• Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Yandere Simulator's new street is no longer blurry, so we can check out a few things we missed, plus I decided to see what would make Kokona not come to town...
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  • Star Y
    Star Y 5 hours ago

    What about the drama rival 😳 that could be her

  • ibrokemytoenail clippers

    I can confirm since i have a computer science class and going underneath huge desks is actually fun. Makes you feel like a kid again.

  • Jolie Louwers
    Jolie Louwers Day ago

    You Dom Thats Kokonas Mom And Dad!

  • ღ Inky Møøn ღ
    ღ Inky Møøn ღ 2 days ago

    Hey Jay! I got a question...If you make everyone in titan mode will Info Chan, will you be able to see her??

  • Azazels Wrath
    Azazels Wrath 3 days ago

    R O A D D A R O L L A

  • DarkMetaRailgun 117
    DarkMetaRailgun 117 3 days ago

    Remember we are in the second generation of the saikou legacy. Mr Saikou isn't the guy we can see from behind, the guy we see with the wine is the son that had to take over the saikou corp after his sister left Mr Saikou , Mr Saikou is the old guy in the wheel chair. Megami and the other kid her brother are the next generation. They are Mr Saikou's grand kids. There isn't any third sibling. How I know this is because the code name for the images in the yandere simulator character page says this for the next characters . Old man in the wheel chair is called "founder" in the code. The guy we see from behind is called "CEO" the girl with the hat and suit case is called "Aunt". What this means is that the old guy is the founder of Saikou Corp. The next guy with the wine is the son who took over aka the CEO of Saikou Corp. And then the girl is called Aunt because she is Megami's aunt. There are two generations of the Saikou's . There isn't a third sibling or at least that has been "revealed" Megami isn't the founder's daughter but the CEO'S daughter. That's why they are young.

  • Rionafaye Cruz
    Rionafaye Cruz 3 days ago

    Kokona: H-how much did you say?
    Jay: chaching!!🤑🤑

    Oh my gosh, i cant stop laughing...why is this even happening to me!!??

  • Stephanie Ramirez
    Stephanie Ramirez 3 days ago

    I got a Question
    can you kidnapp the gym teacher and her body will change or no???

  • Glaiza Joy
    Glaiza Joy 4 days ago

    Im on a breakfast rn. Im eating Mai Waiffles.

  • Diamond Generator
    Diamond Generator 4 days ago

    I have a question!
    1. Kill someone.
    2. Show'n'tell a teacher or delinquent.
    3. Glitch inside Info-Chan's room.
    4. Can the delinquent/teacher get you inside the room or will they wait?
    You are THAT DUDE!

  • trash 。
    trash 。 5 days ago

    Damn a 1M views!!😱

  • Jayson Moua
    Jayson Moua 5 days ago

    Remeber when the game only had the school and it was the old style school without all the clubs.

  • SledDog188
    SledDog188 5 days ago

    Couldn’t that guy be her dad though!?

    ...Why y’all so dirty.

  • javonni gamein
    javonni gamein 5 days ago


  • Lita Pajalla
    Lita Pajalla 5 days ago

    *she's so goddamn eViL.*

  • Hallie
    Hallie 5 days ago

    Unrelated, but I would leave senpai rn for Mr. Saikou's son.
    WOw im a THOT. 😤

  • Lilliana Herbert
    Lilliana Herbert 6 days ago

    I think I have one
    1. Kill someone
    2. Show senpi
    3. Clean clothes
    4. Dump blood on someone
    5. End day
    Will you get arrested?

  • Lilliana Herbert
    Lilliana Herbert 6 days ago

    Do u play Fortnite

  • jisoo plays
    jisoo plays 6 days ago

    The lines aren't new there ols

  • Typical Edgelord체리 폭탄

    Michael Jackson be like: 5:49

  • Hazel _of death
    Hazel _of death 6 days ago

    Boobs Mackenzie:

  • wolf lover
    wolf lover 6 days ago

    you could expel her where would she be then?

  • LucA Gacha
    LucA Gacha 6 days ago

    hey Jay you are BEST!

  • Bobby Fetherolf
    Bobby Fetherolf 6 days ago

    Isn't that guy the counselor of the school?

  • I Don’t Know What to say?

    Wait Ronshaku Loan Shark I Get it!

  • Eliza Hamilton
    Eliza Hamilton 6 days ago

    ‘ Yan-Chan, put those hands away, no! Bad! ‘

  • Emily lps sadler
    Emily lps sadler 6 days ago

    Can u play more yandere sim plz

  • babi gogo
    babi gogo 6 days ago

    Why tf does the guy that kokona hangs with look like the headmaster..??!?!?😭😭😭😭

  • Itz Caleigh Teng
    Itz Caleigh Teng 6 days ago

    Hey Jay, if you joined literally any club and kill any member but not the leader will they still disband?

  • Omelette Squirrel
    Omelette Squirrel 6 days ago

    Can you send a photo of info chan to info chan?

  • Itzknight 754321
    Itzknight 754321 6 days ago


  • Jennifer Marks
    Jennifer Marks 6 days ago

    There is an rival that look s the same

  • Jennifer Marks
    Jennifer Marks 6 days ago

    Not older sister I’m thinking mom

  • Diamondolphin112 lol

    Mabye its her father that explains the smile

  • Reezona Fleeza
    Reezona Fleeza 7 days ago

    that's not kokona
    that's the rival from one of the weeks, right?

  • Lively_Playz
    Lively_Playz 7 days ago

    “I keep forgetting which ones Megumi” -Jay 2019

  • Mohamed Thoriq
    Mohamed Thoriq 7 days ago

    kencho saiko

  • I_swallowcman
    I_swallowcman 7 days ago

    When the town isn't fully updated so everything is always the same

  • Errol Cabaltera
    Errol Cabaltera 8 days ago

    Kokona: Ways to earn money fast are...gross
    Me: Get a job, Work at six flags, Amazon, FEDEX, Thats litterally a good way to make money, or sell things on Ebay or a yard sale

  • Gacha DinoZX
    Gacha DinoZX 8 days ago

    Jay, did you know that when you go in that Witch mode and do the "Time, stop!" thingy thing and press "F" you can make knives appear and when you shout "Time, go!" again the knives will shoot.

  • Jaxxon Odom
    Jaxxon Odom 8 days ago


  • Amari Wellmaker
    Amari Wellmaker 8 days ago

    It's her boyfriend

  • FNAFKit
    FNAFKit 8 days ago

    Been here since 2015

  • namikaze chan231
    namikaze chan231 8 days ago

    look the teacher 16:19 XD

  • LeThanos
    LeThanos 8 days ago

    Why wasn't the time drop DIO' instead

  • rose allen
    rose allen 9 days ago

    the lines have been in game for months

  • Lovin_ Anime
    Lovin_ Anime 9 days ago +1

    Jay: He he?
    Me: *Hee hee*

  • Burger Joy
    Burger Joy 9 days ago

    Why do even kokona come to town

  • June moone
    June moone 10 days ago

    I have a myth go into the time easter egg you used in the video then use the robot to get into info chans room time stop and then put up the knives then time start does info chan die?

  • okay
    okay 10 days ago

    *ma goo mi*

  • iiJx_ke Mapping
    iiJx_ke Mapping 10 days ago

    i font think that person is kokona

  • Todoroki izbestboi
    Todoroki izbestboi 10 days ago

    The "kokona" in the town isnt kokona. If you noticed Kokona had a flower on her left(or right, games are confusing that way) and way curlier pigtails. The one in the town had no flower and had way less curls

  • XxS.A.M. xX
    XxS.A.M. xX 10 days ago

    How tf do you download this game?

  • Stoopid.PenelopeUvU
    Stoopid.PenelopeUvU 10 days ago +2

    I have one!
    1.kill everyone( even the teachers)
    2. Kill senpai with an Easter egg(like bad time mode)
    3.go to a different day
    4.will there be any new teacher or students -w-🍪🍪

  • Moose Design
    Moose Design 10 days ago

    So no one was going to mention the blood fountain

  • Karaoke Gurl
    Karaoke Gurl 11 days ago

    The lines have been in the game since you were able to do tasks! You just never did the stuff for it.

  • insert a clever username

    plot twist : that guy who kokona put her head on was the guy she had a phone call with. and *the guy* is the headmaster who forces her to do this

  • Sylvia The dragon lord

    It’s a glitch and hasn’t been fixed yet

  • Kurai Ōkami
    Kurai Ōkami 12 days ago +1


  • Alex Kun
    Alex Kun 12 days ago

    Jay, it is an automatic scene. It is programmed to have that either way