Extreme Would You Rather Challenge #3


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  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  14 days ago +2196

    To clarify, we use undershirt mics as a back up in case something goes wrong or if we move away from the desk, but the desk mic is indeed real, working, and is the only mic you’re hearing almost all of the time. It’s not a lie!!

    • eftorres222
      eftorres222 23 hours ago

      Well, they aren’t a lie. But then again, the cake was 😝

    • Ann-Louise Miranda
      Ann-Louise Miranda 3 days ago

      Good Mythical Morning is this the first time Rhet and Link are on a date for the first time?

    • katie stewart
      katie stewart 7 days ago

      +Ethan W. Harding That's stalker-ish.

    • Brandon Delinsky
      Brandon Delinsky 10 days ago

      +Ethan W. Harding WHAT

    • Brandon Delinsky
      Brandon Delinsky 10 days ago

      +Matt Cleary lol

  • Dragonfyre 03
    Dragonfyre 03 7 hours ago

    I feel like clam chowder in your underwear might feel similar to wearing a pad on a heavy flow day? Idk that might be why it had so many votes

  • Jo Calhoon
    Jo Calhoon 9 hours ago

    Lol ik it nov 20 but you said nov 6th and my birthday was on nov 7 :3

  • Michael Roesurprenant
    Michael Roesurprenant 11 hours ago

    I would use my friends new never used comb

  • 0B3Y M3
    0B3Y M3 14 hours ago

    So gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Cody Washer
    Cody Washer 20 hours ago

    Actually, Rhett has to do the option not preferred by the audience, which means Rhett has to hold a mothshake in his mouth.

  • TheCoolKids Kidsmalu


  • Brady Lawson
    Brady Lawson Day ago

    Does anyone know what kind of shoes Rhett is wearing? I want a pair, thanks in advance mythical beasts

  • Frank John
    Frank John Day ago


  • Christoph Alexander

    OK, I admit I watched it - while cringing, but still.
    Are people really liking this that much? I don't much mind the other gruesome stuff they're doing, but eating off or out of another's body is a line I don't really want to cross.
    Guess I simply shouldn't watch it...

  • Kayli H
    Kayli H Day ago

    November 6th was my 13TH birthday

  • aquatickid
    aquatickid 2 days ago

    wattpad is gonna have fun with this one...

  • Let'sArt
    Let'sArt 2 days ago

    Rhett smugly remembering the last time they played this game

  • KCThree
    KCThree 2 days ago

    I threw up

  • Jaden Evans
    Jaden Evans 2 days ago

    Love Link’s shirt, the solid colors, the checkerboard border around the white detailed snake, it’s very aesthetic.

  • Lucinda Lopez
    Lucinda Lopez 3 days ago

    And I get to do it for FREEEEE! I loved that!

  • Leonard Greenpaw
    Leonard Greenpaw 3 days ago

    a game of would you rather between two terrible options, yup sounds like the usa election

  • Thomas Gannon
    Thomas Gannon 3 days ago

    I am one of those people that likes to pour mess in their undies. I’m sorry.

  • Yvette valdez
    Yvette valdez 3 days ago

    Only true friends would do this

  • Jafari Esdaile
    Jafari Esdaile 4 days ago


  • TheR3aper5
    TheR3aper5 4 days ago

    Link is so horribly bad at this game

  • Lindsay Martinez
    Lindsay Martinez 5 days ago

    Link is such a good sport!

  • Green Gazelle
    Green Gazelle 5 days ago

    don't flatter yourself too much Rhett

  • brazenbasil 16
    brazenbasil 16 5 days ago

    Who else was today years old when they found out the middle microphone isn’t the only one they use

  • Haley Thurman
    Haley Thurman 5 days ago

    your wives are some luuuuucky ladies lol

  • Chloe Lock
    Chloe Lock 5 days ago

    Damn Rhett definitely doesn't have a dad bod 😉

  • Adrianna Lowe
    Adrianna Lowe 6 days ago


  • K Geezy
    K Geezy 6 days ago

    Link looked so happy...

    THE REAL TACO 6 days ago

    14:29 Rhett and Link are in the background

  • ilikelittlejimmys
    ilikelittlejimmys 6 days ago

    I liked watching this show while having breakfast, I don't know if I'll do that anymore...

  • Matt Tavenner
    Matt Tavenner 7 days ago

    Yeah this wasn't enjoyable to watch as a viewer nor think about in their shoee, I don't think anyone had fun with this episode, don't do this again

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 7 days ago

    I can't eat my breakfast whilst watching GMM anymore :-))

  • Rose-a-pod
    Rose-a-pod 7 days ago

    Also that's a butterfly on that moth shake!

  • AcTiVe Hound
    AcTiVe Hound 7 days ago +1

    Totally would buy a mythical deodorant

  • Rose-a-pod
    Rose-a-pod 7 days ago +1

    Long boi Rhett.

  • Juliana Lidd
    Juliana Lidd 7 days ago

    Oh my gosh

  • Dark Horse 2018
    Dark Horse 2018 7 days ago

    He should have svcked his d!ck

  • Eric Ford
    Eric Ford 8 days ago

    Very insightful videos. Will definitely make sure to watch a couple before work tomorrow.

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 8 days ago


  • xd Risey
    xd Risey 8 days ago

    Deodaerant as lipstick because my frineds are nasty and dont uae it

  • Shereen Yang
    Shereen Yang 8 days ago

    you guys did it, the mothshake was the first thing from you to make me gag.

  • bswtsp21
    bswtsp21 8 days ago


  • Ramon Duarte
    Ramon Duarte 8 days ago

    I gagaed so much i threw up

  • Sicely Quindipan
    Sicely Quindipan 8 days ago

    I want links jumper real bad.. anybody know where I can get it?

  • Evan White
    Evan White 8 days ago

    Since Link got the last one correct which means Rhett has to do the thing that most people chose not to do. So shouldn't Rhett have held the mothshake in his mouth?

  • Emely Orozco
    Emely Orozco 8 days ago

    Does anyone know what crewneck link is wearing ???

  • ITS ME
    ITS ME 9 days ago

    They're both so attractive

  • Maisie McLaren
    Maisie McLaren 9 days ago

    I was a little taken aback by Rhett’s midriff. He’s a married man and I respect that but you got to admit the man is a hottie.

  • River Song
    River Song 9 days ago

    I'd like to do a body shot off of Rhett 😋

  • Zoe Stapleton
    Zoe Stapleton 9 days ago

    I thought that if the person got the would you rather correct, then the other has to do the one they would least rather... so link got the moth shake correct, so Rhett would have to let his friend drink a moth shake out of his mouth? They did it backwards!

  • kevin delaney
    kevin delaney 9 days ago

    Link was right so rhett had to do the worst thing, and that was hold the milk shake in his mouth, so that means the swapped the punishments didnt they?

  • Manolo Tusca
    Manolo Tusca 9 days ago

    I vote that you swallow each others ass tard skip the tartar. Soy boys need a hobby

  • OnePiecerooles
    OnePiecerooles 9 days ago

    Dumb motherfuckers

  • Marissa Ostrowski
    Marissa Ostrowski 9 days ago

    For the last one Link got it right. That means that Rhett should have done the thing that less people voted for. That means that Rhett should have been holding the shake in his mouth while Link would be drinking it.
    If Link chose that more people wanted the mothshake then he would have held it in his mouth while Rhett drank it.
    They switched the roles...

  • Shannon L
    Shannon L 9 days ago

    OMG just the words "belly button and tuna tartar" together in the same sentence is grossing me out ....🤣😂

  • AndreToonz
    AndreToonz 9 days ago


  • Sam Gold
    Sam Gold 9 days ago


  • Dr Drooky
    Dr Drooky 9 days ago

    The moth misunderstood the mixer for the LÄMP

    DR GUMY NUTS 9 days ago

    Last year 2 kids on my football team ate a stick of used deodorant

  • P
    P 9 days ago

    Was Link not meant to drink it out of Rhetts mouth because link won. A friend drinks out of your mouth was the challenge

  • Cross VG
    Cross VG 9 days ago

    I think it’s because most people think itch powder is much more powerful than it is haha.

  • Garrett Wojo
    Garrett Wojo 9 days ago

    Just realized, that link could play Garth from Wayne’s world

  • Amanda Lepurage
    Amanda Lepurage 9 days ago

    i love chase wearing links shirt

  • Zach Carpenter
    Zach Carpenter 10 days ago

    I'm not a fan of the product plugs. I understand why, but they remind me that the show is super scripted now.

  • Caprihalonerfkid
    Caprihalonerfkid 10 days ago

    10:25 the face u make after you’ve just used your friends deodorant as chapstick

  • Tre Lewis
    Tre Lewis 10 days ago

    “That’s not vegan”

  • the nerd
    the nerd 10 days ago

    Out of all the things that happened on this show I think eating tuna out of a bellybutton while saying "you can do it serpent king"is the oddest

  • Norkhairudin Ali Bidin

    hahahaha babilahh yang ini paling lawak

  • Iman Samimi
    Iman Samimi 10 days ago

    oh that is nasty

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 10 days ago

    I would never ever touch a moth shake, Ewww!

  • elizabeth Rogers
    elizabeth Rogers 10 days ago

    Yes another would you rather challange! 😁

  • The Dark Slayer70
    The Dark Slayer70 10 days ago +1


  • Kelsey Bishop
    Kelsey Bishop 10 days ago

    It was fun being a part of the survey lol, for what I’d rather do, I chose
    the tuna/bellybutton
    Clam chowder
    Milkshake out of friends mouth lol

  • One on one with Finn Durby

    I love the name... you choose, we lose lmao

  • daniel55645
    daniel55645 10 days ago

    why did you guys use a different view of the percentages for the shake one than what you showed for the rest? that bugs my ocd.

  • daniel55645
    daniel55645 10 days ago

    wait, so you mean the mic on the desk is just for show and not what's recording your voices? what?

  • Naj
    Naj 10 days ago

    Moth died before he got *l a m p*

  • mutantdogcat t
    mutantdogcat t 10 days ago

    8:10 who said they had to be used plus I would you the handle of the brush.

  • Markus Ikast
    Markus Ikast 10 days ago

    I didnt vote because i aint American and im under 18

  • Cheyenne Pruett
    Cheyenne Pruett 10 days ago

    Link takes a body shot off Rhett and the fandom goes wiilllddd

  • Kristin Poynter
    Kristin Poynter 10 days ago

    I've never wanted to be Link eating ANYTHING out of Rhett's sexy AF stomach so bad in my entire life.......
    Sorry Mrs Rhett 😉

  • Palace
    Palace 11 days ago

    Anyone got ID on Links crewneck?

  • ThereAreOnly TwoGenders

    Hate that fruit cake chase

  • Robert Williamson
    Robert Williamson 11 days ago

    rhett laughing during the belly button is the cutest thing ever. 'you get to do it for freeee'

  • Sabriyah Shahbandy
    Sabriyah Shahbandy 11 days ago

    Still not as hard to watch as the baby birding...

  • Finlay gorman
    Finlay gorman 11 days ago

    Put on captions/ subtitles for 13:35 onwards

    • TheFirstNobody
      TheFirstNobody 11 days ago

      (softly moaning) (Rhett gags and spits) oh my lord, it's a gold mine

  • Craig
    Craig 11 days ago +1


  • Rachel Baufield
    Rachel Baufield 11 days ago

    Why did Link inhale it , Im laughing so hard!!!

  • Mad Velvet
    Mad Velvet 11 days ago

    Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

  • Mare Imbrium
    Mare Imbrium 11 days ago +2

    Good Mythical Morning the comment section hear by issues you a citation for borderline baby birding

  • Mare Imbrium
    Mare Imbrium 11 days ago +2


  • Harvey Keeler
    Harvey Keeler 11 days ago

    I thought u lot were cool but when u done all of that 👎👎👎👎

  • Rachie sherlock
    Rachie sherlock 12 days ago

    I'd eat off your belly ☺ non of these are two bad. A tad dumb. But not bad.

  • Elder Paa
    Elder Paa 12 days ago

    Am i the only one who wants mythical deodorant? We really need that at mythical.store But please get a better design.

  • Paris Salamon
    Paris Salamon 12 days ago

    Technically, because the second option for round 4 was "have a friend drink a mothshake from your mouth" and Link guessed that round correctly, shouldn't it be Rhett who has to "have a friend drink a mothshake" from his mouth? Missed out on some classic Link action

  • cermet gang
    cermet gang 12 days ago

    I feel like the clam chowder just shows that 46% of your viewers are women because no woman would've agreed to claim chowder getting in her coochie

  • Amber Magnolia
    Amber Magnolia 12 days ago

    Try the grey stuff! It's delicious!!

  • LPS ISA fox
    LPS ISA fox 12 days ago

    10:12 EW IM GAGGING

  • xXThug BunnyXx
    xXThug BunnyXx 12 days ago

    A moth shake is a new level of nasty.