How We Finished Building Our Crazy ATM

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • You can find part 1 here:
    Go check out Matt's amazing work at Small Change Arcade:
    Follow Strange Parts to see behind the scenes footage that didn't make the video!
    A HUGE thanks to everyone else that helped us with this project:
    - Derek, Don, and the rest of Matt's shopmates for tolerating us for way longer than they thought they'd have to
    - Nate and Public glass for helping us cut glass and receiving all our last minute amazon shipments
    - Beau and Circuit Launch for last minute PCB milling
    - Patrick for sound engineering, advice, bandwidth and invaluable support
    - Idan for taking apart an atm in a very sketchy convenience store and shipping me the parts
    - Ben for tons of logistics support and camera operation for hours at time
    - Kevin for doing the vast majority of the editing - aurxm
    - Joe for camera work on the finale
    - Everyone in the ATM industry that's answered weird questions and tracked down very hard to find parts for us.
    (some of the following links are affiliate links)
    Gear I use:
    Main camera:
    Main lens:
    halation - evolv (Licensed through
    vortex - jonny-poole (Licensed through
    string of pearls - vic-davi (Licensed through
    dark symphony - jon gegelman (Licensed through
    Octadrone VI - ELFL (Licensed through
    worn out - jon gegelman (Licensed through
    Index - Damma Beatz (Licensed through
    witness - oliver michael (Licensed through
    What We Discovered - Philip Ayers (Licensed through
    A Way Out - Chaxti (Licensed through
    city angels - oliver michael (Licensed through
    howling at the moon - D Fine Us (Licensed through
    Into The Blue - Luwaks (Licensed through
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  • The Littel President
    The Littel President 3 hours ago

    do you still live in china or do you live in usa?

  • Grabbler
    Grabbler 5 hours ago

    you mean to tell me you didnt even try to brute-force the keypad password? That could probably be a whole other video itself.

  • Tom Kerr
    Tom Kerr 21 hour ago

    so is the money someone spends is transferred to your account then?

  • RedNeck Garage
    RedNeck Garage Day ago

    thats fuckin sweet hard work always pays off...

  • Violate
    Violate Day ago

    wait... if you're going to defcon just challenge the people there to get you the master password. or to crack it and change the master.

  • Deon Hamilton
    Deon Hamilton Day ago

    Every arcade and casino needs this, just make one that holds more coins and it be a even bigger winner

  • Mike B
    Mike B Day ago

    "Huge load off the chest" That dude looks like he wants another dude to shoot a load on his chest

  • Anon Fex
    Anon Fex Day ago

    It's really cool! But I have question - does coin dispenser send something like "low amount of coins" error to ATM system, and transaction will not be proceed if there is not enough coins in your machine?

  • KaiSau
    KaiSau 2 days ago

    Would be funny if it will give you just a random amount of money from your account 😂

  • Eain
    Eain 2 days ago

    The magic blue smoke is every tinkering humans worst fear.

  • Eraj Tob
    Eraj Tob 2 days ago

    Absolute MadLads, Scotty never fails to impress, I love how he came from drilling a hole in an iPhone to now driving Steppers and ATM mechanisms using Arudinos. Love this channel.

  • Graham Cantin
    Graham Cantin 2 days ago

    How are you guys getting all of these illegal non-line-of-sight drone recordings high over san francisco?

    • Graham Cantin
      Graham Cantin Day ago

      @Strange Parts Seriously?? I can't even see the next building over in san francisco, how the heck are you guys doing it ;_;
      I'm down in campbell and assholes keep calling the FAA hotline, I'd love to be able to capture footage like you.
      Edit: Think I figured it out -- SF's a lot harder to get around and you guys probably have some kind of rooftop access to get LOS from. Sorry if it sounded like I was being accusing, it's just frustrating to spend so much on a drone, learn the laws, and you see stuff that looks like somebody's getting away with something you can't.
      "Why can't this be easier?" indeed. Cause there's always some jerk that ruins the fun for everyone -- like the card skimmers pinpad overlays that force these ATM pinpads to have high security.

      Good luck, best wishes with the next projects. Y'ever need a linux guy in the bay area, look me (Kamilion) up.

    • Strange Parts
      Strange Parts  Day ago

      This was all line of sight.

  • Makararyuu
    Makararyuu 2 days ago

    Take this to defcon

  • Phino K.M.
    Phino K.M. 3 days ago

    Oh man... So this was quite an expensive roller coaster ride huh?! :D
    Glad you got it running. And now, don't get me wrong, I don't wanna say that after all your hard work there is something wrong with it. But the wheel at the right wasn't perfectly aligned in the video. I figure maybe the stepper motor lost a step or wasn't homed correctly. So it may have been a one time thing. But if wheel is actually not aligned correctly you may wanna fix that (without breaking the ATM!).

  • Dan
    Dan 3 days ago

    So how much was spent on this project?

  • Ross Morella
    Ross Morella 3 days ago

    what if you used it as an entertaining card/cash to coin/token converter for an arcade?

  • Vorchip
    Vorchip 3 days ago

    Determination brought you guys to the top on this crazy project. Good work!

  • nuke mtv
    nuke mtv 4 days ago

    WHY the F#@!k did this not get more views!!? Dude, this was a great project!!!!!!

  • three6ohchris
    three6ohchris 4 days ago

    When you were testing it and pulling money out, was it actually coming out of your account? So you were giving yourself your own money? And being charged for it? I guess you have to test it somehow though LOL.

    • three6ohchris
      three6ohchris 3 days ago

      Nevermind! I should have just watched your more recent episode first before asking, haha

  • ketominer
    ketominer 4 days ago

    make it a lightning network ATM and bring it to bitcoin 2020 :)

  • Kei _
    Kei _ 4 days ago

    This is pretty cool!
    But I don't get one thing, how does one can get their own ducktaped atm to be registered and online on banking network? I thought that would be pretty impossible unles you are certified banking technician and your atm is not custom modded and so on..

  • Earth Science Official
    Earth Science Official 4 days ago +1

    🎰 *Okay... I suppose? But, what happens right after all of those giveaway💰coins have been, well... given😲away?!!* 🎰

  • Earth Science Official

    🎰 *Okay... I suppose? But, what happens right after all of those giveaway💰coins have been, well... given😲away?!!* 🎰

  • Earth Science Official

    🎰 *Okay... I suppose? But, what happens right after all of those giveaway💰coins have been, well... given😲away?!!* 🎰

  • Louis Stubbolo
    Louis Stubbolo 4 days ago

    Does anybody else want to know what happens to the money they withdrew from their bank accounts when they didn't have any cash to dispense?

  • Stephen LeMay
    Stephen LeMay 5 days ago

    This is an awesome project!
    I design custom PCBs (not perfboard) for fun and I would love to tackle a project like this! A liget PCB would take up a bit less space since everything can be integrated and tends to be more robust.
    The only thing I would add (other than a change maker which you did in another video) is simply add a load cell (scale) under the quarter hopper so the processor will know by weight how many coins are available for use and take itself offline if it thinks there isn't enough capital in the machine to complete a transaction.
    I think it would be better if you made it so you could withdraw and win in $1 increments which would make use of the 10% transaction fee.
    Awesome video! Awesome idea!

  • MultiTomtom23
    MultiTomtom23 5 days ago

    No ATMs were harmed in the making of this video..... Would be a lie *lol*

  • Paul McPherson
    Paul McPherson 5 days ago +1

    So if Scotty used his bank card, and the money came out of the bank, does he have to repay himself because he loaded the machine?

    • Rainbow Hyphen
      Rainbow Hyphen Day ago

      Not sure what you're asking, but here's a full explanation: Let's say he withdraws $20. The fee is $2, so his account will be debited $22. Then that money, minus a small slice of the service fee (let's say $0.10), is transferred to the account of the ATM operator. If that's the same account, then it ends up receiving two transactions: a debit of $22.00 followed by a credit of $21.90, so he would have only lost the $0.10 charged by the payment processor. The ATM operator owns the cash inside the machine, so dispensing it from the operator to the operator doesn't change ownership of the money (again, less the small slice for the payment processor).

  • Lizzy The Bearded Dragon

    I'm sorry but your city looks depressing. You guys are probably used to it. I live on a farm in Canada with 10,000 acres most of it is trees

  • Zoltán Páll
    Zoltán Páll 5 days ago

    So who fills up the machine with coins? I'm surprised then banks let you "jump in" on their network.

  • ShibeGuy
    ShibeGuy 6 days ago

    I feel like you should make airpods with wires

  • Michael Inocente
    Michael Inocente 6 days ago +1

    Is that legal?

  • julius speelt
    julius speelt 6 days ago

    why dont you guys beep out the swear words because if you wanna make money you should beep them out

  • Citzer Smackedack
    Citzer Smackedack 6 days ago

    Sweeeet nice composure even when you fried that second ATM. Really cool build :)

  • Martins Gailiss
    Martins Gailiss 7 days ago

    is that a phone case or an actual modified back?

  • Parantez Adam
    Parantez Adam 7 days ago

    French fries? More like ATM fries for me.

  • AViT Madness
    AViT Madness 7 days ago

    Awesome job guys , outstanding, and great result...

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis 7 days ago

    How did you make your iPhone that clear

  • First Last
    First Last 7 days ago

    How much did it end up costing? But amazing work both of you

  • crafty tech
    crafty tech 8 days ago

    that's awesome, but with my luck the hopper would go empty on me XD

  • HouseGurke
    HouseGurke 8 days ago

    The third wheel not lining up with the other two is triggering my ocd so hard.

  • Jerry Dodge
    Jerry Dodge 8 days ago +2

    3:15 It's hilarious that you reversed the video and now the cars are driving backwards.

  • Kyle Warner
    Kyle Warner 8 days ago

    Something I wondered.... How exactly do you get the cash to stock an ATM? Like, while you're testing it on the network, and you pulled out the 20, did you just sacrifice 20 to the I/0 gods?

  • Xx_BEAST_xX2121
    Xx_BEAST_xX2121 8 days ago

    You should make profit

  • Xx_BEAST_xX2121
    Xx_BEAST_xX2121 8 days ago

    How much do you charge a turn

  • Xx_BEAST_xX2121
    Xx_BEAST_xX2121 8 days ago

    How much profit do you make a turn

  • Dan Skups
    Dan Skups 9 days ago

    how much for 1 atm machine @strangeparts

  • Ankit Sherstha
    Ankit Sherstha 9 days ago

    Bro had you played in indian movie.... i saw you

  • Inka Sisane
    Inka Sisane 9 days ago

    I like your good work very much 👍

  • Padid AZG.
    Padid AZG. 10 days ago

    Really appreciate this tremendous effort.

  • Sanjaykumar k
    Sanjaykumar k 10 days ago

    Hi sir , I have big concern about that key pad you bought from strange guy. Because I can be modified for stealing atm pin or other data. So please make sure that it is safe. Your fan.......

  • AaronBonBarron
    AaronBonBarron 10 days ago

    Say ATM Machine one more god damn time

  • canuckleaf
    canuckleaf 10 days ago

    So, it always deals 3 equal images? How is it working with the banking balance of the banking card?

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall 10 days ago

    An ATM that dispenses quarters in an arcade... is that a thing?

  • Hamish Hannay
    Hamish Hannay 11 days ago

    I feel like this is highly illegal, am i missing something? If you get $20 out do you get that worth in quarters or something?

  • Äxl Foley
    Äxl Foley 11 days ago

    Badass way of grabbing card and pincode informattion :P

  • Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT 11 days ago


  • Th Kdwll
    Th Kdwll 11 days ago

    When will you come to China? China welcomes you.

  • SqueakyGoose
    SqueakyGoose 11 days ago

    I am really confused. So you use your ATM card and it takes the money out of your own account and then dispenses the coins below. Now who is paying for the money in the machine? Is it the bank providing the coins for free, or are you guys paying for it and the bank doesn't actually have to dispense it?

  • jedy90
    jedy90 12 days ago

    Nice Project. I have been wondering all the time though why you actually got an ATM for it. A normal screen with some custom software and a common POS card reader should have done the job aswell.