ASMR | Interviewing You

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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    Hi everyone!!! Back atcha with a new video c: I always loveeee the question parts of check-in/medical/etc videos so...I decided to make a full one! 100 questions, just for you! ...that's all I have to say :D
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  • Lauren C
    Lauren C 3 hours ago

    1. Yes
    2. Lauren
    3. 14
    4. Good but sick
    5. Didn't eat breakfast
    6. Mac and cheese
    7. Its noon
    8. Yeah sure I guess
    9. IT department specialist
    10. Babysitter
    11. Laundry
    12. Cleaning the litter boxes
    13. Cat
    14. Yessss!!!
    15. 15 1/2
    16. Clean lemon
    17. Yes
    18. McDonald's
    19. Yesterday
    20. Yes! :)
    21. Yes
    22. Very.
    23. Extremely
    24. 2
    25. No
    26. No
    27. Debbie Hanson
    28. Yes!
    29. A biker
    30. Yes! 🎊
    31. Grill
    32. Ketchup
    33. Both
    34. Yes
    35. 2 hours max I'm a vampire
    36. Ride a bike
    37. Not really
    38. 20 minutes
    39. 1 week
    40. Yes
    41. LinkedIn
    42. Astronaut
    43. Astrophysicists
    44. Nope :)
    45. Yes ofc!
    46. Run the world (girls)
    47. Beyonce
    48. Scorpio
    49. Idk
    50. Kind, funny, smart
    51. Cause they dont cry and scream
    52. Son: Michael, Daughter: Kenzie
    53. Asking a store clerk for help
    54. yes.
    55. The Notebook
    56. Long car ride
    57. Snapchat
    58. Matt Benett
    59. Yes :)
    60. Pocahontas
    61. Pirates
    62. 1/4 of a mile
    63. A second apartment
    64. France
    65. Yes, daily.
    66. Mustard and ketchup only
    67. As a young kid yes but not in middle school
    68. Yes sadly
    69. (Nice) Golf
    70. Patent
    71. Admitting there is one
    72. Older brother
    73. Older sister
    74. No
    75. Yes but I won't
    76. How's the weather up there (I'm 5'11)
    77. Ren
    78. Yes
    79. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson
    80. Cant yet.
    81. Go to Paris
    82. All. the. time.
    83. I dont mind it
    84. I'm 200 pounds next question.
    85. Annie.

  • TSM CrystalFox
    TSM CrystalFox 4 hours ago

    GIBI: what are 3 words you to describe yourself?
    Me: piece of sh*t

  • I do random stuff ?
    I do random stuff ? 14 hours ago

    Her: what’s the coolest job when you were little?
    Me:finishing the job!

  • Th3r34l Dylan
    Th3r34l Dylan 15 hours ago

    Smells like a new title in here!

  • Kitty LightSky
    Kitty LightSky 15 hours ago

    Gibi: Did you like school?
    Me: *about to burst into a rant*

  • SpookTunes
    SpookTunes 16 hours ago

    So THIS is what happened to Dora when she grew up.

  • Michelle Obama
    Michelle Obama 17 hours ago

    Gibi: *literally asks any question*
    Me: “dEpEnDs”

  • Sam Levins
    Sam Levins 17 hours ago

    Is anyone else reading through the comments looking for that one person who answered all these questions in one long comment

  • UNIT
    UNIT 22 hours ago

    Gibi: how are you today
    Me,an honest man:depressed and on the verge of jumping off a cliff
    Gibi: *proceeds to draw a hippopotamus*

  • CallMeDaddy
    CallMeDaddy 22 hours ago

    If this would’ve been daisy interviewing the first question would probally be
    : Do you need a roommate or do you know someone who needs a roommate

  • April Contreras
    April Contreras Day ago


  • Anime gamer
    Anime gamer Day ago

    Gibi - “did you like school?” - implying I graduated
    Also gibi - “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

  • Jeremy Sorejian
    Jeremy Sorejian Day ago

    I don’t have a friend per say but I have a boss named Melissa

    • Jeremy Sorejian
      Jeremy Sorejian Day ago

      The last thing I remember dressing up as
      A Jedi this year

  • MetrislicA
    MetrislicA Day ago

    "do you have a name friend Melissa?"
    Me: yeah that Mercyful Fate one

  • Fishman_54
    Fishman_54 2 days ago

    Do you feel, than u want say for Gibi

  • The Cloud Clan
    The Cloud Clan 2 days ago

    Gibi:When were you last in the sun
    Me:Never I live in the UK

  • Leo Souto
    Leo Souto 2 days ago

    she was so stoned in this video

  • Maackiplier
    Maackiplier 2 days ago

    2:28 real sneaky 😉

  • Medic from the hit game Team Fortress 2

    This is a certified hood classic.

  • Fifa OG
    Fifa OG 2 days ago

    Don’t worry it’s completely anonymous

    What’s your name

  • Owen Gallagher
    Owen Gallagher 3 days ago +3

    "do you have a friend called Melissa?"
    Me: who tf are you get out of my head

  • John Boberts
    John Boberts 3 days ago

    This girl is a fed I swear asking me all these questions

  • RandomGacha Person
    RandomGacha Person 3 days ago

    This video made me question a lot of things..

  • Jacqueline Gallman
    Jacqueline Gallman 3 days ago +3

    her: what’s better? an older brother or a younger brother?
    me being the middle child and having both: neither, trust me

  • Nick DeAngelis
    Nick DeAngelis 3 days ago

    She says that its completely anonymous

    Literally the first freaking question is what is your name

  • PokaSchaba
    PokaSchaba 3 days ago

    You're ready to me, ask you some questions?
    That's a first question :DDDD
    B R U H

  • An animating idiot
    An animating idiot 3 days ago

    When she asked when I saw the sun the last time I realised I didn't leave the house for the entire weekend

  • lightningguardian331

    Now I’m ready to sleep thank you very much 🙂

  • Zane Fleming
    Zane Fleming 4 days ago

    Can we see what you wrote down I feel like that would be so cool

  • Earth
    Earth 4 days ago +1

    Gibi: how long-
    Me: 6.8 inches
    Gibi: -do you like to sleep at night

  • OoF. Ari
    OoF. Ari 4 days ago +6

    gibi: “how far can u run without walking?”
    me: *takes a single step*
    also me: *falls to the ground*

  • Earth
    Earth 4 days ago

    Gibi: what are 3 words that you would use to describe yourself
    Me: Peice. Of. Shit.

  • OsianThePinkWabbit
    OsianThePinkWabbit 4 days ago +1

    Gibi says: Witch ones cuter dogs or baby’s..? Me reply: dogs cuz I’m no pedo bear

  • Ellie We
    Ellie We 4 days ago +4

    “When’s the last time you were in the sun?”
    Me: “uh.....when I was 5....? It was a long time ago....”

  • SuperBurgerHD
    SuperBurgerHD 5 days ago +2

    For most of these questions I just thought "WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?" What are signing up for.... TO BE STALKED

  • T-Dabbing T-Dabber
    T-Dabbing T-Dabber 5 days ago +1

    do u ever eat a grape and it tastes like a fart

  • willplays games
    willplays games 5 days ago

    Go watch my new asmr vid

  • seamuseen
    seamuseen 5 days ago +2

    TheXvid : How many ads do you want in your video?
    Gibi: Yes.

  • TM1331
    TM1331 6 days ago

    Gibi: How many pillows do you sleep with
    Me: YES!

  • 飆速肥宅
    飆速肥宅 6 days ago +1

    Gibi: Do you like holidays?
    Me: yeah.
    Also Gibi: *writing intensifies*

  • Andrew Bronson
    Andrew Bronson 7 days ago +1

    Gibi- "Have you eaten fast food this week?"
    Me- Let's see, I'm a security officer. Yep pretty much every day.

  • Luke Krauss
    Luke Krauss 7 days ago

    anyone else wondering wtf she's writing down?

  • Luke Krauss
    Luke Krauss 7 days ago +1

    Gibi: how comfy is your bed? you can use a word, one out of ten? A B C ?
    Me: C

    • Earth
      Earth 4 days ago

      Underated comment

  • Vilhjalmur The Viking
    Vilhjalmur The Viking 7 days ago +6

    Gibi: "what is your name"?
    Me: "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die"!

  • Abro
    Abro 7 days ago

    Pirates or Ninjas?
    Me: Yes

  • Fionn Burns
    Fionn Burns 7 days ago

    Your beautiful

  • Holly Holt
    Holly Holt 7 days ago

    "What's the worst social media?"
    *under her breath*

  • sand undertal
    sand undertal 8 days ago

    Lied on every question

  • Maverick
    Maverick 8 days ago

    My favourite smell is gasoline
    Change my mind

  • Kaan Ulusoy
    Kaan Ulusoy 8 days ago

    are you feeling ok?

    ME: NO!

    gibi: gud

  • Peder Haagensen
    Peder Haagensen 8 days ago

    Whats your favorite day of the week

    Wednesday my dudes

  • Ryan Marston
    Ryan Marston 8 days ago

    My name is Ryan smile emoji

  • Y'all I'm Mimi
    Y'all I'm Mimi 8 days ago

    gibi: what did you have for breakfast
    me: a breath of air :)

  • Phelix Woods
    Phelix Woods 8 days ago

    Gibi: What chore would you never want to do again?
    Me: live life.
    Gibi: yeah, I feel that

  • Ssnipes
    Ssnipes 8 days ago

    Take a seat. Me lying down in bed. Sinks through floor. That good enough for you?

  • Bert Beumer
    Bert Beumer 8 days ago

    bold of you to assume i have friends

  • toes
    toes 8 days ago +2

    "what brand would your life be sponsored by?"

  • LukeWarm
    LukeWarm 8 days ago

    Could someone explain wtf she means when she says can you breed hair? Does she mean can you get your children or grandchildren to have specific hair color based on their parents? If so, kind of

  • LukeWarm
    LukeWarm 8 days ago

    I awnsered the zombie apocalypse question by saying “it depends where i am and who im with” and she responded as if she knew i said that

  • Emilie Anne Verhaegen

    Gibi: Have you eaten fastfood this week?
    Me: Have I eaten anything else??