The Traumatic Childhood & Story Of Paris Jackson

  • Published on Jul 8, 2021
  • Living in the shadow of her father has completely molded every single aspect of Paris Jackson’s life! Stay tuned to find out the dark side of being Michael Jackson’s daughter and subscribe to Miss Petty.
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  • Sunny Peterson
    Sunny Peterson 10 months ago +165

    Paris seems like an amazing person, I wish people would leave her alone. I feel for her.

  • Trisha B
    Trisha B 10 months ago +46

    She is such a beautiful person! Being there for her mom while she battled cancer shows what a loving person she is too. Poor thing! Paparazzi should be banned. They are not just casually taking photos, they are harassing people, bombarding their personal space, pushing their friends and family aside to get a closer shot……. It’s disgusting & I don’t think it’s right. They make celebrities lives a living hell. If a celebrity says no to paps then they should be left alone. The ones that like the attention can have it.

    • joyee
      joyee 5 months ago

      michael did raised them so well. i am soo proud to be his fan. and i love his 3 children. Godbless them always and always look upon them. RIP my love

  • 𝕯𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆
    𝕯𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆 10 months ago +151

    This proves that whatever you see in the media is not always true

    • CGT
      CGT 10 months ago +3

      And that our obsesion for celebrities lives destroys them to the core. We are selfish.

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 10 months ago +56

    I know if Michael was still alive, he wouldn’t be happy with his fans attacking his daughter. I know he supports every decisions she’s made. Paparazzi, you need to leave her alone and let her live her life. I actually cried watching this

  • Salma
    Salma 10 months ago +171

    They should just let her father rest in peace :(

    • Annette Jones
      Annette Jones 9 months ago +2

      They need to leave her alone !

    • 777
      777 10 months ago +8

      rip :(

  • Rosiineta
    Rosiineta 10 months ago +70

    This Society that we live in is no good
    Its awful, I can't imagine what she has gone through.

  • Inlovewithshrimpalfredo
    Inlovewithshrimpalfredo 10 months ago +45

    Its so heartbreaking to hear her story... I cant even imagine what she went through. Especially when she lost her own father! The one she cared abt most :(. RIP Michael Jackson

    AHELI BISWAS 10 months ago +6

    On a brighter note: she's much better and happier now. I mean you can see it in someone's appearance. Back then around 2018 she became extremely thin and gaunt and now she looks so healthy and glowing. It reflects on her appearance. If you follow her on insta you would know her life is no more this tragic lol. They kinda over did it. She's very happy and content.

  • Cass Lusk
    Cass Lusk 10 months ago +15

    when you played that clip of her at his memorial I instantly started crying. I lost my mom about 2 and a half years ago and even then as an adult, that heartbreak you feel is awful. It's losing someone you deeply loved, trusted, and literally raised you. It's a heartbreak like nothing else. I couldn't imagine being 11 years old and going theough that, especially under her circumstances. I truly hope to see her live a long happy life.

  • Evelyn Morales
    Evelyn Morales 10 months ago +70

    This Is why I hate paparazzi they are so annoying, follow you everywere and ask you questions that sometimes annoy you or make you upset.

  • AJ
    AJ 10 months ago +20

    Paris is a wonderful woman... She's her father's daughter, she has grown into the exact kind of woman, her daddy would've wanted.
    Michael was, is and always will be innocent. He never did anything wrong.
    Also, those "fans" of Michael who judged and continue to judge Paris, on her life decisions, aren't his real fans.

  • mj innocent
    mj innocent 10 months ago +36

    Michael loved his children so much :(.
    Poor girl Paris :(

  • CurlyHeadKasia
    CurlyHeadKasia 10 months ago +11

    Bless her heart! She has been through a lot! I hope she’s doing better today she is beautiful

  • Olive Incorrigible
    Olive Incorrigible 7 months ago

    My father passed when I was 15, and my family were JWs. Even knowing it, I wasn't expecting the crash of feelings. Astounding girl, you are magic. I'm sorry that the world is so broken.

  • Jia Pia
    Jia Pia 10 months ago +8

    There's a great video on how Paris and Prince are Michael's kids. Anyone doubting should watch it. I think it's called "Why are MJ's kids white?" ...or something like that. I feel terrible for this young woman? People are so *cruel* and *disgusting*! How could that paparazzo ask her about her father that way 8 years later? Some people should not be allowed to exist in this world. I hope she finds more happiness as she gets older. It's insane she has tried to take her own life so many times at such a young age. People need to leave her the F alone.

    • Sugar Rose
      Sugar Rose 10 months ago +1

      Haven't watched that documentary. I will check it out now thanks. I feel so bad for his kids. They didnt ask for none of the shite they went through...smh
      I remember in the blk folk community. Even my(blk) dad was like those kids aren't blk..(I'm mixed blk/white I have light skin with curly hair) ppl were saying hes not their natural dad. MJ was a darker blk man. His kids dont have no curly hair at all, they have colored eyes(mom does). Skin color should be a lil darker too. You can always tell if a person is mixed with black. To me blood or not that's their daddy because he was a father to them and loved them. Dont come for me. No hate. ✌🏽❤🇺🇸

  • cookie r
    cookie r 10 months ago +4

    Paris Jackson has inspired me when I was at my lowest 😔 and I'm proud to call myself a Paris Jackson fan ♥

  • Camelia B
    Camelia B 10 months ago +2

    No matter what I hope Paris is happy and healthy
    Even thought she had a rough time with michael in her childhood because of the press and disrespectful people , Michael was still her only love ,the only one she loved and trusted... She was not ready for the world to see her face
    She is very strong to go through all of this :losing her dad , getting harrased and judge.....
    I wish her and her sibling the best !
    Society ans media are trash .
    (Even if she is mj daughter or not , she is still his daughter because he raised her )

  • the cartoon reviewer
    the cartoon reviewer 10 months ago

    This video was so painful to watch , thank you @ThePettyShow for showing us her story , she's dealt with so much in her life it's just to heartbreaking

  • Kris
    Kris 10 months ago +1

    Paris is so beautiful. I could stare into her eyes for hours. I can’t imagine how difficult her life has been

  • Anna Schmidt
    Anna Schmidt 10 months ago +3

    Love how The Petty Show is always so respectful when covering different topics / Especially Sensitive topics such as this one

    • Sheila Gravely
      Sheila Gravely 10 months ago

      Stay strong young one and remember that your daddy loved you so much. RIP Micheal.😘 ps. Good way to stop the hate... use you phone for Just that... a phone, cut off all the other harmful bs.

  • Pam Myers
    Pam Myers 10 months ago +3

    Poor kid! I hope she finds peace in her music. 🥰

  • Delaney Kenney
    Delaney Kenney 10 months ago +2

    heartbreaking. i hope she continues to do well.

  • Sarah Louise Clarke
    Sarah Louise Clarke 10 months ago +2

    Poor Paris Jackson I feel for you I no how hard life is I'm still going thogh same thing with all my ages this put tears to my eyes I feel for those that had hard life we are stronger than what we think we are but we never forget our trauma. R.i.p m j your girl is beautiful.
    Stop the hating it hurt us all so much.

  • Dinamita 28
    Dinamita 28 10 months ago

    I can't imagine that there are people actually hating on her because of her father. Dude she is not Michael she is Paris she didn't do anything. HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO LEAVE HER ALONE??

  • lilly ndegea
    lilly ndegea 10 months ago

    May God grant her peace and strength to overcome
    She is a rock and shall not be broken
    Kudos to her courage to admit what most people can't

  • Virus BunBun
    Virus BunBun 10 months ago +5

    The paparazzi need to learn privacy even if somebody is famous. Legit that one Paparazzi bring up that past that Paris was trying to get over, *DISRESPECTFUL!* Plus that person didn't even know how it felt like to lose somebody that is all you have left and being harassed by strangers.

  • ida thorsen
    ida thorsen 10 months ago +5

    there really should be laws for how papparazzi is allowed to act

  • nessa j
    nessa j 10 months ago +1

    One thing that probably kept her strong is that she did have family back up. She had lots of cousins aunts and uncles. Especially TJ. He took over when the grandma needed him. Tito Jacksons youngest son from the group 3T. I have seen all of them in Gary Indiana each August after Michael's passing. Until 2016. Paris was sick in 2013 that was the tragical time that had that neglect trial against Sony. Anyway the next years after that she was good and she started working on her career. As young as she was she went through soooo much, yet she was always so strong like U can see that same Jackson courage in her just like we saw it in Micheal's Soul, it doesn't matter how it was passed on to her, She showed that same spirit, that U wonder how someone so young could face so much and survive!! Yet she's only 23!! Honestly. U would think she's way older from the things she has achieved at such an early age But had so much hurt on her plate. She stood up for her dad so much when it came down to it. Paris hardly let anything terrible cross her path. She always took it like nobody is perfect and we all must see life as it is. She was never afraid to speak her mind. We even saw her holding a cigarette, and wearing make up at 12, 16, and 17 as if she was already 23 back then. Yes we saw a child controling her own will, no matter who raised her. Hey when you're successful, U got to be doing something right! It doesn't matter who critizied her. She kept that young head up and spoke boldly A very concerned person to with support , I say the strongest child out of the 3 children. Every body has to fall sometimes and get back up. She did it with all the love and strength she had with in her. People would greet her everywhere and she knew how to wave and smile. Just like dad. Yes she was even there for her mother when she recovered from cancer. When U have people around U that love and protect U making U feel secure then your will and heart can stay strong. Glad she's still ticking!! 2021

  • Wxlted.x
    Wxlted.x 10 months ago

    2:51 is really sad bc ppl are judging her because of her skin colour but we come in all colours idk why people have to bully her

  • Het Verzet
    Het Verzet 9 months ago

    R.I.P michael.. I know your heart was good. I dont believe anything what the media told about you michael.. we will always love you and your children🥺♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • crybaby 666
    crybaby 666 10 months ago

    people are awful paris is gorgeous and amazing i don’t know why they feel like they have the right to treat her like sh!t

  • Adam A
    Adam A 10 months ago +1

    God bless them. The sad part all the world and countries loved and accepted Michael but his own country america destroyed him like it usually happens. I give him credit for using the masks with the kids to protect them omg i was 12 yr old when i would see them with a mask on and knew why but pathetic that the rest made fun of him for it and didnt know whu smh

  • Nadine Rody
    Nadine Rody 10 months ago

    I feel very sorry for Paris as no one should ever bother her. Leave her alone& let her live her own life. People who bother her need to get a life.

  • IDæsy
    IDæsy 10 months ago +1

    Petition to make being paparazzi a crime
    Bc it’s harassment
    Celebrities are people

  • AppleJackalope
    AppleJackalope 10 months ago

    tbh this is the MOST objective video about paris and michael.. thank u so much i appreciate this♥️🌻

  • Itz_ Chesteena
    Itz_ Chesteena 10 months ago

    idk how people tried to hate on her over something that she didnt do and stuff she cant stop after suffering nightmare and stuff

  • blackcatsarecool
    blackcatsarecool 8 months ago

    Debbie Rowe is an amazing woman who gave Michael the children he had longed for. She loved the children, but she had them for Michael. She was a surrogate to an extent. It’s not cruel. She also has a loving relationship with them now. You’re very ignorant.

  • Sheila Gravely
    Sheila Gravely 10 months ago

    I think Paris isso beautiful. I loved MJ and always will.

  • Raven Blaze
    Raven Blaze 10 months ago +2

    that video of her crying when she made those comments seemed forced to me i saw no tears an ive watched the video multiple times. & hey this isn't me seeming insensitive it's what's there for everyone to see if you're not blinded by the awwww of it all it.

    • Raven Blaze
      Raven Blaze 10 months ago +1

      @Docfarai go watch the video an tell me if you see tears from her face. It seemed forced. I stand by that and again crying involves tears in which her face is completely dry.

    • Docfarai
      Docfarai 10 months ago

      u are being insensitive

  • Tyr
    Tyr 10 months ago

    Paris, has/had a lot to put up with and still she shines.

  • Jackie
    Jackie 10 months ago +1

    come on guys why are you doing this to her she doesn't deserve hatered 😥😥 (god bless you paris hope your doing well 🙏🏻🙏🏻)

  • Sophia Villanueva
    Sophia Villanueva 10 months ago

    Michael loved his kids so much, they were his world. The media is doing the same thing to paris as they did to her father! The cops who searched Michaels property im Neverland trashed his place and the maids who worked there had told Michael that the police went into his room and wrecked it. Paris is a beautiful person like her father and the media/tabloids should stop harassing her, so are the people who are hating on her for no reason!

  • J. Zitkev
    J. Zitkev 10 months ago +1

    Girl, take your money and move far far away where nobody knows who you are. Mental health is more important!

  • Sophia Villanueva
    Sophia Villanueva 10 months ago +1

    If the people who were harrassing paris were really Michael's fans then mj would have been deeply upset and dissapointed! Im a huge fan of her father and I defend mj and his family from all the hate comments like "mj isn't her father, she's just an orphan or from a sperm donation"
    I defend that paris, bigi, and Michael Joseph Jackson jr. Aka prince are his kids, that he loves them, they are his world, his life and his long time achievement! The paparazzi, the tabloids and press are the devils!

  • Sofia Pepe
    Sofia Pepe 8 months ago

    Don't worry about what people say behind your back. They are the people who are finding faults in your life instead of fixing their own ~ Buddha

  • Morgan Margaret
    Morgan Margaret 10 months ago

    I feel bad for Paris Jackson

  • Saffron Audrey
    Saffron Audrey 10 months ago +22

    MJ is innocent :)

  • AretnaP 3
    AretnaP 3 8 months ago +1

    "Debbie" Gave Up Those Kids for Jackson's *MONEY.*

  • Dr LC
    Dr LC 9 months ago

    She is stunning

  • Oona Vuorio
    Oona Vuorio 10 months ago

    I feel bad so her.. Community just started attacking her and her family. That is just disgusting

  • IDæsy
    IDæsy 10 months ago

    Paparazzi thing should be illegal honestly like WTF

  • Nadoo Al Balushi
    Nadoo Al Balushi 10 months ago


  • AretnaP 3
    AretnaP 3 8 months ago

    SomeBody was Giving Permission to Tattoo Her...

  • mj innocent
    mj innocent 10 months ago +5

    Can you make a video of how Michael Jackson's childhood was traumatic & how he is in fact innocent ? :)

    • Truth Speaks
      Truth Speaks 10 months ago

      @Glossy Tingz 🤣🤣 I called you a punctuation police. Seems like your comprehension skills are a little off my guy.

    • Glossy Tingz
      Glossy Tingz 10 months ago

      @Truth Speaks my punctuation was correct. It's funny how you don't even know what the word indicted or lack of means. Of someone says "lack of evidence" then it's exactly that. The fact you have to question it. You repeated me once again proving my point. If I so said that quote me, because you can't because that's not what I said. Are you slow?

    • Truth Speaks
      Truth Speaks 10 months ago

      @Glossy Tingz 🤔Wait...... but you said that there was proof in the documentary...... Right? Blame it on the punctuation my guy. It only brothers a hand full of you punctuation police. That means...... Nevermind my guy. Good day.

  • Marx Artist
    Marx Artist 10 months ago +1

    God bless all 🙏🥰

  • Heather WOODS
    Heather WOODS 10 months ago


  • Glossy Tingz
    Glossy Tingz 10 months ago

    Just to be clear on paris and how her mum is obvi white and Michael had a disease so regardless of his race he doesn’t have enough melanin which is why he was white in the first place because he had pigmentation problems. Maybe he lied about bleaching it after the patches started showing but there’s pictures with the disease and paris mother have blue eyes. Not to mention prince has the same disease as micheal aswell as bigi (blanket). So it was very apparent that she got her blue eyes from her mom her original brown hair from her dad. Prince got his skin condition from his dad but takes up most of his traits from his mother except for his eyes that is controlled from Melanin. And bigi got his ocd from his dad. And bigi and prince both have a widows peak hairline. Bigi looks the most identical to his dad mostly from his nose (before Michael had surgery), and Prince is the only out of the 3 to take a dna test back when allegations that someone else was his dad

  • Jimin shiiiiii
    Jimin shiiiiii 10 months ago +8


    • Truth Speaks
      Truth Speaks 9 months ago

      @Jojo Jojojo 🤣🤣 Is that your proof?🤡 Now go and look at his chin and Jaw line over the years. The thriller and off the wall chin is different from Invincible chin.

    • Jojo Jojojo
      Jojo Jojojo 9 months ago

      @Truth Speaks on the pictures used in the video he had only nose jobs , he also had dimple into his chin which Paris has not , Paris has Michaels pre-surgery chin.

    • Truth Speaks
      Truth Speaks 9 months ago

      @Jojo Jojojo 🤣🤣 Have you seen her mother? And Michael did way more than a nose job on his face. Like stop!!

    • Jojo Jojojo
      Jojo Jojojo 9 months ago

      @Truth Speaks Michael Jackson had only nose surgery , Paris has nose like her mother.

  • Priscillia Onyechachi
    Priscillia Onyechachi 9 months ago

    I petty for her

  • Priscillia Onyechachi
    Priscillia Onyechachi 9 months ago

    I petty for her

  • M X
    M X 10 months ago +1

    The paparazzi are terrible. Why is basic human decency simply forgotten with this people?

  • Ανεζίνα Σεϊτανίδου


  • Shreksmum /
    Shreksmum / 10 months ago

    People are always soo rude to celebs like Charli dixi James Zoe Tony ondreaz exc.

  • Emmy
    Emmy 10 months ago +6

    If you don't want to take my comment into consideration that's fine. I don't know if its just me but when you say "self harm" it personally really triggers me. I've struggled with my own shit for awhile and just wanted to say that you could use the abbreviation instead. (SH) If you don't care, I get it

    • Elle Gandy
      Elle Gandy 10 months ago

      While it's not triggering for me personally. I can absolutely see how you would feel that way and your feelings are valid 💚

  • Kylie vfx
    Kylie vfx 10 months ago +1

    Why would you really ask her about the m*der of her dad!

    • Kylie vfx
      Kylie vfx 10 months ago +1

      She is human she has feelings

  • cheese lemon
    cheese lemon 10 months ago +2


  • Fitz-kirk Acquah
    Fitz-kirk Acquah 10 months ago

    Micheal Jackson had a daughter?!

  • Marisa Gonzalez
    Marisa Gonzalez 10 months ago +1

    I still cannot believe Michael actually named one of his children Blanket....💀

    OYOLIWE JEME 10 months ago +5

    Isn't Michael Jackson black? Paris is fully white

    • crybaby 666
      crybaby 666 10 months ago +1

      @OYOLIWE JEME no i have no idea what racist means i just used it for no reason

      OYOLIWE JEME 10 months ago +1

      @crybaby 666 Do you know what racist means😂

    • crybaby 666
      crybaby 666 10 months ago

      have you heard of mixed light skinned and albino?, my cousin is mixed and she is very “white” skin color looks different on everybody

  • SmartMidnight
    SmartMidnight 10 months ago +1


  • mojo jojo
    mojo jojo 10 months ago

    what is SA'd?

  • tater tatsuuu
    tater tatsuuu 10 months ago +5

    5th like! thanks for making my day

  • Sweetlemonsquare
    Sweetlemonsquare 10 months ago +3

    Why are all his kid- wha- nvm

    • Breathe My Farts
      Breathe My Farts 10 months ago +1

      @Sweetlemonsquare What was the reason ~ cardi b

    • Sweetlemonsquare
      Sweetlemonsquare 10 months ago +1

      @Breathe My Farts kanye west ~ "I guess will never know"

    • Breathe My Farts
      Breathe My Farts 10 months ago +1

      @Sweetlemonsquare But i wanna know why what are all mj kids

    • Sweetlemonsquare
      Sweetlemonsquare 10 months ago

      @Breathe My Farts shy is my middle name and I'll be damned if I don't live up to it.

    COLIN TOSH 10 months ago +1

    Remember her dad was black and she has blonde hair and blue eyes, hmm

    • Glossy Tingz
      Glossy Tingz 10 months ago

      @Jojo Jojojo her mum is also white and Michael had a disease so regardless of his race he doesn’t have enough melanin which is why he was white in the first place because he had pigmentation problems. Maybe he lied about bleaching it afterwards but there’s pictures with the disease and paris mother have blue eyes. Not to mention prince has the same disease as micheal aswell as bigi (blanket)

      COLIN TOSH 10 months ago

      @Swamp Crotch McGee thats put my mind at ease I have blond hair and blue eyes and my dad was oriental looking with light brown skin black hair and Chinese looking eyes, I used to think I was adopted

    • Swamp Crotch McGee
      Swamp Crotch McGee 10 months ago +1

      I knew two different kids who were biracial and had blonde hair and blue eyes. They had biracial features also.

    • Jojo Jojojo
      Jojo Jojojo 10 months ago

      She has dark brown hair naturally.

  • christy castro
    christy castro 10 months ago +2

    Whats her relationships like with Michaels siblings, Janet, Tito, etc.?

    • Glossy Tingz
      Glossy Tingz 10 months ago

      She is close to most of her family and tried forming a relationship with her mum but there isn’t much on that but her sibling bond is very strong and her brother prince have promoted her songs and idk about katherine or janet but she’s close with tj and his brothers and alot of her cousins as they go on alot of trips. All of these things you cam basically look up.

    • Jojo Jojojo
      Jojo Jojojo 10 months ago +1

      She has good relationship with TJ and Katherine , but I am not sure about the rest of the family , I don't think she is close to them.

  • 𝐾𝑖𝑛𝑔 Emârêøñ


  • Fellow Tuber
    Fellow Tuber 10 months ago +3

    She doesn't know anything!
    She is not so smart and rocking like her Father 😤😤😤😤

    • michael.x.jungkook
      michael.x.jungkook 10 months ago

      leave her alone, she is a wonderful singer and she might not be making the same music like her dad but she is keeping his legacy alive and defending him

  • i Me
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    Im earlyyyyy!Yay😂🎊

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    Wow I’m early

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    Early finally

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    I'm earlyyyyy!!!

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    i’m 297th ;)

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    I'm 31st

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