Bad Husband VS Good Husband | Toca Life World | Toca Boca

  • Published on Dec 1, 2021
  • Bad Husband VS Good Husband | Toca Life World | Toca Boca
    Music by || Ikson - Anywhere | Ikson - Sunny | Ikson - Shine | Ikson - Ocean
    Editing Program: Wondershare Filmora
    Game: Toca Life World by Toca Boca

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  • Alice B (the Gacha weirdo)

    Hello. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a few days now and I really love your videos. You’re so talented

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    You are one of my biggest inspirations!

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    Early! That's really cool! I choose the good husband, you know why, LOL! 😂

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    Yay, a new video 🤩💫✨

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    I love your videos soMuch keep working hard great job!

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    I love her episodes I was watching it for umm... maybe years? But I like her videos everybody likes her ❤️

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    Toca Julia Stories are amazing and underrated! 🤩

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    New stories of yours are awesome 😍🥺

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    My Dad is an amazing Man he gives me and my brother toys and help my mom

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    Please make some more stories like that ❤

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    I love your videos your so talented ❤ wow

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    The good husband is so love able

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    I love these videos

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    You are the best and if there is a new video from you i always watch it

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    It's so cool Julia 😍 I love you so much 🤩. Wish you get 100000000000000000B subscription....😘🥰

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    Carly -  +5

    This is so wonderful! I love your videos

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    I love your videos and in the future it’s amazing too

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    The only way to work is a little more than a few minutes of the time to get to the point where you can get a great place to work for and I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to 😍👍☺️😄💖

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    TOCA JULIAAA!! I'm glad I'm early! could I ask for a shoutout or pin PLSS I watched you for SOOO Long. You are SOO Awsome! Never give up!