3950X King, Nvidia Hopper, Could PS5 Cartridges work? [Broken Silicon 22]

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • The 3950X's out, & we would like to talk about it. Also we entertain what it'd take for proprietary storage to make sense on the PS5.
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    1) 0:20 Intro Banter
    2) 3:04 Corrections and Omissions
    3) 8:50 3950X Reviews
    4) 15:45 NUVIA CPU Start-up
    5) 20:30 Fake RAM with RGB?!
    6) 23:30 Navi 23 and Next Gen Nvidia Rumors
    7) 37:30 Neon Noir Benchmark
    8) 43:00 Threadripper Long Term Support
    9) 50:40 Ryzen 4000 APU
    10) 55:19 What would it take for Cartridges to make sense in PS5?
    11) 1:05:30 Age of Empires 4!!!
    12) 1:12:08 Reader Mail - Star Citizen, Portable Monitors
    13) 1:25:30 Will PC Hardware Prices drop in 2020?
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  • nerd king
    nerd king 16 days ago +40

    1) 0:20 Intro Banter
    2) 3:04 Corrections and Omissions
    3) 8:50 3950X Reviews
    4) 15:45 NUVIA CPU Start-up
    5) 20:30 Fake RAM with RGB?!
    6) 23:30 Navi 23 and Next Gen Nvidia Rumors
    7) 37:30 Neon Noir Benchmark
    8) 43:00 Threadripper Long Term Support
    9) 50:40 Ryzen 4000 APU
    10) 55:19 What would it take for Cartridges to make sense in PS5?
    11) 1:05:30 Age of Empires 4!!!
    12) 1:12:08 Reader Mail - Star Citizen, Portable Monitors
    13) 1:25:30 Will PC Hardware Prices drop in 2020?

    • Integer0verload
      Integer0verload 12 days ago +1

      I'm in Automotive also, Toledo area, interiors specializing in airbag scoring, tier 3 supplier. JIT and all that IT & database stuff. Know the draw to Auto for the technology and 5 year equipment cycles. Stressfully the worst love I've ever loved to hated.

    • SkilledRebuilds
      SkilledRebuilds 15 days ago

      God bless you SIR!

    • Stephen Spacek
      Stephen Spacek 15 days ago

      Thanks for the time stamps!

    • GoaLitiuM
      GoaLitiuM 16 days ago +6

      All the timestamps are wrong after Neon Noir Benchmark

    • Boltcranck
      Boltcranck 16 days ago

      ty amigo :D

  • David C
    David C 4 days ago

    Holy shit I did not realize Age of Empires 4 is coming! I did not have time to finish watching the video. I played HUNDREDS of hours of Age of Empires III. I learned how to fuck people up with the Japanese. I have also played hundreds of hours on Black ops II and III

  • Serial Thrilla
    Serial Thrilla 13 days ago

    YOU DEAD!!!

  • falmatrix2r
    falmatrix2r 13 days ago

    I'm part of the 10%

  • Silicon Supremacy
    Silicon Supremacy 13 days ago

    1:01:50 It maybe this one type of storage Toshiba is making where it’s like SD Cards with the speed of NVMe but they’re not hot swappable,this could be the thing Sony is promising.

  • Bobis32 Commentary
    Bobis32 Commentary 14 days ago

    comeon dan, I have to have all of my ram slots full because of my ocd so i dont care if their dummy sticks if i can fill up my empty ram slots

  • Samuel Gabe
    Samuel Gabe 14 days ago

    Developers should just use render-to-texture reflections on mirrors. Doom 3 did it over a decade ago. It may be performance intensive, but is it as demanding as ray-tracing? I don't think so. Even if it is, you can get around this by adjusting the polygon values of the reflected objects like Crytek does in the Neon Noir demo.

  • Marcus Wiederhold
    Marcus Wiederhold 14 days ago +2

    Hey Tom, hey Dan,
    to Neon Noir ray tracing benchmark: I noticed that the ray tracing rendering works inside the CryEngine using DirectX 11 - right not Vulkan, not DX12 they use DX11! And if I remember right Nvidia cards performed much better under DX11 then Radeon GCN cards. I checked that with MSI afterburner which prints the used API in the OSD.
    But I'm quiet happy with the performance of my Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse (watercooled): in Very high rendering, undervolted GPU at 2560x1080 res. with 155W max power draw, I got 5640 points, most the time around 60 FPS and it looked pretty nice.
    I hope CryTek migrations there render technique to Vulkan and the whole engine too. How ever CryTek did a funny PR stunt with the public release of Neon Noir ;-)

    • HickoryDickory86
      HickoryDickory86 13 days ago

      The ray tracing in CryEngine V is designed to be both hardware _and_ API agnostic. In other words, it will work on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs and can be used with DirectX11, DirectX12, and Vulkan (and probably also PlayStation's proprietary API).

  • Facelord
    Facelord 15 days ago

    The 16GB PS3 was kickass. Ignore the internal storage, pop in a 2TB Seagate Firecuda and you're good to go. It's the smallest model, and the disc tray motor can't go out since you just manually pop it open. It's the only PS3 model I have much experience with, and it's my second-most-played PlayStation hardware after the Vita.
    Kill me, why couldn't the Vita be a hit? ;~;

    • Gerogy Zurkov
      Gerogy Zurkov 14 days ago

      Vita wasn't a hit cause Sony service was lousy and they didn't support it enough to be good enough. Not enough games for it and the current variety they had bought just wasn't enough to get sales.

  • Lick Kitty Split
    Lick Kitty Split 15 days ago

    YO Tom, which sound card do you have in your computer? I picked up the EVGA one for $125 the other day for early black friday shopping!!

  • Ross Clutterbuck
    Ross Clutterbuck 15 days ago

    Dude, the fake RAM sticks are for modders and show systems. PC builds can be done purely as an art form y'know. And there's more to RGB than rainbow puke demo mode.

  • Nikola Georgiev
    Nikola Georgiev 15 days ago

    Please talk about Nanotubes and AMD confirming incremental upgrade on Zen 3

    • Ross Clutterbuck
      Ross Clutterbuck 15 days ago

      why would AMD confirm something that isn't true? Zen 3 is a big jump.

  • ssx
    ssx 15 days ago +1

    Star citizen is a scam.

  • William C
    William C 15 days ago

    I think the only sensible option in the $500+ AM4 lineup is the 3900X. The 3950X seems like the redheaded step-child of the family. It's too limited for content creators to step down from its aging older brother Threadripper, and overpriced for gamers to step up from little brother 3900X. It lacks quad channel DDR4 support and is limited by 24 PCIE lanes, albeit Gen 4. I just don't see AMD properly incentivizing consumers to choose a 3950X right now. Also, it's a point of fact that the 9900K demonstrates a significant 15%-20% frame rate advantage in many games and lightly-threaded workloads compared to the 3950X, so the performance delta is worth mentioning. Is that singular advantage alone a justification to choose the 9900K? Not for most unless you are highly competitive, however, you might as well go for the 3900X if you are going to make a compelling argument for AMD because it's close enough to the 9900K and the 3950X in any workload and you will save $250. The 3950X just doesn't make enough sense at its current price point. If the 3900X came down to $400 and the 3950X to $500-$550 AMD would steal the show blindfolded and Shintel couldn't say a word.

  • BC
    BC 15 days ago

    The dummy RGB ram sticks isn't something new. But hey, fake it until you make it if you can't afford 4 rgb ram sticks!

  • Jonathan Baxter
    Jonathan Baxter 15 days ago

    There haven't been more CPU startups because so many have tried and failed (transmeta anyone?). That may have changed with AMD and Apple in particular showing that you can successfully compete without a fab.

  • SkilledRebuilds
    SkilledRebuilds 15 days ago

    I instantly remembered the UE3 Good Samaritan Techdemo when seeing Neon Noir.

  • Gary Anderson II
    Gary Anderson II 15 days ago

    The RGB RAM by Gigabyte is old news, or did I miss something?

    LOVE your channel!

    • Ross Clutterbuck
      Ross Clutterbuck 15 days ago

      Gigabyte are doing a 2nd generation. That's the "new" news

  • Stephen Spacek
    Stephen Spacek 15 days ago

    A little off topic here, but I think what you said Tom (a while ago), about graphene possibly allowing smaller node shrinks could be valid. Since going smaller increases the resistance of the copper traces and graphene is a better conductor. It could be very well lower this resistance and allow smaller nodes to be produced. So it's not just about clock speed increases with graphene.

  • agent2
    agent2 15 days ago

    I'm happy I guessed right that you're considering the ROG Crosshair VIII Impact for your 3950X build! I knew brilliant minds think alike! 😉 Are you also going to make a build log of the rig on the channel? That would be awesome! Happy Birthday chap!

  • Micah van Everdingen
    Micah van Everdingen 15 days ago

    Okey just to set the section on Star Citizen right:
    You got more content in the game than what Tom and Dan think there is.
    You can go in the hanger, you can fly around a solar system, you can land in Planets and you can do mining, you can hunt bounty(player and npc) you can do other missions or make missions yourself.
    There are 2 other multi-player modes, one for space combat(ship VS ship) and another one which is ground combat.
    I know the game isn't finished, but the idea behind the development is, and it is clear that Tom and Dan are talking about something they haven't at all followed.
    The idea is that the game is a next generation game which is in development and is playebly.
    Yes it is taking along time, but a but load of things they are doing in the game wasn't possible a few years back. They have feutures in the engine that no other game has.
    The physics engine in incredible and the amount of realism is amazing. The game isn't for everyone, but saying that these guys are stealing money and don't know how to make a good game, thats just an insult and doesn't give these guys enough credit!

    • Terii Nekoyama
      Terii Nekoyama 14 days ago

      Great! Where's the finished game, though...? XD

  • godofwhiskey
    godofwhiskey 15 days ago

    Have to disagree with your statement on kick starter. I wanted to play a shadow run rpg game made by the creator so I backed it. Same with Divinity 2, Wasteland 2 and battle tec. 80% of what I backed was completed to my satisfaction. I donated to these games hoping I would get to play dead genres and it worked out... Kick Starter revitalized the isometric rpg and metrovania style of games which is also ironically the reason i stopped using ks. If star citizen had succeeded it along with elite dangerous could have done the same with the space sim. After age of empires online launched if the creator of AOE 3 said he wanted to crowd fund a true sequel would you have? I donated to star citizen its first week but yeah I accept its probably vaporware.(have not followed game for years) I don't regret it as I feel it was worth a shot.

  • Ross Mclaughlin
    Ross Mclaughlin 15 days ago

    It probably a case amd is waiting for Nvidia to do multi GPU cos software support Nvidia will get it easier than amd so makes sense so many times amd have tried to get head of curve on GPU for it not to get used properly in real games for years this is basically the fine wine thing

  • Ross Mclaughlin
    Ross Mclaughlin 15 days ago

    I don't upgrade until I absolutely have to as long as what I have can play games I want I'm happy I'm still running a FX and a fury nano and not found a game I play that it can't run so not even considering upgrade yet but keep up just cos it's good to know

  • Stryker Ace
    Stryker Ace 15 days ago

    Maybe Sony is coming up with cartridges for servers? Would be so much easier to upgrade vast arrays of old cloud servers with low power cartridges that hold memory, cpu, and gpu. Would be game changer. full system upgrades with just using cartridges.

  • Powerman
    Powerman 15 days ago

    Incredibly unlikely, but what if Sony and Microsoft have early access to PCIe 5.0 NVMes for mass production? 4.0 was completed in 2017 and we got NVmes mid 2019, so with Sony and MS money, I think SSD makers could speed up the production process a bit.

    • Powerman
      Powerman 15 days ago

      @Moore's Law Is Dead I don't get why Sony would use a custom design for a mere doubling of performance when they could have waited another year for the exact same jump.

    • Moore's Law Is Dead
      Moore's Law Is Dead  15 days ago

      Forget NVMe 5 vs 4 - Sony is working with a custom design. Received some info finally...

    NANOHORIZON 15 days ago

    I actually think AMD chose to change all of their GPU plans for the next year and I think Hopper is generally the reason why. This was the direction AMD was going to head anyway in terms of multi gpu/chiplet based GPUs. I can easily see something like Hopper forcing AMD's hand.

  • Stryker Ace
    Stryker Ace 15 days ago

    Zen 3 is new architecture from Zen 1/2. Tik Tok is the strategy AMD is going for. Zen2+ will likely come out when Zen 3. This way AMD can control all the layers of their consumers to cover the users of older board and those that want to make the big leap.

  • Stryker Ace
    Stryker Ace 16 days ago

    I am guessing that after these latest rollouts, AMD has probably reallocated a ton of resources to bake out the chips for the Sony and Microsoft next gen consoles. I imagine after the announcements of each console there was some additional tweaking (especially from Microsoft) and design, development, and testing resources are locked down until summer 2020. 2020 is going to be a huge year for AMD.

  • c3r1c3
    c3r1c3 16 days ago

    As to Sony doing something fast, reliable and proprietary, just remember that Sony supported their own memory stick format for their professional cameras for YEARS (a much smaller market then a game console). Sony has the chops and proven ability to do it.

  • r s
    r s 16 days ago

    Nice podcast. Could you elaborate on how a 9gbs ssd could change rendering in gaming consoles?

  • Diffy
    Diffy 16 days ago

    Something that nobody is talking about:
    Even though the 3950X is 750$, a price that most people won't be able to afford, we must not forget that in a few years' time you could stick this beast in your B350 motherboard for under 250$.
    (Yeah you won't be able to overclock I assume, but I don't think anything can compete with it in terms of value and convenience)

    • Diffy
      Diffy 15 days ago

      @David C At that point you might as well let the processor adjust the frequency itself. Might get even more performance.

    • David C
      David C 15 days ago

      If you use a B450 tomahawk, then you can lightly overclock a 3900X or a 3950X

  • John Mijo
    John Mijo 16 days ago

    Tom, I could only find the 3800x available so I went with this along with the Auros Master motherboard and the Gigabyte 2TB Gen 4 SSD because I just wanted to have the ePeen ;)

  • David C
    David C 16 days ago

    I had to watch the silicon wafer until it caught on fire... Also, when I upgraded my PC, I went from a Lynnfield i7-870 and an HD-5770 to a R5 2600 and an RX580. That was a HUGE upgrade!

  • mod miiwii
    mod miiwii 16 days ago

    I still think there is a chance that the Sony cartridge is a RAID device. 2 pcie 4.0 NVME drives in a raid enclosure piped in over a PCIE 5.0 slot

  • Bryant Allen
    Bryant Allen 16 days ago

    Gigabytes higher end boards have ESS SABRE quad-dacs. The same ones LG uses in ther latest G and V Series phones. ASUS also uses ESS SABRE qdacs with the 1220codecs. I forgot about the AMP-UP (upgradeble logic). With 2Vrms. Those things can push $500 (600Ω) SENNHEISER's.
    SHENMUE III is 18+ years in the making and its finally being released.

  • Bryant Allen
    Bryant Allen 16 days ago

    The Aorus RGB RAM is quite old. Though, the 2 dimms with no logic are clearly made to fill empty slots. But, for the price of the new 3600MHz CL16 kit, you can get some real RAM. At least they use Samsung B-die. I actually got a kit of the 3200MHz CL14 Aorus RAM for the z370 Aorus Gaming 7 about 2years ago and that kit is stable at 4000MHz CL14. RGB does help sell Gaming PC's. I've sold 3 Gaming rigs using the z370 Aorus Gaming 7, which of course has the most RGB zones on a motherboard ever. With 5GHz 8700K's and some Aorus 2080's, these rigs look like Unicorn Puke. It looks alright if RGB is your thing. Going with the 8700K in a new Gaming PC isn't a problem for relatively fast 1440p gaming. I had people one after another, ask how much would a PC like that costs. I built 3 at $1600 each and made that back just from selling them. Personally, i could care less about the RGB. I bought the board because of the VRM components, plus it has 3 M.2's. Basically its one of 3 z370 boards that can truly run a 9900K without thermal throttling. The z370 GODLIKE and ASUS APEX X are the other 2 and there $500. To me RGB is just a bonus. If i would buy a $500 board, it would be eVGA's z390 DARK. Which is kind of funny being that i have one of the most colorful boards made. It looks good without the lights too. The z370 Aorus Gaming 7 and the x299 Aorus Gaming 7 Pro use the same high-end intersil based VRM for half the price. 70A infineon smart power stages are just now being used on $700 x570 boards. The ISL99227B's are 60A SPS's and cost $5.50 a chip. it sort of like HBM-HBM2. it does the same thing as the others VRM's. it just does it better efficiency and temps. Also HWinfo64 has awesome support for intersil based components. Who doesn't like a overwhelmingly large sensor chart with all the temps, voltages, watts and amps your mind can handle. Llike Corsairs i-series PSU's. they have total system and power management software ( LINK or iCUE) that displays all the power specs. if anyone wants to see a good video on nVIDIA's fall to glory, Coreteks has a new video up on how nVIDIA will soon meet there demise. in the gaming GPU market.

  • Sam McArthur
    Sam McArthur 16 days ago

    Is the new funding goal "flexible"? 😋

  • Desjardins Family
    Desjardins Family 16 days ago

    In regards to kickstarter games... U ever play divinity original sin 2? They got like 12 million if I'm not mistaken, but that game was freaking amazing

  • Aron Lee
    Aron Lee 16 days ago

    FYI the new raytracing benchmark is based on Unreal Engine 4 on dx11. Nvidia literally developed UE4 engine it's not strange that the benchmark is heavily biased favoring Nvidia hardware.

  • Paso79
    Paso79 16 days ago

    The stupid thing with fake ram just for the RGB is because of Apple/Iphone where stupid people wants shinny ting.
    I wanted to a help a friend (female) to buy a new pc and the moment she said....... Ayyyyy this red computer looks nice.... I was about to run out of the house.

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 16 days ago

    It's amazing to me Kickstarter is a thing when there's also this thing called a joint-stock corporation. They've been around for hundreds of years.

    • Jonathan Baxter
      Jonathan Baxter 15 days ago

      Blame the government. It's illegal in the US to offer securities to "non-accredited" investors.

  • myoriginalname
    myoriginalname 16 days ago

    I especifically paired my r5 3600 with a x570 mobo because I was planning on upgrading to 8 or more cores when ryzen 3 comes out and I thought x570 would support ryzen 4000. Shoulda gone for a b450 motherboard instead. Such a waste of money.
    PS: AoE 3 sucks monkey bawls. AoE 2 is where it's at 😋

  • CwhyFnottheBEST
    CwhyFnottheBEST 16 days ago

    Opossums are awesome they eat ticks and mites and don’t spread rabies. Happy Birthday opossum Tom.

  • Randall Draco
    Randall Draco 16 days ago

    Well, Dell and a bunch of similar were really happy taking intel bribes and selling inferior products to the clients. Monopol is very good for business, it gets competition out of the way, all get the same product, so you have to compete with margins and product placement. Simple conditions. Furthermore, if you are big, and you can buy at bulk, you will get better discounts than the competition. Dell, HP, etc don't give a fuck about competition.

  • Powerman
    Powerman 16 days ago

    Threadripper getting a new socket isn't that much of a bother considering the insane course count increase we've been having since ThreadRipper Launched.

  • KickinAcoustic
    KickinAcoustic 16 days ago

    My thoughts on the PS5 cartridges is that it'll be essentially hot-swappable SSD's extra memory cards. With Digital Downloads on the rise at 2TB you may have room for only 10-20 games. Not to mention if it is backwards compatible all the updates and saves from your PS4 games may fill up close to half of that. It'd make sense for them to plan a way to monetize memory expansion because games are getting bigger and they want you to buy it from the digital marketplace cause they make money on those sales.

  • Matt Hartley
    Matt Hartley 16 days ago

    My work computer had awful audio, so I got a cheap sound card for it. It was so much better than any onboard audio.

  • Bry An
    Bry An 16 days ago

    Where that moniotor

  • Mark Polsen
    Mark Polsen 16 days ago

    Age of empires II still holds up I played it last weekend lol

  • Mark Polsen
    Mark Polsen 16 days ago

    I could easily see Sony making a proprietary card where you could put M. 2 mvme drives in it so you can go up to 6 or 12 terabytes from the stock one or two they're going to give you. That plugs into some modified PCI Express Lanes so it has amazing and bandwidth.

    ITSATRAP ! 16 days ago


  • Shump
    Shump 16 days ago

    Eww aoe3. Aoe2 all the way.

  • Kenny J
    Kenny J 16 days ago

    Well hell they could have charged $2500 for it, but wait, then only about 2.5% of the population could afford it. Guess that's why they keep the price down.

  • Keelan
    Keelan 16 days ago

    "Getting a seizure from an empty box"!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Micheal Gorbochovsky
    Micheal Gorbochovsky 16 days ago

    So I'm a little confused here if my computer is outputting digital audio and my DAC is an external unit isn't the quality of my audio dependent on my DAC and not the internal?

    • Micheal Gorbochovsky
      Micheal Gorbochovsky 16 days ago

      @I couldnt come up with a name so i used this ??? Your name should have been Taco Bell. So what you're saying is when I pass the audio I am receiving unchanged to my digital audio converter that somehow it is not as good as upsampled digital audio?

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
      I couldnt come up with a name so i used this 16 days ago

      Micheal Gorbochovsky no, because you DAC is converting the Digitial audio it really depends on the quality of the audio your computer is receiving, and then the quality of how it outputs that digital audio into your DAC.

  • Ninja636
    Ninja636 16 days ago +1

    “We’re gonna try to wine down” 😬

  • Corey Kearney
    Corey Kearney 16 days ago +2

    I kept skipping 5 sec during the coffee commercial, made him sound like the slap-chop guy.

  • Charles Donovan
    Charles Donovan 16 days ago

    3950x ended up costing me 900 with taxes, but I preordered.

  • NovaDoll
    NovaDoll 16 days ago

    Yes. I can confirm no big Navi until next year. Q 1/2