Marriott
    Emilia Marriott 3 days ago +1

    i’ve watched this so many times and i’m pretty sure i haven’t listen to all of the questions because of falling asleep 🥴 thanks gibi ❤️

  • Alex The Gemini
    Alex The Gemini 3 days ago

    Gibi: How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse
    Me: A few years until I get bored and become the last of the people I care about then I would kill myself by jumping off the tallest building (depending where I'd actually be in the U.S at that time) New York would be fun, Wonder if I'd make it that far.

  • rachel
    rachel 3 days ago +1

    gibi: how many pillows do you sleep with?
    me: yes

  • Unicorn EveryThing!
    Unicorn EveryThing! 3 days ago +1

    Gibi: what’s something everybody else likes that you don’t?

    Me: sports

    Gibi: *laughs*

    Me: Im serious..lmao

  • Lily Canty
    Lily Canty 3 days ago

    2not saying
    3:not saying
    6:an apple
    7: spaghetti
    9: forensic scientist
    10: don't have one
    11: vacuuming
    12: wash dishes
    13: 🐕
    That all I can do

  • Valeria Martínez Suárez

    Please more of this Gibi! Answering is very relaxing!