GIANT STUMP Vs. CAR from 45m Tower!

  • Published on Oct 25, 2019
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    What Slow Mo Camera Do We Use? The Chronos 1.4
    A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
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Comments • 7 083

  • Cj Cuellar
    Cj Cuellar 2 months ago +521

    Honda civic

    • jannis joplin
      jannis joplin 8 days ago

      Did they give you a handy for winning?

    • aGuire
      aGuire 13 days ago

      Car kid pl it’s a Daihatsu, a Japanese brand

    • Big gaming
      Big gaming 15 days ago


    • Jhonny Bille
      Jhonny Bille 23 days ago


    • Vance Balogh
      Vance Balogh 29 days ago

      Your stupid it’s a Toyota l3

  • denniis.37
    denniis.37 Hour ago

    When i wach "How Ridiculous" videos i instandly skip to the last 3 minutes

  • Jozzy 1211
    Jozzy 1211 5 hours ago

    Rip Rexie :(

  • Arif Mahmud
    Arif Mahmud 5 hours ago


  • Jester
    Jester 7 hours ago

    It would of been way cooler if they just dropped tha car. Am I right

  • Goldenrod636
    Goldenrod636 12 hours ago

    Good thing you still have that 3 year warranty. LOL

  • Daniel Navarro Vega
    Daniel Navarro Vega 16 hours ago

    It would have been crazy throwing the giant dart with the engine on 😬

  • CCH Sports
    CCH Sports 20 hours ago

    When you posted this on my birthday

  • Austin Cowan
    Austin Cowan Day ago

    Rexy... can you hear me?
    Rexy:I'm under the car get me the fuck out

  • Austin Cowan
    Austin Cowan Day ago

    You know what they should have done... they should have left the giant dart in the car, lift the car up, and wait for it to fall

  • Austin Cowan
    Austin Cowan Day ago +1

    They say all cars are females...
    Me:*reads law about hitting girls*
    FBI: Ladies and gentlemen... we got em...


  • Melissa Briles
    Melissa Briles Day ago

    North America!

  • Sara Painter
    Sara Painter Day ago

    team trees

  • Robert Cook
    Robert Cook 2 days ago

    Omg this whole time I thought rexie was plastic

  • Shannon Drysdale
    Shannon Drysdale 2 days ago

    If godziller at the car I don't think it would be there anymore

  • Brantson Kulp
    Brantson Kulp 2 days ago

    Drop a car.

  • Alec Scheller
    Alec Scheller 2 days ago

    Stumpy started the fires

  • Noel Russell
    Noel Russell 2 days ago

    The recking ball he like : I CAME IN LIKE A RECKING BALL

  • FinessedHard
    FinessedHard 3 days ago

    When your American and forget that the steering wheel is on the opposite side😐

  • Barbara Blair
    Barbara Blair 3 days ago

    8:42 Rex’s can fly

  • Skeptic Optimist
    Skeptic Optimist 3 days ago

    How much did you get for scrap

  • 锅霸天下凯权
    锅霸天下凯权 4 days ago +1


  • Chris Unforgettable
    Chris Unforgettable 4 days ago

    Vcs são muito top... #ViewBrasil

  • adam petersen
    adam petersen 4 days ago

    it looks like the mysery machine from scooby doo

  • Ryan Plays
    Ryan Plays 4 days ago

    So many bugs

  • Benjamin Galego
    Benjamin Galego 5 days ago

    R.I.P rexy

  • evan carignan
    evan carignan 5 days ago

    Anyone who watches mighty car mods will understand why I’m sad to see the Mira treated this way

  • Nathaniel Gmitter
    Nathaniel Gmitter 5 days ago +1

    you guys gotta drop a car from the tower

    like so they can see

  • Briana Jorge
    Briana Jorge 6 days ago +1

    He’s literally a wasp nest for flys

  • O.K. Productions
    O.K. Productions 6 days ago

    9:00, rexy can fly

  • Zarah Beishline
    Zarah Beishline 6 days ago


  • J B
    J B 6 days ago

    How's Rexie? Has he seen a oral surgeon yet?

  • Marie Magallanes
    Marie Magallanes 7 days ago +1

    Its like $125462626646128565646465666464644646465656646535356462656462659666626566825253434641626262692828646464562852252434616266464642424343464619494557554545242464165541928912881195828461815181518158285885585884858584858485585664346494466646464644664464664646464646464646464646464646464646494646494646464646464646464646466664646466664646464646464

  • vc Verticalcape62
    vc Verticalcape62 7 days ago

    Ummm I think they need a tow truck

  • Mister Boxes
    Mister Boxes 7 days ago

    for the environment!!!! hope they drained that bugger....

  • Christian Black
    Christian Black 7 days ago +1

    You got me some money from the school and stuff like this because I’m going back and forth with you guys and I just got to one of y’all

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin 8 days ago

    Their beta voices make me cringe

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin 8 days ago

    Def didn't go through the block of the car.

  • Brett Skinner
    Brett Skinner 8 days ago

    GET A Monster truck tire and drop it on a car!!

  • Joker 6
    Joker 6 8 days ago +1

    I swear this is probably the funniest squad on youtube maybe even in my life “whats wrong with him” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joker 6
    Joker 6 8 days ago +3

    “Hold strong my brother” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • RD's Scale-modeling channel

    I have a tree in my yard with a stump like the side of 2 and a half of that one

  • Dagan free
    Dagan free 8 days ago

    #44 club

  • Yesmate M
    Yesmate M 8 days ago

    2001 Toyota hilux

  • Yesmate M
    Yesmate M 8 days ago

    2002 Toyota hilux

  • Yesmate M
    Yesmate M 8 days ago

    1986 Toyota hilux

  • Seyfullah Arslan
    Seyfullah Arslan 9 days ago


  • Jennifer Cronau
    Jennifer Cronau 9 days ago


  • Christian Black
    Christian Black 9 days ago +1

    Like the video

    GHØST BRUMMETT 9 days ago +1

    4 D 4

  • Thunder Wolf
    Thunder Wolf 10 days ago +1


  • Nicholas Hargett
    Nicholas Hargett 10 days ago +1

    A Renault clio

  • Florian Dalla
    Florian Dalla 10 days ago +1

    Song please ?

  • Stag
    Stag 12 days ago +1

    He's Rexy the gator now

  • Freyja Abolins-Stone
    Freyja Abolins-Stone 12 days ago +1

    Compilation of them flicking away flies

  • Sono il MIGLIORE
    Sono il MIGLIORE 13 days ago +1

    11:57 , rexy🤣🤣🤣

  • Hugh Stark
    Hugh Stark 14 days ago

    Mazda 3

  • Graceless World
    Graceless World 14 days ago

    I’d lose my mind with al the flies, and Toyota spark

  • james calver
    james calver 14 days ago

    That is a waste of a good car

  • five nights at lorrys
    five nights at lorrys 14 days ago

    Hurry do nat monye for treeeeees global warming the ice caps are melting small countrys and others might sink im going to die probably im living in one of the smallest countrys maldives come on aaaaaaaa