Extreme Would You Rather Challenge #3


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  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  2 months ago +2433

    To clarify, we use undershirt mics as a back up in case something goes wrong or if we move away from the desk, but the desk mic is indeed real, working, and is the only mic you’re hearing almost all of the time. It’s not a lie!!

    • Logan Moore
      Logan Moore 13 days ago

      Good Mythical Morning oh thanx I has wondering btw clam chowder underwear would feel good because it’s warm

    • Albeit_Jordan
      Albeit_Jordan Month ago

      You made a blunder in the last round; Rhett was supposed to have the mothshake in his mouth.

    • Wiktoria Wasiewska
      Wiktoria Wasiewska Month ago


    • Nightowler
      Nightowler Month ago

      Like I trust..

    • Will Wills
      Will Wills Month ago

      Wasn’t your desk mic around $1,700.00?
      I would hope you use it.

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 10 days ago

    It seems like since Link got it right, Rhett should have had to have a friend drink a mothshake out of his mouth. He had to do what ppl wouldn’t rather do, and it says have your friend drink a mothskae out of your mouth. ?? Would’ve loved to have seen a repeat of the baby bird where Link won but had to do the worst part lol. 😂😂😂

  • Greatest Engineer
    Greatest Engineer 11 days ago

    This is just Disgusting I had to skip some of them! stop doing DISGUSTING things!!!!

  • Good Friends
    Good Friends 12 days ago

    Funniest episode since the speciest pepper challenges. Didn't think after all these years of doing gross and weird things Rhett and Link could surprise me anymore, but there they go.

  • DaringMeister
    DaringMeister 14 days ago

    The crew is slowly trying to get Rhett and Link closer and closer every episode.

  • Oceane Bilong
    Oceane Bilong 17 days ago

    I'm not American...

  • Jesus Kaplan
    Jesus Kaplan 19 days ago

    13:36 turn on subtitles

  • TheNoxcucurari
    TheNoxcucurari 19 days ago

    Omg, I threw up just watching this

  • Aiyana Plantard de Saint-Clair

    Oh that’s nasty 😂

  • Timon Damerow
    Timon Damerow 21 day ago

    3:12 well you are about to find out

  • PirateDog
    PirateDog 23 days ago +1

    We are gonna be looking at this in the future and say “Hey remember when Link ate out of Rhett’s belly button?”

  • Steve Bob
    Steve Bob 23 days ago

    Go to 3:50 and look at the tip of the mic...😶

  • SOPHiiA iiS BA3
    SOPHiiA iiS BA3 28 days ago

    Omfg that was so cringeworthy & disgusting

  • Sarina
    Sarina 29 days ago

    Ok they did it, this is officially the first time I gaged because of this show. Omg

  • Judy Osborne
    Judy Osborne Month ago

    OMG This was so gross to watch!

  • cman9601
    cman9601 Month ago

    These guys are gay

  • Andrey David
    Andrey David Month ago

    WHY, would people pick clam chowder underwear over itch powder. That stuff can possibly infect your region of mysteries. Itch powdered socks is easy peasy.

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas Month ago

    I paused at 10:41 and thought about it logically. If Link doesn't want to drink out of someone's mouth, he should pick mothshake. If mothshake ends up being the one people prefer, Rhett has to drink milkshake out of Link's mouth. If mothshake is not the one people prefer, Rhett has to drink mothshake out of Link's mouth. This same thing happened on one of the earlier would you rather episodes with mama birding.
    Edit: Ok, they messed it up. Since Link picked milkshake and got it right, Rhett has to do the other would you rather, which was "have your friend drink a mothshake out of your mouth". So Link was supposed to drink mothshake from Rhett's mouth there, not the other way around.

  • Ablagirl
    Ablagirl Month ago

    I watched this while eating breakfast. BIG mistake. I couldn't finish the episode -.-

  • Jazmin Koenig
    Jazmin Koenig Month ago +1

    Wait... shouldn't Link have drank a moth shake out of Rhett's mouth??

  • Charles G
    Charles G Month ago

    4:18 what did I just witness?

  • game dawgs
    game dawgs Month ago

    Why is itch powder a thing

  • PuzzlingPlaylists
    PuzzlingPlaylists Month ago

    I actually gaged at the loss in first round.

  • AuraMaster
    AuraMaster Month ago

    Wait so if you guess incorrectly, you have to do the thing that you think is better? Link missed his first one, but then had to do the itch powder, which he said he would rather do. Shouldn't it be if you guess incorrectly, you have to do what you didn't guess? And if you guess correctly, the other person has to do what you didn't guess?

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat Month ago


  • tricks
    tricks Month ago

    thank you very moth

  • Your Ruler The Tiny Cat

    cringe worthy

  • Comrade Everclear
    Comrade Everclear Month ago

    So this is where the moth memes started....

  • Megan Ober
    Megan Ober Month ago

    The shake looks like a cookies and cream milkshake

  • Megan Ober
    Megan Ober Month ago

    Link: "I don't think anyone wants moths in their mouth" My cats do apparently lol

  • Megan Ober
    Megan Ober Month ago

    What's the point of itch powder?

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito Month ago

    What in the world would they do if that mothshake wasn't used in the episode? It's far to horrifying not to be in a full-on GMM episode (as opposed to a GMMore).

  • Sprint Wyvern
    Sprint Wyvern Month ago

    man...the only way to make people stop doing "would you rathers" is if you combined the two together to make the most ultimately disgusting thing and then theyd ultimately stop it...

  • Kinados
    Kinados Month ago

    would be epic if the french kissed

  • M0nk f15h
    M0nk f15h Month ago

    Ok so his face was dangerously close to his... parts... and he was talking about sucking and I spat out my coffee my mind needs cleaning help meh

  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit Month ago

    Is it weird that this episode didn’t make me gag or even bat an eye?

  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit Month ago

    You got the mothshake one backwards. Link won, so Rhett should’ve had to hold the mothshake in his mouth while Link drinks it.

  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit Month ago

    I think people voted for chowder in the undies because chowder is just a little uncomfy, whereas itching powder is actual pain.

  • casey
    casey Month ago

    youre breaking the law by owning that straw lol

  • Oliviy cyj
    Oliviy cyj Month ago

    3:50 "And you get to do it for free (free in a higher pitch)! Hahahahahaha" Help. I'm dying. 😂😂😂

  • Infrared Universe
    Infrared Universe Month ago

    Does anybody else close their eyes and relisten to the first part and giggle like a school girl? lmao

  • I D
    I D Month ago

    I have watched your videos for two years

  • Shannon Hillesheim
    Shannon Hillesheim Month ago

    Link the serpent king

  • the reavers force
    the reavers force Month ago


  • Gaming Beast
    Gaming Beast Month ago

    It was also my birthday

  • DenPie
    DenPie Month ago

    This made me want to puke

  • cmdude 45
    cmdude 45 Month ago

    13:37 new bromance

  • Addison Blonski
    Addison Blonski Month ago +1

    Who donated to Saint Jude's?

  • Hellomylovelies
    Hellomylovelies Month ago

    First episode to make me gag haha

  • Lennon Hall
    Lennon Hall Month ago

    Cuz that is disgusting

  • Lennon Hall
    Lennon Hall Month ago

    What about ticks!?!?

  • 0momma
    0momma Month ago

    Why is it so fun to say "he's got chowder panties"? He should have had chowder panties!

  • Dragonfyre 03
    Dragonfyre 03 Month ago

    I feel like clam chowder in your underwear might feel similar to wearing a pad on a heavy flow day? Idk that might be why it had so many votes

  • Jo Calhoon
    Jo Calhoon Month ago

    Lol ik it nov 20 but you said nov 6th and my birthday was on nov 7 :3

  • Michael Roesurprenant

    I would use my friends new never used comb

  • Cody Washer
    Cody Washer Month ago

    Actually, Rhett has to do the option not preferred by the audience, which means Rhett has to hold a mothshake in his mouth.

  • TheCoolKids Kidsmalu


  • Brady Lawson
    Brady Lawson Month ago

    Does anyone know what kind of shoes Rhett is wearing? I want a pair, thanks in advance mythical beasts

  • Frank John
    Frank John Month ago


  • Christoph Alexander

    OK, I admit I watched it - while cringing, but still.
    Are people really liking this that much? I don't much mind the other gruesome stuff they're doing, but eating off or out of another's body is a line I don't really want to cross.
    Guess I simply shouldn't watch it...

  • Kale Salad
    Kale Salad Month ago

    November 6th was my 13TH birthday

  • masked oni
    masked oni Month ago

    wattpad is gonna have fun with this one...

  • Let'sArt
    Let'sArt Month ago

    Rhett smugly remembering the last time they played this game

  • KCThree
    KCThree Month ago

    I threw up

  • Ally Evans
    Ally Evans Month ago

    Love Link’s shirt, the solid colors, the checkerboard border around the white detailed snake, it’s very aesthetic.

  • Lucinda Lopez
    Lucinda Lopez 2 months ago

    And I get to do it for FREEEEE! I loved that!

  • Leonard Greenpaw
    Leonard Greenpaw 2 months ago

    a game of would you rather between two terrible options, yup sounds like the usa election

  • Thomas Gannon
    Thomas Gannon 2 months ago

    I am one of those people that likes to pour mess in their undies. I’m sorry.

  • Yvette valdez
    Yvette valdez 2 months ago

    Only true friends would do this

  • Jafari Esdaile
    Jafari Esdaile 2 months ago


  • TheR3aper5
    TheR3aper5 2 months ago

    Link is so horribly bad at this game

  • Lindsay Martinez
    Lindsay Martinez 2 months ago

    Link is such a good sport!

  • Green Gazelle
    Green Gazelle 2 months ago

    don't flatter yourself too much Rhett

  • brazenbasil 16
    brazenbasil 16 2 months ago

    Who else was today years old when they found out the middle microphone isn’t the only one they use

  • Haley Thurman
    Haley Thurman 2 months ago

    your wives are some luuuuucky ladies lol

  • Chloe Lock
    Chloe Lock 2 months ago

    Damn Rhett definitely doesn't have a dad bod 😉

  • Adrianna Lowe
    Adrianna Lowe 2 months ago


  • K Geezy
    K Geezy 2 months ago

    Link looked so happy...

    THE REAL TACO 2 months ago

    14:29 Rhett and Link are in the background

  • ilikelittlejimmys
    ilikelittlejimmys 2 months ago

    I liked watching this show while having breakfast, I don't know if I'll do that anymore...

  • Matt Tavenner
    Matt Tavenner 2 months ago

    Yeah this wasn't enjoyable to watch as a viewer nor think about in their shoee, I don't think anyone had fun with this episode, don't do this again

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 2 months ago

    I can't eat my breakfast whilst watching GMM anymore :-))

  • Rose-a-pod
    Rose-a-pod 2 months ago

    Also that's a butterfly on that moth shake!

  • AcTiVe Hound
    AcTiVe Hound 2 months ago +1

    Totally would buy a mythical deodorant

  • Rose-a-pod
    Rose-a-pod 2 months ago +1

    Long boi Rhett.

  • Dark Horse 2019
    Dark Horse 2019 2 months ago

    He should have svcked his d!ck

  • Eric Ford
    Eric Ford 2 months ago

    Very insightful videos. Will definitely make sure to watch a couple before work tomorrow.

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 2 months ago


  • xd Risey
    xd Risey 2 months ago

    Deodaerant as lipstick because my frineds are nasty and dont uae it

  • Shereen Yang
    Shereen Yang 2 months ago

    you guys did it, the mothshake was the first thing from you to make me gag.

  • bswtsp21
    bswtsp21 2 months ago


  • Ramon Duarte
    Ramon Duarte 2 months ago

    I gagaed so much i threw up

  • Sicely Quindipan
    Sicely Quindipan 2 months ago

    I want links jumper real bad.. anybody know where I can get it?

  • Evan White
    Evan White 2 months ago

    Since Link got the last one correct which means Rhett has to do the thing that most people chose not to do. So shouldn't Rhett have held the mothshake in his mouth?

  • Emely Orozco
    Emely Orozco 2 months ago

    Does anyone know what crewneck link is wearing ???

  • IT'S ME FROM 713
    IT'S ME FROM 713 2 months ago

    They're both so attractive

  • Maisie McLaren
    Maisie McLaren 2 months ago

    I was a little taken aback by Rhett’s midriff. He’s a married man and I respect that but you got to admit the man is a hottie.

  • River Song
    River Song 2 months ago

    I'd like to do a body shot off of Rhett 😋

  • Zoe Stapleton
    Zoe Stapleton 2 months ago

    I thought that if the person got the would you rather correct, then the other has to do the one they would least rather... so link got the moth shake correct, so Rhett would have to let his friend drink a moth shake out of his mouth? They did it backwards!

  • kevin delaney
    kevin delaney 2 months ago

    Link was right so rhett had to do the worst thing, and that was hold the milk shake in his mouth, so that means the swapped the punishments didnt they?