Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • "Night School" stars Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Did Kevin Hart go to Temple University? Is Tiffany Haddish's hair real? Why is Kevin Hart everywhere??
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    Kevin Hart & Tiffany Haddish Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • Araba Odoi
    Araba Odoi 5 hours ago

    Want me to take my hair out?

  • jody3870 jody3870
    jody3870 jody3870 4 days ago

    Omg I love u two

  • Amira Ramahi
    Amira Ramahi 4 days ago

    𝚆𝚑𝚘 else love kevin’s shirt

  • Melanin Toffee
    Melanin Toffee 4 days ago

    " Ghanianan"
    man said
    Last time i checked i wasnt guy nian loll

  • Jay Tv
    Jay Tv 5 days ago

    Imma dip my glass in some 1,000 dollar dressing.......cause I got depression 😪💔😂

  • Dzidzor Asamoah
    Dzidzor Asamoah 5 days ago

    Wow! They both really dont know Ghana? Ghanaian?? Too bad. Heartbroken

  • anantha kashyap
    anantha kashyap 6 days ago

    Wtf why does she laugh like that? That's so scary XD

  • hangaw-m.raffiq hangaw-m.raffiq

    We need Tiffany Hadish and the rock in a movie

  • asia simone
    asia simone 7 days ago +2

    They asked Gabrielle Union if she was related to Oprah too🙄

  • Mihret Tewelde
    Mihret Tewelde 8 days ago

    ❤️🇪🇷❤️🇪🇷🙏🏼🙏🏼my beautiful sister

  • Joanne Thorpe
    Joanne Thorpe 9 days ago +2

    Legend says Kevin is still lookin for the rose

  • Keyara Springer
    Keyara Springer 10 days ago +3

    6:55 Tiffiany: Do u want to take my hair off
    Kevin: Noooooo

  • Marcy Artzy
    Marcy Artzy 10 days ago +4

    Kevin Hart: I have been dead two times on the internet
    Tiffany: that's how you know you made it

  • Lova 3201
    Lova 3201 10 days ago

    When I was 11 I went one Kevin hearts shows and he liked at me like your parents brought you here and they kept talking about you know

  • Queen Breana
    Queen Breana 11 days ago

    4:42 I died when he start rubbing his eyes

  • Alishba Faisal
    Alishba Faisal 11 days ago +5

    My two favourite comedians in a TheXvid video😍😍. Dream come true

  • Arienna A
    Arienna A 12 days ago

    Did she come on wild N Out

  • Kenza Aust
    Kenza Aust 12 days ago +1

    Wasn't he suppose to read her questions and vise versa 😕😕😕 but no they decided to read em upside down

  • Athena 26
    Athena 26 12 days ago +1


  • K mania
    K mania 12 days ago +2

    Bruh the lizard really trying to come out of Kevin in this interview kskskdkkfjfn

  • S M
    S M 12 days ago +1

    I speak Amaharic, but it’s Ethiopian Amaharic so it might be different.
    Yakalele isn’t a word, thank you in Amaharic is amasegenalo.

    • Ashu Haile
      Ashu Haile 10 days ago

      She said "yekeneley" Tigrinya word means Thankyou. in Amharic, you are right it's "Amesegnalew"

  • jhonny bravo
    jhonny bravo 13 days ago


  • Pink Transformer
    Pink Transformer 13 days ago

    HER LAUGHTER hahaah " YHyyyhyYHYHYYYyhyhyyHY!!"

  • Emy Dan
    Emy Dan 13 days ago

    That thank you was funny. Elelelel

  • Phaze _TM
    Phaze _TM 13 days ago

    Tiffany r u a f***ing horse

  • Engy Oreo
    Engy Oreo 13 days ago +1

    4:35 the cutest laugh ever I'm in love with her ❤❤ I thought my laugh was weird untill I listened to her laugh ❤😹😹😹

  • Patrick Newson
    Patrick Newson 15 days ago +13

    Only times that I ever knew Kevin died was blowing up after eating cake on Jumanji...Tiffany, love your overall vibe...

  • Puneet Kaur
    Puneet Kaur 17 days ago +2

    0:23 😂😂 nahhhhh Kevin so savage

  • Chardanea Berry
    Chardanea Berry 17 days ago

    6:05 Justin Beiber?

  • Maurice Cooper
    Maurice Cooper 18 days ago

    C’mon y’all the word is “Ghanian” citizen of Ghana... typical American smh

  • To'asefulu Laulu
    To'asefulu Laulu 19 days ago +1

    Is Kevin Hart high?

  • jar the star
    jar the star 20 days ago

    Shot his leg🤣😂

  • Nikita Miller
    Nikita Miller 20 days ago


  • Ronnie Natasha Renee
    Ronnie Natasha Renee 21 day ago +2

    They chopped the word Ghanian up! Pronounced Ga-nuh-nee-in not Guy-an-nee-in. Smh

  • Jonelle Christopher
    Jonelle Christopher 21 day ago

    Why she still broke like is she bad with money???????

  • YouGlowing
    YouGlowing 22 days ago

    unpopular opinion: they’re not funny

  • kakadots
    kakadots 23 days ago

    3:50 😂😂😂

  • Treasure moore
    Treasure moore 24 days ago

    Why he roll his eyes for ???

  • Alexia Pacheco
    Alexia Pacheco 24 days ago

    no one:
    Kevin Hart:
    Well.. It’s funny you should ask *smirks to the camera*

  • Mo Money Mo Problems
    Mo Money Mo Problems 28 days ago

    Hahahahahaha Tiffany the funniest

  • Simply. Amazing
    Simply. Amazing Month ago

    Why somebody asked "what does Tiffany Haddish look like?" she said I look like this, want me to take my hair off? " Kevin "uhhh noo" 😂

  • Lisa McGrath
    Lisa McGrath Month ago

    My question has to be was it fun being in the same movie

  • Lps Girly122
    Lps Girly122 Month ago

    They think his comedy is PG because they think hes a kid himself

  • Brody Parsons
    Brody Parsons Month ago

    6:28 😂😂😂

  • Becky A
    Becky A Month ago +11

    Are you related to Oprah? ‘" in my mind I am’’ 😂😂😂

  • Funny Bunny
    Funny Bunny Month ago

    They would be a cute couple

  • niki014
    niki014 Month ago

    who is Tiffany Haddish 0.o

  • Ms.Baddazz Kidd
    Ms.Baddazz Kidd Month ago +7

    "Pineapples" is my safe word for everything.😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂

  • Jaleel Lewis
    Jaleel Lewis Month ago

    My mom name is Tiffany

  • Christina Morrison
    Christina Morrison Month ago +1


  • Rassim Hassaine
    Rassim Hassaine Month ago +1

    Everyone is like "her laugh is so cute" i the only one who think it terrible?

  • Zipporah Karongo
    Zipporah Karongo Month ago +1

    That's how he snaps his fingers?What?

  • UNbowed62
    UNbowed62 Month ago

    Much love for both of you

  • Potato World
    Potato World Month ago

    Is Kevin heart dead wtf what

  • Potato World
    Potato World Month ago

    Make eye contact with this kids and I’m like I don’t know why they brought you

  • K Only
    K Only Month ago +1

    Ghanaian (Ghana). A country in Africa

  • A M
    A M 2 months ago

    Is Eritrean in east Africa, she looks more like Ethiopian

  • Bukola's Bits
    Bukola's Bits 2 months ago

    So no one behind the camera could tell them that Ghanaian means a citizen of Ghana, a country in Africa? Loool

  • Ever Love
    Ever Love 2 months ago

    Tiffani is beautiful eritrean girl

  • Rãâššttāä Kîñg
    Rãâššttāä Kîñg 2 months ago +1

    yekeneley🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🤣 u guys look perfect both of u

  • A Jetster
    A Jetster 2 months ago +1


  • Jim the Squirrel
    Jim the Squirrel 2 months ago

    Exposed he said Lincoln financial center it is field

  • Erik Sivec
    Erik Sivec 2 months ago

    her laugh lol

  • Helen Seltene
    Helen Seltene 2 months ago

    The way she said "thank you" in tigrinya was like she read it off the internet, lol she had no accent. But I'm so happy to see Habeshas make it out here.

  • Life w Mercy
    Life w Mercy 2 months ago

    Never did they say Is Kevin Ghanaian lmao I’m over here Nigerian dying

  • Baddy Kay
    Baddy Kay 2 months ago +2

    These two are like the bread and butter of black comedy😂

  • Trax
    Trax 2 months ago +5

    So much respect for Tiffany!! She is a survivor.

  • talia vibes
    talia vibes 2 months ago

    “my weighted blanket” i lost it wjsjsjsjsjksjsjsnsnsjsjsj

    NEWYORK BOSS 2 months ago

    They make a good team 😂

    NEWYORK BOSS 2 months ago

    I didnt realize she was in that video i gotta look agsin

  • Salaado Mohamed
    Salaado Mohamed 2 months ago +7

    "I wish I was worth 2million" the way she said it man😪😭😢why does it make me like her more 😢 her expression

  • Outlawz Coop. Ace
    Outlawz Coop. Ace 2 months ago

    She is boring af

  • Sandy Norfleet
    Sandy Norfleet 2 months ago


  • Jamison Kelley
    Jamison Kelley 2 months ago

    I live in PA

  • Slappy Starfish
    Slappy Starfish 2 months ago

    How tall is Kevin hart

  • Jacob Thomas Musiq
    Jacob Thomas Musiq 2 months ago

    I love tiffany 😍😩

  • ᗩ'ᗰᗩᖇI !!! ᗩᗪᗩᗰᔕ

    omgggg theyyyy sooooo funnnyyy 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson 2 months ago

    Do blackbear please

  • Lacey Yeboah
    Lacey Yeboah 2 months ago

    Ghanaian is pronounced Ghan-Ian

  • Eddie Jelev
    Eddie Jelev 2 months ago +64

    Tiffany has that kind of laugh that is funnier than her jokes

  • Jordon Wu
    Jordon Wu 2 months ago +5

    When people ask me if I'm taken 1:03

    Kevin Hart said...his safe word is pineapple? That is... Interesting

  • Terry Zidor Jr
    Terry Zidor Jr 2 months ago +5

    After she said some Spanish stuff Kevin said she loke tacos on Tuesdays

  • Andrea carpenter
    Andrea carpenter 3 months ago

    I’m Surprised that not one of them questions ask “How tall is Kevin Hart “ 💀😂😂🤦‍♀️💀 smh

  • Calondra Arline
    Calondra Arline 3 months ago

    They should date

  • Jacob Scibor (405JacScib)

    did Kevin Heart try and get on to the stage at the 2018 super bowl

  • Ty Schizz
    Ty Schizz 3 months ago +1

    Wtf is she wearing 😭😭

  • pablo Hill
    pablo Hill 3 months ago

    Tiffany haddish looks like Queen Latifah's daughter

  • Alyson Blair
    Alyson Blair 3 months ago +10

    I thought she was going to be mean. She’s actually a sweetheart

  • Mary Omole
    Mary Omole 3 months ago

    How many languages does this woman speak

  • Rebecca A.
    Rebecca A. 3 months ago

    Oh my godddd i laughed so hard at the last oneeee. and the cocain one

  • Aasif Haque
    Aasif Haque 3 months ago

    She is so cute!

  • Pat Siphathisiwe
    Pat Siphathisiwe 3 months ago +128

    The word is 'Ghanian' meaning a citizen of Ghana, a country in West Africa.
    Not Ghahinan.

    • Peris M
      Peris M 9 days ago +3

      I'm Kenyan and was disappointed as well and like, have they never heard of a country called "Ghana"? jeez...

    • Kwasi Baidoe
      Kwasi Baidoe 13 days ago +5

      @yallipop thanks man... I am Ghanaian tho, sorta felt a little disappointed at that part tbh... But I can't blame em

    • yallipop
      yallipop 16 days ago +5

      Pat Siphathisiwe wrong it’s spelled Ghanaian not Ghanian.....I’m Ghanaian

  • PgT_bloody1k Squad
    PgT_bloody1k Squad 3 months ago

    Tell me why 0:02 Kevin wicked at the camera

  • EXx
    EXx 3 months ago

    Kevin you are my BFF. Black fabulous and forty

  • Dezman Gaar
    Dezman Gaar 3 months ago

    Is Kevin Hart still alive that killed me 6:26 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M 3 months ago +1

    I’m guyanese but that was Ghana, Ghanaian 😂LOL

  • Lydia Schmidt
    Lydia Schmidt 3 months ago

    I thought it said Tyler Posey I almost died

  • Ross Lopez Purple
    Ross Lopez Purple 3 months ago


  • -
    - 3 months ago +9

    4:32 her laugh lmao