Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Working To Free A$AP Rocky & Swedish Ambassador Responds!

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
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    ASAP Rocky is STILL in jail in Sweden and it’s been more than two weeks in those inhumane conditions. But now he might actually have the White House on his side thanks in part, to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
    What’s up y’all? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and in case you need a reminder, which I’m sure you don’t, but A$AP Rocky is in prison in Sweden for an altercation.
    ASAP ended up there because he and three members of his crew were arrested after he got into a physical altercation with a man who was following their group and trying to pick a fight with them.
    ASAP filmed the whole thing and the footage actually shows him trying to resolve the situation multiple times before punches were thrown.
    But the Swedish officials arrested him And now, according to TMZ, President Trump is very aware of A$AP’s legal situation and he's got his team working to get him freed, thanks to Kim and Kanye.
    You heard that right, apparently, Kim and Kanye lobbied to get The White House involved in the drama as A$AP's been behind bars for more than two weeks.
    Looks like Kim is really flexing those lawyer muscles.
    And while Kim and Kanye are getting involved, Cardi B has compassion for A$AP and wants him freed, but she's not about to boycott Sweden.
    She told TMZ that quote, “I’m not gonna ban a country that shows me so much love, but we do need to free ASAP Rocky.”
    And if you are afraid to go to Sweden because of all this, a Swedish ambassador says have no fear.
    The Ambassador says black people shouldn’t fear visiting Sweden and she claims ASAP is being treated fairly, despite reports and despite Quavo also claiming he was abused by the Swedish police.
    So I don’t even know what to believe anymore, but I certainly want to know what y’all this about all of this.
    Do you think Kim and Kanye will actually be able to help get ASAP freed? And do you think Cardi should have stood up for him more?
    Let me know down in the comments.

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Comments • 144

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter 9 days ago

    Sweden got tough laws the USA is pussy laws that’s what is wrong with USA need to stop making jail so easy put the jail birds on a chain gang and work they sun up to sun down if they try escape shot them on spot just put chains on there feet

  • Steve Carter
    Steve Carter 9 days ago

    Fuck Kim and Kanye there just think because they got money nobody cares he’s a idiot and she’s a fake ass and tit and everything on her he’s just a whore that pussy done been fuck to death

  • Mathias Hollhut Hansen

    Hopefully, this situation will teach USA about how a just justice system should work. No one is above the law, and bail out is not an option. The Swedish prime minister along with the other Swedish politicians have no influence on the courts. No matter what Trump, Kanye and other rich and powerful tries to do of corrupt actions, they will not help. This goes for all Scandinavian countries.

  • Nobody J
    Nobody J 26 days ago

    Kim ask Trump to release infant inmates at the border, you petty cow!

  • Cynthia Ramirez
    Cynthia Ramirez 28 days ago

    Why doesn't that transformer Kim and her tubby hubby tell Trumpito to Indict Pantaleo killer who did it on camera, that's how you get the Black community behind you.

  • jbguadaplayer
    jbguadaplayer 29 days ago

    Paying bail in order to get out of custody is not possible in Sweden because that possibility would mean that poor people would not have that option. On the other hand it is not forbidden to hire a star defense attorney that costs more than most Swedes think twice before doing. In this case ASAP Rocky was provoked. It is curious that those who provoked were not arrested. "inhuman conditions of Swedish jails" are simply not true, but then I have no personal experience of them.


    I mean, firstly, even the people of Sweden thinks this is odd, and secondly, if you want a reason to be afraid of going to Sweden, I could give you a few, but racism wouldn't be one of them...

    • Flying Dude
      Flying Dude 29 days ago

      Yeah, the weather treats every race equally bad in Sweden.

  • Lucimar Gomes
    Lucimar Gomes Month ago

    Kim e kanye estão se achando ,só sei que esses rapper apronta

  • Florian Donier
    Florian Donier Month ago

    I went back from sweden - thing is now i have "Stockholm-ISlam-Syndrome" but maybe it is cancer.
    But anyway i don't know the difference.

  • The goddess of swag
    The goddess of swag Month ago +1

    Black people shouldn't fear my country, because our polise abuses white people too.😂 We're all equal!

  • Domink
    Domink Month ago

    how tf is this trumps business?? doesnt he have sth else to do?

  • Elina Roselina
    Elina Roselina Month ago

    Rapist in Sweden get out after 3 months for good behavior so all chill

  • Julia Shepherd
    Julia Shepherd Month ago +2

    Swedish laws doesn´t work like it does in USA! You can´t just free someone. You can´t pay your self out of jail here, no matter if you are the King or just a simple thief. You have to wait for the court. The only way you can be released pre court, is if the case is closed or if the police don´t have enough evidence to keep you in jail. And A$AP Rocky doesn´t live up to any of those categories yet. He did beat two young men in an open street. Yes, he did defend himself, but he still beat someone and that is against Swedish law! Our Prime Minister can´t do anything either, because he is not aloud to influence the judges. If he does, then he is committing a crime himself. Oh, and we have one of the best qualities in the world in jail or prison, here in Sweden. Nothing inhuman at all. He get served meals 3 times a day. Very good quality of the food too. He even gets dessert! He can´t choose what he wants to eat. But he is not at vacation resort either so.. He has to share bathrooms and shower spaces with the other inmates and he would probably have a schedule to go after. Like breakfast 7.30 am every day and so on. But does he live in inhuman condition? No, not at all! Not by a long shot! Our elderly people got it way worse. There you can talk about inhuman conditions. Bad food or not enough food, no desserts, no beer with your food if you want to. Staff "forgetting" to change diapers or help them clean them self. Transportation service forgetting to pick them up or not helping them all the way to their door.

  • Sim RSM
    Sim RSM Month ago

    so there is an actual VIDEO that shows they are being harassed and Asap and his friends keep saying KEEP GOING THAT WAY WE DON'T WANT ANY TROUBLE WE DON'T WANT TOGO TO JAIL .....YET he gets arrested DESPITE THE EVIDENCE VIDEO AND THE OFFENDERS ARE NOT ARRESTED WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F**** and people are focused on things like this is Sweden not the US ..WTF who caressssssss

    • Julia Shepherd
      Julia Shepherd Month ago +1

      He got arrested because he beat the other person badly. That is a crime here in Sweden. He should´ve called the police instead since the other guys didn´t listen. If he had called the police in the first place and not fight the other guys, he would have been home in his own house by now. And yes, the other guys should´ve also been arrested at the same time as Asap.

  • Udoin Amazinsweety
    Udoin Amazinsweety Month ago +1

    Can they talk about those children kept in camps instead of releasing a criminal.

  • George R. Carmichael
    George R. Carmichael Month ago +6

    A$AP is innocent. I'm Swedish but I'm very ashamed of my country right now.

    • God/TOAA
      God/TOAA 23 days ago

      Han använde för mycket våld. Om du kommer från Sverige så borde du veta en del om lagarna som gäller här.

  • vicious0111
    vicious0111 Month ago

    But wtf is this shit?! Kim Kardashian snaps her fingers. This guy jumps?!

  • Charles Beltran
    Charles Beltran Month ago +1

    It would be great if our President would be able to go himself to Sweden and free him.

  • Steve Pang
    Steve Pang Month ago +1

    Must be bad if an American complains about a Swedish prison.

  • milo357
    milo357 Month ago +2

    When will blacks learned not to release videos of themselves breaking the law? Serious question. Dont give police Exhibit A so they can charge you. That's why hes in jail. He gave them evidence.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    Fuck ASAP rocky and all y’all sellout niggas

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago

    I don’t give a fuck about Black men that sellout to white women as far as I’m concerned you should die with your master you are on your own black men do Not expect for black women to back you up we are done😎

  • onlyhalfgood
    onlyhalfgood Month ago +3

    The irony. Hispanics come to u.s.a simply for freedom, trump locks them up and wont let them go free - black dude travels to another country,gets in fight (im shocked),locked up and all of a sudden trump thinks its ok to free this guy? did i miss something? smh
    so trump,melania,kanye,kim (all idiots by the way) all went from its ok to lock people up and not put any effort to free them when it comes to immigrants but when it happens to be a black dude (whos possibly commited a crime) all of a sudden they want to fight,sign petitions,beg higher ups to free him because being locked up in another country is unfair? i never would have guessed that was wrong. really? double falm palm.

  • Elev 047
    Elev 047 Month ago +3

    Fake news about Sweden

  • Heath Timm
    Heath Timm Month ago

    oh for fucks sake. i wish ray jay had just kept it in his fucking pants. then we wouldnt be bombarded with these trash people on an almost daily basis.

  • santanna montanna
    santanna montanna Month ago +1

    Yall niggas need to work on freeing SPM #freespm #f*ck12

  • Herry
    Herry Month ago +2

    Over seven billion people on the planet and these two blobs of shxt make the news. Can't wait till the human race is extinct. It can't get here fast enough.

  • King
    King Month ago +8

    WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP released a statement saying he was not in bad conditions && on top of that why the hell are you people bringing Cardi in this of all people talking about should she have been more vocal?!?!? Umm no!! Like wtf leave her alone damn.

  • Kevin Duggan
    Kevin Duggan Month ago +1

    Do you realize that the Swedish are having to flee Sweden and getting awarded amnesty in Poland. America has had a travel warning for Sweden France and a lot of Europe they are having some weird woke war there. If you’re not Muslims you are in danger in Europe easily just murdered if you are Jewish in France don’t go there. The WOKE War is Merkel communism Combined with bat shit crazy Globalist like George Soro’s. London is super violent as well don’t go anytime near Christmas there is a calculated 1 Terrorist Attack per DAY. The WOKE wars are real.

  • nova svd
    nova svd Month ago +17

    You Americans think that everything is like America it's not!! Prison and the police in Sweden is different than in America

  • musikelskerdk
    musikelskerdk Month ago +9

    Afraid of going to sweden? Because asap chose to NOT call the police and beat the man until he was on the ground bleeding. Im not afrid of going to sweden im afraid of people who would rather punch someone untill they bleed because they dont wanna call the police.
    His bodyguards could have EASILY hold him down while asap called the police but they chose to obey the law and beat a guy up until he was on the ground. I wish clevver showed the real story, cause this aint what only happened.
    We have very different laws here in europe, and he should have read up on that.
    Hes not even in jail hes in custody (at least thats what i think its called in english, im from denmark) and the prisons are so much nicer here than in the US!
    I hope he gets the 6 years so all those kids who looks up to him and other ganster rappers can see that violence isnt a solution, cause then you gp to jail.

    • God/TOAA
      God/TOAA 23 days ago

      Jail = Häkte
      Prison = Fängelse
      He is in Jail. Jail is what you would call the place where you are held until the trial is over.

  • king of the dead
    king of the dead Month ago +1

    Thats good

  • iguerino
    iguerino Month ago

    Kanye and Kim are receiving orders from their boss scooter B to do these 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Albino Mermaid
    Albino Mermaid Month ago +2

    what a joke

  • Kicks Faith
    Kicks Faith Month ago +5

    It's not Cardi B fault Asap Rocky acted as his own bodyguard. Even though he has his bodyguard present. Asap Rocky is a celebrity ane he should have never for physical with that boy. He is the only person that has so much to lose. ASAP Rocky couldn't relate to Black Lives Matter, but I bet he cam relate now. Kim K has no power nor the White House government on what they do to Asap Rocky because they have detained him and don't give a damn. It's outrageous they have held him this long on a street fight, but Asap Rocky did this to himself being a fool to react to silly boys.

  • Quontium97
    Quontium97 Month ago

    Y'all are kinda some assholes in these comments. What did ASAP ever do to y'all? He was acting in self defense and was wrongfully arrested and put in jail. It doesn't matter how "nice" the jail is, if someone is innocent they shouldn't be held against their will PERIOD. Free ASAP Rocky

  • Paige Watson
    Paige Watson Month ago

    Can’t relate, it’s above me now.


    Yet he said fuck trump
    Adap is a clown

  • Leonardo P.
    Leonardo P. Month ago +2

    We need to free ASAP ASAP

  • Adda Torey
    Adda Torey Month ago +18

    He is there for a reason, I don’t get this. It is illegal to hit a person in Sweden, is it not in The US?

    • MightyMary
      MightyMary Month ago +11

      @cold chizz ”Handle the situation ’on sight’ as they have every right to”. By American law they have that right, by Swedish law they don’t. And they weren’t in America. They were in Sweden.

    • Alexander Miltenburg
      Alexander Miltenburg Month ago +4

      cold chizz Then he needs to hire better security

    • Alexander Miltenburg
      Alexander Miltenburg Month ago +8

      cold chizz Lmao it’s the law, you can’t change the law because someone is harassing you ‘on sight’. Just get to where you need to go without responding or call the cops.

    • cold chizz
      cold chizz Month ago +2

      Alexander Miltenburg "Bodyguards" there was only one bodyguard and he didn't do anything.

    • cold chizz
      cold chizz Month ago +3

      Alexander Miltenburg If someone is harassing you "on sight" some people are gonna handle the situation "on sight" as they have every right to. You wanted him to call the
      2) explain what's happening
      3) And wait
      all while still being harassed by two random strangers? Nah.
      As for the bodyguard obviously he didn't handle the situation so Asap did, you can't blame him for defending himself when the man that was supposed to didn't.

  • Mia NunYaBus
    Mia NunYaBus Month ago +11

    Are we now going to have war with Sweden just because of a rapper getting in jail.

  • Amanda Berg
    Amanda Berg Month ago +29

    Asap Rocky released a statement through his lawyer that he is treated well, so all the inhumane conditions described are just BS

  • My name doesn't matter

    Im from sweden and im ashamed, for example when there is a fight in a club no one is held custody for 2+ weeks, it’s usually one night to sober up.. I think this whole situation is weird

  • Sofia Johnsson
    Sofia Johnsson Month ago

    It's so ridiculous hearing people trash talk swedish prisons (which he isn't even in)
    If americans want to know of inhumane treatment take a visit to Guantanamo bay. The prison that tortures the inmates and whom aren't even aloud to stand trial.
    The prison that Trump signed an executive order to keep open indefinitely.

  • Minna F.M
    Minna F.M Month ago

    Wtf is this bullshit. I think that USA needs to check their own human rights...

  • Its_TaMaYo
    Its_TaMaYo Month ago +2

    Oh Kim k at Donald Trump place oh NOOOooO

  • Filippa K
    Filippa K Month ago +52

    Its so funny how people are talking about ASAP Rocky being abused in Swedish prison and stuff, he isn’t even in prison. He is hold in custody, Swedish custodies and prisons (not that it’s relevant but still) are one of the best in the world.

    • King
      King Month ago +1

      Exactly that’s why I just don’t believe the story

  • Fiorela V
    Fiorela V Month ago +73

    Here in sweden, nobody is above the law. Kim k, Kanye west, signatures or the White’s not gonna work. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the guy but he broke the law. He should’ve called the Swedish police, boom, handled, done, no jail.

    • God/TOAA
      God/TOAA 23 days ago

      @Dan Ked Retard or just a nazi? Pick one or both. But you can't pick none, because that would be a lie.

    • Elin Borg
      Elin Borg 28 days ago

      @Cam Chang He is in jail until the trial since he is a foreign citizen.

    • Dan Ked
      Dan Ked 29 days ago

      Fuck off you little cuck they assaulted the bodyguard first omg and this ant no Islamic thing this is if someone legit stalking you and hits you in head with some expect to get knocked the fuck out end of self defense.
      Your momma

    • Me andmi
      Me andmi Month ago +2

      Did you see the video?

    • Cam Chang
      Cam Chang Month ago +1

      He did the crime but 2 weeks in jail is a ridiculous punishment compared to the crime he committed

  • Anjel -
    Anjel - Month ago +73

    The concept of self-defense is very different in Europe (and within Europe) than in US. It doesn't matter that he wasn't the aggressor what matters that he was in a fight.

    • skyislandaz
      skyislandaz Month ago +5

      What matters most is that three of them began hitting and kicking the little muslim twink after he was on the ground. He weighs about 125 lbs and is built like a 12 yr old girl.
      If three whites did that to a little black person in the USA, there would be looting and rioting.

  • Mercy Olajobi
    Mercy Olajobi Month ago +17

    I don’t think black ppl can relate to asap’s struggles. It’s above us

    • Mercy Olajobi
      Mercy Olajobi Month ago

      Saint BonBon I said what I said

    • Nila Tix
      Nila Tix Month ago +2

      Do you feel better?
      Your trying to belittle this man because he spoke his truth? He lives in Soho with more rich people, so indeed he can’t relate to how people in the hood are living right now. Would you have preferred him lying like the rest of the ‘woke’ celebrities saying what you want them to say for more sales🤔🤔

  • Fatoumata Ben Aya
    Fatoumata Ben Aya Month ago +1

    I dont live in sweden so i dont care if you know you know 😂 #troyceoutthisbih

  • Itz_ kriistella
    Itz_ kriistella Month ago +1

    why did the Swedish say black people should not be visiting the country like
    we are people ya now
    FINE we wont come to ya country there isn't anything special there either
    sorry if I offended any Swedish people but why ya ambassador is say is unfair and I DONT agree with it

    • Julia Shepherd
      Julia Shepherd Month ago

      The ambassador is wrong. Way wrong. If he even said that. If he did, he shouldn´t be ambassador any more. Ofc you can visit Sweden if you have a different skincolor! Everyone is welcome here!

    • Courtney 12404
      Courtney 12404 Month ago +12

      The ambassador literally said “Black people should not fear visiting the country” but ok....

    • Sofia Johnsson
      Sofia Johnsson Month ago +7

      What?? Who said you couldn't visit our country based on the colour of your skin?

    • Linnea
      Linnea Month ago +21

      Itz_ kriistella *black people should not fear visiting the country

  • Sabrine Saad
    Sabrine Saad Month ago +84

    Literally just cause he's a celebrity he needs to get freed..c'mon...

    • Chinga Tu madre
      Chinga Tu madre Month ago +3

      Like they can keep his ass in prison I have no problem with that

    • Tak Lampa
      Tak Lampa Month ago +12

      Yeah it’s like he gets a free pass

  • Hawa Sibblies
    Hawa Sibblies Month ago +4

    Cardi b has a right to say that her not going to Sweden won’t get him out of jail
    Kim and Kanye are the best shot

  • Chicken Breast
    Chicken Breast Month ago +90

    Swedish prisons are actually really nice.

    • Maria J
      Maria J Month ago +1

      Or ask me, im from Stockholm / Sweden. Prisoners have better Than children & Old people

    • Tak Lampa
      Tak Lampa Month ago +1

      Albino Mermaid just search “ Sweden prison”

    • musikelskerdk
      musikelskerdk Month ago +2

      @Albino Mermaid they can also still vote and the girls have custom made dresses and othe clothing they can choose, so no uniform

    • musikelskerdk
      musikelskerdk Month ago +5

      @Albino Mermaid the prisons are nicer, because (and the swedish goverment says this themselves) the punishment is the time you have gotten but they are there so they can rehabilitate and get into better shape.
      The numbers of people going to jail in sweden have been going down since 2004 so somethings they must do right.
      They dont even call them prisoners they call the offenders, and only 16 procent goes back to jail, thats the lowest in Europe.
      They are able to study, take part in university courses.
      There are so many swedish prisons closing down because the rate of people offending drops constantly.
      You have easier comunication to the outside world than in the US
      The offenders and guards work together so theres almost none violence which there is in the US
      There are less people getting out of prison with trauma, no money, no skills and no hope for their future. 58%of women that got out of jail in the us is still unemployed.
      But most importantly they get respect. And look at them cells, some of the best if not the best ones i have seen.
      So what is bad about it?

    • Albino Mermaid
      Albino Mermaid Month ago +2

      @Chazzam right.. And Sweden loves blacks

  • Hawa Sibblies
    Hawa Sibblies Month ago +1

    Thank you something for the cultrue

  • Chitown Sha Sha
    Chitown Sha Sha Month ago +115

    Celebs usually get special treatment. It is what it is though. Let him do his time. If I get arrested no one is going to say Free Sha Sha and come to my rescue lol. I'm just saying.

    • Steve Carter
      Steve Carter 9 days ago

      It’s dumb people that call these people celebrities there just another human no better than anybody else

    • Will Velazco
      Will Velazco Month ago +2

      Dam thats not the point ...the point is it was self defense it dont matter that its assap

    • milliondollar kingboy
      milliondollar kingboy Month ago +1

      But he didn’t do nothing.

    • R Gurung
      R Gurung Month ago +6

      and especially Kim, what does she think? Whitehouse is her backyard?

    • Alonzo Reed
      Alonzo Reed Month ago +5

      And that's💯

  • Teddy Brooks
    Teddy Brooks Month ago +25

    Yes Kim uses that legal knowledge and the connection

  • Amanda Sanchez
    Amanda Sanchez Month ago +1


    • David Philllips
      David Philllips Month ago +1

      It’s like everybody from Sweden is scared of the cops you guys did this to yourself by letting the Muslims take over and having a no go zone Sweden used to be a good country but you guys did it to yourself

  • Amanda Sanchez
    Amanda Sanchez Month ago +1

    if this is real yasssss

  • Ms.pinkdiamond
    Ms.pinkdiamond Month ago +5

    Tat so nice of you Kenya & Kim west for helping this man out, at least get him out of Swedish, everybody need a lil help sometimes.

  • Michelle Huitt
    Michelle Huitt Month ago +9

    Yall better look up whats going on in sweden, i think that rocky walked in a no go zone, and thats why he was harrassed.

    • Linna Co
      Linna Co Month ago

      lol, no

    • Tak Lampa
      Tak Lampa Month ago +3

      What do you mean by “ no go zone”

  • Genesis Flores
    Genesis Flores Month ago +1


  • MrHero17
    MrHero17 Month ago

    But WHY is he in jail ? Lmao he’s nothing but a thug with a large bank account 🙄. Leave his ass

  • Ксения Ковалевская

    Why do people like that always need to be free? They always have to be freed and it's like just stop. If they're criminals are criminals too bad deal with it.

    • Mirte Mol
      Mirte Mol Month ago +4

      I agree tho, a fight is a fight and in Europe you just shouldn't get involved in one. They don't care about the background story or who started it, you threw fists so you gotta pay for doing that by doing some time, that's how the law system works here

    • Xylia
      Xylia Month ago +1

      you clearly don't know the story don't comment when you're not informed

    • Niki K
      Niki K Month ago +1

      Deal with it he is in jail stop talking shit you don’t know

    • Denzel Moton
      Denzel Moton Month ago +1

      He is not a criminal

    • Yasmin Ball
      Yasmin Ball Month ago +4

      Ксения Ковалевская the thing is he’s not a criminal, these two men were following him in the streets, and trying to start a fight by throwing bottles, in which he said multiple times that he didn’t want any problems, and didn’t want to fight. The men still kept following him, and also sexually harassed these two girls, so ofc he’s gonna defend himself and the girls too. The video is on his Instagram, if you don’t believe me.

  • Josiah Loren
    Josiah Loren Month ago +2

    Kim is a Gold Digger

    • Squared Away
      Squared Away Month ago

      How is she a gold digger? She's a married woman and she makes more money than her husband. Also she's helping to free people, what's wrong with that?

    • Albino Mermaid
      Albino Mermaid Month ago

      right.. good logic

    • Gracie Lewis
      Gracie Lewis Month ago

      Now, kanye ain't sayin' she a gold digger
      (When he in need) But she ain't messin' with no broke niggas

    • Courtney 12404
      Courtney 12404 Month ago +4

      Why is this relevant. Wether she is or isn’t a gold digger is in no way relevant to how she is trying to help A$ap Rocky get out of prison. Why make the comment?

    • Alice Alza
      Alice Alza Month ago +3

      How is she a gold digger if her net worth is bigger then kanye west? Lol

  • H A N N A
    H A N N A Month ago +12

    So funny being a swede rn hahah

    • Michelle Nar
      Michelle Nar Month ago +1

      @Rebecka Bergquist Thanks a bunch ! 😁 Appreciated

    • Rebecka Bergquist
      Rebecka Bergquist Month ago +8

      @Michelle Nar Instead of calling the police, he beat down a guy for being annoying and following him. If this guy had thrown himself on him he would be allowed to defend himself as do what's needed to get out of harms way but he chose to continue beating this person which goes into the the territory of abuse. If he had just called the police instead of beating some up he would not been in jail.

    • Michelle Nar
      Michelle Nar Month ago +1

      Why ? Please explain to us non swedes? 🤔🙏please explain what we don't understand ?

    • Kakusa kayama
      Kakusa kayama Month ago +2

      The rules in Sweden state that you are allowed to defend yourself but you are committing a crime if you finish of the person

  • Flawess Grace
    Flawess Grace Month ago +11

    He can stay in prison

  • Wah Wah
    Wah Wah Month ago +5

    Oooooo oh tea 😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Hot Tea
    Hot Tea Month ago +5

    Kim you are wrong for doing this...

  • I'm not dead
    I'm not dead Month ago

    Why is this news... It's sad people care about this bull crap... If the dude does not know what to believe.. Then maybe his stupid ass should find out before posting lies and spreading rumors and hate.. #walk away. #cult of Hollywood

  • Smart Kookie
    Smart Kookie Month ago +43

    Woah tea. I never heard of this honestly XD.

  • Princess Lydia Osei Bonsu

    When u r first and no one has commented

  • Ayes
    Ayes Month ago +9

    If This Is Blue Your An Og clevver news $ubscriber🤤💝
    👇. (You Can Be A Og Of Mine Today)👀

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      Do you remember when they did clever of the week? They were more involved with subscribers back then.

  • Samantha Murphy
    Samantha Murphy Month ago +1