Joe Weller on What Happened in the Haunted Forest

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
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Comments • 645

  • my style my adventure

    god so jokes do more abandoned places i beg

  • Mystic -_- TpG
    Mystic -_- TpG 4 days ago

    Put it at 3:18 at 0.5 speed Joe sounds like a set 8

  • Big Mac Joe
    Big Mac Joe 8 days ago +1

    Did u find Logan Paul in the forest.......

  • poppylovesmarkyxxx forever and ever xxx

    Joe dude please go back to paranormal research bro your comical errors are hilarious plus your slot more entertaining than Zac baggins bro

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 17 days ago

    U need to do haunted houses next 🤣👊🏻🇬🇧

  • Over Throw
    Over Throw 18 days ago

    the way hats look like theo

  • M0zzi
    M0zzi 19 days ago

    What’s the website called where it tells you abandoned places near you

  • Ronan Kelly
    Ronan Kelly 19 days ago

    Omg these two talk some shite

  • kourtney Brewster
    kourtney Brewster 19 days ago

    Tbh i used to get nightmares constantly from a young age and sometimes to this day and what i do is i just in the nightmare or dream tell whatevers scaring me to go away and that i'mnot scared by them and it worked. Just a tip, could work for others.

  • R3X
    R3X 21 day ago

    Joe if you want mor info I have a website about the forest:

  • Stretch
    Stretch 22 days ago

    more intelegent the more scared you get? Get behinds me boys im dumb as hell!

    DJ KEARNS 23 days ago

    1:12 he also said “I feel like crying”

  • JmX Gamer
    JmX Gamer 23 days ago

    Why didn’t joe spend 1 hour in the haunted forest

  • Theresa Maynard
    Theresa Maynard 23 days ago

    Is it not a coincidence that you thought your car got stolen in the woods, but in this video, your car goes off again......

    TRIPPY X 23 days ago

    i went there twice it was so shit , nothing happened

  • Kushal Adhvaryu
    Kushal Adhvaryu 24 days ago

    Whats the name of the song used for the intro??

  • Helenfayeee xo
    Helenfayeee xo 24 days ago

    Please do some episodes on Conspiracy Theories!! X

  • Lachie Jones
    Lachie Jones 24 days ago +1

    what about the noises in the background??

  • Kenneth Flaming
    Kenneth Flaming 24 days ago +1

    waffilin has more s ss s sssubs then eliot the s s ss ssnakee *Hishhh*

  • Prospekt
    Prospekt 24 days ago

    Where the forest is, in Pluckley, is literally such a normal place absolutely NOTHING bad happens there nowadays. I live really close to it and drive past the forest quite often, it’s a pretty chill place tbh 😂 all the ghost stories from the past make it seem far worse than it actually is, it just has a bad reputation.

  • A s
    A s 25 days ago

    Malfoys the biggest beta I've ever seen

  • Jake Morrissey
    Jake Morrissey 26 days ago +1

    The intelligence correlation to being scared is spot on

  • Code: Ronan
    Code: Ronan 26 days ago

    you should go back and scare all the people that visit the forest

  • Naythh
    Naythh 26 days ago

    It only has 2 options: bright, dim and off

  • Uzi 1600
    Uzi 1600 26 days ago

    Theo Malfoy Baker > Elliot snake crawford

  • MMA Fan
    MMA Fan 27 days ago +4

    Legend has it Jameison and his cheesegrater haunt the forest

  • Styro
    Styro 27 days ago +1

    Talk more about the Aliens, it was actually very interesting as I had the same opinions.

  • LDN// E17
    LDN// E17 27 days ago

    Do a exploring video in the Amazon rainforest to raise awareness of deforestation

  • Tzyツ
    Tzyツ 28 days ago

    Talk about if a zombie apocalypse is possible

  • Jo Hoddinott
    Jo Hoddinott 29 days ago

    Please collab with TGF and go back to the forest

  • FFH gaming
    FFH gaming 29 days ago +1

    Go to Aokigahara in Japan with tgf and stay the night in a tent please make this happen

  • Bryan Higgins
    Bryan Higgins 29 days ago +5

    The girl screaming and saying ‘don’t touch me’ was very concerning...

  • Isabelle Burke
    Isabelle Burke 29 days ago

    Pls call this channel ‘chatting raucous’ I beg

    BLU3BIRD Month ago

    What was the screaming all about? If it wasn't any of you, who do you think it was and why were the screaming?

  • Rhys Hughes
    Rhys Hughes Month ago

    Lil bored get on this

  • Charlie Taaffe
    Charlie Taaffe Month ago

    weller tgf sidemen tfil sam&colby best vid ever

  • Callumd 2781
    Callumd 2781 Month ago

    4:15 completely agree

  • Yas
    Yas Month ago

    Don’t you think there’s spirits everywhere? Watching your every move ?

  • Itz Fillz
    Itz Fillz Month ago +5

    The channel would be so better if it was called
    'Wafflin with weller'

  • Joe Harwood
    Joe Harwood Month ago +1

    What happened to that Harry guy?

  • Izzie
    Izzie Month ago

    I wonder if Theo And elliflipz Get On well 🤔

  • Jessica Robinson
    Jessica Robinson Month ago

    The screaming was my step dad and his mates, he told me that he met them after the video, but unfortunately he didn’t have a photo😕

  • Cinders
    Cinders Month ago

    Lets just not talk about the girl screaming

  • Abbas Karimi
    Abbas Karimi Month ago

    Like for joe to callab with chunkz

  • Horrocks
    Horrocks Month ago

    surely it makes more sense that the smarter you are, the less scared you get as you’re smart enough to realise that these type of things don’t really exist 🤷🏼‍♂️

    RS FRIXION Month ago

    Were the other people the ones that were screaming?

    RS FRIXION Month ago

    Make a video on the controversial moments!

  • James turner
    James turner Month ago

    pretty good video keep doing them love them

  • first name last name

    why didn’t then mention the screaming

  • Will_Bond83
    Will_Bond83 Month ago +1

    What was the “don’t touch me” scream?

  • L A
    L A Month ago

    I agree like. I’m not scared if something came out at me but it’s that creepy fear of being watched by something

  • Hussla
    Hussla Month ago +1

    "It only has two options: bright, dim and off" crack me up joe

  • Zak Ashcroft
    Zak Ashcroft Month ago +2

    Knock gib out he's on a high horse and needs knocking clean out

  • Pauline Caleno
    Pauline Caleno Month ago

    It's a pretty strange place ngl.

  • Oh Yeah yeAh
    Oh Yeah yeAh Month ago

    Click on read more for good luck

    If you clicked on this you are very gay

  • Patrick Loughran
    Patrick Loughran Month ago +3

    Weller do a podcast on gym/lifting mate x

    RYAN KNIGHT Month ago

    Nah take a tent you and Malloy and jay and Rommel and do a 24 he challenge it would be quality like so he will se it 👍🏻

  • Cass
    Cass Month ago

    Can you please do a video on the supernatural the underworld and the” third eye “
    I saw something about this on the internet and apparently when you “see through the veil” you can see sprits through your third eye??? I sound crazy but seriously google it it’s a bit weird....

  • Gus s
    Gus s Month ago

    so the screaming and that was just fake?

  • Aaron jones
    Aaron jones Month ago

    More exploring videos