TITANIC Dead people in the ocean

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron. A fictionalized account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated maiden voyage.
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  • Alexander Usman
    Alexander Usman 22 minutes ago

    Poor jack it’s pretty much roses fault jack is dead

  • Decepticon 1986
    Decepticon 1986 Day ago

    Officer Lowe I salute you

  • Alex W
    Alex W 2 days ago +1

    Anyone else absolutely fascinated by the story of this ship? There have obviously been numerous other shipwrecks throughout history that had a higher death toll or death % than Titanic, most of which are often forgotten. For some reason, this disaster in particular stands out amongst all the others.

  • ʝεѵเl ƭɦε ૮ɦασƭเ૮ ʝεรƭε૨

    When You Play A Dead Roblox Game

  • Its just me
    Its just me 3 days ago

    1:06 i cried so hard

  • Kaylee Noble
    Kaylee Noble 4 days ago

    The baby

  • Gacha Benson
    Gacha Benson 4 days ago +1

    I seen the titanic movie

  • Darell Sampson
    Darell Sampson 4 days ago

    The thing is jack could have lived long enough by being warmer and this is why.
    She could have gave jack warmth like hugged him or something. Like they would have been comfortable enough right?

  • Sarah Buske
    Sarah Buske 4 days ago

    this guy is the best

  • Jake Stapleton
    Jake Stapleton 5 days ago

    Fifth officer Harold Lowe was respectful. He is the only one that went back for survivors. He says: is there anyone alive out there. Can anyone hear me. Come about!

  • 太鼓の貴公子の古参


  • Mika Paasonen
    Mika Paasonen 7 days ago


  • euphoric
    euphoric 9 days ago +1

    0:13 chills, so many chills

  • Jepoy Papermintz
    Jepoy Papermintz 9 days ago

    I'm also cry for tha baby

  • L B
    L B 13 days ago

    What an enigma the ocean is - - we die in it, yet there would be no life on earth without water.

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 15 days ago


  • Seppo ja Ismo show
    Seppo ja Ismo show 17 days ago +1

    We waited too long no fuck this if they have went earlier there was panic and chaos and all of the ppl would have stormed the boat and most likely capsized the boat and adding possible 5man to the list of perished

  • The Mark Hamill Joker Impressionist

    Who's the dead frozen woman with her eyes open who is pulled up and then put back aside ?

  • _ Sergio_
    _ Sergio_ 17 days ago +1

    Confronting fear is the destiny of a jedi

  • szZHERYNEsz
    szZHERYNEsz 18 days ago

    No one go back to that ocean because the temperature of that ocean is super cold and that is super deep then no one come back to that ocean.
    All people in that ocean is dead

  • Cyril Rousselle
    Cyril Rousselle 18 days ago

    All these people... Frozen solid... What a heartbreaking scene... Horrible deaths indeed...

  • Parth Lohia
    Parth Lohia 18 days ago

    1:07 😭😭😭😭😭

  • kkeyky
    kkeyky 19 days ago

    tbh that door is so big and jack could fit it

  • Ana Diaz
    Ana Diaz 19 days ago

    I watched this movie it made me cry and Jack he got frozen 🙏🙏🙏

  • FNAF Vídeos
    FNAF Vídeos 21 day ago

    It's strange, because us can see is something like "clay models" the bodys!!!

  • Berra Nur DİNÇ
    Berra Nur DİNÇ 24 days ago

    Bebek çok tatalı

  • DerpXdervee Rbx
    DerpXdervee Rbx 25 days ago

    its atlantic ocean because the ocean is green

  • Oasis4life 01
    Oasis4life 01 26 days ago

    Horrible scene but necessary

  • Smart Gaming
    Smart Gaming 27 days ago

    Poor baby he or she would have live his or her life it would a great life cus I love my life so much😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔☠☠☠☠☠☠👻👻👻👻👻👻😱😱😱😱

  • Smart Gaming
    Smart Gaming 27 days ago

    Why were all the people white when they were dead?🤔

  • lily._ .thetinybutanna

    .... those people sank, meaning that if you went down there while they were sinking. You would have 1000 dead bodies just hovering above you

  • supreme.dreams55☁️

    that’s mister fantastic!

  • mirna maric
    mirna maric 28 days ago

    Baby is dead bicose of u stupid monsters

  • maltratar
    maltratar 28 days ago

    This is very dark. 😮😮😮

  • megha trehan
    megha trehan 28 days ago

    Inocent baby

  • Feroze Rahaman
    Feroze Rahaman 28 days ago

    The baby is dead why!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😨😨

  • boneless pizza
    boneless pizza 29 days ago +1

    Don’t sleep on the sailors they wear the real heroes. Heard they refuse to board the Carpathia until they have found survivors in the mass of dead bodies.

  • gachagirl 14
    gachagirl 14 Month ago

    So many dead bodies o.o

  • lacouerfairy
    lacouerfairy Month ago


  • Your Mommy
    Your Mommy Month ago +1

    𝕀𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖?!
    "𝗗𝗲𝗮𝗱" 𝗯𝗼𝗱𝘆: 𝗡𝗢!

  • Cece's Vlogs
    Cece's Vlogs Month ago

    And this is why I'm scared of the deep and dark ocean😊

    • じょに
      じょに 24 days ago

      Cece's Vlogs idk if im scared of the ocean or whatever but i hate to even swim in it bc once my brother almost drowned

  • BlaiddDrwg2009
    BlaiddDrwg2009 Month ago +2

    The fact that some people think Titanic is entirely fictional and just a movie concerns me ...

  • SP Hansel
    SP Hansel Month ago

    I bet their dong was frozen solid erect

  • Retrogame Guide
    Retrogame Guide Month ago +2

    I saw that scene when I was 11 years old 1997 in cinema. I will never forget the impact that Film had on me. Titanic Victims RIP✝️

  • domciuniuszek
    domciuniuszek Month ago

    I think that the rescue guy is the same guy from San Andreas, the one who played the 'evil' future stepfather of The Rock's daughter. Am I right?

  • If you don't like it I don't care

    The actor from Forever

  • 123 the boy
    123 the boy Month ago

    I'm I the only one who thinks: well fuck jack I only care for the 1500 others around him

  • Baty Cousins
    Baty Cousins Month ago

    Sad even though there not real people

  • Jennie Kim
    Jennie Kim Month ago +6

    Him: Is anyone alive out there...

    Random person in the water: NO

  • Emmanuel Simon
    Emmanuel Simon Month ago

    1:07 RIP

  • LavenousForever
    LavenousForever Month ago

    My mom was pregnant with my brother when she saw this movie in theaters... the mom holding the baby shook her to her core and she sobbed

  • Gabi Escobar
    Gabi Escobar Month ago

    Aww the baby

  • Silver Chip
    Silver Chip Month ago

    It would have been better if the dead people turned into zombies and started to attack.......

    Comment if you agree

  • Angela El- Helo
    Angela El- Helo Month ago

    The baby the mom still cradled her or he so sad even if it was real even it probably happened on the real titanic

  • adfasano
    adfasano Month ago

    This is where Jack Frost was born

  • Oliver Dragojević Official Music Channel

    I can't belive this beautiful ship is sank❤💔💔💔

  • Bronwyn Zapirain
    Bronwyn Zapirain Month ago

    1:08 the most disturbing thing is seeing the dead baby.

  • Turtle Terrific
    Turtle Terrific Month ago

    The baby is right so sad!

  • Wei4Green
    Wei4Green Month ago

    Are these bodies acted by real people or models?

  • justin mcnab
    justin mcnab Month ago

    I want to be this guys friend...He cares so much for them " Don't hit them with your paddle" Keep checking keep looking" we waited to long :'( " This guy should have been the captain and leader of the ship