Klopp's Part in Trent's Call-up! | Trent Alexander-Arnold | First Impressions

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • What part did Jurgen Klopp have to play in Trent Alexander-Arnold's World Cup call-up? Find out here as Craig Mitch hears all about the full-back's experience in the squad so far, in First Impressions.
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Comments • 273

  • Cuong Truong
    Cuong Truong 15 days ago

    66 ❤👍👈

  • Techie Time With GD Three
    Techie Time With GD Three 2 months ago +1

    Why is he not starting for England?

  • mamadou adama diallo
    mamadou adama diallo 2 months ago

    Scousers 🔴⚪️

  • M E
    M E 2 months ago +7

    That accent make him cuter than he already is

    12,888,999 views 2 months ago +2

    cheeky corner

  • W Leon
    W Leon 2 months ago +1

    Future world superstar and future captain of Liverpool and England. No doubt about it. OUR SCOUSER IN THE TEAM!!!

  • Joe Gilius
    Joe Gilius 3 months ago

    what a bloke.

  • Nathan Scofield
    Nathan Scofield 4 months ago +3

    He's now England's best right back. And the second best right back in the world this season imo.

  • Dream League soccer
    Dream League soccer 4 months ago

    This guys is a legend love him

  • Bilal Zaman
    Bilal Zaman 4 months ago

    Trent is one of the best RB in the premier league right now and you can’t hate this guy

  • Adil Chana
    Adil Chana 5 months ago +1

    ‘I’m lake’ ‘I’m lake’ me ‘shut up’

  • Dan Carter
    Dan Carter 5 months ago

    Luv u trint :) Alexander the Arnold bell :) hello :)

  • Edith Yankuba
    Edith Yankuba 5 months ago +5

    AhHaha his competitive spirit 👌🏽✨❤️❤️✅

  • Donna Wilson
    Donna Wilson 5 months ago +1

    I love Alexander Arnaldo 💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Fatuma Shariff
    Fatuma Shariff 5 months ago +6

    TAA is the best I love him big

  • Wagwan B
    Wagwan B 7 months ago +1

    I miss Woodburn at Liverpool

  • Mr Punch
    Mr Punch 7 months ago +2

    I am so glad he is apart of Liverpool

  • ronaldo lima
    ronaldo lima 7 months ago

    In love with the Liverpool accent..

  • Harshit Tewari
    Harshit Tewari 8 months ago +13

    4:03 Trent be like- bruh shut up.

  • Enigmatic
    Enigmatic 11 months ago +4

    "Scotland's cold, bro"... err, and Liverpool is what - like Majorca? lol

  • Shannon Reekie
    Shannon Reekie 11 months ago

    Aha loved the hesitation when he was asked to go watch rangers😂ahahaah😂😂😂😂

  • hmmer
    hmmer 11 months ago

    Ppl saying he will be next England RB. Wrong he will be next England DM

    YOU TUBE 11 months ago +1


  • Gaz Man
    Gaz Man Year ago

    Incredibly average. Got in England squad because of who he plays for. Rated by plastic fans who should support their local team.

  • Sk Tekkerz
    Sk Tekkerz Year ago +6

    He’s bin at Liverpool since he was 6 years old is name is Trent Alexander Arnold du da da da da da da da

  • Kenny Roche
    Kenny Roche Year ago

    What about Milner. Not fast but workhorse.

  • Rockstar Admin
    Rockstar Admin Year ago

    Useless at free kicks and corners

  • Zane Zane
    Zane Zane Year ago +142

    His voice is so cute...

    • grim jimbo
      grim jimbo 3 months ago

      The girls sound terrible man eeeeya no warra meeean like.

  • Sasha K
    Sasha K Year ago +2

    What a cutie

  • TidyDarts
    TidyDarts Year ago

    is he scouser?

    • England
      England  Year ago +1

      Trent's from West Derby in Liverpool

  • Sofe R
    Sofe R Year ago +11

    Love this guy man♥️♥️♥️

  • Mohammed Patel
    Mohammed Patel Year ago +12

    Best RB in pl

  • DoesNotExist305
    DoesNotExist305 Year ago

    Future Liverpool and England captain.

  • Leticia C
    Leticia C Year ago +67

    He's so cute and talented!

  • Jessica A Peday
    Jessica A Peday Year ago +6


  • Chicken Tikka Mo Salah

    Trent is sick.

  • iAmCaK3
    iAmCaK3 Year ago

    I dont think I heard Klopp's name once in the video... so why the title?

  • baan58adam
    baan58adam Year ago

    Good player. For sure

  • cocobana29
    cocobana29 Year ago +20

    Future Liverpool & England leader. Every other lads got ability. Trent got ability AND mentality.

  • Maniac Bobby
    Maniac Bobby Year ago +14

    Pure class talent 🙌🙌🔥🔥

  • warren moodley
    warren moodley Year ago +1

    craig mitch is so cringe....

  • Harry Coney
    Harry Coney Year ago +3

    This interviewer guy is annoying

  • Anthonie Muller
    Anthonie Muller Year ago +1

    " strigher " 😂

  • Tom Davies
    Tom Davies Year ago +8

    Dont reckon Trent was that assed about this tbh, I wouldn't be either

  • DragoonGalaxy
    DragoonGalaxy Year ago

    he's lying about Gerrard. he grew up as a United fan and idolised Scholes

    • Josh Birch
      Josh Birch Year ago +1

      DragoonGalaxy no he didn’t you moron he grew up 5 minutes away from the Liverpool training ground he’s said so many times he went pretty much daily to watch them training and he idolised Gerrard he’s spoke about it a lot when he was just breaking into the team having been coached by Gerrard

  • Sohaib S
    Sohaib S Year ago +147

    Definitely our (Liverpools) future captain, he's got the 'erm' thing going on

  • Swazza It's a mazza

    I'm so happy for you Mitch you've come far bro

  • Harry Joseph
    Harry Joseph Year ago

    Baller - from an Arsenal fan.

  • Sarah Y
    Sarah Y Year ago

    Is Trent and Jesse Lingard mixed race?

  • rukhsarahmed
    rukhsarahmed Year ago +52

    His accent ❤❤❤❤❤❤ #delicious

  • nikz200
    nikz200 Year ago +14

    Enjoy it trent lad cant wait to see u back at anfield next season

  • Finbar
    Finbar Year ago

    Getting very excited right now!

  • Potato
    Potato Year ago +11

    Vardy vs Rash vs Sterling vs Walker in a 100m race. Would pay to see that

    • Daire Conlon
      Daire Conlon 8 months ago +1

      Potato it’s called the premier League

  • Unlimited Author
    Unlimited Author Year ago +1

    I dont know y but i smell Glory for England in this world cup.hmm.But let me hold it in for now.

  • Toby Hellewell
    Toby Hellewell Year ago +84

    I’m a United fan but man I’m looking forward to this guy! He’s a passionate Liverpool supporter so hopefully he’ll bring some passion back to Liverpool v United games. Obviously we don’t know who’s coming through, but I reckon TAA will be England and Liverpool’s right back for the next decade

    • It is Football not Soccer!
      It is Football not Soccer! 11 months ago +1

      Yeah man we always need Scousers and Mancs in our games.

    • baan58adam
      baan58adam Year ago

      Toby Hellewell Correct

    • Toby Hellewell
      Toby Hellewell Year ago +3

      100% agree man, would love to see Mancs and Scousers going at it again

    • Ryan Sheehan
      Ryan Sheehan Year ago +3

      Toby Hellewell I’d love to watch Rashford and Trent go up against each other for the next 15 years and bring the fire back the derby

  • Sam C.
    Sam C. Year ago +208

    He just seems like a good bloke

  • OG skr
    OG skr Year ago


  • SM Gaming
    SM Gaming Year ago +17

    He’s such a humble guy man, love that he was still buzzing telling the story about getting into the squad

  • Chrispy
    Chrispy Year ago

    Wait what part did Klopp play? I didn't hear anything about Klopp specifically. Anyone help me please?!

    • Chrispy
      Chrispy Year ago

      OK somehow missed it was Jurgen who told him, thought it was just some other team mate. Cheers.

    • Aaliyah x
      Aaliyah x Year ago +2

      Chrispy Southgate called Jurgen to tell him TAA was part of the squad then jurgen told Trent

  • Jozza - Fortnite Content Creator

    Definitely has the potential to become England's greatest rb

  • scottdillo8
    scottdillo8 Year ago +33

    Proper level headed scouser keep it up lad your smashing it #YNWA

  • KyleSerraoLfc
    KyleSerraoLfc Year ago

    The future🔴🔴🔴

  • Big Seb19
    Big Seb19 Year ago

    Why is henderson in the team

    • Bri10
      Bri10 Year ago

      Big Seb19 he's an exceptional player

  • Alex Markham
    Alex Markham Year ago +1

    😂😂 he said scholes in his best England team

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is Year ago


  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Year ago

    the new golden generation has started

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Year ago +12

    TAA should start over Trippier

  • Championzo
    Championzo Year ago

    Along with probably kimmich best young right back in the world atm

  • Ian Ryder
    Ian Ryder Year ago +6

    Really enjoying these vids - there's definitely something very different about this England...usually so much unhappiness around the whole thing. They all seem to be enjoying it for a change...hopefully that translates into playing how they can and I think that's all most England fans would like instead of freezing on the night

  • Xen Mcwhinney
    Xen Mcwhinney Year ago

    We’re going to win the World Cup

    THE DON Year ago +24

    Don't click "Read More!"

    I warned you

    Why did you click anyway?


    A bit more

    A bit


    Hope you have an amazing day!

  • Jack Wilshere
    Jack Wilshere Year ago

    How long is the plane's aisle? Klopp hasn't reached me yet to tell me I am in the squad!

  • daniel spanna
    daniel spanna Year ago +44

    Quality player and sound lad. Think he'll play further forward in the long run, similar to bale. He's got a lethal shot on him, can't be wasted at full back.

    • Ryan Sheehan
      Ryan Sheehan Year ago +2

      daniel spanna yeah I agree, I think he’ll move back into central midfield eventually

  • Michael Hazell
    Michael Hazell Year ago +1

    you should go check this out because it'll be worth it:

  • Sadaq Rage
    Sadaq Rage Year ago

    2:38 please don't tell me Craig was trying to attempt a scouse accent.