The History of Bethesda Game Studios

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Embark on a quest through the history of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. With insight into the development of everything from Arena to Fallout 4, Noclip takes you on a journey through the creative process of one of the most prolific RPG designers in gaming history.
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    Chapter Markers by Game
    06:37 - Arena & Daggerfall
    15:15 - Morrowind
    21:38 - Oblivion
    33:30 - Fallout 3
    55:43 - Skyrim
    01:09:02 - Fallout 4
    Licenced Music Used
    Corn Fields
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    Fallout 4 Theme:
    Oblivion OST - Peace Of Akatosh:
    Morrowind Theme Song:
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    Oblivion OST - Glory of Cyrodiil
    Oblivion OST - Als is Well
    Oblivion OST - Dusk at the Market
    Fallout 3 OST - Explore 1
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    Skyrim OST - Distant Horizons
    Skyrim OST - Journey's End
    Skyrim OST - Around The Fire
    Skyrim OST - Secunda
    Skyrim OST - Dawn
    Fallout 4 OST - Of the People, for the People
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    Fallout 4 OST - Darkness Falls
    Fallout 4 OST - Imagine Utopia
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Comments • 3 883

  • Elijah Whipple
    Elijah Whipple 2 days ago

    Morrowind is the best fucking game I've ever played don't @ me

  • Gonzalo Mayorga Villouta

    I feel sad watching this after Fallout 76.

  • Jeremy Mclean Films
    Jeremy Mclean Films 14 days ago +2

    Bethesda claiming their modding community is uniquely the oldest in the industry when half life came out 4 years before morrowind...

  • Pierre LeDouche
    Pierre LeDouche 14 days ago

    The strongest thing I can say about the quality of these Noclip docus is that even when they cover the development of games I've never given a rat's ass about (Fallout anything, Elder Scrolls anything) I still find the vids fascinating and hugely entertaining. Always professional, always relevant, this is some of the best game journalism you will ever see.
    Having said that, back in the 90s I did play Terminator: Future Shock, and Terminator: Skynet and loved them both. Something I'm not sure I'm correct about is that the first appearance of the aiming red dot or reticle on the screen was with Future Shock. Before that, in Doom and Doom II and the like, there was no aiming reticle, no aiming down the sights, just a more or less primitive version of aim assist that got you there if you pointed your weapon in the right direction. I also remember seeing some developer notes on the nascent Duke Nukem (the first) that they added in an aiming reticle "like TFS". And once Duke Nukem hit it big it was par for the course until other games started letting you aim down the sights, a la Call of Duty 2 and others. I remember all this stuff so well because I came late to both the PC world and PC gaming. When Doom II came out I was a 30 year old police officer with a wife and kid. Duke Nukem and others, even older. There's always a tremendous feeling of nostalgia for me whenever I watch these Noclip vids, because they delve into the history of both games and game creators. I don't think I'd even thought about Terminator:Future Shock for decades until I watched this video.
    Many thanks. Already subscribed. Thumbs up, as always.

  • MrClonedzero
    MrClonedzero 14 days ago

    Depressing how toxic people get over one game. These comments are shameful.

  • Jack Jameson
    Jack Jameson 15 days ago

    Bathesda is a heaping shit pile. Go fuck yourselves.

  • David Welch
    David Welch 17 days ago

    I finally get it now. Bethesda's biggest mistake was hiring Todd.

  • Barelystable
    Barelystable 17 days ago

    They also polish old assets, in order to show them as a new game, insuring pre-orders and hype. sorry but to use fallout 4's buggy engine and all its assets and claim its a new engine ect is in my mind a form of defrauding someone of their money .

  • Barelystable
    Barelystable 17 days ago

    @0:00 Look at all the cool stuff they bought with the money from fallout 76 pre orders and using canvas bags with the power armor helms

  • Mark 0
    Mark 0 19 days ago

    @1:12:30 Anthem should’ve taken notes

  • Chris Lohr
    Chris Lohr 19 days ago +1

    Please put arenas back in TES VI. God I loved it. And for the love of god give us real guilds this time.

  • Social Suicide
    Social Suicide 19 days ago +1

    I wonder if they ever mention just how they fit all those bugs in their code.

    • Social Suicide
      Social Suicide 19 days ago

      I'm glad they were able to speak about their bugs, but to be honest I have no plans on purchasing future games from them until they get at least a little better and ironing these things out. I love Fallout and have for many years and even enjoyed Skyrim, but I'm a little over their work for now.

  • Yttrium
    Yttrium 27 days ago

    After fallout 76 and the PR disaster that came after i can't take Bethesda serious anymore.

  • tushar
    tushar Month ago

    it just works.

  • Nazeem Garvey
    Nazeem Garvey Month ago +1

    In my opinion Skyrim and FO 4 are the best games in existence.

    • Nazeem Garvey
      Nazeem Garvey 17 days ago


    • Nate Poch
      Nate Poch 17 days ago

      Doesn’t sound like you’ve played many games then ahahahahahaha

  • Anthony Quigley
    Anthony Quigley Month ago

    6:05 how big is that dude on the box

  • R.U.S.E 35
    R.U.S.E 35 Month ago

    "Have we bitten off more then we can chew? Of course. But I would rather shoot for it and see where we end up then be safe."

    That might explain what happened to 76. Or I could be completely wrong and it was just Bethesda being lazy, truthfully I don't know. But either way that's quite a thing to say.

  • Chris Carson
    Chris Carson Month ago

    My Kajit Telvanni Master. Impossible in any other game.

  • Nay
    Nay Month ago

    The first time i started morrowind, I was mindblown. But it was unplayable without a fix: A bucket helmet on character's head, and NEVER EVER remove it.

  • Kumbi
    Kumbi Month ago

    15:20 this is the mentality they need now more than ever.

  • hcpnator
    hcpnator Month ago

    Would like to have an update on their thoughts now, after the release of FO76

  • Avvak
    Avvak Month ago +2

    i don't care what people think about fallout 76
    bethesda are the best and i love them and their games

  • Adrian Nostromo
    Adrian Nostromo Month ago

    My wallet is awaiting STARFIELD.

  • Mariela Salinas
    Mariela Salinas Month ago +1

    Even though Fallout 76 didn't live up to everyone's expectations, I still believe Bethesda is one of the best games studios out there. Hope they listen to all the feedback and fix what is unfortunately broken. I still want to work there one day, the environment seems so genuine and lovely.

  • Daniel Justin
    Daniel Justin Month ago


  • PAIN
    PAIN Month ago


  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve Month ago +1

    This is very relaxing to watch, great job!

  • pa7ri0t
    pa7ri0t Month ago +2

    As always thanks Danny for making yet another amazing documentary....

  • Matthew Nevers
    Matthew Nevers Month ago

    Why were they showing Daggerfall gameplay for Arena chapter? lol

  • recking1976 conquest

    I think they should make the star wars Sanger

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard Month ago +2

    Beautiful, isn't it?

  • RogelioDelaToro
    RogelioDelaToro Month ago

    You've lost all your credibility by letting these crooks and scam artists have a platform. Shame on you.

  • Sean Vinsick
    Sean Vinsick Month ago

    Puff piece

  • 22Games
    22Games Month ago

    A while ago, I thought that Bethesda should so a big remaster of oblivion or morrowind or something but now I know that they can't handle making 2 or more games at once.

  • Mads Hvelplund
    Mads Hvelplund Month ago

    Sad that the "sausage" being made turned out to be a shit sausage.
    Edit: the game, not your video. Your video is great ;)

  • retro
    retro 2 months ago

    Talking about Elder Scroll without Julian LeFay, Ted Peterson and Chris Weaver and putting on spot Toad Howard meh... Not a great documentary just a cult of personality, RedGuard was the moment when Elder scrolls was "stolen" from the original creators... Todd saying that Daggerfall was not that immersive, and saying Redguard was better in that regard... putting his bad game design in a piedestal... sad... this documentary is not one, it's just hidden publicity for Bethesda+Zenimax.
    Go check the work of @IndigoGaming you'll learn more about those franchise :)

  • Evil Chameleon
    Evil Chameleon 2 months ago

    They all talk out their ass so much. They don't Know how to make a working game and their last few efforts have no inspiration behind them. Go sell Skyrim another 40 times you incompetent idiots.

  • Sean
    Sean 2 months ago

    It is not an exaggeration to say that I played Fallout 3 steadily for more than two years, simply to try out different aspects of karma, tweak interactions with the NPCs, etc. One of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've ever had. Bravo, Bethesda.

  • youngjdef
    youngjdef 2 months ago

    53:20 "We KNOW it sucks" this just details the entire problem with Bethesda's mindset from the beginning. They've resigned themselves to the game "sucking" at first then eventually fixing it via patches and updates and support from the community.

    Hopefully the recent mess will let them reevaluate their thinking. It's great to have a community that will continue working on the game you release, but you, as a developer, still need to feel that the game is finished before releasing it.

    I really just think all the praise they've received over the years went to their head and it made them lazy. If they can take an honest look at themselves they might be able to turn it around for the next game.

    I don't think they're evil, I think they've just given in to the trappings of human nature.

    If you can humble yourself, reevaluate your approach and the relationship with your customers, it IS recoverable - but at the end of the day you will be judged on the quality of your final product.

  • EpicGames Is Better Than Steam


  • Totally Waked
    Totally Waked 2 months ago

    Guys seriously, ur videos are so good until that British guy comes in and kills the chill and interesting vibe, fix this!

  • Totally Waked
    Totally Waked 2 months ago

    Holy shit British voice lame exposition sucked all the energy out of this video

  • Greg Fuller
    Greg Fuller 2 months ago

    I just want fallout 4 to work. I played through it at release but over 3 separate new pc's I get the infinite loading screen. the last build I got it in 1 hour of gameplay. Maybe I am a idiot, but all the "fixes" havnt worked for me.

  • Douglas Newbury
    Douglas Newbury 2 months ago

    Yeah Bethesda's modding community is large, older, and really good, but they don't have shit on the Half-Life series in terms of making long-lasting impressions in the entire industry.

  • Lukas Schmidt
    Lukas Schmidt 2 months ago

    These documentaries makes me appreciate the games discussed on another level.

  • MrM4DD0gg
    MrM4DD0gg 2 months ago

    sad to say i turned this off the moment fallout 76 was mentioned

  • MrM4DD0gg
    MrM4DD0gg 2 months ago

    and then came fallout 76

  • clray123
    clray123 2 months ago

    Idk their games always seemed infantile and borderline retarded to me.

  • jackripper990
    jackripper990 2 months ago +1

    so many years and they still can't properly do debugging. :) what wasted potential lies in that studio

  • Abbey Roadster
    Abbey Roadster 2 months ago +1

    Danny, always great work. A shame that the studio focused here isn't deserving of your hard work.

  • Ronald James
    Ronald James 2 months ago +5

    Can't wait for part two...
    "the proper integration into the money grabbing bastards gaming industry"

  • carpetfluff35
    carpetfluff35 2 months ago +1

    At this rate this could end up being a retrospective of a former game studio...

    • Fabio Dewitt
      Fabio Dewitt 2 months ago +1

      I wouldn't go that far, sure Fallout 76 was trash but that will not break Bethesda. They still have Starfield and the new Elder Scrolls to be released.

  • gamer taboo
    gamer taboo 2 months ago +1

    I would love to see insider footage like this during a time like this for Bethesda, where fans are pissed off because all these things have sort been building towards this crescendo. Like how do they handle it inside? Because often all we get is silence from the devs, or very obvious corporate speak. When you watch this you see a more human side to the devs, but when this stuff happens it's the exact opposite. It's hard to imagine what they're doing internally. Like I wonder honestly if this team in the video above had much to do with FO76 or the shady decisions like the nylon bag ripoff, etc, as I'd wager they are knee deep into their next big triple A. But they still take the flak. And if so, who is this other team that pushed out FO76 and why. Like their decisions lately haven't made a ton of sense, really seems like bad management.

  • Exka
    Exka 2 months ago

    Someone should tell them about the Half-Life 1 and 2 modding communities, if they think that their mediocre games have the biggest, oldest or the most unique modding community. Who gives a fuck about massive jiggling boobs for anime babe characters, unless you're some teenage boy masturbating furiously. Also fuck that Todd Howard guy. Morrowind was a good game with an excellent and captivating plot but I guess that's pointless, when you can have so many endless and flavorless quests, boring story, idiotic characters and stupid kill animations.

  • J L
    J L 2 months ago

    To hear that dude commending Obsidian for doing a great job with New Vegas is so weird.
    Obsidian: ... yeah. Thanks for that. Now how about you make a good one? 3rd time’s a charm, right?

  • Max Aggropop
    Max Aggropop 2 months ago

    76 wanted to be a good game, but then it took an arrow to the knee

  • oOdOdY 75Oo
    oOdOdY 75Oo 2 months ago +2

    Yeah, please explain how you managed to fuck up one of the best franchises out there. Man oh man have you guys fallen behind. Shameful how you can release a game like that with your name on it. I'm so disappointed guys, not just in 76, not even the fact I lost my money on a game I gave up on 10 minutes in, but in the fact my money will be used to fund future garbage like 76.

  • Le Marchand
    Le Marchand 2 months ago

    No Syndicate told about? Really? I was expectate alot about syndicate

  • Andrew Scheuerman
    Andrew Scheuerman 2 months ago +2

    The people who hate Skyrim are morons

  • Zealous Geek
    Zealous Geek 2 months ago +1

    These documentaries are AWESOME! Please try to do one on Bungie (Halo or Destiny)

  • D Mereel Alhucema M423
    D Mereel Alhucema M423 2 months ago +1

    i still think FO4 looks like complete shit. those soft colors are vomit worthy.

  • The ClassifiedGamimgNerd
    The ClassifiedGamimgNerd 2 months ago +6

    This makes me more sad about fallout 76

    • Tomte
      Tomte 39 minutes ago

      "I rather shoot for it, than be save!"
      No, reason to be sad they made a ton of good stuff in a row and made one bad game. They always try something new and if you do that you can not always win.

  • Darcstarr
    Darcstarr 2 months ago +8

    LOL @ all these comments from months ago (Pre-fallout 76). Eating your words now.

  • Damien Spectre
    Damien Spectre 3 months ago +2

    I love Bethesda !!! Cant wait for Starfield and ES6!!

  • Alice Cooper
    Alice Cooper 3 months ago +1

    They can talk a lot but still, Fallout 3, 4 & 76 suck ass and their words didn't really changed my mind even tho I really see now how they have pretty disturbing and bad attitude about real Fallout world.

  • alandab
    alandab 3 months ago

    OMG...this outro music is amazing!!

  • Electricfire
    Electricfire 3 months ago +5

    And then right after Fallout 76 comes out Bethesda completely shits on themselves, it's honestly just sad and pathetic. Bethesda isn't what they used to be and I'm not very excited about their "exciting" future.

  • UFO Weekly News
    UFO Weekly News 3 months ago +1

    All this, now destroyed with their Fallout 76 failure and shenanigans.

  • TheCybercoco
    TheCybercoco 3 months ago

    The conclusion here is telling. So I guess it isn't unreasonable to conclude that perhaps things have become less meaningful for the team that has resulted in less than average work. Either that or the lack of skills to accomplish it. I can't imagine what they were thinking when they thought that tech that was designed for single player use would translate well for multiplayer use. They were kind of screwed from the get go. It was the perfect time for new engine, and they were either too lazy or cheap to do it. It does not show much care in their work. Their ambition has been respectable in the past (and why we forgive so many bugs and issues), but their latest project betrays everything that the company's reputation was made from. Hope they can turn things around.

  • Corey Slade
    Corey Slade 3 months ago

    Considering how it partially resulted in the Voice Actors strike we had, I hope they have made some changes about that whole need for over the top secrecy thing. I can't help thinking that you would get a better performance out of Voice actors who know what they're working on, even aside from the unfair bargaining tactics involved with hiding the scope and size of the project from them when they are negotiating their contracts.
    Aside from that, this was a fantastic documentary, and really made me like these guys a lot more than I did before, keep up the great work!

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong 3 months ago

    Morrowind is the best game Bethesda has ever made, fallout 3 comes second

  • Pan Z
    Pan Z 3 months ago

    Bethesda and Bioware. Titans that collapsed

  • Sk Flown
    Sk Flown 3 months ago +2

    But that was before Fallout 76...

    • SpringRoll Wang
      SpringRoll Wang 2 months ago

      I heard Preston Garvey is the head designer on 76.
      Go there, do that, come back reward. and repeat.

  • Gaxi The Space Faggot
    Gaxi The Space Faggot 3 months ago

    I mean, the modding community of Half-Life is like 20 years old too

  • Joshua Payne
    Joshua Payne 3 months ago

    I have to agree, Morrowind really was the best and Bethesda hasn't reached that height since. They won't ever because they've dumbed their games down for the casual gamers. They still make great games though (as long as 76 is the exception).

  • Cornholio Casts
    Cornholio Casts 3 months ago

    And now they make open world shooters with a 20 year old engine and no RPG elements what so ever.. oh yeah and the 2 million bugs that mods have to fix for free...

  • kudosbudo
    kudosbudo 3 months ago

    Oh god future shock was amazing and damn LOOOOONG to play through.

  • Renard
    Renard 3 months ago +9

    yeah fo76, there's no modders around to fix the game for you beth devs. though stuff... having to fix your own mess this time... not that you care of course.

  • DcMango
    DcMango 3 months ago


  • Xenith Xenaku
    Xenith Xenaku 3 months ago

    **sings** Tell me, lies tell me sweet little lies!

  • Yuni X2
    Yuni X2 3 months ago

    Here they are talking positively about F:NV. And here I thought that the fanbase was right about Bethesda's super deep fucking hatred of the game. That's one of the many examples of blind party loyalty in works folks,they tend to alter reality to fit their description when talking to those unknowning.

  • Jefke Intwestvlaams
    Jefke Intwestvlaams 3 months ago

    my opinion, it is hard to say, but my best fallout game is still new vegas, and it's not made by bethesda

  • Sagara Sousuke
    Sagara Sousuke 3 months ago +53

    So, what happened with all the standards they talked about here when they were making Fallout 76? xD

    • EA-SK8ER_
      EA-SK8ER_ 27 days ago +1

      Rozzelcopter also I don't think anyone has addressed this but it feels like the only ones working on fallout 76 is Bethesda games studios in Austin. Bethesda has three studios one in Rockville (Todd's team) one in Canada and one in Austin. I can't remember where I heard but I did hear that only Austin was working on it cause zenimax wanted money. It makes a lot of sense cause Todd's team has to be 100 percent knees deep in starfield that they don't have time for fallout 76. And I bet Austin doesn't know the creation engine as well as Todd's team. say what u will sure Bethesda games have bugs but after a few patched they are pretty much set. I mean look at all the Witcher games they all had a ton a bugs at launch same with assassin's Creed origins and Odyssey it's just the nature of open world games

    • Rozzelcopter
      Rozzelcopter Month ago

      Bethesda Softworks, that's what happened. Fallout 76 is to Bethesda Softworks as Destiny is to Activision. Rushed out for money while ending up heavily ridiculed with little replayability. Destiny may be better on many fronts but they're still eerily similar. BGS did as they were told. They tried to do what they could but was restricted to Bethesda Softworks forcing a push, and release, of the project. That's how it is with big publishers like Activision and EA.

    • SpringRoll Wang
      SpringRoll Wang 2 months ago +1

      Let's try removing RPG elements in RPG game.

    • Pan Z
      Pan Z 3 months ago +1

      *Lenient standards

  • Schnake Eyes
    Schnake Eyes 3 months ago

    IF Fallout 4 was a true fallout game, you could kill Preston and everyone else in the room and side with the guys downstairs, with dynamic faction wars like in NV. Oh and Skills

  • kathryn0200
    kathryn0200 3 months ago +5

    can't watch through my tears

    • sheepthehack
      sheepthehack 2 months ago

      hahah good one :) Unless you were serious.. in which case.. sad.. very sad.. im sorry youre crying.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 3 months ago

    That giant motif of Alduin's Wall is AWESOME!!!
    That said, please oh god please, let Elder Scrolls VI be good.

  • Mr.Aptronym
    Mr.Aptronym 3 months ago

    15:52 I am part of that contingent of fans that still insists Morrorwind was the high point. Not a perfect game by any means (That leveling system is painful) but that "Stranger in a strange land" sense of exploration is amazing. I've always felt that Oblivion gave up too much to get the game working on consoles and appealing to a mass market audience (and every game since, progressively more so). I am not against streamlining in general, but I think a lot of depth was lost with the complexity and I am not sure everything that was given up needed to be.
    Maybe the more mixed fan reception of FO4 followed by the actual decline of sales and critical reception for FO76 will give Bethesda another ultimatum like they had before Morrowind. I think Bethesda has focused on creating lovely worlds, but they have abandoned the immersive roleplaying aspect. I always got the feeling that the devs are shoving things in until the last second, and I have appreciated that, but maybe Bethesda needs to get some people focusing on the fun earlier in development.

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller 3 months ago

    Pretty sure I'm going to need to replay everything from red guard forward. I forgot how awesome morrowind was

  • Mikael Hänninen
    Mikael Hänninen 3 months ago

    I still get goosebumps from the Fallout 4 intro. It's so beautiful.

  • Kijinn
    Kijinn 3 months ago +4

    So here's my opinion and I understand that other people feel differently about the topic, but allow me to express my feelings, please.
    I'm irritated to see and hear how much everyone at Bethesda seems to have their heads up their own asses. There's no humility in anything they say and even when they talk about things that are nothing special at all, they praise themselves on it like they invented a cure for cancer.
    They live in a bubble, completely isolating themselves from the realities happening outside, is the impression I get.
    Their games are really mostly mediocre, with the only impressive aspect being the scale, the amounts of items, NPCs, monsters and quests. But each individual thing actually borders on barely sufficient. The textures, models and animations are often crude compared to the competition. The combat and magic systems are uninspired/generic. Movement and interaction with the world feel clumsy. The stealth system is ridiculous (hiding in plain sight in the middle of an empty, brightly lit room). The stories are never intriguing or touching. The dungeons are too formulaic to give a feeling of adventure. And all of their games quickly start feeling stale unless you add mods.
    Money and success got to their heads, leaving them unable to reflect in the light of realism. It's sad!

    • sheepthehack
      sheepthehack 2 months ago +1

      And now, why dont you tell you them exactly how you feel.. i think you sugar coated your reply far too much :) its almost like a love letter :)

  • Fancy Phil
    Fancy Phil 3 months ago +2

    This is one very well made and entertaining commercial! Thank you!

  • Dirty_old_Gamer
    Dirty_old_Gamer 3 months ago

    They have made good games with so funny bugs but I think it‘s time for big changes and a new propper working engine.

  • Noah Stevens
    Noah Stevens 3 months ago

    God of War (2018) is the first game to take Oblivions place as the best game ever made in my opinion. The Witcher 3 was very close. King for TWELVE YEARS.

  • charles gee
    charles gee 3 months ago +18

    Ooof! This is a rough watch now lol

  • Mimiyo
    Mimiyo 3 months ago +5

    Fallout 76 is not good... Still love Todd doe I mean how could you hate him ❤

    • M Luy
      M Luy 2 months ago

      Maybe because he's a lying snake out there to trick people like you? But sure, it's not fair to blame just him.

  • brondeef
    brondeef 3 months ago +1

    would love to see a companion piece on Obsidian

  • Rekkabites Thirteen
    Rekkabites Thirteen 3 months ago +29

    Seems this documentary panders to Bethesda rather than the audience as some very important info about Bethesda misdealings with Obsidian were completely glossed over... 18 months to complete a Fallout game! And the millions of dollars Bethesda cheated Obsidian out of because of the low score on Metacritic! You guys need to do a Documentary on Obsidian/InXile/Troika/Black Isle Studios/Interplay. Those guys are the real heroes of the gaming industry.

    • Kumbi
      Kumbi Month ago +2

      Obsidian didn’t even get a low score on metacritic. They got a score of 84%. Bethesda wanted a score of 85%. They missed it by 1 fricking %. Can you believe it.

    • Alice Cooper
      Alice Cooper 3 months ago +4

      Also no words about shitty dialogue system in FO4

  • radialdrift
    radialdrift 3 months ago +1

    "You can do practically anything with a Fallout game" Like re-use assets from one genre and pop into a totally unrelated genre? "We put everything into these games" - Like crap loads of game breaking bugs?

    • Joosek Michael
      Joosek Michael 3 months ago

      +radialdrift it's matter of taste and the feeling, nothing more. I don't expect anything big anymore, I just let them do what they want, and if I'm satisfied, thats more than enough. However I agree that Todd has told many lies, and I don't put my trust on Bethesda that much, that way I wont get dissapointed over and over again.
      And yes, I have played the previous games of Fallout, believe or not, and I find the latest one to be my liking and surprisingly good, which got me addicted quite badly....I don't need medals for that, but I also don't exclude the idea that they might redeem themselves later, if the upcoming games are good enough after FO 76, which was very dissapointing....but you can't expect every game to be a huge hit. Hopefully, they make up something better but we shall see.

    • radialdrift
      radialdrift 3 months ago

      +Joosek Michael Wow, you had a great experience. Do you want a medal? Fallout 4 was a pile of crap. Recycled story from 3, zero consequences, (i gather you haven't played the previous games) piss poor combat to cater to console gamers, instead of focusing on the core PC gamers that built the franchise. Bethesda have been a shit developer for a long time but have gotten a free ride. Finally they are getting their just desserts. Hopefully Howard gets sacked for his constant lies.

    • Joosek Michael
      Joosek Michael 3 months ago

      There's people who appreciate tiny things, and people who simply sees nothing but the negative....My Fallout 4 haven't got much of any of game breaking bugs, and I play on PS4 for crying out loud.

  • LOBE
    LOBE 3 months ago


  • Andrew Fuhriman
    Andrew Fuhriman 3 months ago +37

    we need a obsidian documentary