Leave Me Alurn - SNL


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  • saburo47pl11 ul35

    Ooo, poor indented women's.

  • Yari S.
    Yari S. Day ago

    I NEED THIS ASAP !!WHERE CAN I BUY lol 🙏🤔👍 I usually start talking in another Language... Sometimes it works 😔

  • chokkai jones
    chokkai jones 2 days ago

    I thought itd be like a accent skit about western folk

  • Anthony Ojeda
    Anthony Ojeda 3 days ago


  • Tim Morse
    Tim Morse 3 days ago

    'Conversation prophylactic' is my new favorite term.

  • Lil Dill Jones and Me!
    Lil Dill Jones and Me! 5 days ago +1

    Is that from the same company the makes HELLurn by Tyler Perry? No? I'll see myself out....

  • Marcus Powers
    Marcus Powers 6 days ago

    I see where all of these fascist videos are going, I guess I'm ok that trump one now! Us men would e in hell right now if Hillary one the presidency, and are ladies we'd be calling mommy..

  • Shawn
    Shawn 6 days ago

    couldnt Madea promote this?

    "Hellurrrr...buy this 'leave me alurn'!"

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 6 days ago

    I really need that back spike thing. Like there is 4 feet of space yet you had to come right up behind me and touch my back???

  • Tejah
    Tejah 6 days ago

    Hahaha love it

  • Kris Erickson
    Kris Erickson 7 days ago

    Let me ash you a question.

  • Ryan Garvey
    Ryan Garvey 8 days ago

    oh god not the airpods

  • Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies

    "You heard of Buddha?" Best new pickup line 2019. I think I'll get right on using that one in my Advanced Deep Web for Dummies class.
    "So go ahead, give 'em the urn" 😂
    "Boy strangers" XD Now that's just funny to me for some reason. Probly the way it sounded as Kate said it.

  • Alligator butt
    Alligator butt 9 days ago

    i... i may actually try this?

  • Stephieliciousz
    Stephieliciousz 9 days ago

    just because i look friendly doesn't mean i am friendly!!!
    kills small talk, D E A D.
    never a reason to touch a women's lower back,, like NEVER!!
    them lower back spikes thou .. NEED THAT!!
    i fucking cant !!! hahah :)

  • Just Me
    Just Me 9 days ago +1

    It so funny that woman-haters call women “wahmen” now, because i guess they think we’re men who cry a lot? When they’re the ones getting bent out of shape over an SNL video

  • Alexis Maceira
    Alexis Maceira 10 days ago +2

    A lot of man baby tears in these comments wheeew

  • Alexis Maceira
    Alexis Maceira 10 days ago

    okay but I really want those spikes

  • Stuart Martin
    Stuart Martin 10 days ago

    That was really good.

  • Doris Namondo
    Doris Namondo 10 days ago

    I'm actually considering buying the leave me alurn...!

  • Aerzuki
    Aerzuki 10 days ago

    The 695 people who thumbs downed this are the men portrayed in this video....

  • S Perry
    S Perry 10 days ago

    So they back the hell up off!

  • Frank Harrison
    Frank Harrison 10 days ago

    Is lower back touching really an issue with women? lol

    • It's Gadfly
      It's Gadfly 5 days ago

      +Frank Harrison I find it creepy. You know what else is creepy...a man you stands behind me and gives unsolicited massages/reacharounds. I don't like my personal space invaded either. Be within an arms length unless it's absolutely necessary to be closer.

    • Frank Harrison
      Frank Harrison 5 days ago

      +Mary G Yea I can imagine that being quite creepy. Was unaware it happened often enough to be an issue. I know I've done it, but to males and females - worked in a kitchen for 5 years so you basically have to touch people's backs to let them know you're behind them.

    • Mary G
      Mary G 5 days ago

      Frank Harrison Any touching by a man women don’t find attractive can make a woman’s skin crawl. Yes, don’t touch women. Don’t try to think about whether it would bother you or whether you think it should bother them or if some women don’t mind it then all women shouldn’t. If some women don’t like it, just make a note of it and stop doing it. It’s like the “N” word. You can’t determine what others would find offensive based on what you find offensive. Some men find every opportunity to touch women. There’s a guy I nicknamed “Pinky Touch” because he always manages to touch my hand when he gives me my change. Other accidental touching does not bother me as much as when he does it. So, some men touch women’s lower backs just to be able to touch women, and we know it and it’s really creepy.

  • Vincent Tseng
    Vincent Tseng 10 days ago

    You can also take that belt to a crowded subway so everyone would back the fuck off

  • Andromeda Kai
    Andromeda Kai 11 days ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • Sanctum Sanctorum
    Sanctum Sanctorum 11 days ago


  • Megan Moreno
    Megan Moreno 11 days ago

    I need this for my kids ..jk

  • Zef Blueberry
    Zef Blueberry 11 days ago

    So sad, to resort to obvious cultural references in one's comedy.

  • Zef Blueberry
    Zef Blueberry 11 days ago

    This is smart in relation to men who have incredibly low social IQ's. But it's honestly not quite as smart in relation to men who are simply interested in a good, thoughtful conversation. In that sense, this could be quite easily perceived as knee-jerk liberal comedy.

  • Verisetti
    Verisetti 11 days ago

    So funny.

  • Aaron Glicco
    Aaron Glicco 11 days ago

    Why cannot a woman just say "Sorry, but i would like to be alone, no offense" Any normal man would be taken aback at first, but respect her honesty and leave her alone. Totally understandable.

    • Mary G
      Mary G 5 days ago

      Aaron Glicco Also, they will start out asking for directions or something where you think it will be a short conversation and you try to be polite and then it just keeps going. It’s tough to interrupt and cut them off. They don’t ask you out right away. It’s usually more subtle at first. They tell you a story, for example.

    • Space Rodeo
      Space Rodeo 8 days ago

      That's not how it always turns out, especially when it's a stranger that suddenly starts making forward advances on you. At the very least, you usually get called a bitch and ranted at a bit. However, I agree that the way Kenan and Beck played their characters, it was pretty apparent they were the type to be pretty okay with that sort of response, if not a little offended. But that's just not the way the cookie always crumbles in reality and there's always the chance that rejection can cause things to go south.

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones 11 days ago

    Women don't need this product, your shitty attitude is repellent enough. Zing!

  • Pannemat
    Pannemat 11 days ago

    Seriously, saw the thumbnail with the title and thought it was some sort of Californians spin-off.
    Wiig going: "Devon, leave me aluuuuurn!"

  • Photo Studio
    Photo Studio 11 days ago

    This company should make spike strips for men's shoulders for all those fat middle aged women who seem to think that fit young guys all need a neck massage.

  • Dreygonfleye
    Dreygonfleye 11 days ago

    I want the lower back spikes!!!!

  • ell diavolo
    ell diavolo 11 days ago

    I love women oppressing men like than, more men turn gay more happier I am :)

    • G Nk
      G Nk 11 days ago

      I'm not gay... but it really does seem like women all want us to be gays. If men listen to their advice you'd huge complaints about "Why don't real men ever ask me out? I'm so lonely."
      The second gender reassignment makes all trans passable and allows them to give birth to biological offspring I expect straight men to swear of "born chicks"

  • emilyharwood89
    emilyharwood89 11 days ago

    Touching a woman's lower back when you pass her and say "excuse me" is polite. Geez, I'm a feminist but this show takes it too far.

    • Mary G
      Mary G 5 days ago

      emilyharwood89 Most men will touch a man’s shoulder but a women’s lower back. Maybe you just haven’t thought of the significance of that.

  • Green Sombrero
    Green Sombrero 12 days ago

    how about just take out your junk H shootin' gallery

  • Alistair 1924
    Alistair 1924 12 days ago

    I showed my girlfriend and her response was "Great I take that with me to the gym."

  • Memento Production
    Memento Production 12 days ago

    This is hilarious 😂👌

  • Mac Mcleod
    Mac Mcleod 12 days ago

    A growing number of men are leaving women alurn. There are only 91 men per 100 women interested in putting up with women despite the risk of financial ruin and loss of their children.
    Like wise, they had little interested in entertainment targeted at women. Leading to the failure of films such as Ghostbusters 2016 and oceans 8.
    Lord knows men are not perfect. But women can be terrible human beings as well. Bullying other women, trying to seduce their spouses or boyfriends, and flocking other women's careers in business.
    We need to have a more realistic view of women and men.
    Growth of the mgtow and incel movements it's pretty darn surprising. This particular so group said decided they are not buying any more drinks for women oh, they're not marrying women, and they are benefiting from the enormous Financial Improvement in their lives as result.

  • boonexy
    boonexy 12 days ago

    man is this just gonna be the comedy from now on?

  • Grace Jeffers
    Grace Jeffers 12 days ago

    Funny because I actually met my now husband while scattering my fathers ashes on a hike on a mountain in Ireland. I had the ashes in a bag....maybe I needed the "alURN". Maybe it's because the Irish are THE MOST chatty people in the world. I am not complaining!!!

  • Byron Perez
    Byron Perez 12 days ago

    Thats why bitches get raped

  • Isaac Benjamin
    Isaac Benjamin 12 days ago

    2:15 "aww my big dick energy!"

  • Adelaide
    Adelaide 12 days ago

    I truly want the urn and the back spikes

  • Unitedetruself Life
    Unitedetruself Life 12 days ago

    Men are so emotionally stunted that the uncomfortability of actually feeling connection will drive them away.

    • G Nk
      G Nk 11 days ago

      Triggered such a non-word.
      Did you upset me? No.
      Was your statement worthy of being mocked? Yes.
      I wouldnt attempt to try and start a relationship/have sex with a woman who was about to spread her father's ashes. Because it is weird and they wouldnt want that attention. It is creepy to try.
      In all the situations presented except one it would be obvious to me that she would want to be alone. People don't walk out alone into the wilderness with ashes because they want strangers to talk to them.
      However if I met a girl at a bar that had ashes I would think "She's fucking crazy" and would avoid her for my own mental health....

    • Unitedetruself Life
      Unitedetruself Life 11 days ago

      +G Nk Triggered? Its all good. Once the women mention the ashes its all done. Cause how will you connect after that. Read correctly before you answer.

    • G Nk
      G Nk 11 days ago

      Lol what giving someone space during morning is being emotionally stunted?
      You must be one creepy dude.

  • Andrew Byers
    Andrew Byers 12 days ago

    Madea? Is that you?

  • tizodd6
    tizodd6 13 days ago

    When I saw the title, I thought it had something to do with Tyler Perry.

  • Captain-K'nuckles
    Captain-K'nuckles 13 days ago +1

    I have a simpler solution: instead of an hour and a half in front of a mirror getting ready to go do grocery shopping - spend half an hour. Men won't bother you then, because they are brainless, shallow imbeciles.

    • Mary G
      Mary G 5 days ago

      Captain-K'nuckles You got it all wrong. The more made up you are, the less you get approached. Men seem to find women more “approachable” when they are not made up. Male pursuit has nothing to do with make up and clothes. It does not matter what we wear. It’s just that we are female. That’s all it takes.

  • Ckxlv31147
    Ckxlv31147 13 days ago +1

    Wow is it christmas yet?
    I honestly didn't expect an actually funny SNL sketch this time of the year

  • Troy Evitt
    Troy Evitt 13 days ago

    Turn every outing into a TRAVESTY with our most modest receptacle. Good Night, Sweet Prince.

  • shaylen sanders
    shaylen sanders 14 days ago

    I had a man asking to go on a bike ride with me when it was late at night and I was biking and had headphones in and was leaving the store...
    Fuck ooooofff

  • mafakka2
    mafakka2 14 days ago +1

    let them fuck themselves, annoying bitches

  • Ed P
    Ed P 14 days ago


  • jlassie
    jlassie 14 days ago +1

    Oh, the immense burden of being the gender that is BEING PURSUED, based on social convention going back centuries, if not millennia. Having to deal with the pressure of continually putting yourself out there - with the risk of repeated painful rejections - is nothing compared to the annoyance of having to turn someone down. All those men who die by suicide are so privileged, because they will never have to deal with the immense trauma of unwanted propositions from strangers. SNL has become a total embarrassment - thanks, millennial 'comedians'...

    • bowree
      bowree 5 days ago

      jlassie yo if men commit suicide because women reject them that’s their fault lmao. this sketch is only talking about CREEPY men, not any man that approaches a woman. SOME men make creepy sexual advances and refuse to go away and this happens a lot, it is not all men but it is a problem

    • bowree
      bowree 5 days ago

      G Nk okay you made a fair point, but i’m a woman and i wouldn’t be depressed over men not being creepy to me, it makes my skin crawl. this sketch is not talking about men simply approaching women it’s men being perverted creeps which not all are but there are a lot of them.

    • Mary G
      Mary G 5 days ago

      jlassie This isn’t just about just being pursued, but about being pursued by someone who isn’t picking up any clues that you are not interested and just keeps talking and talking while not even asking for a phone number or making any obvious advance you could reject. It’s difficult to end these conversations without being rude. That’s all this was about. That’s it. This isn’t about every aspect of being male or female or who has it worse or which gender is superior. Just creepy men who don’t seem to understand you aren’t interested and keep talking and talking and talking. Especially ones that approach every woman they see.

    • G Nk
      G Nk 11 days ago

      Calm down their skippy.... it can be funny without being a big ta do.
      I get it they are complaining about nothing and if men were to actually just leave women alone women would be depressed from the lack of attention. Men have complaints about women that a vast majority of men wouldnt really want women to stop doing too.

  • Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies

    The way Beck asks if she's seeing anyone. 😂 Something's just so dumb about it.
    Anyone else catch that old Raid commercial shout out at the end? Lol.

  • EastofEden
    EastofEden 14 days ago

    Whats really annoying is how women expect you to pay for their meals and drinks. Is there a product that says "how about you pay for your own shit?"

  • natalie A
    natalie A 14 days ago

    I want one!!!! 😍

  • Hime Anji
    Hime Anji 14 days ago

    I need this! I’m tired on the eighty something year olds hitting on me

  • Geek 4U
    Geek 4U 14 days ago

    Trying to talk to someone is creepy, but making lite of death and just using it as a way to avoid being approached by others isnt? Ok then.

  • Geek 4U
    Geek 4U 14 days ago

    Bullshit. There are people who would think you need to be comforted. FAIL. Also, this seems to be going a little too far, saying hey if you see a woman alone you are attracted too you can't EVER talk to her. Just die alone. But wait, if you'r ea man who wants to be left alone and yes it does happen, too bad?

  • ZorthoTV
    ZorthoTV 14 days ago

    I just start fake signing. Even if it’s to no one. Whoever is looking my way just turns away. My wife hates it but it’s great. Mall kiosk salespeople, timeshare people in tourist traps. It’s awesome.

  • realbeautyness25
    realbeautyness25 15 days ago


  • Tripp Vomit
    Tripp Vomit 15 days ago

    damn, girl...how did he die? you wanna talk about it? you gonna need some one to protect you.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 15 days ago

    It's funny, but real talk it sucks dating as a 30 year old guy so hard. I don't want to be "that guy" in this video which makes it almost impossible to meet anyone organically. It leaves online dating which is superficial and text-based only so that a world of communication from real-life contact is lost.

  • Neil Allender
    Neil Allender 15 days ago


  • CrashSable
    CrashSable 15 days ago

    Here's why this is stupid: let's categorise all guys into three types.
    1) The guys who just don't approach girls most of the time anyway - you don't need anything to protect yourself from them so you're good.
    2) The guys who don't give a fuck about what you think and are only one small step removed from full-blown rapists - this will do nothing to protect you from them despite being the sort of guy you would get a product like this for.
    3) The guys somewhere in between who will approach you, but are also considerate enough to leave you alone when you pull this shit - these are the type of guys women are constantly moaning about never being able to find while dating and you're actively trying to scare them off forever? Bitches be crazy...

  • Mike Hall
    Mike Hall 15 days ago

    Sigh... can we stop, world?... its enough....

  • Brandon Blaze
    Brandon Blaze 15 days ago

    This is a prime example of when you give women too much attention. This is why we could all learn from Japanese culture and keep them in line.

  • luvzlara
    luvzlara 15 days ago

    Well done, SNL!!

  • randy wood
    randy wood 15 days ago

    "you only take one vacation every seven years"..............they couldn't be taking about american women.

  • Milan Tique
    Milan Tique 15 days ago


  • bluto212
    bluto212 16 days ago

    Sometimes SNL nails it.

  • pavanatanaya
    pavanatanaya 16 days ago

    Laugh tracks sure eliminate the need for humor. SNL will just cue the audience as to what is funny...

  • they.call.me.ranch cause.i.be.dressin

    Yo i legit did not realize the lower back thing bothered people, im a guy and even at the gym dude that walk past me touch MY lower back to let me know theyre walkin past, maybe the dudes at my gym are just weird? Idk it doesnt bother me but i can totally understand why it could bother another man/women. I always though i was weird cause i would bump peoples arm/upper arm/shoulder area depending on how tall/short. Only do it if they can't hear me tho.

    • Mary G
      Mary G 5 days ago

      Another man could touch your chest and that would not give you one clue about how a woman would feel if he touched her chest. You can’t look at how you respond to something to determine how someone else should respond. Some creepy men try to find every opportunity to touch women just for the thrill of it so we are very aware that not all back touching is innocent and it’s Uber creepy when it even COULD be sexual. If you knew that guy was gay and knew he found you attractive, you may have felt differently about it.

  • Trouve Cetto
    Trouve Cetto 16 days ago +1

    I wish small talk was the problem. Like they're usually much more aggressive than that, and she's not "asking for it"

  • Dei H
    Dei H 16 days ago

    "And I didn't have to be a bitch about it." Oh my god that's so true.

  • Елизавета Квитко

    this is gold

  • Anthony Manuel
    Anthony Manuel 16 days ago

    ok the lower back spikes were the best part of this sketch lol

  • Tangerine Dream fan
    Tangerine Dream fan 17 days ago

    "Owww!" That part was hilarious! 2:16

  • CourtneySchiffert
    CourtneySchiffert 17 days ago

    “It WAS....” made me laugh so suddenly I spat a little.

  • Cyber Media Intel
    Cyber Media Intel 17 days ago

    I just tried to take the domain name leavemealurn.com it was taken LMFAO

  • India Gale
    India Gale 17 days ago

    Where do I buy haha

  • Los Cachetones del Cómic

    It looks like American women are antipathic :D

  • James Cavenditch
    James Cavenditch 17 days ago

    Eh, kinda in poor taste. Not really that funny -5/10

  • Michelle Doherty
    Michelle Doherty 17 days ago

    Best sketch ever.

  • jjames05
    jjames05 18 days ago

    ...and they die ALURN too....

  • Sophie S
    Sophie S 18 days ago

    THIS IS SO REAL men just come up to you and start talking like excuse me I don’t know you??

    • G Nk
      G Nk 11 days ago

      Just ask fat ugly poor men to tell you how great their life is....
      You might have difficulty hearing them you know with the muffled voice because of the barrel of a gun they have in their mouth.

    • Sophie S
      Sophie S 18 days ago

      Andra Clark I wish I could know a life of such peace

    • Andra Clark
      Andra Clark 18 days ago

      but what if no man ever wanted to talk to you bet that would make, you cry.

  • Mr Dave
    Mr Dave 19 days ago

    I love kate

  • Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies

    Well, now all I can say is seriously, this was hilarious. Great writing from start to finish. The whole group of alurns in the bar was hilarious. Did not see the lower back spikes thing coming. I love how SNL went all out on this one. Great job, Alurn! 😂😂

  • Anthony Coca
    Anthony Coca 19 days ago

    This is so lame. Have all women lost the strength and ability to say ~ No. Sorry, I’m not interested?
    Has modern feminism and lack of accountability made women that weak? All this is doing is help paint a false narrative in the recent trend to portray men as creeps and women as helpless victims. I guarantee you, every relationship that a man and woman are in, have been in, or will be in, begins with an initial conversation.

    • Mary G
      Mary G 5 days ago

      Anthony Coca Specifically, in this scenario, these are creepy men who ignore a woman’s obvious lack of interest and just continue to talk and talk. They aren’t asking for our phone numbers or making any obvious advance we can reject. They start out asking for directions or something mundane and they just keep talking and talking. The only way to end the conversation is to be rude, usually. We get ambushed by these guys. It’s happened to all of us which is why this is funny to a lot of women. Why would we say, “No, sorry, I’m not interested,” when he’s asking for directions or in the middle of telling us a story about his dog? We aren’t as much victims as uncomfortable. Most normal men do not like to make women uncomfortable, and so they don’t do this.

  • Zimmit's Fabulous Wonder Hoagies

    Wow, now this is what I need. Not that I'm always feeling bothered I just like multi-functional objects that can be disguised as other objects only likely to be found in certain formal settings (like funeral parlors!) So I'm assuming it keeps liquids hot or cold up to 12 hours?? If so I'm all in. Bring on my urn/phone charger/stylish drink container. I'm ready!

  • VioletByNature
    VioletByNature 19 days ago

    The last one though!!!

  • Ash Cozza
    Ash Cozza 19 days ago

    Why is this actually a good idea though

  • john smith
    john smith 19 days ago

    why do men even try to respect these whores

  • Veto Mega
    Veto Mega 19 days ago

    Haha. Men are toxic, and evil. Now I get it. Thank you programming overlord. Now I see. Hate men. Men are stupid. Men want sex. That is all. Let's generalize the evil men.

  • JamesGallagher1990
    JamesGallagher1990 20 days ago

    Reading the comments, maybe there is an upside to being gay lol. Jesus...thank God I don't have to deal with these gender wars, gender games, gender resentment, gender everything lol. I just see people as people...naturally feel more tense around (most) men and less so around (most) women...because men are generally more dangerous than women...but aside from that...are the two genders really all that different??? If people wanna be alone, they wanna be alone - don't think that's a male or female thing.

    • G Nk
      G Nk 11 days ago

      James I am pretty sure why many straight guys give gay man so much shit is how easy you have it.
      It isn't fair.
      Women expect men to know exactly when they want to be approached, where they want to be approached, when they are being coy and when they want you to leave them alone, etc etc etc
      I do think that once you actually get all the right moves and get the girl our relationships seem stronger (on average) but it is endlessly more difficult. All the while you're told by society how much of a PoS you are for being a straight male and how easy it is for you.
      I've got gay friends and I've been in gay bars with them. It usually takes less than 1hr before I am politely declining the attention of a gay guy. I wish straight meet up places were that easy. Did you see how they showed a bunch of women at a place a bar/club designed to meet up with other people and yet they wanted to be "left alone" why did you go out to the bar with nothing but your gfs if you wanted to be left alone? You can dance and drink at your house.

  • Sam Trenda
    Sam Trenda 20 days ago

    So much hate was put into this skit