Where I've Been


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  • Aqua Nyx
    Aqua Nyx Day ago

    Being a boss actually sucks ass

  • Monika Kopacz
    Monika Kopacz Day ago


  • Vicky Alvarez
    Vicky Alvarez 7 days ago

    blah blah blah..

  • Antonella
    Antonella 10 days ago

    I admire her vulnerability

  • Antonella
    Antonella 10 days ago

    I love her

  • Ikran Ali
    Ikran Ali 17 days ago

    Charityyyy!!!(Soldierboyyyy) Girl! Run Me My Moneyyyyyyyy

  • tori Moore
    tori Moore 17 days ago +1

    Why is everyone so fucking HATEFUL. she made a mistake, and shes taking accountability. I dont know, I'm just an outsider and I dont give a fuck about beauty youtubers BUT all I see is a human being hurt and trying to right their wrongs. Keep going girl, dont give up.

  • RR Oxo
    RR Oxo 18 days ago


  • Veronica Sanftleben
    Veronica Sanftleben 18 days ago

    I applaud you! I’m a new follower and I just got your eye pallet, but that’s not what I applaud you for. I do that because YOU have made something of yourself that none of these haters can do! YOU are a strong and beautiful person. YOU don’t need to apologize for being human. For taking a brake and taking care of yourself! People just talk because they are jealous of your success. Heck I’m jealous that you are amazing with makeup and you have a makeup line but I’m not a hater. I’m happy that you have worked so hard for what you have, your eye pallet is amazing BTW! I’m totally in love with it! You have taken the time and effort to get where you are today. The haters only take the time to bash on you and that’s all they will ever be good at is being a “hater”. Keep doing you!!!

  • Olivia Medina
    Olivia Medina 19 days ago

    Just now watching this, and people are so mean! She owned up to her mistakes and did everything in her power to make it right....like all of her fans are so perfect right? Get over yourselves...seriously. Jaclyn you're a bad bitch and I still love and respect you!

  • Dr Lukes
    Dr Lukes 21 day ago +1

    Being a CEO does not mean to be a “boss bitch”. Shocked how you articulate yourself.

  • Andrea Ramlall
    Andrea Ramlall 21 day ago

    Someone told me once when you ignore the negativity, Positive things happen. Hence most of the irrelevant comments.

  • Mariah Robles
    Mariah Robles 21 day ago

    i don’t own one JH product. but tbh... i wish i did. just not lippys...

  • Kidz TV
    Kidz TV 24 days ago

    She learned things the hard way.

  • Natalie Vivanco
    Natalie Vivanco 24 days ago


  • Lucie Gonzales
    Lucie Gonzales 29 days ago


  • Grace
    Grace Month ago +3

    I've been in my lab trying to find quality hair and mold to put on my products.The mold and hair is new and of the best quality.

  • Betty Bosz
    Betty Bosz Month ago +1

    Whose here basically focusing on the comment sections than her video and also here for the epic drama that is about to pop up. More so people dont really care for stuffs like this. Way to much happening in the world to focus on jaclyn hill drama

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith Month ago +1

    You dont have a relationship with any of us personally. You talk into a camera and sell us hairy things. The end.

  • kiara arce
    kiara arce Month ago

    I go to Woodfield mall all the time! I literally had no idea you worked there! I find it so cool to think you’ve been there and would be so amazing if you did a meet and greet there!

  • The Court Of Public Opinion

    I wonder if people would still support you if they knew Morphy out right and your channel and your a plant in the beauty community by Big business

  • Allie Richard
    Allie Richard Month ago

    why do people forget celebrities are real people with real feelings lol. Yall say anything behind a screen

  • Lish C
    Lish C Month ago +1

    Omgggggg!!!!!!! 😑😑😑
    Listening to you is giving me a headache 😑😑😑😑

  • Grace Ellis
    Grace Ellis Month ago +1

    Take a shot everytime Jaclyn says "I." Please drink responsibly lmao

  • Amelia Amador
    Amelia Amador Month ago

    Dude things happen. This was like her first launch and people are making a big deal for no reason. She is super genuine and hilarious and you guys continue punishing her for clout

  • jlove 123
    jlove 123 Month ago

    I love this video Jaclyn. Very inspiring. I know u feel like you failed but hey ... at least u tried and you put yourself out there. Some people dont fail because they never take a chance, put themselves out of their comfort zone or risk anything out of fear or for one reason or another. And even when things didn't go as planned... you still did the right thing and even refund people to make up for a problem that occurred. That's true integrity of heart and dont let anyone tell u different. Sometimes we fall... but what's important is that we get back up. And look at all the good things u have done throughout your career to help others... I am the queen of mistakes... but what I hope it teaches others is forgiveness. (: keep up the good work jaclyn. Keep trying.... u will succeed 💖 u helped me too. I have a lot of pain from the past... seeing you make a slight mistake yet get back up and showing your vulnerability has helped me in so so many ways. 💜

  • srishti
    srishti Month ago +1

    this video is depressing.. you need a therapist not subscribers..pls stop all social media again..

  • Bria Mastro
    Bria Mastro Month ago +1

    Doesn’t sound transparent or humble.

  • Gigi Batton
    Gigi Batton Month ago +1


  • Blood, Sweat and Gills

    Nobody really cares. Wherever you've been, you should go back there and never come back!

  • Shawn Wing
    Shawn Wing Month ago

    She loves her income off you guys. Lol I’m just here cause I saw the makeup thing but if you guys are that unhappy don’t watch her videos

  • Amanda Hawkins
    Amanda Hawkins Month ago

    I just read a bunch of these comments on a couple of your latest videos and the ‘hate’ you receive is hard to read. I hope you realize the people who maybe don’t always comment are people who just like your video and stay subscribed. You have a motivating/fire team behind you. I’m not saying ignore the hate, but I hope you take it and make it make you stronger. You’re amazing! I’ve been a ride or die since you started and I would never dream of saying something hurtful about you. I don’t really know how you do it girl. But I feel for you and I want you to keep doing you because I love you! Never let the bad shit take you down. You’re fucking awesome! Get it girl!

  • Mich Mon
    Mich Mon Month ago +8

    And of course your relationship with ‘us’ is most important to you because TheXvid pays the bills. We gotcha Jaclyn

  • Mich Mon
    Mich Mon Month ago

    Where’s the rapid firing machine gun chatter? Her zen non defense mode today... whatever Mary Lou

  • Raye Freitas
    Raye Freitas 2 months ago +2

    I couldn’t even finish this entire video. She kept talking about what she has to do.
    So do it.

  • sam and colby 4 ever
    sam and colby 4 ever 2 months ago

    I love how she actually admits she MESSED UPPPPP and doesnt constantly make excuses ( i mean she made few but u get the point)

  • Dani Derpasaurus
    Dani Derpasaurus 2 months ago +1

    I literally didn’t hear a word she said in this entire video

  • Toffee3andEthan3 Pearce3
    Toffee3andEthan3 Pearce3 2 months ago +1

    This is like price Andrews interview a career killer!!!

  • CardiacTap FAM
    CardiacTap FAM 2 months ago

    Wow. Your acting like a victim when your fans are

  • Mackenzie Skartveit
    Mackenzie Skartveit 2 months ago

    You only come to TheXvid to sell stuff, to sell us crap.

  • Alyson Schoeneman
    Alyson Schoeneman 2 months ago +3

    Bruh shes legit quoting Kurt Cobain who killed himself and shes crying over some lipsticks!

  • FundashiBoy
    FundashiBoy 2 months ago +3

    Jaclyn: I wasn't embarassed
    Also Jaclyn: OK I wasn't embarassed at all
    Me: ... She was embarassed...

  • FundashiBoy
    FundashiBoy 2 months ago +1

    Thanx 2019 for making this year so entertaining!

  • SukiIsWeird陳
    SukiIsWeird陳 2 months ago

    I’m not even gonna lie i found this from a channel named spill they are basically like a news channel and it was almost 2 hours long and after watching it I came here for drama :/

  • Sarah Berry
    Sarah Berry 2 months ago

    I'm just so distracted by how pretty those colors are together. 😍

  • Emily Eliz
    Emily Eliz 2 months ago

    She should’ve sat down and watched Jenna marbles youtube apology video about her fish.. take some notes girl😂

  • Teresa Dee
    Teresa Dee 2 months ago

    .....you said nothing.... just rambling words...

  • Anna cline
    Anna cline 2 months ago

    Wtf have I been under a rock? I had no idea this happened

  • Yasmin Khan
    Yasmin Khan 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that feels so bad for her? Like I know she made some mistakes but I still feel bad

  • Kylie Joeann
    Kylie Joeann 2 months ago

    You’re human, we all make mistakes! Keep your head up. ❤️

  • tenzing yangzom
    tenzing yangzom 2 months ago

    Missed you....

  • Roobi365
    Roobi365 2 months ago

    You did completely fail and it is because you lack the care for making cosmetics and for the health and need of your subscribers. You only care about money and cost cutting and that is why you fail. You need to not create a cosmetic brand again and just stick to youtube. TheXvid and collabs are enough to make you rich. Don't be greedy and try to branch out when you're clearly not made for it.

  • vaneh
    vaneh 2 months ago

    video starts at 6:45 before that a lot of non sense...well also after that

  • Patricia Sutton
    Patricia Sutton 2 months ago +1

    She is disgusting! 🤮

  • Steffany Ward
    Steffany Ward 2 months ago

    Jaclyn, I just discovered your lip line had some difficulties when launched. And you know what. That happens. People make mistakes. And then people try again. I don’t know a whole lot about what it’s like being in the spotlight but I do want you to know you still have followers that believe in you. I still want to try your things. I am so excited for your highlighter and look forward to trying anything else you release in the future. And if I don’t like it it’s ok. Someone else might. That’s how makeup brands work. But the moral of this is just to say that I am so sorry it’s been so rough for you and I really hope the highlighter launch goes better. I also really really want you to be able re-release your lipsticks. I’m excited for your ideas and brand. Keep going. I know it’s not much but you have support from me.

  • Jonah Shipley
    Jonah Shipley 2 months ago

    How can this be hard you, Your a TheXvid your life can’t be that hard!

  • j f
    j f 2 months ago

    'Where I've been'

  • Alexa T
    Alexa T 2 months ago

    longest 19 minute video out there

  • Damaris M
    Damaris M 2 months ago

    Boo hoo she’s making herself a victim! Pathetic😂

  • Showthatbrighttgold
    Showthatbrighttgold 2 months ago +1

    Ugh , what was the point of this video