• Published on Jan 24, 2015
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  • Aden Smiles
    Aden Smiles 6 years ago +1405

    I swear the Sideman life is just goals. You play video games you enjoy, go out with your mates to the cinema or to get food, do other random stuff, and get paid every step of the way. It's just perfect

    • James Reviews
      James Reviews Year ago +1

      That can be your life. Just don't keep to how the system wants you to work, school then a 9-5 job

    • Shadman Jami
      Shadman Jami 2 years ago +1

      @Greifer piff they have editors now

    • Greifer piff
      Greifer piff 2 years ago

      And everyday they have to edit vid and record everyday
      And that’s hard

    • OskarANS
      OskarANS 3 years ago


    • idk
      idk 3 years ago +2

      trust there are some downsides to this but they just don't show it on camera

  • Sam Lindgren
    Sam Lindgren 6 years ago +1182

    Whenever Ethan says "he's been spotted" I burst into laughter

  • Billy Wilson
    Billy Wilson 4 months ago +20

    Behz on what’s good

  • Frosty
    Frosty 2 years ago +74

    The song, the editing, the old sidemen vibes... ah the nostalgia
    Like if you want this version of the sidemen to return

    • Graeme Sinclair
      Graeme Sinclair 2 months ago +2

      @noah this was the golden era of the sidemen

    • noah
      noah 5 months ago

      Not really. Was great at the time, but look at them now. We’re currently in the golden era of the sidemen. Would hate to see them downgrade just because of nostalgia.

  • bulbasaur234
    bulbasaur234 4 months ago +12

    Glad this was recommended after I watched the podcast they talked about this

  • Myles
    Myles 6 years ago +711

    How do people recognize KSI and not know who the rest of the sidemen are?

    • Cilinator
      Cilinator 10 months ago

      They were not that big at that time. Yes, not even KSI, if talk about in public

    • suma on crack
      suma on crack 10 months ago +1

      He was insanely big back then

    • CHID4RI
      CHID4RI Year ago +1

      4 years late but alright loll. I think it's because they just watch JJ and not the sidemen channel.

    • Ulas Bozkina
      Ulas Bozkina 2 years ago

      Myles who knows

    • Tom Allen
      Tom Allen 6 years ago +1

      +jack goodyear cough cough 😂

  • killvlock
    killvlock 5 years ago +124

    never finished why vikk was a genius...

  • Ramy H
    Ramy H Year ago +3

    I love how I was 11 when I watched this vlog,
    To see them come this far really means a lot I’m being too cringe rn but it’s just mad to me

    • Amber
      Amber Year ago

      Ik what you mean lol it’s mad to see how they’ve changed n stuff since this vlog. And how youtube as changed too - you can’t exactly call your video titles “steak and movies” anymore lol

  • Iliyan Yankulov
    Iliyan Yankulov 7 years ago +1953

    Make a SIDEMEN channel in which every one of you make vlogs every day like: Monday - Simon, Tuesday - Josh, Wednesday - Vik, Thursday - Tobi, Friday - Ethan, Saturday - JJ, Sunday - Harry

    • DangoMango The1
      DangoMango The1 18 days ago

      2022 dind't happen mate

    • innitfx lol
      innitfx lol 8 months ago

      i would actually be excited for mondays for once

    • beast king
      beast king 8 months ago

      well they did make a sidemen channel but they dont vlog

      TLUANGKUA 10 months ago +1

      Ohh u time travelers

    • R4CER
      R4CER Year ago +2

      This aged well

  • MultiRokerman
    MultiRokerman 6 years ago +116

    That was a great gambling story from vikk! Really impressive!

    LOLLY POP 2 years ago +753

    God seeing Fat Ethan is crazy now, who's here from 2020?

  • Justin Jayden
    Justin Jayden 2 years ago +3

    I loved these types of vids. I wish he still did them :(

  • Jess Hook
    Jess Hook 6 years ago

    i love when you vlog with all the sidemen and calsqueezzy cause it brings my mood up so much it genuinely makes my day xxxx

  • tobias juszt
    tobias juszt 2 years ago +102

    2:56 this aged well

  • Will Scott
    Will Scott 3 years ago

    4 years later and still is making amazing content. Well done mate

  • Xavier Nyika
    Xavier Nyika 4 months ago +14

    Did I come here after the what’s good podcast……yes yes I did

  • Shyam Menon
    Shyam Menon 7 years ago

    these vlogs are actually turning out to be fun.... keep doing more :D !

  • Marcus Andersson
    Marcus Andersson 7 years ago +3


  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 6 years ago

    Love this vid. Great to see what some of the sidemen *and freezy* do in their free time.

  • Isaac Davenport
    Isaac Davenport 7 years ago +2

    We REALLY like these vlogs! Keep doing them mate

  • Ben Pye
    Ben Pye 7 years ago

    we love vlogs simon! do more of them we want them badly!

  • Amir Ali
    Amir Ali 7 years ago

    Carry on doing what you're doing its awesome can't wait for the next vlog

  • Feathers
    Feathers 7 years ago +3

    I really like these kind of videos, it's nice to see 'The life of the sidemen'! It reassures me that you are not a famous star that we can't communicate with. I would prefer if you did a few every week or so on either channel! :D

  • Toxic Bint
    Toxic Bint 2 years ago +6

    Genuinely love these vlogs
    Why doesn't he upload them anymore

  • Ben Fitzpatrick
    Ben Fitzpatrick 7 years ago

    I love how you do more vlogs because you are so well mannered !!

  • Edan Piper
    Edan Piper 7 years ago

    Is it just me or does Simon make THE BEST vlogs?!

  • wacky penguins
    wacky penguins 6 years ago +1

    Do more vlog with sidemen you guys are the best thing that has happened to TheXvid ever

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 7 years ago +1


  • Scott
    Scott 7 years ago +2

    Simon keep up the vlogs I love watching #therealsimon

  • RYandB
    RYandB 7 years ago +343

    Yes I love you making these video's but I think you should make them longer:)

  • Chris Gasmen
    Chris Gasmen 4 months ago +13

    Anyone else here in 2022 because it was mentioned in the new what’s good podcast??

    ZX R-CADE 5 years ago

    Yoooo wass up Simon I miss these vlogs please could you do more and keep up the fantastic work you legend the rest of the sidemen are legends too

  • YouGotProblems
    YouGotProblems 7 years ago

    you should do more vlogs they are really good keep it up Simon

  • Courtney Terry
    Courtney Terry 7 years ago

    love you guys soo much and please do more vlogs i love watching them

  • Kieran Barlow
    Kieran Barlow 7 years ago +653

    Do more VLOGS they are fucking funny! 😂😂

  • Tyler Fowler
    Tyler Fowler 7 years ago

    Do it more, love these vlogs

  • Court Haynes
    Court Haynes 7 years ago

    Please! Do more vlogs!! I love them!!!

  • Dodgy Dave
    Dodgy Dave 7 years ago +3

    Make more vlogs, they are quality.😎

  • Dione Fogarty
    Dione Fogarty 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed it I love Ethan's Australian accent

  • Vikkstar123
    Vikkstar123 7 years ago +3043


    • FrogFeet
      FrogFeet Year ago +1

      i’m watching in 2021 🤣🤣🤣

    • TahsinAli
      TahsinAli Year ago

      @Fantastic Four u love his vids but dont know his name **claps**

    • Al3c_blade
      Al3c_blade Year ago

      Ive been spotted

    • George HT
      George HT 2 years ago +1

      Fantastic Four 5 years mate how’s it been

    • Lisa Lobdell
      Lisa Lobdell 3 years ago

      ladies and gentlemen we spotted him

  • LilTeds LilJulss
    LilTeds LilJulss 2 years ago +1

    The sidemen should start doing these vlogs again

  • midnightshadeo
    midnightshadeo Year ago +3

    hi simon, do these again nearly 6 years later :)

  • Jack Mcskeane
    Jack Mcskeane 6 years ago

    More of these please Simon :)

  • Hudson
    Hudson 7 years ago

    I wish I could hang out with you guys for a day. It would be so much fun!

  • Arsalaan Anwer
    Arsalaan Anwer 2 years ago +14

    I’m here after the podcast when Simon roasted this vid when really these are the type of vids we want

  • Jaime Antonio González

    this is awesome keep doing videos like this!!! Hilarious!!!

  • Melissa Macreath
    Melissa Macreath 6 years ago

    They need to do more of this

  • Артемий
    Артемий 7 years ago

    Vlogs with Calsqueezy are great
    Keep doing it

  • Red H
    Red H 7 years ago +5

    I really like these vlogs simon keep making them. It's great banter to watch everyone do stuff

  • TahsinAli
    TahsinAli Year ago +1

    simons 'i just want some ..... steak' is acc a very good imitation of ethan XD

  • Paddy P
    Paddy P 4 months ago +9

    shout out randolph, heard he likes this video

  • Hannah Price-Riley
    Hannah Price-Riley 6 years ago

    I love your Vlogs, please do more!❤️

  • SwitchP
    SwitchP 7 years ago

    I dont know why this is such a good vlog😂

  • IamTheWillrus
    IamTheWillrus 7 years ago +32

    Love these videos Salmon, they're always brilliant and hilarious, would love to see more showing any aspect of what you guys get up to! Any chance of the Sidemen doing a go-kart race (with gopros and whatnot) to see who's the real caddy king??

  • Brooke Maslin
    Brooke Maslin 4 years ago

    I know this was 2 years ago! I watched this 2 years ago but Simon I'm rewatching all your vlogs please do more!!!

  • sylvio schnapperelle
    sylvio schnapperelle 6 years ago +282

    Why do i always laugh when vikk dances (with the music)
    example: 2:26

  • Anuja Ariyaratne
    Anuja Ariyaratne 6 years ago +8

    Please make more vlogs!

  • Pranay Choudhary
    Pranay Choudhary 6 years ago

    Vlog more simon pls its amazing I've been watching you since you started this channel and your just fantastic

  • Adam
    Adam 6 years ago +33

    Ethan was so funny with "I've been spotted"

  • Aniruddh Singh Ashiya
    Aniruddh Singh Ashiya 5 years ago +1

    Do more of these please!!

  • Big Jack
    Big Jack 6 years ago +1

    3:32 Ethan always gets me 😂😂😂 " we've been spotted " 😂💔😂😂😂😂

  • Smif
    Smif 6 years ago

    Please do more vlogs like this!

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp 7 years ago +28

    Seriously like Simon is so awesome I just want him to get way more subs. He is not the type of person people should hate on cuz he uploads frequently and cares about his subs. So far he only has like 2 dislikes on this video and 1k likes! Keep it up Simon!

    • Herp Derp
      Herp Derp 7 years ago

      OMG LIFE COMPLETE SIMON REPLIED TO MY COMMENT!!! OMG Simon I just wanna say keep up the good work and don't let the haters bring you down!! :D

    • a phone
      a phone 7 years ago

      Miniminter does care about his subs

    • Sam Clarke
      Sam Clarke 7 years ago

      @Jester well, that clearly proves that you are wrong, and that perhaps you owe @MM7Games an apology.... Keep up the great work Simon, I'm really enjoying watching these vlogs

    • MM7Games
      MM7Games  7 years ago +14

      @Jester I do :)

  • Luis De Leon
    Luis De Leon 7 years ago

    The part with vikk dancing had me dying

  • MUFCxJordan
    MUFCxJordan 7 years ago

    Do more daily life vlogs, they are what you would call 'Quality Banter'

  • tender comrade 2
    tender comrade 2 7 years ago

    this was fucking awesome! more please!

  • Paige German
    Paige German 6 years ago

    I love it when cal says calqueezy isn't a think, he never knew that it would turn into so much more.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 7 years ago +22

    Keep doing them they are Reay fun to watch!

    • Ethan
      Ethan 7 years ago

      Indeed 😂😂

    • Barish ,
      Barish , 7 years ago

      @Ethan Hunt much wow

    • Ethan
      Ethan 7 years ago

      *Very autocorrect

    • Jester
      Jester 7 years ago

      Who Reay?

  • Khaled Alblwi
    Khaled Alblwi 4 years ago +1

    Who else wishes the sidemen were still like this

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik 2 years ago +3

    Calfreezy the only guy who will ever beat jj in a fight 2:59

  • Trance Gaming
    Trance Gaming 7 years ago

    yeah simon these are fun to watch, make a whole another channel just for V-Logs i reckon you would attract way more people

  • tara blackwell
    tara blackwell 6 years ago

    Loving the vlogs Simon xxx

  • BigBoomKhan
    BigBoomKhan 7 years ago +5

    Why I need more of these,
    1. I love the Sidemen (Simon is my fav)
    2. I love London so we would get to see more of London
    3. Cuz why not.

  • Ryan Greenwood
    Ryan Greenwood 6 years ago

    that's class keep doing more of these kind of videos

  • Zachary Jalil
    Zachary Jalil 6 years ago +3

    Whenever Ethan says "he's been spotted" I burst into laughter

  • Emma Broadley
    Emma Broadley 6 years ago

    When Simon was mid convo and he went 'FIGHT' I couldn't help but laugh? 😂😂

  • Steeler1705
    Steeler1705 7 years ago

    Keep doing the blogs simon

  • Draven65
    Draven65 3 months ago +9

    This didn't come up in your recommended. You searched it.

    • ïzmïr s.
      ïzmïr s. 2 months ago +1

      i came back for the intro i still cannot find

  • Reece Fairs
    Reece Fairs 7 years ago

    Make sure u keep the vlogs up their great

  • Ciarap101
    Ciarap101 6 years ago

    Love watching you do vlogs

  • bara al-sayeh
    bara al-sayeh 7 years ago

    Hi Simon ...I would like to see more of these vlogs so..Ya make more

  • Joel Curran
    Joel Curran 7 years ago

    Keep on making more vlogs :-)

  • Nic Andersen
    Nic Andersen 7 years ago


  • Janelle C
    Janelle C 7 years ago

    Please keep making vlogs!!

  • Jordan Hill
    Jordan Hill 7 years ago

    I love these vlogs!!

  • RA 'O'
    RA 'O' 7 years ago +5

    #SidemenVlogChannel this has to be a thing! Make a vlog channel!!! Make each one of the Sidemen post a vlog in a specific day, every day... this is gona be sick!

  • WaitWhat...
    WaitWhat... 7 years ago

    Plz make more videos like this, they are awsome

  • Chloe Byrne
    Chloe Byrne 5 years ago

    Love these vlogs!

  • Fabian Burke
    Fabian Burke 6 years ago

    I'm sad and sick as hell so I watch your videos to make me happy and they always gives me laugh 😀🤕

  • Spiderlinx Xx
    Spiderlinx Xx 6 years ago


  • K J. R
    K J. R 7 years ago +5

    Vikk dancing to that music HAS to be a regular thing now, please hahahah

  • Henry24576
    Henry24576 2 years ago

    One of the funniest vlogs even today

  • Marijo Ibrahim
    Marijo Ibrahim 2 years ago

    Ethan in brittish accent level 100% is hilarious

  • The_Slaven
    The_Slaven 7 years ago

    Love these vlogs bro!

  • SupaSavage
    SupaSavage 6 years ago

    I like these vlogs dude u should do more

  • Blake Chambers - Don
    Blake Chambers - Don 5 years ago

    Hey Simon
    Please could you do some vlogs I really enjoy coming home and watching them.

  • Axel Richardson
    Axel Richardson 7 years ago


  • ShooTingGuru
    ShooTingGuru 7 years ago +3

    Do more vlogs. I like them

  • MontageMayhem
    MontageMayhem 7 years ago

    Nice vid Simon. Keep it up 😄😄

  • Nuno Teixeira
    Nuno Teixeira 7 years ago

    I want the vlogs to continue